How to find photographers in my area

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  • Search for any type of photographer

    Wedding, portrait, family, newborn, and more
  • Browse local professionals in your area

    Or find one who will travel to your destination
  • Powerful filtering capabilities

    Filter by distance, price, or recommendations
  • Collect your favorites

    Review and contact your favorites in one convenient place
  • Contact your perfect photographer directly

    Visit their website, call, email, or meet with them in person
  • Find a second shooter

    Find photographers who are available to assist on shoots

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Photographer Central is a brilliant idea!! I’m all about researching companies/services before hiring them. I love that you can filter by topic. - Kimberly Conover

What a great resource for finding photographers. It is always nice to see comparisons all in the same place. - Andrea Kruse

I have found finding a photographer to be the most difficult part of planning a wedding, precisely because there is no one place to find reliable price points, portfolios, and details about the photographer’s approach. Photographer Central looks like a game changer! - A. Kyger

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