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Horrible Histories consists of six main or most well know actors. These actors portray most of the characters in the sketches. They all have one or more characters that they are most well known for portraying, most of whom appeared in the Horrible Histories prom 2011. In addition these actors are the most talked about amongst Horrible Histories fans. The actors play most of the The following contents credits: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia, the actors themselves, Horrible Histories (The director, producer, writers, and



Other ActorsEdit

These actors are not extras, but are not main actors. They do however appear regularly in sketches. As the series progressed, they took over some character parts that were portrayed before by one of the six main actors and sometimes one of the six actors took over characters they portrayed. None of these actors made an appearance at the prom, instead the six main actors took over their parts for this:

: King George III, Oliver Cromwell, Thomas Moore

: Lady Jane Grey, Matilda of Boulogne, Joan of Arc(sometimes)

: Queen Victoria(sometimes), , , Helen of Troy

: Mary Seacole, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks,

These actors are uncredited, reoccuring extras

Susie Donkin: various

Rhashan Stone: Richard(HHTV News reporter)

Katy Wix: Mrs. Miserable, patient of

: Rebellious spartan warrior(Stupid Deaths)

Special GuestsEdit

(All credit goes to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Special guests:


(Series 2, Christmas Special and Series 3. Vincenzo Larfoff, the narrator in "Scary Stories")

Terry Deary (Series 1, 2, 3 and 5. Various roles, uncredited in series 1 to 3 but credited for series 5)

Mark Gatiss (Series 4 and 5. Film executive in "HH Movie Pitch")

Tanni Grey-Thompson (Series 2. Herself, the co-reporter of "HH TV Sports")

Dave Lamb (Series 3 and 5. Voice only)

Al Murray (Series 5. Various roles)

Steve Pemberton (Series 4 and 5. Film executive in "HH Movie Pitch")

Steve Punt (Series 1 and 5. Various roles) Alexei Sayle (Series 2. Dr Ushma in "Historical Hospital")

Reece Shearsmith (Series 4 and 5. Film executive in "HH Movie Pitch")

Meera Syal (Series 1. Storyteller in "Twisted Fairytales")

Amir Khan and Jermain Defoe (Series 4. As themselves in Sport Relief Special)

Fun facts about the actors relating to Horrible Histories Edit

Following Context contain information from websites: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia

  • His son, , appeared alongside him in a sketch
  • In muscial band style song sketches, Baynton is usually chosen to be a singer
  • Baynton has appeared attractive towards female viewers of the show
  • His name is French, "Mathew", many fans mistaken his name as "Matthew".  Baynton's nickname is "Mat", although people who aren't personally aquainted with him often mispell his name as "Matt"
  • Behind the scenes everyone knows him as "Mat", including the public, even though on his professional business profile he goes by "Mathew Baynton"
  • He has a hard time resisting the urge to smile or laugh during filming, making the act an outtake
  • He used Rickard's first script(that he wrote for the series) as the reading piece for his audition, which secured his placement in the cast.  That sketch was later used in Season 5 episode 2
  • He is chosen the most to portray characters from French origin
  • He is usually stated first in the "main actors" credits
  • He is the youngest of the six main cast members
  • He plays the guitar, piano and drums
  • Some people have noticed that he portrays the more obese Historical characters, in the series than any of the other actors
  • He sings a lot in musical sketches
  • He plays the drums
  • His appears in the series twice
  • He originally came to the series as a writer, and later became one of the six main actors of the series
  • He had to do all of 's reports and actions in front of a green screen
  • He also is a lyricist for the series, helping to create words to the songs; Richard III, Pachacuti
  • He hepled write the Horrible Histories Prom of 2011
  • He's credited as Laurence Rickard, but even the public knows him as simply "Larry"
  • Willbond often is chosen to portray characters from German origin
  • He also is chosen a lot to play characters from Scotish origin
  • He gave a behind scene tour of the studios
  • he is often chosen to do the "video game" sketches
  • He portrayed Howard Carter, or an early 1900s archaeologist
  • He is the oldest of the six main actirs
  • Farnaby is most likely the tallest of the six main actors
  • Many viewers have stated that they think Simon Farnaby portrayed the insane side of Caligula best
  • His dog, Dotty, has appeared in the series
  • The was the first character Farnaby portrayed, where on the first shoot he just tried to use his spookiest sounding voice
  • She is the main actress in the series
  • She did not want to star in the series at first, not wanting to do "kid stuff" as her agent described the series before her audition, but after reading some written scripts for the series she agreed to give it a go with the auditions.
  • She portrays the protagonist in the sequel to this series
  • She is usually stated last in the "main actors" credits

Conditions of the actorsEdit

  • Though out the series these actors have to speak using accents such as; American, Scottish, Australian, Irish, French, and accents from different regions of England
  • The actors wear false hair, and other facial additions
  • They must do acts to green screens
  • Faeces(melted mixture of Snickers bars and Mars Bars or slime) and vomit(soup and Geliton) come in contact with the actors
  • All the actors fell onto soft mats off screen, when they fall down

Other factsEdit

  • After the series, the six main actors remained together to cast in the series Yonderland
  • All six of the main actors have participated in some way in the The Armstrong and Miller Show
  • They all have Twitter accounts as well as plenty of fan made Twitter and Facebook pages
  • All six of the main actors have gotten their pictures taken, off set, with the daschund that portrayed "Roman Dog"
  • Author of the Horrible Histories book series, Terry Deary, makes occasional appearances in the sketches

Child actorsEdit



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