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How to Choose Your Fate

Do you follow logic or your heart? Are you confused or afraid about what you want in life? Are you thinking of a big house, money, saving lives, etc? Many people in the world never get what they want due to this confusing war between heart and mind. This is a guide to following your path and taking your fate into your own hands.


  1. Find out what you want in life.This is the hardest question.We always have a choice; follow our parents' footsteps, or decide what we want for ourselves, it is hard and simple all at the same time, how? When we are young we say "I want to be a fireman, policeman, doctor" but as we grow older, the fate is changing already, paths are colliding, our minds are thinking to much on what is important, these days "happiness, money, commitments" but we never have time to plan our own paths, finding that one thing that will make us all eternally happy, sit down, read a paper, search the internet, find something that screams out to your personality, something that will make you cry happy tears and plan that path, that fate, your new life.
  2. Set your goals.Every life has a plan, but our schedules are always so booked, even if you want to do a certain task of volunteering it messes up plans with friends or family. When you want to schedule the goals and set them out, you need to find a calming place to relax your own mind, in the park, in your bedroom, even with music that relaxes you will be beneficial for you to find a way to focus on what you want, then just write, type and plan, remember to add dates where you can find a set target to be able to knock down the goal and move forward down your path.
  3. Don't let obstructions stand in your way.We have many distractions in life. They could be time consuming work, homework, people literally standing in your way, family or friends dragging you down or not believing in you. All you need to do is improvise. How can you handle being put down and still move forward? How can you keep up with your work and still plan your path? Firstly, don't let anyone drag you down, those who aren't there for you do not deserve to be in your life. You need people who stand beside you, not behind or in front, but by your side, ready to help you take on any more distractions, true friends, family will believe in your because you are a loved one, a son/daughter, no matter what, unless you are brought up in the torn family where love is not available, but you can easily find people to take there place, a teacher or group of believing friends. Second, work is easy, the planning is hard, easily find the time to do both, multi-task, hard to learn but if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish a lot, ask for help, friends, family, let them do a bit of work, gives you a break and time to relax the mind and open to new ideas.
  4. Always believe in yourself.These days people drag you down, but life is about enduring, do not let the negative take over your mind, you can be strong without them, you can stand in a circle alone and still know that there is someone believing in you, YOU, so longs as you believe in yourself, you can go through any obstacle in your path just to gain what you need in life, our path is not a want it is a need due to finding your internal and eternal happiness, imagine finally, your goal was to graduate as a biophysicist, and when you get given the document, you feel your heart and mind fulfilled, and then you plan some more known you can go further, the sky isn't the limit, you can go further, the galaxy is vast. You will find supporters and believers during your travels.
  5. Accomplish greatness you need.All steps can lead you to the path you choose, it isn't all straight through, it is narrow, curved, thick and heavy with a lot of obstacles in the way, emotional and physical, but as humans we have the capacity to push and break through anything that is thrown at us, make our mind, body and soul complete with the happiness we all rightfully deserve, and nobody can take it away, nobody can tell us what we are meant to be, we are our own person, our heart beats in our own chest, not those who do not believe, we are the only one who believes in us when others don't. Go forward, break through the barriers and good luck!

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  • Do not give up.
  • Believe in yourself, that is all that counts
  • With hard work comes great outcomes of happiness, and we all have the capacity and strength within us.
  • When you have homework, finish it early. With office work, finish it easily earlier and make it work the time to schedule the goals.
  • Do not let any obstacles rattle you. Life is about enduring to live, and pain or fear can be broken through.


  • Do not tell anyone your dream, it will surprise them when you make it come true and they are amazed in your ability.
  • There will be times where you are alone, but believe in yourself and that will take away any danger.
  • There will be dark times, but your fate and path you walk are the light.

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