Super photogenic hospital girl

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Duga radar system soviet cold war

Duga radar system

Riverport and Café Pripyat photo now

Riverport and Café Pripyat

Energetic Palace of culture Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Energetic Palace of culture

Red forest Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Red forest

Swimming pool Lazurny pripyat abandoned photo

Swimming pool Lazurny

Red forest Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Red forest

BWC and barber shop photo now abandoned

BWC and Barber shop

Arts school Pripyat photo abandoned piano

Arts school

Fire station pripyat

Fire station

Old Chernobyl streets pripyat photo guide tour

Abandoned streets of Pripyat

Golden key kindergarten photo now Pripyat

Golden Key kindergarten

Grocery store Chernobyl abandoned now

Grocery store

Boulevard of Lenin soviet Chernobyl photo now

Boulevard of Lenin

City council in pripyat chernobyl photo now

City council in Pripyat

Avantgard stadium football chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Avantgard Pripyat stadium

Kopachi Kindergarten in Pripyat photo now

Kopachi kindergarten

Lunch break at the Power Plant Canteen

Lunch break at the Chernobyl plant canteen

Chernobyl sign city geiger counter

Chernobyl city sign

Pripyat sign photo now

Pripyat sign

New Safe Confinement site Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

New Safe Confinement site at CHNPP

Monument to those who saved the world photo now

Monument Those who saved the world

Bridge of death pripyat photo

Bridge of death

Main entrance to the power plant radiation photo now new safe confinement

Main entrance to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

Duga Education center radar cold war soviet photo

Duga education center

Training centre duga radar

Training center of Duga

Lunch break at hotel Dityatky photo CHernobyl Exclusion ZOne

Lunch break at the hotel Dityatky

Hotel in Dityatky Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Ukraine

Hotel in Dityatky

Prometheus cinema theatre pripyat photo now

Prometheus cinema

Chernobyl Church photo Exclusion Zone Ukraine

Chernobyl church

Grammar school nr.3 photo Chernobyl

Grammar school nr.3

Chernobyl Power Plant memorial

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant memorial

Rainbow shopping center

Rainbow shopping center

Police station Pripyat abandoned photo now

Police station

Grammar school nr.1 ruins abandoned now photo Pripyat

Grammar school nr.1

Prometheus monument Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant

Prometheus monument

Restaurant CHernobyl Exclusion Zone


Jupiter factory pripyat abandoned soviet photo

Jupiter factory

Command centre soviet radar photo

Command center of Duga

Dosimetric control photo Chernobyl

Dosimetric control

Pripyat hospital nr.126 photo now

Pripyat hospital nr. 126

Post office pripyat now photo

Post office

Hotel Polissya Chernobyl photo now

Hotel Polissya

Feeding giant catfish in the cooling channel photo CHernobyl fishing

Feeding giant catfish in the cooling channel

Chernobyl riverport photo now

Chernobyl river port

Panorama view of Chernobyl power plant photo now

Panorama view of Chernobyl power plant

Woodworm star memorial chernobyl city photo now

Woodworm star memorial

Firestation Chernobyl 2 photo now

Firestation Chernobyl 2

Chernobyl open air museum of machinery photo now technics

Chernobyl open air museum of machinery

Meeting self-settlers photo now people Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Meeting self-settlers

Duga Political Classroom photo now

Duga Political classroom


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