Pacific solar and photovoltaics

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A solar power purchase agreement provides a commercial building owner the opportunity to go solar without any upfront costs or future maintenance of a photovoltaic system. Under a solar power purchase agreement the commercial building owner will only pay less per month on their monthly electric bill!

Commercial or Residential, active or passive. Pacific Solar & Photovoltaics will design, supply, and install a solar hot water system that's just right for you. The solar hot water systems we design and install are built to last a very long time. All Products are US made and UL listed.

Net Metered, Off-Grid, Commercial, Power Purchase Agreement or Residential. Pacific Solar & Photovoltaics will design, supply, and install a renewable energy system to suit your needs. Structurally engineered with materials chosen to withstand the tropic conditions. All products are US made and UL listed.

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  • Solar Street Lights

  • Federal / Military Photovoltaic Systems

  • Other Projects

  • Residential Photovoltaic Systems

  • Solar Hot Water Systems

  • Commercial Photovoltaic Systems


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