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High profile defense attorney was appointed to the Supreme Court on . It was the last act of the Federal Liberals before their government fell to a non confidence vote . Recall him!

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"The Oakland Angels began issuing new charters and assisting chapters set up their own drug operations. The additions were designed to contribute to our image and business concerns, by providing a drug route link, manufacturing a drug, supplying chemicals, or distributing drugs in an untapped area."

"One morning at 6 o'clock, I was speeding on 'crystals' when I saw a window light in Sonny's place which was patrolled by a pair of Dobermans behind a chain link fence. Inside, I found Sonny and Mexican Ed, a reputed member of the Galloping Gooses motorcycle club in San Diego and main supplier of the Berdoo Angels, cutting and packaging a salad bowl full of smack."

"As we chatted and snorted coke (Sonny's favorite drug), I helped them fill balloons. Sonny's dealers in the club arrived at evenly spaced intervals to pick up their loads - usually an once or two - then they made their dumps. Sonny was smart; he wasted no time in getting those drugs out of his house."    

A Tribe Called Quest

Info Wars: Barry Seal and Mena, Arkansa


Look who's laughing now

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You can pay me now or you can pay me later

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According to financial records seized from the Hells Angels, Stadnick and Stockford earned more than million in profits from cocaine and hashish.

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denies the puppet clubs are connected to the Hells Angels but . The Hells Angels papers made reference to two new puppet clubs: the Outcasts, linked to the Vancouver chapter, and the Jesters out of the White Rock club. There was even , which was just painted on the front of its new Surrey clubhouse on an industrial property in north Surrey.

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Media reports that in Montreal to launder profits from drug trafficking by muscling their way in as subcontractors on large projects.

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He's not from Compton, but he is connected. That's why we call him ATM in Surrey. Someone claims he wore a wire and got Jamie Bacon on tape confessing to the Surrey Six murders. If that is true then give that man a medal or at least buy him a beer for me. If that's not true why are they setting him up? Sounds like not only are they afraid of him but they want him killed so he can't testify.

Get this. We don't like in Surrey. Why do you think they moved to Abbottsford after they got shot up in Surrey? And get this, we don't like the people who did the Surrey Six Murder here. They killed innocent people for no reason. That is fucked up. They're the rats and anyone who rats them out is a hero.

Alright ATM let's bring it home G. Let's put all three little piggies in the Big House Crew. Word. I don't think ATM was . Spread the word, protect and .

You have got to be kidding. That's what happens when you sell all that crack. Some of your own guys start smoking it.


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It's my Charter Right

to have Police Search

known Gang members

without notice. It's

called Public Safety.

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The MAC-11 machine pistol, equipped with a silencer, was used in several gang-related shootings in the Vancouver area, Vancouver police said Thursday.

East Van Hells Angel charged with

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: "I go to T-Barz. It's a strip bar in Surrey. My buddy owns it. It's a great place to enjoy the Nude World Order." Which buddy could that be? I thought owned it.

Do they support Bill C15 ?

Roosters and Climax should lose their liquor license for not practicing bar watch

No one should be admitted wearing gang colours

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There's been too many local shootings to keep tack of. Enough is enough. Time to rat out the real rats and arrest the puppet masters instead of the puppets. Call at:

1 800 222-8474 (TIPS)

Strip Club Frequented by Hells Angels Linked to Maple Ridge Murder

Casualties of war: "The puppet master is not less blameworthy than the puppet."



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- Do they support Bill C15 ?

Throw out the stereotypes. "The New Democrats hold 36 seats in the 308-seat House, more than enough to keep Prime Minister Stephen Harper's minority Conservative government alive through the autumn if they can find common cause on an issue such as Employment Insurance reform." Think about it. If Harper takes an amendment on bill C-15 we can avoid another unnecessary early election and get the job done for the people. Imagine that. The Liberals created the judicial vacuum we now suffer from. If Harper teams up with the NDP we can fix it. And stop calling them Socialists. I support public health care and I am not a socialist.

Peter Scarcella

. Not surprising. .

is on Web Site

Natural justice is simple. The Hells Angels have to live with themselves

and their real legacy. No lie can live forever.

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Hells Angel Pride: DFFD

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September 24 2009 -

Sponsored by Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts and the Surrey Firefighters Charitable Society. For more information call the tournament Director at: 604 632-7233.

"Please come to support us to raise awareness to prevent these thugs from stealing another innocent life. My loving, innocent son, Chris and a loving husband and father, Ed – was taken for no reason at all. We must Never stop remembering and honouring our loved ones ensure that laws are changed to reflect the society’s rights over the criminals rights.

Funds raised will be used to:

  1. Sponsor two at risk students [from joining gangs selected by the School boards] for a sports scholarship and a trades scholarship
  2. To run anti gang ads to bring awareness to the communities
  3. To assist families of violent crime should an opportunity arises

Thank you."

Eileen Mohan
Chris Mohan’s Mum

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The Hells Angels web of lies begins to unravel:

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, , ,

... ....


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on the UN: “That’s what you tell these f---in’, f---ing UN cocks, they’re just f---ing faggots ... First of all, those guys are not welcome. They’re not welcome in this f---in’ province. They ain’t f---ing allowed. If you see ’em, we’re gonna f---in’ take care of 'em and anybody who does anything with 'em. See who f---in' stands up. .”

Well, well, well. Here we thought was kissing UN ass by letting his ride in the car with the UN who did the hit outside Tbarz. No wonder are . They are playing the UN while they try to eliminate them. That sure sounds like a criminal organization to me. .

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"" Michael Levy's mother

"the puppetmaster is not less blameworthy than the puppet."



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"If we want to fix the judicial system we need to hold the politicians accountable and pass law and order legislation. Everyone is crying for blood but in essence the judges hands are tied. If the government gives them the legislation they can tear the old page out of the old book and replace it with the new one. Right now the judges are taking a lot of heat and the politicians, the ones who have the power to make the changes, are getting off Scott free. We need to hold our elected officials accountable."

- no kidding

The Hells Angels are a criminal organization in Canada. The jurisprudence has already been established in Ontario . What we continue to see is how the laws in BC are administered differently than they are in the rest of the country. The speak for themselves.

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I agree that goes too far. There is nothing wrong with getting a warrant. The problem is when BC judges throw wire tap evidence out even when the police got a warrant. We don't need to give up privacy rights.

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A Walk Down Memory Lane -

Donald Roming was shot dead outside the Bar None in Yaletown March 9 2001. According to , Roming was the owner of Loft 6 and was a Hells Angel. In 2003 there was a shooting inside the Loft 6. It has been alleged that was involved in the shooting and was shot in retaliation. Phil worked for who was recently shot 20 times and survived. Ironic how the New IS leadership are all friends with the Hells Angels and all the old leaders who had beef with the Hells Angels are getting shot or dying in car accidents. It has been said that in Prince George no one sells drugs .

- three cheers!

"" Michael Levy's mother


Don’t you dare make Wally Oppal Chief Judge after he was voted out. That would be a slap in the face of democracy and justice. Judicial reform? What a joke. He can’t fix something .

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The Province wherein a police officer suggested addicts are locked up until they are clean. That is far more humane then feeding them poison to commit suicide. It is in harmony with the advice of who spoke at the Surrey Crime Prevention Meeting. It is harmony with the love that in helping him get clean. I'm not talking about beating them or not being sensitive to the horrible things that might have put them there. I'm talking about being humane and doing the right thing. is one of the original Independent Soldiers gang members back when it was an IndoCanadian gang. He's the guy that got no jail time for getting caught selling drugs in prison. I find it somewhat ironic that all the IndoCanadian members of IS are getting killed and all the are taking over leadership of the group.

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from BC sent me some hate mail. He thinks I’m Kim Bolan. Wrong. I think he’s Matt Schrader. He’s the only one dumb enough to send someone an e-mail with his real IP number. The hate mail claims Kim Bolan’s blog contain lies. Please be advised that false allegations of slander constitute slander my unlearned friend.

Blaze Cam Matt Mike ktown.JPG (18695 bytes)

with a few friends in Kelowna. He doesn't look quite as goofy in that photo as he does in . Just short. If that really is him posting on Kim Bolan's blog then he sure isn't as bright as we had hoped.

From left to right in the photo from Kelowna are Donnie "Blaze" McWhirter, Cameron Thimer, Matt Schraser and Mike Hamersley. Mike is pretty buff. Mind you, . If Mike is the brawn then where's the brains? Matt sure comes up short. Again.

If Matt is friends with and if are associated with the Hells Angels then these are just Matt's friends. Of course.

BTW isn't it bad luck to get your photo taken with Matt? Rob Shannon's in jail, Tom and Jayme were arrested and Taco Castaneda is dead. Matt was one of the before he was shot in Mexico. Imagine that. With friends like Matt...

Former RCMP officer, "Rapinder (Rob) Sidhu, who runs a company called IMAX Investigation Group, is accused of calling the RCMP’s Operations Communications Centre in July 2007, posing as a police officer and requesting the Surrey address where the Bacons were then residing."

"Members of the Integrated Gang Task Force have stopped a vehicle registered to IMAX Investigation Group being driven by Matt Schader, a close associate of Rob Shannon, the Fraser Valley man sentenced last month to 20 years in a U.S. jail for heading an international drug smuggling ring."

So here we have a former cop with several charges whose employee is an associate of both Robert Shannon, Hells Angels drug smuggler and the UN. In in Mexico with Taco, the UN member who was shot dead in Mexico.

It would appear that on one side we see the Hells Angels assisting the UN in eliminating the Bacon brothers yet on the other side we see signs that Hells Angels friends were Bacon brother friends. With friends like that who needs enemies.

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Don't forget to toast the ears NSG

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Where was all that money coming from?

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Increased border worker crim checks?


Bar Watch taken to a new level:

without a warrant

I guess the charter of rights only applies to gang members

are all now facing first degree murder and conspiracy charges in connection with the Surrey Six murder while Dennis Karbovanec, who plead guilty gets charged with second degree murder. It appears a plea bargain was made to get the confession."Notorious" Red Scorpions? The Red Scorpions were a handful of guys shot up by the Bacon Brother Associates. The Hells Angels are notorious. We still need to get rid of them. Let's look at the big picture.


Next -

Then -


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