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User_talk: P Hills

Hi there!
Welcome to my talk page. Feel free to leave me a message! I am in the wiki a few times a week and am happy get back to you. Have a great wikiDay.

Officially not a bot.

At 16:20, Oct 08, 2019


Hey! Just wanted to let you know that you are doing great with tagging topics!

At 16:22, Oct 08, 2019


Haha, same. By the way, your dog in your profile photo is so cute; what type of dog is it?

At 16:27, Oct 08, 2019


Oh, ok. I have a dog that's a mix of everything, really. She has Pomeranian, Poodle, Chihuahua, and a few others bred into her. Because of the mix, she has lived longer than our purebred West Highland White Terrier. She died a few years ago, but the mutt of ours is almost 17 years old!

At 16:30, Oct 08, 2019


Oh wow. I wasn't even born when my parents purchased the mutt. We named her Deogie later on. She isn't really an active dog; she'd rather lay on a couch and sleep all day. XD

At 16:39, Oct 08, 2019


At 16:51, Oct 08, 2019


Oh nice nice - good thing you can get some energy out indoors, too, when it's snowing, even if C can't. Sounds like you did plenty of adventuring to tire her out, though!

Does the long weekend go into Monday there, because of the holiday? Or was it Friday that was a holiday (or neither?)?

At 16:55, Oct 08, 2019


Oh nice, I didn't realize it was actually today. Well happy Thanksgiving to you!

Stay off that ice, for sure!

At 16:59, Oct 08, 2019


Hahahha, Dog Ice Skating - nice!

At 17:13, Oct 08, 2019


Aw, thank you. I'm always reading over articles which tell users how to help wikiHow correctly and to make the site more helpful. I guess I'm doing a good job! If I wasn't, I'd probably be getting a lot of helpful coaching messages XD ...And boy, wonder what is was like without wikiHow... :::

At 17:19, Oct 08, 2019


Wow. Time really has passed, hasn't it? Yeah, that's a good idea and a cool one too!

At 17:21, Oct 08, 2019


I've already made notes for a few, like some things about horses, room cleaning, and math. I'm sure I'll come across more must-read articles sooner or later.

At 17:26, Oct 08, 2019


Yep, agreed.

At 17:28, Oct 08, 2019


Have a great day too!

At 20:02, Oct 08, 2019


Hi there. I spoke to @Anna and I have created a challenge for wikiHowians. The challenge is that we have to see how many topics we can tag in one week. The goal is to get it all clear. Are you with me?

At 20:17, Oct 08, 2019


Alright! Let's see what we can do!

At 17:04, Oct 09, 2019


Hey hey Patti -

I've got a tricky one for you here: I know Banana-Head is a good and trusted name, but when you marked their edit the other day, you were also approving a bad spammy edit that was paired with it, - can you look out for that and undo where format mistakes or spam additions are a feature? Sometimes those combined edits can be the sneakiest!

At 18:56, Oct 09, 2019


No worries at all - just figured you'd want to know!

Aww give her pets n hugs from me!!

At 21:25, Oct 09, 2019


Aww, that's so sad and cute - a carsick pup. Poor thing! Does she bounce back fast?

At 21:27, Oct 09, 2019


Hah, good good - she'll be in fine form before then! Glad you have your followup - another thing to tick off the list, eh?

At 21:33, Oct 09, 2019


Hah yeah I can't blame ya - never have been much of a city person. I guess it's worth it for the doc, though :)

Thanks - I'm glad you like it!

At 21:37, Oct 09, 2019


Hahhaa, a little late, but enjoy!

At 21:52, Oct 09, 2019


Hey Patti, I just wanted to come by and wish you a happy Canadian Thanksgiving. I had to celebrate early so that I would have time on Monday to do things. Hope it was a good one!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Human Being, Mattheus 21:52, 9 October 2019 (GMT)

At 21:58, Oct 09, 2019


Yeah, down in Washington, it almost never snows. That is the Pacific Northwest for you. I hear a lot of people say Canada is a frozen wasteland, but part of that is true. It is frozen. I never really have been in Canada when it snowed. Although I heard in Edmonton, it gets to around -30 C. Must be cold.

Last year we got snowed in with like a foot of snow. It melted away, but it was here for almost a week. Hope it melts away up there. Snow can be fun, unless your me. Last year I broke my foot after my sled drifted off course and into a tree. I have never been in snow since.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Human Being, Mattheus 21:58, 9 October 2019 (GMT)

At 22:08, Oct 09, 2019


I am ambidextrous, so if I break on hand, I still have the other. But I know where you are coming from. Just got an immobilizer taken off for a sprained finger. It is all fine now.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Human Being, Mattheus 22:08, 9 October 2019 (GMT)

At 23:34, Oct 09, 2019


Thanks. Keep up the great work!

At 22:46, Oct 10, 2019


Thanks for the thumbs up!

At 22:50, Oct 10, 2019


Wow - thanks for all the TUs! :)

At 22:54, Oct 10, 2019


Thanks for the TU's!

At 23:11, Oct 10, 2019


Thank you for the TU, Patti! I hope your evening is lovely.

At 23:31, Oct 10, 2019


It will be a while until we have any kind of snow at all. Here, snow is usually gone in 2 or 3 days, certainly within a week.

Actually, we should have the remnants of Hurricane Michael move through here tomorrow.

At 23:36, Oct 10, 2019


It's always great to know that someone appreciated your edit ;)

At 23:42, Oct 10, 2019


Definitely! ;)

At 00:01, Oct 11, 2019


Thanks for the thumbs ups! :)

At 18:01, Oct 11, 2019


Hey Patti,

Thanks for the thumbs up.

Have a beautiful day ahead. :)

At 19:57, Oct 11, 2019


Np and the same to you! :)

At 20:09, Oct 11, 2019


Ha, I was surprised there was an Ironing Boards category - I actually hadn't seen it before, so ironing must be getting pretty obsolete nowadays. My dad loves to wear the kind of shirt that needs ironing, but I'm a t-shirt and jeans person too :)

At 20:30, Oct 11, 2019


Yep, good to look out for - you can see any tags on the page here:

At 20:32, Oct 11, 2019


No problemo!

At 22:05, Oct 11, 2019


Cheers for the heads-up about the numbering - def a buggy bug. Our engineers are looking into it now!

At 22:18, Oct 11, 2019


You're welcome, Patti! I hope you've been doing well. :)

At 22:24, Oct 11, 2019


Yeah, good call - and good for you for spotting the issue! Hopefully our whizzes will fix it quickly :)

At 23:07, Oct 11, 2019


Hahaha, what about now? Can you find your third iron? :P

At 23:15, Oct 11, 2019


slow clap

At 23:21, Oct 11, 2019


Ha, nice! :)

At 00:11, Oct 12, 2019


That bug is fixed! And I'm outta here - have a fab evening :)

At 01:15, Oct 12, 2019


Ahh good luck! I hope it goes well.

At 01:34, Oct 12, 2019


Yeah, for sure!

At 09:43, Oct 12, 2019


At 20:06, Oct 12, 2019


Seeing your edits, I feel you care for a lot more :)

At 21:20, Oct 12, 2019


I'm glad your pup loves the snow! My old dog used to love the snow, too -- seeing how much fun they have with it is probably the best thing about snow. ;)

At 23:59, Oct 12, 2019


Oh annoying that the fix needed is from what the previous doc did! But good that they can help it, I suppose. And answers - always better to know!!

I hope you have a restful but fun weekend ahead! You’ve earned it!

At 00:09, Oct 13, 2019


Hahah maybe so - a message from a jokester!

At 07:19, Oct 13, 2019


A proofreader. Impressive. You have to have a great hold on grammar. I love meeting people who have a big vocabulary and know a good language well. I should say, Nice to meet you :p

At 17:28, Oct 13, 2019


I have two questions. Please ignore both if it's not to be answered. Who are your A Team members??? :D And permanent disability? What is that?

I was going to write I hope you stay strong but I think you are handling life pretty well. Not that I know anything but I feel you can take care of anything.

At 17:57, Oct 13, 2019


Hunh, I never knew I would look at you as an inspiring person. I just knew you were a warm and helpful woman who just loved Cyndi. You are so much more. Whow! I love you. The way you wrote about illnesses seem like you are toying with it instead of dealing. You are awesome, Iron woman :D

And I gave your article list a good look just now. The one with Superiority complex and the Children one sound so solid. I'm going to read them. Wow.

Thanks for sharing with me Patti. I'm so glad your Ex husband is your friend. How can one not be!

At 18:18, Oct 13, 2019


And I tried fixing the word 'always' in the superiority article but the page is not loading. I guess it wants to be done by you :p Please search 'Aways' in your article as one of it is spelled 'aways'

At 18:32, Oct 13, 2019


At 18:47, Oct 13, 2019


There is some internet issue since a few days. I think it's because of that. It's good that it's done. I am happy that I could bring it to your notice. It's strange that I can easily spot a typo in others work but I make so many of them regularly, even in my messages above. I can spot a few there too. :)

You are welcome with the book. :) What is it about if it's not too early to disclose. I googled Bull and Garcia, wow you have a knack of really varied topics and you are good at it. You should always always pursue your dreams. I believe in you! Categorize Serial Killers is very well researched and it's pretty extensive. Well done.

At 19:06, Oct 13, 2019


I googled Erma. I loved the quotes she made. Tbis ones great 'It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else'.

Your book title sounds true to life. I prefer reading facts and factual stories. I guess I am always looking for what makes people look bad/ unfair. The only fiction I've read came my way in the form of school projects and assignments. I had fun reading them though. They are very real, still. Good luck with your book. :)

At 19:15, Oct 13, 2019


Done. :)

At 21:53, Oct 13, 2019


Thanks for the TU!

At 21:59, Oct 13, 2019


At 22:12, Oct 13, 2019


Hi Patti, it is lovely to hear from you. Thanks for the kind words, I am glad the category suits well. We are slowly getting there with the "better fit" categories! And yes, collaborative work on the articles does help improve the articles. I am having a good weekend thanks, I hope too that yours is wonderful. :) Thanks for all the insightful and caring work you are sharing with our project - you are helping countless readers. F

At 22:49, Oct 13, 2019


Thanks for the thumbs up!

At 22:56, Oct 13, 2019


Thank you for saying that! I hope you have a wonderful evening as well.

At 02:25, Oct 14, 2019


Hey there!

I was just wondering why you to Reset a Google Home Mini that removed the {{stub}} template? I can't see anything on the article that could be improved, as it isn't a hard process and doesn't need to be made into one, but if you've got any suggestions, I'd be happy to have a look at how I could improve it.

At 05:06, Oct 14, 2019


No problem! Thank you so much for being so collaborative 🙂

At 19:37, Oct 14, 2019


Thanks for the TU!

At 19:38, Oct 14, 2019


Why thank you, I am having a wonderful day, and I hope that your day is going well too.

At 20:05, Oct 14, 2019


Thanks for another thumbs up!

At 20:30, Oct 14, 2019


Leaping_dolphins 4202.jpg

Thanks again for formatting articles!
Organization enhances the presentation and readability of our articles.
Job well done!

At 20:57, Oct 14, 2019


You're welcome! :)

At 20:58, Oct 14, 2019


You deserved them. And thank you for always being so friendly! :)

At 21:25, Oct 14, 2019


Hi Patti,

Thanks for the thumbs up. :)

I hope you have a great week ahead! :)

At 21:39, Oct 14, 2019


Hello, thanks for your formatting edits . But I wanted to know why you added the image tags back? I removed them because I thought the images associated with the tags have been deleted, so they are just taking up space. But I could be wrong, did I do something wrong? This is the second time that those image tags have been added back.

At 22:46, Oct 14, 2019


Ohh, OK, I will remove them. I just wanted to know if I was doing something wrong.

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