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DIY Wedding Booth


DIY Wedding Booth app comes with a great selection of designer borders to choose from. You also have the freedom to add your very own custom designs so you can match your wedding theme and include special messages to give your pictures that personal touch.

Starting Template Designs


Mr & Mrs Aqua | Download

Mr & Mrs Coral |

Floral |

Blackboard |

White w/ Frame |

White no Frame |


Create Your Design Online

Once you have chosen a template from above as a starting point for your custom design you can click on the 'Download' link to save the template to your computer. Once you have downloaded the template you can follow the instructions below to create a custom design online.


Step 1. Start Designing

If you do not have your own photo editing software we recommend using picmonkey which is a free online photo editing website.

Visit and choose 'Open' located top center and choose your starting template image.


Step 2. Learn About Transperancy

The grey and white checkered area of your starting template is the transparent area. This area is where your photo booth pictures will be displayed.

You can place images or text over this area, just keep in mind that it will be displayed on top of the photo booth pictures so its best to leave this area blank.


Step 3. Add a Background

If you would like your photo or a specific image to be used as your background it is best to add it first.

Click on the 'Butterfly' icon and choose 'Your Own' to use an image from your computer.


Step 4. Add Text

After you are happy with your background image you can start adding your text.

Click on the 'Tt' icon and choose 'Add Text' then enter your text in the area provided.


Step 5. Save Your Design

Once your happy with your design choose to 'Save' your image.


Step 6. Image Settings

You can name your image anything you like, just make sure of the following:

- No spaces in your file name
- Save as a .PNG file
- Dimensions are 1200 x 1800


Image Dimensions

If you are a designer or having a designer create your border for you here are the image specifications to base your design on:

- Size 1200px by 1800px
- Transparent area 1200px by 1200px
- Bottom section 1200px by 600px
- Save as .PNG file format


Adding Custom Border to App

We made it simple to add your very own custom border design to use with the app. It may look complicated, but essentially you are just creating an album to store your designs so DIY Wedding Booth app can pin point where your designs are stored.


Step 1. Open Photos

First we need to create an album so the app can have somewhere to look for your new border designs.

Go to PHOTOS on your iPad and make sure your viewing your 'Albums' by tapping on 'Albums' located bottom center.


Step 2. Create New Album

Click on the '+' sign located top left to add a new album.

You need to make sure you name the album 'wedding booth borders' as the app is designed to look for this specific album name.

Make sure to type in lower case, 'Wedding booth borders' or 'Wedding Booth Borders' will not work.


Step 3. Email Your Border

This is the fastest and easiest way to transfer your new border image to your iPad.

Simply email the border image and open the email on your ipad.

Leave your finger on the image, a pop up will appear, choose 'Save Image'.


Step 4. Check Your Photos

Open your PHOTOS and you should see your new image in either your camera roll folder or in moments.

Once you have located your new border click on 'Select' located top right.


Step 5. Add to Album

Select your new border image then click 'Add To' located top left.

Make sure you add your new border image to 'wedding booth borders' album.

All done, your new border will now show up in your settings within our app.

©2013 DIY Wedding Booth. All rights reserved.

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