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Rochester History

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Maas, Gerard,
Macadamization of streets. See
MacArthur, Reverend Robert S.

as UR trustee, denominational control issues and-1890s,

Macartney, William and Robert
Macauley, Ruth
MacBride, John
Macdonald, Alexander
MacDonald, Isabella "Pansy"
Macedonian, U.S.S.
Macedon, NY
Macedons baseball club (Macedon, NY)
MacElwee, Dr. R. E.
MacFarland, Paul
MacFarlane, Miss Janet

at Rochester Museum of Arts & Sciences, world's fair exhibit-1930s,

MacFarlin, Harold S. W.

Bogus Point water project and,
City Planning Commission, role on,
Department of Commerce, role in, ;

MacFarlin, H. N. S.

Rochester City Club election debate and,

MacGrady, Frank P.
MacGregor, Edgar
MacGregor, George L.
Machine shops. See also

development-1800s, ;
employment in-mid 1800s, ;
Erie Canal, impact of,
of Gleason, William. See
Great Depression and-1930s,
of Hall, Joseph-early 1800s,
labor unions,
production, value of,
of Selye, Lewis, ;
tool manufacture. See

Machinists and Blacksmiths Union
Machinists Union
Machpelah Cemetery (LeRoy, NY)
Mack, Captain Albert
Mackay, Hector,
Mack, Daniel
MacKensie, Donald
MacKenzie, Colin
MacKenzie, H.

employment, at Genesee millsite-1790s,

Mackenzie, William Lyon (of Toronto)
MacKinnon residence (Utica, NY)
Mack, Isaac F.
MacMillan, Lowell
Macomber, Mrs. DeWitt B.

Council of Social Agencies, role in,
Rochester Family Society, Inc., role in,
war relief committee, role on-WWII,

Macomber, Francis A.
Macon, GA
MacSweeney, Leo A.
MacSweeney's Hotel
Madame Butterfly
Madden, Elizabeth C.

A Century of Love: Academy of the Sacred Heart: 1855-1955 authored by, acknowledgment,

Madden, Francis
Madden, Garrett (Tyrone, County, Ireland)
Madden, Jack
Madden, J. Hayward
Madden, Miss Margaret
Madden, Minnie
Madden, Mr. and Mrs. Timothy
Madden, William

as architect, partnership with Edwin S. Gordon,

Madeira Islands
Madison (ship)

construction and service-War of 1812,

Madison County, NY
Madison, Dolly
Madison High School
Madison Hotel
Madison, President James (1751-1836)
Madison, Mrs. Jeanette
Madison Junior High School
Madison-King Preservation District,
Madison Square
Madison Square Garden (NYC)
Madison Street

hotel on,
preservation district of,
residents, Susan B. and/or Mary Anthony, ; ; ; ; ; ;

Madison University (Hamilton, NY),
Maennerchor (choral society), ; ; See also
Maennerchor Hall
Maennerchor-Liedertafel (choral society),
Maezlandt Kill

as source of Albany (NY) water supply-early 1800s,

Maffia. See
MAG. See
Magazines. See also specific publication

Bragdon (Claude F.) contributions,
editors, anti-smoking campaign and,
on Rochester Plan,
socialist, suppression under Espionage Act-1917,

Magazine stands
Magdaline, Sister
Magdalin, Sister Mary
Magee, Henry
Magee, William
Maggie V. (no surname given)
"Magic City," at world's fair-1890s,
Maginnis, John S.
Magne, Charles
Magne-Jewell Memorial Building
Magne Street
The Magnetic Circle: Stanton, Anthony, Bloomer, and Douglass by Anne C. Coon,
Magnetic telegraph
Magneto-type telephone
Magnolia Street
Magnolia trees
Magnus, Charles
Magnus Hotel (Syracuse, NY)
Magruder, Jacob
Maguire, Phil

St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church fire and - 1970s,

Mahan, Admiral (no given name)
Mahanov, Mrs. (née Wadsworth)
Mahler, Gustave,
Mahn Manufacturers. See
Mahns, William H.
Mahogany tobacco
Mahon, Alexander S.
Mahoney, Bob
Mahoney, King
Mahon Family
Mahony, Joanna
Maier, Josephine
Mail chute. See
Mail delivery

former resident, Martin Brewer Anderson,

Maine, Henry C.
Maine, Sir Henry S.
Maine Manufacturing Co.

location and advertisement, photograph,

Maine, U.S.S.
sinking of-1890s

celebrated, on July 4th,
local fatalities and casualty,
monument to, fundraising for,
press accounts,

Main Falls. See
Main Street (Canandaigua, NY)

business of Henry W. Johnson on, ;
Canandaigua Academy on,
photographs, ;

Main Street (Rochester, NY), See also
as "Aisle of Death," ;
animal abuse on,
armory, military police housed at-WWII,
as boundary, of Crossroads District,
bridge. See
building proposal,
central business district, development, See also
commercial/industrial activity, ; ; ; See also specific building/block; specific business

banking, ;
barbershop, ;
billiards hall-1800s,
boat manufacture-1800s,
building proposals, ; ;
as center of, ;
at corner of St. Paul Street,
Crystal Palace Block,
daguerreotype studio,
early shops,
Emporium Block,
Gaffney Block,
galleries/museums, See also specific gallery/museum
Granite Block, ;
hotels, ; ; ; ; See also specific hotel
Hydraulic Motor Company-1880s,
Post Express office,
Powers Block. See
Powers Building. See
public market, See also
renovation and reconstruction,
in Reynolds Arcade. See
sculptor's studio,
Security Trust Building,
shopping center,
shopping district, ;
of Smith, Elijah F.,
of Steward, Austin,
theaters, ;
Washington Hall,
Wilder Building,

eastern extension,
Eastman Theatre site
funeral procession, of President Lincoln-1860s,
historical summary,
Iroquois trail along/crossing,
Liberty Pole. See
location, ;
map description-1850s,
names, alternate/previous, ;

Bridge Street,
Buffalo Street, ; ; ; ; ; ;
Main Street West,
West Avenue, ;

as parade route
park, proposal for,
photographs/illustrations, ; ; ;

early 1900s,
mid 1900s,
eastside merchant scene,

preservation district off,
property values,
protests-Vietnam War,
railroads and

housing units, construction,
industrial activity and,
Keeler plot,
Osburn family,
Rundel family,

route, change in-early 1800s, ;
Schanck Road, and absorption of,
social institutions

Board of Education,
branch library, interior photograph,
city hall. See
Eastman School of Music. See
Eastman Theatre. See
hospitals, ; ;
Liberty Loan headquarters on-WWI,
Masonic Temple,
music school, See also
prayer services,
Rundell gallery,
University of Rochester-1850, ;

speech on, by William Jennings Bryan,
at State Street. See
transit service
trolley service,
underground conduits, demand for,
as vista,
walks on,
Main Street Armory
Main Street Beat by Henry Clune,
Main Street Bridge
advertising, use in,
art activities-mid 1800s,
commercial enterprises/structures,

1820s-1850s, ;
1830s, ;
mid 1800s, ;
buildings, construction materials,
clothing businesses, ;
emergence, ; ; ;
flood protection and,
junk shop,
photographs of, published,
public market. See
tailor shops-mid 1800s,
view from, ;


1st (1810-1812), ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
2nd (1824), ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
3rd (1837-1838), ; ; ; ; ; ;
4th (1855-1857), ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

fire damage, ; ; ; ; ;
flood damage,

1860s, ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
early 1800s, ;

historical sketches/summaries, ;
importance, ;
location, ;

1865 flood,
description of,

railroad station proposal and,
sewers near,
site, pioneers use,
street survey and-1810s,
subway and,
traffic congestion,
view from,
vs. European bridges,
Main Street Hill
Maiorana, Sal
as reporter, quoted on golf tournaments
Maisies, Michael
Majestic (steamer ship)
Majestic Furniture
Majestic Picture Show
Major, Arthur E.
Major, Frederick A.
Major, Howard

The Domestic Architecture of the Early American Republic: The Greek Revival authored by,

Major League baseball. See
Making A Living In Rochester: The Diary of Henry D. Silver - 1906-1914,
The Making of an Orchestra by Ernestine Klinzing,
Makk, Edward H.
Malanowicz, Ed
Malcolm Pirnie Engineers
Malcolm X
Malcrest Shoes
Mallory, S. V. R. (Canandaigua, NY)
Malone bill
Malone, Joseph

as police officer, Puerto Rican community and,

Malone, Walter and Bess
antique enterprise, Wolfards and,
residences, Wolfards and
Maloney, William
Malo, Paul

as professor, architectural report on Academy of the Sacred Heart site, quoted,

Malory, Charles T.
Maloy, Charles
Maloy, Charlie
Malt Brew Company,
Malt houses. See
Malthus, T. R.
Malt/malting process, See also
Manara, Art
Manas Press,
Manchester, NH
Manchester, NY

railroad yards,
train wreck near, historical sketch,

Manchesters baseball club
The Manchester Wreck by Mary Hamilton-Dann,
Mancini, Al
Mancini, Antonio
Mandery, J. J.
Mandeville, F. A.
Mandeville-King Seed House
Mandeville, W. J.
Mandrake Pills,
Manger Hotel
Mangione family
Mangione, Jerre,
Mangrum, Lloyd
Mangrum, Ray
Manhattan Club
Manhattan Company of New York
Manhattan, NY

municipal water supply, contamination,
Revolutionary War headquarters, as historical site,

Manhattan Players,
Manhattan Project. See
Manhattan Quick Lunch
Manhattan Square Park

cast of City Streets in-1970s,
design and landscape architect,
location-1820s, ;
Puerto Rican Festival in,
renamed Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park,

Manhattan Street
Manhattan Tract
Manhattanville, NY
Manitou Beach,
Manitou, NY
Mann, Alexander
Mann, Bruce
Mann, C. B.
Mann, Darwin H.

relationship to Rev. Dr. Newton Mann,

Mann, Don
Mann, Erika
Mann, Mrs. Frances
Mann, Guignon & (daguerrean studio)
Manning, Jack
Manning, Jerome
Manning Tavern (of Romulus, NY),
Mann, James
Mann, John

business enterprise-early 1800s. See

Mann, Reverend Newton M. (1836-1926)
biographical summary,
civic honor (posthumous),
club memberships
evolutionary debate/theory and,
as religious leader, ; ;
Rochester Academy of Science, role in,
telescope acquisition,
Mann's Mills,
Man of Iron: The History of New York Central by Edward Hungerford,
Manpower Development Training program,
Mansfield, Richard
Mansion House (tavern)

as election site-1820s,
proprietor, ;
sale, to John G. Christopher-early 1800s, ; See also
as village trustees' meeting place-1810s,

Mansion House Committee (Dublin, Ireland)
Mansions. See ; specific mansion
Mantell, Robert
Manual alphabet
A Manual for History Museums (1935) by Arthur C. Parker,
A Manual for Workers (UR publication),
Manual training courses. See
Manufacturers. See also specific company, industry, or product

board. See
post Civil War,
Rochester Plan (unemployment insurance) and,
St. Augustine's Church/School and,

Manufacturers Bank
Manufacturers, Board of,
Manufacturers Council,
Manufacturers Hanover

building construction and location-1930s,

Manufacturing. See also ; ; ; specific company, industry, or product
Manumission of slaves. See
Mapledale Party House
Maple Grove (park/resort)
Glen House and,
as landmark,
picnic grounds,
renamed Maplewood Park-1910s,
steamer excursions from,
Maple Leaf (steamboat)
Maple Leaf Fund
Maple Leafs baseball club (Guelph, Ontario)
Maples, Philip G.
Maple Street
Maple sugaring
Maple Terrace subdivision,
Maple trees
Maplewood Branch, of YMCA
Maplewood Park. See also
acreage, acquisition-1880s, ;
bridges to Seneca Park. See also
development and design
bandstand, ;
bowling green,
bridge to Seneca Park, opening-1890,
golf course, ;
rose garden,

Camp Genesee at-Civil War,
DeForest design, unimplemented,
Olmsted legacy and,
popularity and specimen census-1920s,

view from,
formerly Maple Grove,
Indian Day,
Barge Canal
boat yards, ;
Brown's Race, ; ; ;
burial sites
Caledonia Square-1820s,

Arcarese, Carl,
Beers, F. W. (1870s),
Evershed, Thomas,
Fenn, Horatio. See
Gannett, Henry,
Hutchinson, Holms,
Johnson, Elisha. See

Child's Basin/Slip,
church sites,
city, See also specific site Maps

1827, ;
1838, ;
1874 and 1926,
first ward,
lakeshore site names on-1800s,
Madison-King Preservation District on-1800s,
master plan for re-watering Erie Canal,
purchase and display,
Smith and Callan-1850s,
third ward,
tours and,
Town Lot 45,
U.S. Geological Survey,

Civil War battles,
county. See
Erie Canal. See
Franklin Square-1820s,
Genesee Country-1798,
Genesee River,
Genesee Valley Canal (1837-1878), ;
Gilbert's Basin,
glacial lakes,
Greece, Town of,
Highland Park,
highway system proposal-1950s,
historical sites,
of Holy Sepulchre Cemetery,
Hudson River,
information provided by,
Johnson & Seymour Race, ;
Johnson Tract-1810s,
lakeside resorts, brochure featuring routes to-early 1900s,
landmarks, historic,
Lehigh Valley Railroad routes,
Manhattan Square-1820s,
mill industry
Monroe County. See
moraines, of Western New York,
Native American sites
New York State
Northeast District,
One Hundred Acre Tract, ;
parks system,
Pinnacle Range,
"place" and,
place names lacking on-1800s,
polar region,
Pulteney Estate/Purchase-1790s,
raceways. See ; specific raceway Maps
Rapids Cemetery plots,
The Rapids neighborhood-1800s,
regional, Genesee Valley Canal and,
Rennes, France,
Rochester Race,
Second Ward-1870s,
St. Lawrence River,
street locations. See ; ; specific street/area
subway route,
trails, Native American,
transportation routes, ;
Underground Railroad routes in New York State,
U.S. Geological Survey,
village. See also specific site Maps

1810s, ;
Browns Race/Frankfort area,

Washington Square, ;
weather, exhibit-1870s,
wholesale territory, publication-1910s,
A Map...Shewing (sic) the situation of the Genesee Lands-1798,
Mapstone, Henry
Marble, Dan
Marble, Manton
Marburger and Spies (brewery)
Marburger Brewery. See
Marcellus, NY
The March of Empire Across the Continent with the aid (sic) of the Immigrant by Henry O'Reilly,
Marcille, Joseph E.
Marcotte, Bob
Marcus, Robert, Ph.D.
Marcy, William L.
Margaret (nursemaid-mid 1800s)
Margaret Sanger, An Autobiography,
Margaret Weinmann Brewery
Margaret Woodbury Strong Museum. See
Margrander, Ernest C.
Maria Street
Marine Artillery
Marinelli, Diamond
Marine Midland Bank
Marine technology
Marine Transportation Highway (NYS)
Marion B. Folsom and the Rochester Plan of 1931 by Richard E. Holl,
Marion, N. R.
Marion, NY
Marion Stratton Gould Fund,
Market Bridge
Market Cottage
Market Ground
Marketplace Mall
Markets. See also specific industry, product, or material
Markets, public. See
Market Street (Hudson, NY)
Market Street (Rochester, NY), ;

commercial activity, ;
formerly East River Road,
in Louisville (KY), slave pen location,
renamed Clyde Street,

Marketview Heights
Markham, Edwin
Markham family (pioneer era)
Markham, W. G. (of Avon, NY)
Markland, Captain Henry T.
Marks, Henry W.
Marks, Hiram W.
Mark Street
Marlatt, H. Irving
Marlowe, Christopher

Literary and Elocutionary Club studies,

Marlowe, Julia
Marlowe, Julian
Marriage. See also
attitudes towards,
newspaper on,
property laws and-1850s,
as prosperity indicator,
religious conversion within,
woman's property rights and,
women and
employment attitudes/practices
Married Woman's Property Act (1848),
Mars (planet)
Marschke, Albert W.
Marsden, Joshua
Marshall, Misses (no given names)
Marshall and Dean
Marshall, E. F.
Marshall, Colonel Elisha
Marshall Field Company

purchase of Ward's natural science exhibit-1890s,

Marshall High School. See
Marshall, Orsamus H.
Marshall Schools at War (scrapbook)

"America Calling" synopsis in, quoted-WWII,

Marshall, Vice-President Thomas R.,
Marsh, Daniel
Marsh, E. Kirby
Marsh, Dr. E. S.
Marsh, Frank
Marsh, H. P.,
Marsh, Isaac
Marsh, Jane (Jenny). See
Marsh, Joseph

daughter, See also
Douglass, Frederick and,

Marsh, O. C.

as scientist, correspondence with Lewis H. Morgan,

Marsh, Ruth
Marsh Street

Brooks homestead, photograph-early 1900s,

Martens, Henry
Martens, William G.
Marten, Vincent M.
Martha Ogden (steamboat)
Martha's Vineyard
Martin B. Anderson, LL.D., A Biography by Professor A. C. Kendrick,
Martin B. Anderson School
Martin, Butch
Martin, Charles A.
Martin Chizzelwit by Charles Dickens,
Martindale, General (no given name)
Martindale, Gad
Martindale, Mary
Martin, Edward Sanford
Martinelli, Giovanni
Martinez, Dexter
Martinez, Domingo, Jr.

arrival and recollections of gang activity,

Martin, Homer
Martin, LeRoy (of Romulus, NY)
Martin Luther
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park
Martin, Mary. See also
Martin, Nancy M.

as co-author of "A Note on the Rochester Family Papers Held by the University of Rochester,"

Martin, Robert
Martin, Roscoe C.
Martinsburg, VA
Martin Street
Martin, William (of Romulus, NY)
Marue, Mademoiselle (no given name)
Marvels of Astronomy (lecture) by Lewis Swift,
Marx, Karl,
Mary Cariola Children's Center
Marye's Heights, Fredericksburg, Virginia
The Mary Jane (schooner),
Mary Jemison (tour boat)

history and previous name,
operators-early 2000s,
purchase and previous use,

Carroll family origins,
legislature, anti-abolitionism petition to,

Douglass, Anna Murray and family,
Douglass, Frederick,
Hart, Colonel Thomas, ;
Rochester's founding fathers. See ; ;
Sprague, Nathaniel,
War of 1812 and,

Maryland School for the Deaf
Maslanka, Mr. and Mrs. Edward,
Maslanka, Olga. See
Mason, Mrs. Anna (née Dann)
Mason, Ella
Mason, Ezra
Mason, Frank E.
Mason, Gilbert T.
Masonic Block
Masonic Lodges, ;
Masonic Temple
Mason industry
Mason, Reverend James E.
Mason, J. Redfern
Mason, Lowell
Mason, Max
Mason, O. T.
Mason, Roy
Masonry Dissected by Samuel Prichard,

Aldridge, George W., Sr. as,
anti-Masonic movement. See ;
Canadian festival and ball-1850s,
Fairbank, Nathaniel K. as,
fraternal order. See
freemasons. See
German immigrants as,
lodges. See
memorial services,
Moore, Samuel W. D. as-1800s,
music, played at completion of Erie Canal,
Paine, Nicholas E. as,
political opposition. See
union, formation,

Masons and Bricklayers Union
Mason Street
Mason, William P.

Report on the Albany Water Supply made to the Albany Board of Health-1885 authored by, quoted,

baseball manufacturer in,
cities. See specific city
Civil War and,
Douglass, Anna and Frederick in,
former residents,
Gruppe art works from,
regulates insurance industry,
shoe industry in,
slavery legalized in,
Supreme Court ruling on "Jim Crow" laws,
upstate New York land negotiations/sales and

advice to investors, quote,
jurisdiction, surrender,
land claims/disputes, ;
Phelps & Gorham purchase,
preemption claims, payment,
title assignment,

Warner, Orpha in,
Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society
Massachusetts Bay Colony
Massachusetts Farmer's Association
Massachusetts 54th Regiment
Massachusetts General Hospital
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Volunteers
Massacre at Cold Springs, NC
Massage services,
Mass production, See also ;
Mass transit systems. See ; specific system (e.g., bus, street car, subway)
Mastadon remains
Master plans. See
"Masters of Landscape: East and West" exhibit,
Mastick, Esquire
Mastick, John
Mastrella, John
Mather, Cotton,

study of Native American linguistics,

Mather, James
Mathews, Robert (1842-1921)
club memberships and roles
immigration restrictions, stance on,
as Independent Republican Association officer,
occupation, ;
at Plymouth Church,
at Rochester Academy of Science,
Mathews, Sarah H.
Mathews, Mrs. Selah
Mathies, J. L. D.
Mathis, Alice Branson (1898-1990)

bequest, to RMSC,
biographical sketch and collection,
correspondence, quoted,
as migrant/domestic worker, with quotes,
as quilter/seamstress,

Mathis, B. W.

residence and relationship to Alice Mathis,

Mathis, Gracie Lee

residence and relationship to Alice Mathis,

Matteawan State Hospital for the Criminally Insane
Matthews, Messr.
Matthews House
Matthews, Vincent

business enterprise and location-1820s,
Erie Canal opening, roles in,
residence, places of-pioneer era,
as village trustee,

Matthias, Christ. (brewer)
Mattoon, IL
The Matt Talbot Group
Matzenauer, Margareta
Matzenauer, Margarete
Maude, John
Maud S (race horse),
Maulevrier, Le Comte de Colbert
Maurepas, France
Maury, Lt. Matthew F.
in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery

All Saints Mausoleum,
in Chapel Tower,
Community Mausoleums,
Resurrection Garden Mausoleum,

public, Annie Douglass and-1860s,
Maverick, Maury
Maxim, Hiram P.

as inventor, quoted on bicycle and cars,

Maxim, H. S.
Max Lowenthal & Sons

location, defense contracts, and production award-WWII,

May, Arthur J.

City Club, roles in,
Oak Hill Becomes the River Campus authored by,
Philosophers' Club,
public library, role in,

May Brothers Nursery
May Day
Mayer, George (brewer)
May, Joseph
Mayne, Calvin
Mayne, Kathleen
Mayo, Frank
Mayor(s). See also specific mayor
1834-1870, photographic array,
administrative duties-1860s,
appointed vs. elected, ;
biographical summaries
Committees on Housing,
ethnic and educational backgrounds,
first. See
from pioneer families,
role, in city government,
salaries, ;
unsuccessful candidates for, ; ; ; ;
"Mayor of Midtown"
The Mayors of Rochester's Mid-Years: 1860-1900 by Blake McKelvey,
May, Reverend Samuel J.

as abolitionist, ;
Anthony family and,
Douglass, Frederick and,

May, Samuel J., Jr.
May, Stephen
Mazatlan, Mexico
Mazzini, Giuseppe
McAdoo, Sean

as contact for living history organization-2001,

McAlpine, Belden R.
McAlpine, William J.

as engineer, Albany municipal water supply and-1800s,

McAniff, Monsignor James C.
McArdle, Miss Ann
M'Cauley, Thomas
McAuslin, Thomas
McBride, Robert

as ambassador, visits Rennes, France-1960s,

MCC. See
McCabe, Father Paul
McCafferty, Bishop John
McCallum, William B.
McCally, Karen
as author
as editor of The Legacy of 179 Lake Avenue: A Small Private Hospital's Service to the Community by Robert J. Dickson,
at Rochester Historical Society,
McCanne family (of W. Roy)
McCanne, Lee

Crossroads District redevelopment and-mid 1900s,

McCanne, W. Roy, ;
McCann, Roy
McCarrick, Patrick
McCarthy Committee
McCarthy, D.
McCarthy, Elizabeth
McCarthy, Senator Joseph
McCarthy, Thomas
McCartney, Grace
McCartney, Henry
McCaw, R. E.
McChord, Winford
McClaren, Ian
McClean Street
McClellan Corps (marching unit)
McClellan, General George B.
McClintock, Elizabeth,
McClintock, J. Y.,
business enterprises/employment,
Chamber of Commerce, role in,
as engineer

of city,
city planning, role in,
flood basin plan-early 1900s,

as public works commissioner,
McClure, Mrs.
McClure's Magazine
McCombs, Kathy
McConnell and Curtis
McConnell, John
McCormack, John
McCorry, Emmet

Association for Retarded Citizens, role in,

McCracken, Gardner
McCracken/McCrackenville Tavern
McCracken Street
McCrackenville, NY
McCullough, Charles H., Jr.
McCullough, John
McCully, Thomas
McCumber, Caleb,
McCurdy, Cindy

as professional golfer, at Locust Hill-1990s,

McCurdy, Miss Florence
McCurdy, Gilbert J. C.
McCurdy, Gordon
McCurdy, John C.
McCurdy, John R.
McCurdy & Norwell Company
McCurdy's (department store)
downtown sites,

founding-early 1900s,
holiday decorations, ;
Midtown, exit from,
site, previous use,
space conversion-1980s,

Northgate Plaza site,
McDonald, Father Elmer
McDonald, Lieutenant Colonel James A.
McDonald, Patrick
McDonalds restaurants
McDonell, Sister A.

at Academy of the Sacred Heart-1960s, quoted on school closing,

McDonell, James
McDonell, Mary
McDonough, Mr. (no given name)

battle site of, traveler's account of-1820s,

McDowell, Dr. (no given name)
McDowell, Frank V.
McDowell, Col. John M.
McDuffee, William (of Romulus, NY)
McElroy, Nellie L.
McEvoy, Catherine
McEvoy, Reverend Thomas
McEwan, Thomas G.
McFarlane, J.
McGann, Sergeant Edward W.
McGerry, Reverend John
McGinn (hotel),
McGonegal, Hattie
McGovern, Frank
McGowen, Ella
McGuckin, James
McGuire, Horace
McGuire, John
McHale, Bishop John
McHugh, Joseph H.
McIlvaine, Joshua H.
McInerney, John J.
McIntire, Andy
McIntosh, Elizabeth
McIntosh, William H.
McIntyre, Martin
McIntyre's Beach House (Charlotte, NY)
McKay, John
McKay Patents,
McKee, Alexander

memorandum issued with John G. Simcoe (text)-late 1700s,

McKee, George T.
McKee, Harley J.
McKee Hock, Rick
McKee, H. Sellers,
McKelvey, Blake,
addresses and lectures,
as assistant city historian, ;
as City Historian, ;

on Executive Board of City of Rochester,
on Harris, George,
on industrial accidentals-WWII,
on industrial production-WWII,
on leisure activity,
on Near Northeast District,
on Ontario Beach area,
on packet boat Superior, ;
on subway,
on traffic accidents,

as co-author
as editor
photographs, ;
Rochester History issues authored by,
The Changing Face of Rochester,
A City Historian's Holiday,
A City Historian's Report,
Civic Medals Awarded Posthumously,
Colonel Nathaniel Rochester,
Early Almanacs of Rochester,
East Avenue's Turbulent History,
Economic Stages In The Growth Of Rochester,
Errata and Addenda: Plus Some Thoughts on the Nature of History and the Rochester Story,
First Four Decades of Chamber of Commerce, The,
Flour Milling at Rochester,
The Flower City: Center of Nurseries and Fruit Orchards,
From Stagecoach Taverns To Airline Motels,
The Genesee Country Villages In Early Rochester's History,
The Germans of Rochester: Their Traditions and Contributions, ;
His Honor, The Mayor of Rochester 1900-1928,
An Historical View of Rochester's Parks and Playgrounds,
Historic Antecedents of the Crossroads Project,
Historic Aspects of the Phelps and Gorham Treaty of July 4-8, 1788,
Historic Origins of Rochester's Social Welfare Agencies,
An Historic Site Tour of Old and New Landmarks,
A History of Penal and Correctional Institutions in the Rochester Area,
The History of Public Health in Rochester New York,
History of the Police of Rochester, New York, A,
A History of the Rochester City Club,
Housing and Urban Renewal: The Rochester Experience,
Indian Allan's Mills,
The Italians of Rochester: An Historical Review,
Last Eleven Mayors, The First Eleven Managers and Twenty County Chairmen, The,
Lewis Swift: The Rochester Astronomer,
Lights and Shadows in Local Negro History,
A Local Historian's Reflections After Visiting Foreign Cities,
Lure of the City Rochester in the 1890s, The,
The Mayors of Rochester's Mid Years: 1860-1900,
The Men's Clothing Industry in Rochester's History,
Names and Traditions of Some Rochester Streets,
Old and New Landmarks and Historic Houses,
Organized Labor in Rochester before 1914,
The Origins of the Rochester Public Library: Rochester's Literary and Book Clubs,
Our City Today,
A Panoramic Review of Rochester's History,
The Population of Rochester,
Radio and Television in the Life of Rochester,
Railroads In Rochester's History,
Rebuilding Rochester and Remembering Its Past,
Rochester and Monroe County: An Historic Partnership,
Rochester and the Erie Canal,
The Rochester Area in American History,
Rochester at the World's Fairs,
Rochester in Retrospect and Prospect,
Rochester Learns to Play,
Rochester Mayors Before the Civil War,
Rochester's 125th Birthday,
Rochester's Ethnic Transformations,
Rochester's Hesitant Promotion of the Image of Quality,
Rochester's Metropolitan Prospects in Historical Perspective,
Rochester's Near Northeast,
Rochester's Part in the Civil War,
Rochester's Public Schools: A Testing Ground For Community Policies,
Rochester: The Flower City, 1855-1890,
Rochester: The Quest for Quality, 1890-1925, ;
Samuel Parker Moulthrop: Devoted Educator and Good Citizen,
The Semi-Centennial of the Rochester Public Library,
A Semi-Centennial Review of Family Service of Rochester, Inc.,
Sesquicentennial of Rochesterville,
A Sesquicentennial Review of Rochester's History,
Snowstorms and Snow Fighting: The Rochester Experience,
A Store of Rochester,
Susan B. Anthony's Hometown Trials (historical play),
Touring Backwards: A Visit To Rochester in 1818, and Again in 1838,
Traces of the Age of Homespun in Early Rochester by Blake McKelvey,
The Visual Arts in Metropolitan Rochester,
The Voice of the City Historian,
Water for Rochester,
as tourist
McKelvey, Charles
McKelvey, Dr. Jean

transit strike negotiations, role in-1960s,

McKelvey, John W.
McKelvie, Norma,
McKenna, Charlie
McKenney, Thomas L.
McKenzie, Donald
McKibben, Frank
McKim, Mead, and White (architectural firm)
commercial commissions
residential commissions
McKinley, Miss Lida
McKinley Street
McKinley Tariff
McKinley, Reverend W. D.
McKinley, President William (1843-1901)

assassination-early 1900s,
executive orders-Spanish-American War,
newspaper on-1890s,
photograph, at Buffalo Pan American Exposition-early 1900s,
Sanders, Archie D. and,
tariff, economic panic and,

McKinley, Mrs. William
McKinney, "Black" Bill
McKissick, Harry
McKnight, Tom
McLafferty, Absalom (of Romulus, NY-1850s)
business trips,
farm sales
religious event,
visit, with brother,
McLafferty, Barna S. (of South Bend, IN)
McLafferty District
McLafferty, Frances (of Romulus, NY-1850s),
McLafferty, Gershom (of Catherine, NY-1850s)
McLafferty, Henry I (of Romulus, NY)

family members and history,
land purchases,
military service-1700s,

McLafferty, Henry II (of Romulus, NY-1850s),

census information, for family and farm-1850,
farm enterprise,
rental property,
social outings,

McLafferty, Henry III (of Romulus, NY-1850s)
biographical information,
business and financial dealings,

clock repair,
real estate,

census information,
death and burial,
diary entries
dietary habits,

tooth ache,

on local accidents, illnesses and deaths,
religious experiences,
McLafferty, Henry, Jr. See
McLafferty, James (of Catherine, NY)
McLafferty, Joel (of Romulus, NY)
McLafferty, John C. (of Romulus, NY),
McLafferty, Rebecca (of South Bend, IN)
McLafferty, Simeon (of Romulus, NY)
McLaughlin, George
McLaughlin, George E.
McLean, Aaron
McLean, Alexander
McLean, Francis H.
social agencies, roles with
McLean, Mrs. Guelma (née Anthony)
McLean, Hannah
McLean, John
McLean, W. D.
McLennan, J. F.
McLeod, Angus
McMahon, J.
McMahon, John
McMahon, Mrs. Mary
McMahon, Michael
McMahon, Patrick
McMahon, Richard
McManua, James P.
McManus, James
McManus, Reverend James
McMaster, Donald (of England)

presentations on behalf of "Kodakids"-1940s,

McMaster, John Bach
McMath, Edith
McMath, Elsie,
McMath, Mrs. M. H.

War Relief Corps, role in-Spanish-American War,

McMillan, Georgene
McMillan, Martin F.
McMillan, Tom

Merchant Marines and,
mother and residence,
Wolfards and,

McMillan, William S.
business enterprise
McMullen, John P.
McMurtrie, Douglas,
McNabb, George
McNab, John C.

photograph with G. Eastman and H. Lomb, on parade,

McNair, Isaac
McNair, John
McNair, Matthew
McNamara, Helen Gargan
McNamara, Reverend Michael
McNamara, Reverend Father Robert F.
as author

of Archbishop Hanna, Rochesterian,
of Charles Carroll of Belle Vue: Co-founder of Rochester,
of The Diocese of Rochester in America: 1868-1993,
of Ecumenism and the Rochester Center for Theological Studies,
of A Nun's View of Rochester, 1848,

professional credits,
St. Augustine's Church and,
St. Bernard's Seminary, role at,
McNamee, Joe
McNarney, General Joseph T.
Bernstein, Rabbi Philip S. as advisor to-WWII,
McNaughton, Donald
McNeil (possibly Joe/Sam, of Lockport, NY)
McNulty, Brian
McNulty, Lynne
McNutt, Paul V.
McQuaid, Bishop Bernard John (1823-1909)
biographical summary/details, ; ;
bishopric candidates and,
churches and

Corpus Christi,
pioneer cemeteries,
Polish schism and,
St. Augustine's Church,
St. Mary's Church,
St. Stanislaus Church dedication by, quoted,

clergy and,

bequest, of Episcopal ring,
eulogy for Rev. James P. Stewart, excerpt-1890s,
mentorship, ;
semicentennial toast to-1880s,

coat of arms, designer of,
education and, ; ;

Academy of the Sacred Heart ceremonies and,
on Bible reading in public schools,
clergy, development of,
high school named for,
motto, quoted,
parochial schools, formation of free, ;
public school standards and,
seminary founded by,
Seton Hall University and,

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery and
labor, attack on,
memorials to
as outdoor sports advocate,
photographs, ;
reception for,
religious leadership, ; ;

as first local bishop, ;
for immigrants, ;
Irish political groups and,
for Society of St. Casimir,

on Republican imperialism,
theological seminary, formation, ; ; ;
McQuaid Jesuit High School
McRae, GA
McShane Bell Foundry Co. (Baltimore, MD)
McSpaden, Harold "Jug"
McVean family
McVean, Henry D.
McVey, Cal
McWhorter, Alexander
M. D. Phillips Subdivision,
Meade, General George (1815-1872)
Meade, George L.
Meade Military Base (PA)
Mead, Matthew
Mead, Melissa
Meals. See
Measles epidemics
Meat markets

Hudson Avenue,
Joseph Avenue,
of Steward, Austin,

Meat prices. See also ;
Mechanical Branch of ALAM,
Mechanics Association
Mechanics Corporation of the United States
Mechanics Institute. See also
as art club headquarters,
art exhibits,
art facilities and courses-post WWII,

Clark, George H., ;
Eastman, George, ; ; ; ; ;
Lomb, Henry, ;

Bevier Building. See
Community Chest, application denied,
curriculum, ;

art, ;
experimental kindergarten,
free-hand drawing,

merger, with Rochester Atheneum-1890s,
photographic exhibits/camera clubs,
renamed Rochester Institute of Technology-1940s, ; ; See also
residential purchase, 8(2):17 (Apr 1946)

black women, fundraising for,
Kadar, Bob-1940s,
Silver, Henry Dayton,
United Charities, work with-1910s,
women as-WWI, ;


Greenleaf, Halbert S.,
Lomb, Henry,
Stewart, John,

world's fair exhibit,
YMCA programing and,
Mechanics' Literary Association
Mechanics Musical Association,
Mechanics Protection Hall,
Mechanics Savings Bank
Mechanics Square

clothing industry and, ;
craft skills and,
shoe industry and,

Medals. See
Medbery, Joseph
Medbury-Wild House
Mediation and Arbitration, NYS Board of
Medical Association
Medical care/treatment. See also
Air Cure,
amputations. See
atmospheric therapeutics,
battlefield-Civil War,
chest plasters,
for digestive disorders,
drug stores providing-1900s,
evacuation system, wartime,
hydropathy. See
immigrant insurance coverage for,
medications. See
for mules, on Oregon Trail-1840s,
in Polish community,
radium and X-ray therapy for tumors-early 1900s,
Reconstruction, during,
reform movements-1800s,
services, expansion,
surgery. See
for terminally ill,
transportation services. See ;
water cures. See
Medical Center, University of Rochester. See ;
Medical Corps, Army. See
Medical Motor Service of Rochester and Monroe County, Inc.
formerly Women's Volunteer Motor Service,
history and services,
Medical personnel
Medical profession. See
Medical societies,
Medical Society of the State of New York
Medical Women's National Association
Medicine (field of)
of 1800s,
care/treatment. See ;
Durand, Henry S. in,
Eastman philanthropy. See
Galvanism system,
gender issues,
medical associations
medical societies,
patent. See
personnel. See
progress in,
Rattlesnake Pete's practice of,
UR School of. See
Medicine in Rochester
Medina, NY
Medina stone
Meditations on the Five Joyful Mysteries by Dr. Algernon S. Crapsey,

Spiritualists as, See also ; ; ; ; ;

Medrow, J. H. C.
Meech mill operation. See
Meech, Wellington
Meelke (Mielke), William
Meerschaum pipes
Mees, Dr. C. E. Kenneth
Mees, Charles
Megapolensis, Domine Johannes
Megargle, Percy F.
Meggido Band
Megiddo Mission
Mehlenbacher, Mildred Brownell

on Eastman patronage of D.K.G. Institute of Musical Art,

Meigs, Josiah

correspondence with Major Charles Carroll, quoted,

Meigs Street Bridge
Meinhart, Fred

United Shoe Workers of America, position with,

Meisch, John
Meisch, Pierre
Meisterschule (in Vienna, Austria)
Melish, John
Melnick, Kathy
Melnotte, Claud (fictional character)
Melody, John P.
Melton, Nancy Lopez. See
Melville, G. W.
Melville, Herman,
Memoir...of the New York Canals by Cadwallader D. Colden
Memoirs. See also
Memoirs of Edward Hicks,
Memoirs, Official and Personal (1846) of Thomas L. McKenney,
Memorandum of Law in the Case of Joseph Michaels, Morley A. Stern, et al. vs. Sidney Hillman...and the Amalgamated Clothing Workers (1920) by Felix Frankfurter,
Memorial Art Gallery
Arts Council and,
as memorial, to James G. Averell, ; ;
Baden Street Settlement and,

Watson, Mrs. Emily, ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
Watson, James S., ; ; ;


Eastman holdings,
exhibits. See
gifts and acquisitions,
mid 1900s,
painting: River Hills by Edward Redfield is donated to,

depression, impact-1930s,
exhibits, ;

"A Century of Rochester Interiors,"
"A Look at Realism in Art from the Renaissance,"
artists, listing,
with Chamber of Commerce,
Cole works (of Thomas),
"Erie Canal-Thruway of Yesterday,"
Green collection (of Charles A.),
Homelands, ;
"Light as Art,"
local contributors-1910s,
"Masters of Landscape: East & West,"
"Rediscovered Painters of Upstate New York,"

fundraising gift, UR-1920s,
"Gallery Notes" (bulletin), ;
historical sketch/summaries, ; ;
membership drives,
opening-1910s, ; ;

"Creative Workshop,"
depression, impact-1930s,
mid 1900s,
speaker, Victor Gruen,
travel abroad,

Rochester Art Club and,
sister city program and,
women's college and,
Memorial Day,
at Genesee Valley Park-1890s,
as official celebration,

1892, ;
marching units, inclusion,
school participation-1880s,
Vietnam veterans and,


to Averell, James G. See
to Eastman, George,
to golf professionals,
Holocaust Memorial (Brighton, NY),
monuments/statues. See

Memories (musical)
Memories of a Half Century by Henry O'Reilly,
Memphis, TN
activities-mid 1800s,
as chesterfields,
homeless. See
at People's Rescue Mission, Thanksgiving Day-1938,
smoking and, See also
in Woman's State Temperance Society,
Men and Manners in America by Thomas Hamilton,
Men and Religion Forward Movement
Mendelssohn Society
Mendon, NY
Mendon Ponds
Mendon Ponds Park

acquisition, by county parks system-1920s,

Meneely's Foundry (Troy, NY)
Mengerink, John

as county supervisor, impeachment proposal, quoted-1910s,

Menihan, John C.
Menileys Bell Foundry,
Meningitis epidemic-1870s,
Menlo Park, CA
Men of Erie by Edward Hungerford,
Men's Bible class movement
Men's City Club
The Men's Clothing Industry in Rochester's History by Blake McKelvey,
Men's clubs. See also ; ;
The Men's Factory-Made Clothing Industry (government report-1916),
Men's Service Center,
Men's Social Department of the Salvation Army

Council of Social Agencies application,

Men's Welfare Bureau
Mental health

board of. See
department, formation-1950s,
Mental Hygiene, Committee on,
patients, public response to-1920s,
psychiatric assistance, social agencies provide,
smoking and,

Mental Health Board
Mental Health Department
Mental Hygiene, Committee on,
Mental institutions
Mental retardation
Mental telepathy
Menton, Mr. (no given name)
Menus. See
Mercantile businesses. See ; ; specific business or product
Mercer & Bishop (daguerrean studio), See also ;
Mercer & Co. (daguerrean studio),
Mercer & Guignon (daguerrean studio),
Mercer, Thomas
in copper industry,
as daguerreotypist, ; ; ;

studio improvements,

museum enterprise,
relationship to Guignon, Richard V.,
Merchant bars (of iron),
Merchant Marines
The Merchant of Venice
Andrews, Samuel G.-1800s,
army contracts,
canal enlargement, stance on,
in central business district-pioneer era,
Child, Jonathan. See
of Civil War era,
Collins, Elihu B.,
currency, use of varied forms-1800s,
dagerreotypists. See
first local,
forwarders as. See
Hill, Charles J.-1800s,
independent shops,
Mathews, Robert, ; See also
migrations to Rochester,
Moore, Samuel W. D.-1800s,
Pitkin, William-1800s,
services, 1900-1930,
St. Augustine's Church/School and,
trade excursions,
wine, in Crossroads District-late 1800s,
Merchants Bank
Merchant's Despatch Shops,
Merchants Despatch Transportation Company
Merchants Exchange,
Merchants' Line (inland shipping),
Merchants, Manufacturers and Shippers Association-late 1800s,
Merchants Millers and Mechanics Bank,
Mercier, George
Mercury, Statue of

as landmark, ; ; ; ;
photographs, ; ; ;
sculptor, ; ; ;
unveiling, ; ;
world's fair and-1870s,

Mercy Ships Committee
Meredith, George
Merely Players by Claude F. Bragdon,

in automotive industry,
in banking industry. See
in brewing industry-1800s,
in clothing industry,
of educational institutions. See specific institution
of electric companies,
of gas companies,
of newspapers. See
of oil companies,
railroad, ;

Merion Club (cricket)
Merrill, Arch
on Aldridge, George W.,
as author
on Genesee Valley Park golf course, quoted,
on historical lore,
as journalist,
on quote from WWII Prussian POW,
Merrill, Arthur
Merrill, Harry F.
Merritt Committee (NYS legislature)
Merritt, Edwin A., Jr.
Merritt, Howard S.
Merritt, General Wesley

construction, in Genesee Valley Park-1890s,

Mesolella Dr. Jerry
Messinger, Charles
as Socialist alderman
Messner, Charles H.
Messner, Elmer
Messrs. Brewster
Messrs. J. and T. T. Woodruff
Messrs. Sage and Pancost
Messrs. Stone and Draper
Mestler, Charles
Metal Arts Companies
Metal Arts Company, Inc.
Metal drives

auto industry, use,
collection drives. See
dental applications,
working. See

Metal tanks
Metalwork industry, See also
labor force
statistics: 1899, 1925,
triphammers in,
Water Street and,
Methodist Church(es). See also ;
Asbury Methodist Church. See
at Bulls Head,
Charlotte society-1800s,
Christian (political) Party and,
as Christian sect-1830s,
church sale and repurchase-1830s,
East Society, meeting place-1830s,
expulsion, of Senator,
Federation of Churches and,
Genesee Conference,
Methodist Episcopal. See
in Montreal, Canada-1820s,
of Near Northeast District,
North Avenue,
residential homes. See
revival, at Millers-corners,
River Street chapel
Whitefield, George and,
Methodist Episcopal Church(es)

African. See
chapel, location,
LeRoy, NY, military command of elder of-1860s,
location-1820s, ;
Tichenor, William and,

Methodist Home,

Bissell, Josiah W. and, ;
construction material,
previous use of,
Upton Court Building, location,

Methodist Revival
Methodist Society of Charlotte
Metildi, Pasquale F.
Metro Act of Rochester
Metropolitan agencies
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
Metropolitan Los Angeles produced by John Randolph Haynes and Dora Haynes Foundation,
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Metropolitan Opera House (New York City)
Metropolitan School District
Metropolitan Seattle, The Shape We're In,
Metropolitan Theater (1853-1860s). See also
Metzdorf, Robert
Mexican Americans
Mexican Revolution (1910s)
Mexican War (1846-1848)

Durand family in,
migrant labor from, WWII and,
mining in,
Stillwell, Arthur in,
tobacco from,

Meyer, Andrew
Meyer and Son. See
Meyer and Sons. See
Meyer, Charles C.
Meyer family
Meyer, Mrs. Frederica
Meyer, Frederick
Meyerhoff, Julius E.
Meyering, Fred
Meyer, John
de Meyer, Leopold
Meyerling Orchestra,
Meyer, Loebs and Co. (brewery)
Meyer, Phillip J.
Meyers, Dan
Meyers, Mrs. Walter S.
Meyvis, Aime L.
M'Grary, Bridget
M'Grary, Mary
Miami River Post,
MIAs (Missing In Action)
Michaelius, Reverend Jonas
Michaels Company (clothiers),
Michaels, E. P.
Michaels, Henry
business enterprises, ;
business men's association and-1870s,
Chamber of Commerce and,
Clothiers Exchange, role in,
clothing industry, roles in
Michaels, Joseph
Michaels, Koch and Company
Michaels Machine Shop
Michaels, Stern and Company (clothiers), ;
Michalski, Melvin
Michaud, Sister Jeanne Agnes
Michaux, Pierre
Michigan Central Railroad
Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI)
Michigan Street
Michigan, University of
Mickiewicz, Adam (Polish poet),
Microscopical Society
Midas Mining Company
Middlecoff, Cary
Middle Creek

as source of Albany, NY water-early 1800s,

Middle Falls. See also ; ; ;

dam, ;
geology/geomorphology, ;
industry nearby,
mill races,


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