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Impact Images are the most awarded
Central Coast wedding & portrait photographers.

Would you like WOW factor photos from your photographer?  Because it’s exactly what we deliver for our clients… every single one.

It sounds cheesy but we capture more than what you simply look like. If you’re happy to let us get to know you and what you’re after from your photography, we can deliver so much more than a staged, set up, look down the camera with a fake expression that leaves you wondering… what the hell you paid for. No cheesy smiles, whacky poses or non-stop direction. Instead, we photograph real life, real love, real emotions. It feels more natural and it’s actually fun.

If raw, unscripted and emotional photography is your thing… it’s ours too! Black and white photography, grain, movement, different angles, creativity, adventure and emotion are all things we LOVE. If this sounds like you and your style too, we gotta talk!

Cool, you're done! If you check your email, there should be a link from me to download our wedding price list. Speak soon Andrew

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