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By Stuart Wilde.

We are surrounded by a global, demonic possession. Our leaders have been got at, their minds are not their own. They don’t realize.

You can watch for it and learn how to read it. For example, psychopaths often have kung po eyes. When looking straight ahead there is white under their iris. This woman here is slightly looking upwards but the kung po is there. So I’ve used her pic’, as it well illustrates the point.

Kung Po Eyes

Humans signal their insanity. People that are demonically possessed twitch when I work on them at the hands-on healings, I’ve treated 91 demonic possession cases. I thought people didn’t know about the evil spirits inside them, but all of the 91 people knew what was going on in rudimentary terms. That surprised me. I bump the ghouls and scare them out. The ghouls always jump to the person’s left not the right, I believe it’s to do with the spin of the earth.

This woman here is very beautiful but she’s possessed, or she was when the picture was taken.

Possessed people have a special, jerky motion to the way their pupils move without their volition. There is an intensity to their eyes, it’s a high strangeness. This man below connived with lies to kill one million people. His evil is in the feelings emitted by his eyes, it’s the sleaze of a compulsive liar. No compassion. Easy to see eh?

You can become so perceptive if you watch for every small detail and you ask yourself how various human features feel?

This man above is/was an actor…see the insanity in what looks like a normal face. You can see his desire for notoriety and attention, his love of self. He’s been arrested eight times for wife beating and drugs.

This man below was a serial child killer in Atlanta. His insanity is obvious.

This man below was convicted of raping a 13 year old girl, see how cold and deformed he is. He later committed suicide.

This woman was put to death for murder, she killed seven men in Florida

This Scottish man won the Military Medal for saving the life of a comrade who was under fire. You can see the generosity and selflessness in his eyes and on his mouth. He is not deformed like the killers, gangsters and bent politicians.

The demonic possession that has taken over the world is based in a narcissism, that has an intense, almost anal, self-importance and a conceited desire for itself. This famous picture of Obama below, clearly shows the trait. This is one of the most cunning people that has ever walked the earth, but you can see he fancies himself so enormously.

Here is the same look in Mussolini, the same arrogance. Obama and he are soul brothers.

And here below is Mussolini’s insanity.

The narcissism of our leaders creates in the man or woman the fake perception that they are god-like, above ordinary people. The ghouls ride that sentiment like a surfer on the top of a tsunami. The warped sense of self is lime green in those inner worlds.

The ghouls try and cover you with a cloud of it, that looks like lime green fog. A shaman in South America taught me not to struggle, or it will close in around one, instead, he said blow at it softly. The first time I got caught by the lime green, it took me four hours of blowing to get free. Nowadays, I wave my hands and it goes in minutes. .

The desire to conquer or control people unreasonably, is a demonic force from the dimension of the lime green, often there is a great arrogance attached to it and a violent anger, if people don’t comply. But if you learn to blow, you will destroy them, they get sick and die or something happens. It’s not overnight though, it takes time.

This man here is arrogant and intensely cruel and angry, see it?

Here below, see how his pupil goes in towards the nose, that is symptomatic of demonic possession. It is not the case with people who are cross eyed at birth say. It only applies to people that normally have straight ahead vision. The ghouls bend the optic muscle of the eye from within the brain. It’s like the twitch but slightly different.

It comes from the fact that normally, any force attacking the ghouls has to approach from an angle of 90 degrees. So the pupil is twisted inwards in that direction, as an instinctive move by the ghouls inside the man’s brain watching for danger through his eyes. They are looking to the side for a counter attack against them. Interesting eh?

Our leaders have been got at by the demonic and they will take the world down fighting each other. Demonic possession is the main cause of their intense paranoia, the process of their destruction will begin now, it may take several years.

When one eye is larger than the other it usually says a heightened perception, but in the case of Mario Monti the unelected Goldman Saks banker that was placed in charge of Italy, you can see his abuse of people would emerge through a callousness in his eyes, easy to see here.



You might wonder why we have to go through this fascist supremacist evil, it’s our karma, it has to come out so that the lies behind people’s smiling faces are exposed and the inner reality has to be there for all to see eventually.

I saw this famous actress in the hell worlds, she is very beautiful but there was something in her soul that was very evil.

She was engaged in bewitchment of humans, maybe she knew them while she was alive. She was conniving to carry them to hell by enticing them. A force was sent to sort out the problem, she got hit and fell to a lower level from which she could not operate anymore.

This man below was a convicted pedophile he had his penis removed to win early release.

I think the kids would be terrified of him, with or without a penis.

The elite promote fear endlessly drip, drip, through the media that they control, fear is food to the ghouls. The antidote to fear is beauty and love, stick to that and give ‘em the middle finger.The timeline of their destruction is not usually many years.

The demonic can’t get you if you embrace the Three Graces, tenderness, generosity and respect. In fact you can destroy the demonic walking past it in the street. Your light fractures their codes and they start to crumble.

Remember if a person looks evil they are evil, it’s no accident of birth, then some normal looking people hide a terrible aspect inside them. Stuart Wilde


Developing the Sixth Sense by Stuart Wilde
“In this modern world our senses are bombarded by countless messages and consequently the sensitivity of our perception has paid a heavy price. In this remarkable series Stuart Wilde teaches you how to allow your Sixth Sense to blossom…”


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