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Guinot Hydradermie2 - €59.95 

An exclusive treatment using galvanic and high frequency to penetrate the active ingredients deep into the skin for optimal results. Customised for each skin type with rehydrating and deep cleansing effects. 

Guinot Hydradermie2 Age Logic - €79.95

Clinically proven to improve wrinkle depth, this specially designed treatment concentrates on the eyes, face and neck to target signs of ageing. It includes cleansing, exfoliating, galvanic high frequency current, relaxing massage and mask.

Guinot Hydraclean - €36.95

Designed to deeply cleanse the face paying particular attention to the T-zone, this treatment combines deep cleansing with a relaxing massage, rids the skin of toxins and excess sebum leaving the skin clear and radiant.

Guinot Eye Logic - €51.95

Using a combination of machine technology & a specific massage, this unique treatment has been specifically designed to target signs of ageing such as wrinkles, puffiness & dark circles around the eye area.

Guinot Hydradermie Lift - €64.95

This facial brings revolutionary youthfulness and renewed skin tone by stimulating the underlying muscle structure and providing a massage that lifts and firms the face, eye area and neck.

Guinot Hydradermie Lift Express - €49.95

A work out for the face and neck which creates a lifting effect by toning the complexion, smoothing wrinkles and lifting the facial contours restoring a youthful tone to the complexion.

Guinot Hydradermie2 Lift Yeux - €41.95

Specifically targets the area around the eyes to reduce signs of ageing, fatigue and puffiness. It rehydrates and regenerates, as well as lifting the eyelids and smoothing fine lines.

Guinot Hydradermie2 Lift Deluxe - €102

A combination of the Hydradermie2 Age Logic and Hydradermie Lift Express will leave your skin looking fresh and radiant. Experience an immediate lifting treatment through the stimulation of the muscles, lifting the face, adding firmness resulting in an overall younger appearance to the face.

Guinot Aromatic Facial - €52.95 

Powered by essentials oils, this utterly relaxing aromatherapy facial balances the skin, softens fine lines, lifts your senses and instils an overall feeling of well-being.

Guinot Beauty Neuve Facial - €57.95

This fruit-infused treatment will boost radiance, reduce pigmentation and re-hydrate the skin, revealing a more youthful and radiant complexion.

Guinot Liftosome Facial - €58.95

Specifically developed to treat the problems associated with mature skins, this stimulating thermal facial regenerates and energises, leaving skin firmed and radiant.

Guinot Age Summum Facial - €81.95 

Excellent for immediately treating signs of ageing such as fine lines, loss of firmness and a lack of radiance. The skin’s surface will look more youthful and recovers a youthful radiant glow. Ideal for those who wish to appear younger than their age.

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