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  • Leah September 5th, 2012

    Hey, thanks so much for your review!

    So, I’ve been reading all about this program online. I have a couple questions for you.

    I am currently a University student, and my room mate actually brought this work out to my attention. She really wants to do it and wants me to join her. The problem that I see is the difference between our fitness levels. My room mate is one of those people who eats anything she wants, weighs 120lbs, and never moves a muscle in her body. (She does understand that she will have to do some prep work before she can begin this, and shes fully aware that she needs to get in better cardio shape first). I however, am one of those people that eats all the right stuff, and because I am a student (who spends all day sitting and studying) I have gained 60pounds since I started. This puts me at being 5’4 and 200lbs.

    When I was younger, I was an intense athlete and I got my black belt in karate. Not in any effort to put down this program,-I am only saying this to help you better understand my situation and answer my questions-but I can guarantee it doesn`t even hold a card to what I had to do to get my black belt. I had 6 hours training sessions for over a year, two to three times a week, and finally my grading lasted two days of the most intense physical exercise anybody could ever imagine. However, when I stopped doing all this exercise all the time my body went crazy and gain a ton of weight.

    I know this is impossible, really I do, but I swear my body has just conditioned itself to needing that much exercise on a normal basis. Since doing that stuff, I have been so unhappy. I go to the gym and I work out, but I only seem to get heavier. Its like my fat is so stubborn, I build muscle under my fat regardless of how much cardio I do, and then I look even fatter than I am. Its really frustrating and upsetting.

    That being said, I`m really interested to try this work out, but before I split the cost with her, I want to know if I am going to hurt myself. I really am overweight, but at the same time I will condition myself before I do it, and I KNOW flat out that I have the mentality to be able to get through it no problem, I`m used to that kind of stuff. But, I truly am scared that weighing 200lbs is just too much to be trying something like this. The last 20lbs came on to my body over the last two months when I had to plan a move between provinces in Canada to go to University, and I honestly couldn`t take the stress. After gaining that last 20lbs, I am starting to feel physical limitations, like I can`t bend over like I used to because fat is in weird places, and I can`t sleep with my leg in the position that I used to because the fat on my back is bunching up and getting in my way.

    Anyways, I know those are probably weird things to say, I`m just really interested in doing this but at the same time I don`t want to hurt myself. I have no clue how to deal with being overweight and its all happened pretty suddenly to me.

    And, lastly, we were wondering if you need a lot of space to do the workout-because we live in a pretty tiny basement suite.

    Thanks so much again for your review!

  • Chad April 28th, 2013

    hEY Nina… i stick strictly to the plan and my wife does not…..i have lost 30 pounds and she has lost 9…she is losing inches and her arms are toning …this could be a woman thing too…i think as long as your eating smart,,and staying away from the junk,,,you should be just fine…just hafta find what works for you…i just trust the experts …i had know idea what to eat,,,but it turns out i was already eating a lot of what was in the Elite Nutrition guide,,,i just had to cut out the bad,,,Beer,,Mt Dew(Code Red)…Fast Food on occasion…and all the other crap i was putting in my body….i do eat a lot of protein now… Nature Valley makes a couple of Really good Protein bars,,,i dont use sundays to just eat what i want,,,i stick with my meal plans all seven days…i did however reward myself the other day with 2 Sugar cookies with my coffee for the weight loss,,,o my god the sugar was so sweet they were sooooooooooooooo good…..they just melted n my mouth and i savored every last calorie…all 170 of….i did xtra after my workout to work em off,,,thats how guilty i still feel when i put that in my body now
    ok… rambling…second 30 days…Shaun T and the gang are prepping you now for the second 30 days…the soreness you felt n the first day will return again,,,its like starting all over again…its going to shock your body again and really start toning you out….your going to start taking breaks again more often and finding yourself outta breath again,,,but you will be fine by the second week and finding you can hang n a lil longer and be a lil stronger and faster….if it was easy everyone would do it,,,, just push through and prepare yourself now as much as you can…and you will be just fine…..

  • z4ydi May 24th, 2013

    Hi Slavko
    Thanks for your reply – I will give it another week or so and see if my body will adopt to the situation and my sleep gain normality.
    I am 36 years old male – 210lb – 68.4 inch tall.
    I wonder if I consume more calories than I should – I am aiming to lose about 15KG of weight. According to the calculation from the Insanity workout diet book my allowance will be 3100 so I am aiming for a 500 to 100 calorie deficit.

    As I said in my post before I do not follow the Insanity diet book and try my best to eat well. Below is my daily diet routine and will be grateful if you could comment on it as to whether it is good enough and suggest any improvements. Please also state if I over eat or under eat.

    Omelette containing a mix of veg (mushrooms, tomato, onion & spinach) 3 egg whites + 1x yolk and 1oz or chicken with some cottage cheese 80g 1 x piece of toast and 8 oz or milk with a tea spoon of honey.
    Omelette containing a mix of veg (mushrooms, tomato, onion & spinach) 3 egg whites + 1x yolk with some cottage cheese 80g + 1 x piece of toast and 8 oz or milk with a tea spoon of honey.

    Morning snack:
    Salad with chicken 1oz and cottage cheese 50g + 1 x boiled egg and one unit of fruit (orange, apple, banana)
    Salad with chicken and cottage cheese + 1 x boiled egg plus ½ oz of nuts.
    Tuna sandwich brown bread (contains 1 x table spoon of mayonnaise Light) + 1 x boild egg + fruit (orange, apple, banana)

    Jacket potato = only ¼ of potato with (contains 1 x table spoon of mayonnaise Light) and salad.

    Afternoon snack
    Chicken with 1 x pitta bread + collage cheese + 1oz of nuts
    1 x apple + 1 x banana + 1 oz of nuts
    Cup of milk with 1 x teaspoon of honey and a toast topped with peanut butter

    Chicken breast 6 oz + salad + soft low fat cheese 80g + 1 x pitta bread
    Steak + salad + soft low fat cheese 80g + 1 x pitta bread

    After dinner snack
    Nuts + Cup of milk with 1 x tablespoon of honey
    3 x Dates + Cup of milk with 1 x tablespoon of honey
    peanut butter on toast (brown) + Cup of milk with 1 x tablespoon of honey

  • Sam June 4th, 2013

    Hi Slavko,

    Thanks for your great review.

    I have just taken my measurements, and i’m really frustrated. I take my measurements every day before the fittest, the last time was 2 weeks ago. And I lost almost nothing after this 2 weeks. I only lost 2 cm from my waist, 1 cm from my chest, en 1 cm from my butt.
    The thing is, this were my first 2 week from month 2, ” the month were the real weight lost, and inches melting begins”.

    I’m eating good. From the start, I dropped all my sugar, cookies, bad snacks etc, from my diet. I drink like 2,5 liter water a day, an some more during the insanity training. I eat my vegetables and fruit, trying to eat 5 times a day.

    And I need to lose a lot of weight and inches. I’m 1,82 meter, and 115 kg. At this weight, i’m like: even if I did not changed a thing in my diet and still eating like crap, I should lose a lot of inches, after 6 weeks, 6 training a week… but I did changed my diet. I did not skip one single training, en I only lost 3 kg in total in the 6 weeks. And almost no inches the last 2 weeks, the first weeks in the fames month 2…

    How is this possible? What am I doing wrong, and how do I get the inches lost up. Because at this time, i’m about to throw the towel. Thanks!!

  • Nefertari June 30th, 2013

    At 42 years old, I have finally become serious about loving and honoring myself enough to get physically fit. The greatest gifts I have received in life are my daughter and my newfound commitment to insanity! As a former ‘couch potato’ who would only occasionally walk and feel gradual results from even that small, daily activity – I honestly feel that Insanity has the capacity to change my life. Please be warned that I am not the typical Insanity candidate – I am (or used to be :), an inactive, overweight and middle-aged woman who has never been physically fit within my adult life.

    On Monday morning at 5:30 am, I will enter week three of my modified Insanity experience. This includes working out with a small group of early morning warriors who consented to a gradual introduction to the full 60 day Insanity experience. Under the expert guidance and loving encouragement of a professional trainer, I have thus been enabled to complete a less intense, yet still beneficial 30 minute pre-cursor to the full 60 day Insanity experience. In a nutshell, just last month I was an out-of-shape, fatigued, and an alarmingly close to being diagnosed/borderline diabetic. However just two weeks into this modified intro to this program my overall health, general well-being, energy and body consciousness has exponentially improved. I am increasingly more energetic and happy. My strength and apparent flexibility have increased. My days are more fulfilled, steps a bit more effortless and smile a bit brighter after 2 short weeks of even a modified Insanity experience.

    This evening after discovering this wonderfully refreshing an honest review, I wanted to take a moment to encourage even the most unhealthy of others out here to love yourselves enough to give yourselves this gift. My Insanity experience is likely to take much longer than the prescribed 60 days and it is so early in my newfound discovery of this program that I have not even taken a before picture or begun the full-fledged program as yet. Yet and still, I am in this thing for the long haul. Honestly, the only drawback I have experienced thus far is an inability to get a full night’s sleep because of all this newfound energy, but even that issue has been addressed in this forum and I’m certain my body will soon become accustomed to all the new changes.

    What I can already attest to is how wonderful I honestly feel with each increasing day of commitment. I am convinced that this workout is for everyone as it can be modified as needed to build your endurance and capacity for ultimate success. Earlier in your comments, I noticed your warning to the obese, unfit and/or faint of heart (for lack of a more appropriate term). However as one who embodies the aforementioned and needed to do something to avoid sudden disaster or even premature death; I would counter that this program and its component benefits, are for EVERYONE who is willing to commit to lifelong health ‘by any means necessary’ even if on a modified basis, as an initial starting point.

    The benefits of a full-body cardio workout on a daily basis could never be overstated and are indeed an increasing labor of love and addiction. My gift to those whom I love was to invite them to join me in this journey and I extend that same invitation to everyone reading these comments, as well. Thank you Shaun T., Slavko and Coach Ron (my new personal trainer) for all of the positive energy, insight and honesty you bring via this initiative. I am an Insanity convert for life and welcome the opportunity to share my anticipated story of success with others!

  • Chad July 1st, 2013

    Hey friends…been a long few weeks…Slavko i read your review on the Asylum…well you guessed it brother,, I ordered it and have recieved it and now starting tomorrow July 1st will be living the ASYLUM way of life,,,im really excited to start it….i really didnt think it was , well what i was looking for..but than i read YOUR review and like before…….well i was hooked,,,,i will keep ya posted…thanks for the response to my last question also..
    HEY you …NINA,,,,,glad to see you got er done….congrats lady….the shirt for insanity took less than a week after i got the pics sent in,,,im now on the quest for the ASYLUM shirt….huh,,,me n t-shirts,,,,,i do just about anything for a t-shirt..silly huh,,,, 216 down to 178 i made it below the 180 mark,,,i am currently holding very very steady at 185 i cant seem to gain weight now and i eat more than normal i did restart the insanity workouts too,,,as ,mentioned above i start the asylum tomorrow,,,wish me luck,…lol ,im sure my metabolism was off the charts burning and burning,,,email me sometime
    Great times with Great Friends

  • Xina August 10th, 2013

    Hi Slavko,

    May as well get straight to the point! I’m turning 21 tomorrow, weigh about 125lbs on a normal basis at 5’4″, and have a very shaky fitness level. I won’t lie – I have spent my whole life up until recently doing literally zero fitness related activity aside from the amount of walking around you’d expect from an average student. Never played any sport, never did any recreational hiking or walking or swimming or anything; I had severe asthma when I was very young that even prohibited me from even playing tag with other kids, and by the time I grew out of it (thank goodness), my fitness level was so poor compared to everyone else that the idea of trying to get started on it seemed like way more trouble than it was worth – not to mention embarrassing, depressing, and unpleasant! That said, I’ve always maintained a healthy diet and luckily just don’t feel the pull towards junk foods – I like my fruits and veggies, I love raw food, I eat fish above other forms of meat, and for some reason crisps and chocolate have never been appealing. Still – while it means that I’m not overweight (BMI by standard calculation usually hovers between 20-22% which while not overweight is probably also deceptive as I have so incredibly little muscle mass), I am certainly not fit, and again I stress that I never have been.

    But in the last two years, I’ve experienced sever lower back pain and hip displacement. I found out that I’m superhypermobile (flexibility 6 out of 9) and that my lack of core strength have essentially let my incredibly flexible joints down, and I experienced mobility restriction symptoms that the doctors said they usually see in pensioner age patients. So I started on Pilates about six months ago, grudgingly – and then made infrequent trips to the gym for cardio, did a lot more walking. In May, I was going to the gym twice a week and fumbling my way round the elliptical and weight machines trying to squeeze between all the super-hench uni athletes – I stopped mid June.

    Now I’m doing a basic fitness training programme and have done four out of ten sessions of crash-course style training – I’m not really seeing results (I’ve actually gained a big pile of weight haha, let’s hope it’s muscle…) but I wouldn’t really expect to given my base level of fitness being zero. Hopefully by the end of the ten sessions I will have some kind of groundwork, but I guess you can never be sure.

    I am hungry for results – I hate taking things slow! – and I think I am finally at a point in my life where I want to take getting fit seriously. Like I mentioned, I am turning 21 tomorrow – and I wanted to gift myself this year with fitness and a body I can be prouder of. With those mobility injury experiences in the last two years, it has dawned on me that longevity is really tied to fitness, and to put it simply – I love life too much to continue to ignore health! That said, I am impatient and insecure – and again, very unfit.

    Having just given the life story, I wanted to ask your very honest opinion – do you think the insanity workout is for me? The promise of visible and quick results is what grabs me because again I feel like the only way to kickstart me into being fit is to give me a way to do it where I actually feel like my effort is being rewarded. It would be amazing to see results! Going slow by trying to go to the gym three times a week, lose five pounds a month, etc etc – that all seems like it’s not even worth the effort in some ways, to the pessimistic me – so again, the insanity workout sounds like it might do it for me. The promise of efficiency – big results in a short time of working really frickin hard – is a big motivator, and I don’t think I’d struggle with mental motivation.

    But, that said, I really do feel that my body poses incredibly strict limitations on what I can realistically do. My existing muscle is the minimal amount a human needs to be able to walk around – my current workout plan is 2-3 times a week of 60 minute intense calisthenics supervised, and god if I don’t look pathetic in the gym, quivering and sweating after two knee-position push ups. My hip and back are doing better these days but are by no means perfect, and I can hear my left leg rattling about in my hip socket during my current workouts sometimes, ha. Even if I’m determined to do the workout, if my body really can’t keep up, or if I hurt myself, it’s not going to work, is it.

    I was so glad to read it when you said I had to be able to do basic level exercise first in the review – because it is a legitimate concern for me, and really something that I think I need to seriously consider for the sake of my health. So honestly honestly honestly – do you think this workout is for me? Or should I try something easier at least in the time being?

    Thank you so much for your advice! Sorry to dump my whole story in you, I just thought that context was pretty important here… Hope you don’t mind!


    • Slavko August 11th, 2013

      Hey Xina, happy birthday! :)

      You’ve chosen a great gift for yourself, tell you that. Personal improvement, in my book, tops everything else.

      OK now, I read your story and here is what I think..

      First thing first, judging according to past experiences. When I started with Insanity I was confident in myself due to past reassurances from playing sports and being the athletic kid overall. My brother on the other hand, who was the first person I convinced to try this program, never did anything remotely connected with sports. Long story short, he is now amazed by the things his body can do.

      Your body will adapt to whatever it is you bring to the table. It works on a demand-supply method.

      Why I see the Insanity program so fit for you is basically due to couple of reasons. One- it will allow you to train in privacy, which by the look of your comment you appreciate a lot. And believe me, training in privacy is better, especially when you are progressing one step at a time. It also allows you to up your game (no wonder athletes train in private).

      You mentioned another thing which instantly grabbed my attention- results. You see, Insanity gives tangible results and that alone keeps you motivated throughout the program. Knowing that your effort counts, it gives you the confidence that you are on the right track.

      Now back to physical limitations.. Not having enough muscle mass doesn’t concern me at all. Muscle, more than anything else in the body, adapts to stress and demand. What concerns me are joints, ankles, hips. You say you have some problems with your hip and I cannot tell how minor or severe they are. But then again the fact that you go to the gym and do some amount of exercise without noticing any problems reassures me a lot.

      You can try with push-ups, sit-ups, running and jumping on a rope or in place for a week and see how things go. Jumping especially. If everything is OK and there is no problem, then I think you have a green light to go for the program.
      Is Insanity harder than what you can imagine right now? Of course it is. You never experienced anything like it. But then again none of us did before we tried the challenge. Don’t worry about that. You will push past YOUR limits, and that’s all that it takes. The program is designed to work for someone who is overweight with very little muscle mass, as well as for Shaun T who is around 180 pounds all muscle. The very nature of the exercises is aimed towards using YOUR body as the ideal resistance for your efforts.

      I hope this sheds some light on your concerns. If there is anything else feel free to ask.

      Take care

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