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My name is Jeff Achen and I began my photography career in multimedia journalism. I’ve been a newspaper journalist, photographer, editor, television reporter, online editor & multimedia producer. I started Jeff Achen Videography & Photography, LLC in 2006, then as a part-time endeavor, to indulge my passion for capturing events and telling stories through photography and video.


Today, Jeff Achen Videography & Photography, LLC and my commercial work ( is a thriving full-time pursuit for me. I enjoy working with individuals, groups, schools, musicians, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and franchisees to help them capture, communicate and share their events, products and ideas in professional, stylish, high quality videos and photos.


Even more than my camera, I love my wife Jennifer, daughters Kaitlyn (7) and Avery (4) and newborn boy Noah. I am also proud of my record of service. I served in the U.S. Navy from 1993-97 and am a veteran of the 1st Gulf War. In 2002-03, I served as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Himalayan country of Nepal.


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