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This photography based activity gets you out into the heart of the city, seeing the sites as well as the hidden treasures while cooperating in teams to overcome obstacles and team challenges and dealing with the inherent problems of a language barrier and an unfamiliar city. There is nothing like a foreign environment for bringing people together and promoting team spirit.

The Challenge

A break from the traditional treasure hunt;
Each team gets a series of professional photographs taken at different sites around the city, a Digital SLR camera, and a professional photographer!
Using the photographic clues, maps and the knowledge of local people, team members must work together to identify the location of each photo. Once they have found the location, they must attempt to replicate the photograph, using the guidance of the ‘pro’ in attendance, who observe the teams effort along the way knowing when and when not to intervene. This is a race against the clock, and the winning team is the one to finish first!
At the end of the day, the photographs are collated, and the best ones are chosen by our professionals.
Time Requirement:
2-to-3 hours as a stand-alone program or part of a longer event or meeting.
Each team has from 5 to 6 pax, with a minimum of two teams being involved to create an air of competition.
Why this photography based activity:
This activity is extremely flexible, it can be run at any time of the day for groups ranging from 10 and upwards. It can be run as a teambuilding activity and as an energizing and refreshing way of breaking up a series of meetings/conferences, getting participants out into one of Europe’s most beautiful and lively cities. With it’s fascinating past and avant-garde present it really does have something for everyone, meaning that your event will be talked about around the office for years to come.
Finally we believe that decorating your office walls with great pictures taken by fellow employees has much more meaning than a motivational poster or a piece of abstract artwork.
Budgeting: Price varies with number of participants.



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