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How to Catch a Goat

Goats can be difficult to work with in any situation thanks to their stubborn personalities and knack for getting into everything. Try these steps to catch your goat.


  1. Bring some grain.Find the goat by checking hedges for hole, looking up in trees (yes, trees!), flower gardens, inside your house, down the road, over the river, etc. Goats naturally explore and can be very curious.
  2. Approach slowly from an angle where the goat can see you and the grain bucket.Goats know where their escape routes are, and they are faster and more agile than you, so you don't want to startle it.
  3. Offer the feed.Figure out what to grab when the goat starts running. If the goat wears a collar or other such device, try that. Horns can be used as handles as well, but are not always as strong as they appear and can break.
  4. To pin against a wall, place one knee in front of the shoulder blade and the other knee behind the ribs and lean into it.Ideally the head should be held up as well.
  5. Once caught, the goat should be tethered to a secure object by a chain or strong rope.No fence short of one designed for a federal prison will reliably hold a goat. Tethering in most cases is pretty much the only way to go. A good fence can hold a goat if they are happy. Tethering a goat can be dangerous because they can easily strangle themselves.

Community Q&A

  • Question
    What should I do if there is no wall to pin my goat against?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    I usually grab mine with one hand in front of the neck and one hand on the belly. You could try that.
  • Question
    Is there any way to prevent goats from breeding?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    Keep the males and females separate, or get the animals spayed/neutered.
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  • Food always goes down well, but requires patience.
  • It is not good to "gang up" on a goat with a bunch of people, as this will cause panic. However, it may be good to have a partner or two that can help move the goat once it has been grabbed.
  • When on a lead of any kind, do not stand in front of the goat's head or all brakes will go on, you generally have to push them.
  • Goats (even little ones) can jump four to six feet. They not only will jump over gates and fences but also through windows.


  • If the goat starts scrambling make sure your grip is strong and your hold is tough. You may be taken for a short ride, but typically, a strong hold will force the goat to do what you want it to do.
  • While unlikely, if the goat falls over, you should be wary of the legs. They are powerful and pointy.
  • Goat horns are sharp and serrated. Therefore, try not to get on the wrong end of them, as they will cause damage.
  • If it rears, it is not good. If the goat rears taller than you are, it will aim to come down on your head. It generally becomes a game of chicken, and is one you want to avoid, especially if the goat has horns. If this happens, put your palm firmly to it's forehead, it should either come down safely or go over backwards.

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