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Are You Tired Of Taking Inconsistent Photos? David Peterson can help fix it for you in less than 5 minutes a day – For FREE!

100% Free Digital Photography Course

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Detail Shots

Some Of The Fantastic Photo Techniques You Will Receive

When you for my free course!

The Simplest Tip

Secret 1: There’s a really simple photography tip that will improve your photos 10 fold instantly. You don’t even need any fancy equipment or settings! It’s so simple and so effective, it’s my first tip. You’ll receive this immediately upon entering your email above.

Improving Clarity

Secret 2: When zooming in on Point and Shoot cameras, your image can sometimes look all blurry and grainy. In this better photo tip, I tell you why, and how you can use a different zoom to get a crisp, clear image.

Composition Secrets

Secret 3: This tip, used all the time by professionals, results in a pleasing, nicely balanced photo. I discuss what it is, and how incredibly easy it is to use in your own photos.

Secrets for Children

Secret 4: We all love photos of kids! They have such wonderful faces, and usually love to be in front of the camera. Unlike us adults who tend to shy away from cameras! But children can also be unpredictable, and for that you need some special skills as a photographer.

Always A Great Shot

Secret 5: I know I keep saying it, but this is another tip (only available with digital cameras) that ensures you will always walk away from a party or gathering with some perfect shots. This beautifully simple photography tip is the main reason why I love shooting with digital.

Stop The Delay!

Secret 6: Sick of the wait between when you press the shutter and when the shot is taken? It’s called shutter delay and is caused by your camera needing to focus on your subject. Guess what? The delay can be eliminated! Now my subjects haven’t moved out of frame before the shot is taken.

There are another 9 tips to make up the 21 day course covering subjects like Predefined Modes, Using Reflections and more!

Don’t Take My Word For it. Here’s What Others Have To Say

Wow!!! I’m so thrilled and extremely excited as I have already used some of your tips its made a huge difference. Also has confirmed what most have said to be a no no regarding my style of photography, but I like it and it came as a suprise with quite a few of your tips. Thank you so much…for the tips aswell as making me feel at ease with what I’ve already been doing. Can’t wait for whats to come. You Rock!!! :))

Billy C

In Denmark we have a saying: “You can never be too generous.” David you fully live up to this phrase. I got your book and your daily tricks. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with everyone. Your behavoir is the true mind and acting of a generous person.

John Abildgaard Christensen

From simple to complex, your tips are simply astounding, and have become a new source of info and inspiration for me. I cant thank you enough

Don McDaniel

Hi David only up to tip 2 and already making headway with your simple way to explain your tips. Many Thanks

Reg T

Thank you. I am learning more from your tips that I did going on a one to one photography course which cost me a fortune! Your style of writing and explaining is excellent.

Mrs Turnbull

Thank you for the wonderfull information, my photographing skills have improved drastically. thank you very much David, form now I know what to add on my kit. Most importantly, you write in simple english and there is no need for further interpretation.


Hi I have just signed up for this free course and so far it has put me on the right track I have being taking photo’s for about 7 years and now I can actually start adding and using your tips that I have just read! It’s amazing thank you!


Thanks David for all your tips. Thanks to you my photos are getting so much better. I look back on old ones i thought were great and i see so much i could have done. But you cannot reflect on the past,just take your knowledge, and only keep getting better. Once again a big THANKYOU your AWESOME


Fantastic information for those who wish to know more on photography. There are many to learn even can take good snapshot.


Thank you very much for your camera tips , they are very simple and effective. I was lucky to come across your site. It really improved my knowledge of how to handle a camera.

Roy Perera

This is a classic web site and it is free. Would love to have a hand book to carry around and study more. The course offered is well structured and God bless David for using his talents to give us a better understanding in photography.


I've helped more than 467,262 photographers improve their photography with my easy step-by-step courses.

I can improve your photos too!

And more unsolicited testimonials...

Please don’t take me off the “secrets” list…I am loving this way of learning because I am able to go at my own pace. Besides, you are a splendid communicator!


I’m about half way thru your free course and this old retired guy feels like he fell out of a airplane with no parachute on and been free falling for years and all of a sudden I looked over my shoulder and “Behold” all of a sudden-out of nowhere I’ve got a parachute on! It’s mind blowing, the basics-how that makes a huge difference in a picture- Once I get thru this I’ll be signing up with some of the other courses - Tks again for the parachute!

Larry Pearson

David, I have learned so much about digital photography and about my Canon DSLR camera from you. I think you are the most unselfish pro in the industry. I purchased your Digital Photo Secrets course on DVD and love it. But I have learned a lot of other tips from your FREE advice in newsletters, articles, etc. Most writers charge for everything. They say it will be free, but then when you check in you get the hook. You give so much away, and I really appreciate you. I’m going on a photo safari in a couple of months, and I know my photos will be great because of all that I have learned from you. I’m so glad to be off AUTO, and that’s because you made the transition so simple. Thank you for everything!

Jerry Hissong

I’ve watched and enjoyed some of your lessons…looking forward to learning more because you are simply “AWESOME”!!!! Thanks so much for this offer.


Just started your free course and my photos have improved from Day One!


Thank you David for the 21 tips, they are very helpful, practical and easy to understand. it was realy a super course


I have taken pictures for a while, but when I read the information from you I found out how much I didn’t know. Thanks


Hi David! Since I srarted to receive your tips, I can honestly say, that I’ve become a more accomplished photographer. Not the best! But am improving all the time, and I like nothing better than to take a flask of coffe and nibbles. I can spend all day taking photo’s, of anything and everythimg Thanks to you.

John Rose

I thank God for such an unselfish person as yourself. I didn’t know anything about digital photo until i signed up for for your e-mail. Now i am called to take pictures for the family, Churches and other events. I have been offered money but don’t feel i am worthy even thou i am told so. thank you so much


About David

My name is David Peterson and I have been teaching photographers all around the world since 2005.

My motto is "Help the world take better photos" and I plan to continue to do this by providing free photography tips on my website.

Unlike most other photography teachers, I realize that most people don't need to know the technical details of their camera to take a great shot. So my courses explain every technique in a non-technical way along with lots of examples.

It is my hope that on this website, I can help you come to that same realization too!

David Peterson.


  • I don’t know much about my camera. Is this for me? Absolutely! In fact, this is especially for you. Each lesson takes you step by step through everything you need to know. I've designed the course specifically with sections applicable for beginner, intermediate and advanced photographers.
  • How will I receive the material? You will receive the tips via email, with a link to that day's 'secret'.
  • Is this just for DSLR owners? No! This course caters for any gear from a DSLR to the camera on your phone! Taking great photos is not about what camera you have - it's about knowing how to capture any scene.
  • Can I read it on my iPad or tablet? Yes. The course can be viewed by any device that has access to the Internet using your browser.
  • Have another question? I'm here to help! Simply email me and I'll get back to you - usually within 24 hours.


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