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Tasty Tuesday: Fun and Healthy School Lunches

One of my kids’ favorite things to shop for during back to school season is a new lunch box. Well making their lunches fun too is a great way to keep them from trading it for somebody else’s goodies. These fabulous lunch box ideas are fun, delicious and healthy at the same time, plus they’re easy to put together and your kiddos are sure to love them!

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are a classic lunch box staple but these cute are a beautiful way to present an old favorite.

Use a theme for your kids’ lunch boxes or give old favorites new names like this  that features black olives and cherry tomatoes.

A new twist on a peanut butter and banana sandwich, these are fast and easy to make and will please even the pickiest eaters.

Something as simple as using novel ingredients instead of bread, like these , will keep your kids lunches from becoming boring and monotonous.

Using refrigerated pizza dough makes these super fast and easy to make. They’re also very portable and a batch is enough for a couple of kids.

This photo gallery of adorable lunch box figures from Boing Boing includes a Goofy Sandwich, a Swiss cheese Sponge Bob, Snoopy, Angry Birds and bunch more characters to entertain your kiddos.

The as well as creative ways to use leftovers. The variety presented will keep your kids happy and you’ll be pleased to know they’re eating a lunch that’s both healthy and delicious.

I highly recommend for a great place to store all your favorite recipes! Check it out with a and see how easy it is to add recipes from the Internet, plan meals for your family and even print out a handy grocery list.


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