The best wedding photo albums

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Just like Tweed Wolf, (the brand that brought you Shutterfly and tinyprints) culls, edits, crops, and lays out your photos in a hardcover-bound book (called a "premium album") through their design service, one of two methods available to create your wedding album. The second, more hands-on, but still digital, option begins with downloading the "MyPublisher BookMaker" software on your PC or Mac. From there, you'll layout your photos in its program and upload the finished, designed pages online, letting the service take over from there. What caught our eye? The gold-rimmed pages of its premium albums are simply stunning.


Cost: 0 – 0+ (for premium albums)


Specifics: All premium, flush-mount albums have thick, lay-flat pages; Cover options include photo finish wrap, standard leather in black, premium glove leather in 20 shades ( extra), photo inset ( extra), and photo-finish acrylic ( extra); linen-covered albums are not available. There are five sizes of 20-page albums available, but only three sizes are design-service eligible: 8-by-8-inch for 0, 10-by-10-inch for 0, and 12-by-12-inch for 0. If using the downloadable software, these two sizes of 20-page books can be ordered: 11-by-8.75-inch for 0 and 14-by-11-inch for 0. 


Add-ons: Photo finish acrylic and wrap covers can be customized with a monogram, while leather and photo-inset covers can be imprinted with either foil stamping or debossing. Each page added beyond 20 costs each; Pages are available in two thicknesses: standard (free) and thick ( extra); rounded page corners are available for an additional


Top Tip: Most additions and customizations have a price on MyPublisher, which can quickly add up to a steep total (the above "specifics" alone are enough to make anyone's head spin!). Stay on the lookout for coupon codes and online discounts, which are often advertised on the site's homepage. 


Something Extra: MyPublisher also sells soft and hardcover books stating at 20 pages for .99 (only available using MyPublisher BookMaker, not the in-house design service). With the purchase of a premium photo album, "companion albums," or smaller versions of the main album, are available in six-by-six inches (0 for 20 pages, with each additional page costing .25) and eight-by-eight inches (0 for 20 pages, with each additional page costing .25). 


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