Helping Earthquake Victims in Ecuador

How to Help the Earthquake Victims in Mexico

Two Methods:

The cities of Chiapas, Oaxaca, and Mexico City were damaged by two severe earthquakes in September 2019. Entire buildings were leveled, and many people were killed or injured. If you’d like to help the victims of this earthquake, you can donate to a number of Mexican or international charities and aid organizations. If you’re not able to donate, try creating an online fundraiser, or hosting an event to raise awareness about the earthquake victims in your community. If you live in Mexico, you can also open your home to displaced victims or allow victims to use your internet to contact one another.


Donating Money to Relief Organizations

  1. Donate to the Mexican Red Cross.This organization is affiliated with the international Red Cross, and works to provide medical aid and attention to individuals injured in the Mexico earthquakes.Monetary donations will be used to pay aid workers and to provide items like bedding and clothing to earthquake victims.
    • You can give money directly to the Mexican Red Cross online, at: . Click on the “Donate Now!” button at the top of the page.
  2. Donate to UNICEF Mexico.UNICEF is a program run by the United Nations which works to help children and mothers worldwide. Since September 2019, UNICEF Mexico has been working to raise a large amount of money, which is being used to help children and families displaced or injured by the earthquakes.
    • To give money, visit the UNICEF Mexico page directly at: .
  3. Give money to Oxfam US or Oxfam Mexico.Oxfam is an international charity that is working to aid earthquake victims in Mexico. Both Oxfam US and Oxfam Mexico are working with the Mexican government to provide relief and medical aid to victims of the September 2019 earthquakes.
    • You can use a credit or debit card to donate directly to Oxfam US online. Visit: . Donations made through this page will be dedicated towards victims of the September 2019 Mexico earthquakes.
    • Donate to Oxfam Mexico online at: .
  4. Give money to Project Paz.Project Paz is a charity organization based in New York which helps the children of Latino families in the United States and Mexico. Since the September 2019 earthquakes, Project Paz has been raising funds specifically for earthquake relief.
    • To donate money, visit the Project Paz website: . Click on “Donate to Mexico Earthquake Relief.”
  5. Donate money to Global Giving.Global Giving is an international relief agency that is raising money for the Mexico earthquake victims. The organization raises money through crowdfunding, and the donations will be given to on-the-ground recovery efforts in areas damaged by the earthquakes.
    • To give to Global Giving, visit: .
    • Alternately, if you live in the United States, you can text the word “MEXICO” to 80100.
  6. Evaluate the reputation of a charity before donating.Unfortunately, unethical individuals can set up fake charities online that request money, but do not use the money to help earthquake victims. Before giving money to an unfamiliar organization, make sure that it seems legitimate.
    • The website Charity Navigator has set up a list of trustworthy, legitimate charities and aid organizations that use revenue to help earthquake victims. Peruse the list here: .
  7. Contact the charity directly with questions.If you’re unsure if a relief organization or charity is legitimate, ask the charity various questions to help determine whether or not they will use donated money responsibly. Look on the website or contact the organization and ask questions including:
    • “How will your organization use the funds that it receives?”
    • “How much of the donated money will directly benefit earthquake victims?”
    • Many charities can also be contacted over social media. Try reaching out to a charity via direct message on Twitter or Facebook if they’re not responsive over email.

Volunteering and Giving in Other Ways

  1. Open your house to victims.If you live in Mexico City, or within a few miles of areas damaged by the earthquake, you can help displaced victims by allowing people to live in your house for a period of time. Many victims have no place to live, and free housing in a nearby city or suburb would improve their quality of life while they work on rebuilding their home.
    • Promote availability over social media. For example, post on your twitter or Facebook page: “I have room in my house for 4 earthquake refugees. PM me for details.”
    • Keep safety considerations in mind while hosting displaced earthquake victims. Establish guidelines for your guests—e.g., clarify if certain rooms are off-limits, or if you’d like the lights to be out by a specific time at night. Avoid leaving money or valuables sitting around.
  2. Remove the password from your wi-fi.Earthquake victims in damaged areas often have trouble communicating with friends and family members due to the spotty availability of wireless networks. If you remove your wi-fi password, earthquake victims will be able to use your network to communicate with one another more easily.
    • Many homes and buildings that formerly could have provided internet connectivity were damaged or flattened by the earthquake.
    • Keep in mind that removing password protection from your wi-fi will decrease your online security.
  3. Volunteer to serve in a medical capacity.If you are a doctor, a nurse, or a paramedic—or if you have been trained in medical skills like CPR—your skills could be helpful in areas damaged by the earthquakes.Visit a disaster area in person, or contact a medical relief organization like Doctors without Borders to find out how you can help injured victims.
    • Apply to work with Doctors without Borders online at: .
  4. Ensure your safety in earthquake-effected areas.If you’re going to be providing on-the-ground care to individuals in Mexico City or other areas hit by the earthquakes, prioritize your own safety. Avoid entering collapsed or damaged buildings unless permission has been given by the Mexican authorities. This applies even if you’re volunteering as an emergency or medical worker.
    • If you’re not affiliated with emergency or medical services, it’s best if you stay out of disaster areas altogether.
  5. Raise awareness about the Mexico earthquakes.Many people are unaware of the severity of the earthquakes that struck Mexican cities. Try hosting a fun event to help make people more aware. Cook a favorite Mexican dish (e.g., enchiladas or tacos) and invite family and friends over. As everyone eats, you can inform them about the earthquakes in Mexico and let them know about ways they can help the victims financially.Ask family and friends to pass the information on to other acquaintances, also.
    • As people in your community come to understand the severity of the earthquake crisis in Mexican cities, encourage them to donate financially or to volunteer their time in other ways.
  6. Start a fundraiser to donate to a reputable charity.Try organizing a local event to fundraise money for victims of the Mexican earthquakes. For example, you could host a bake sale or a silent auction. Alternately, try fundraising by starting a Go Fund Me online. Advertise the fundraiser on social media. For example, you could create a Facebook event to attract plenty of online attention.
    • Make it clear to participants in the fundraiser that all money raised will be donated to a charity.
    • Any reputable charity would be thrilled to receive the donations that you collect through the fundraiser. Donate online to charities and aid organizations including: Oxfam, the Mexican Red Cross, Global Giving, Project Paz, or any other charity you’d like to support.
  7. Send only monetary donations to relief organizations.Money is the most helpful thing that you can send to charities and aid organizations to benefit earthquake victims.Although it may be tempting to send small items like blankets, stuffed animals, or clothing to the victims of the Mexico earthquakes, most charities ask that you do not send these items.
    • Charities and relief organizations find it easier to purchase new blankets and clothing for earthquake victims, rather than passing along internationally donated items.

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