Test questions on photosynthesis and respiration

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  1. The light reactions of photosynthesis take place in the

    1.   stroma
    2.   thylakoids
    3.   mitochondria
    4.   nucleus
  2. The light-independent reactions of photosynthesis take place in the

    1.   stroma
    2.   thylakoids
    3.   mitochondria
    4.   nucleus
  3. Photosynthesis takes place in which organelle?

    1.   the nucleus
    2.   the mitochondrion
    3.   the vacuole
    4.   the endoplasmic reticulum
    5.   the ribosome
    6.   the chloroplast

  4. plantcell1.jpg
    Photosynthesis takes place in the organelle labeled
  5. What two energy carrying molecules are produced by the light reactions of photosynthesis?

    1.   NADP+ and ADP
    2.   NADP+ and NADPH
    3.   NADPH and ATP
    4.   ADP and ATP
    5.   NADP+ and ATP
  6. Energy from sunlight is captured by the pigment

  7. Structures known as grana are stacks of

  8. Which of the following equations correctly sums up the overall process of photosynthesis?

    1.    eqn1.gif
    2.    eqn2.gif
    3.    eqn3.gif
    4.    eqn4.gif
  9. Carbon dioxide is required for which of the following processes in photosynthesis

    1.   the Calvin cycle
    2.   the splitting of water
    3.   the production of ATP
    4.   the absorption of water

  10. chloroplast.jpg
    A granum has been given the label number

  11. chloroplast.jpg
    Which numered label indicates the region where the light-independent reactions take place?

  12. chloroplast.jpg
    The light dependent reactions take place in the membrane labeled by the number
  13. The splitting of water molecules is essential for the photosynthetic production of

    1.   carbon dioxide
    2.   sunlight
    3.   ATP and NADPH
    4.   chlorophyll
  14. A plant is provided adequate carbon dioxide and water, but no light. In this plant

    1.   photosynthesis will not occur.
    2.   photosynthesis will occur more slowly than in the light.
    3.   ATP and NADPH will be stored until sunlight becomes available.
    4.   the light independent reactions will continue to produce glucose
  15. Plant contain mitochondria in addition to chloroplasts. This is necessary because

    1.   plants must make use of respiration when light is not available.
    2.   the ATP needed for photosynthesis is produced in the mitochondria.
    3.   the mitochondria produce proteins essential to photosynthesis
    4.   the mitochondria are how carbon dioxide enters the plant cell

  16. photorespcycle.jpg
    All energy conversions, even in living cells, are very inefficient. Life can survive despite this inefficiency because
    1.   cells require very little energy
    2.   the sun continually provides new energy
    3.   wastes are recycled
    4.   water is an abundant element on Earth

  17. photorespcycle.jpg
    The letter representing sunlight is
    1.   W
    2.   X
    3.   Y
    4.   Z

  18. photorespcycle.jpg
    The letter representing oxygen is
    1.   W
    2.   X
    3.   Y
    4.   Z

  19. photorespcycle.jpg
    The letter representing carbon dioxide could be either
    1.   W or X
    2.   X or Y
    3.   Y or Z
    4.   Z or W

  20. photorespcycle.jpg
    The letter representing water could be either
    1.   W or X
    2.   X or Y
    3.   Y or Z
    4.   Z or W


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