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Having a best mattress in 2018 is the ultimate solution to experience a better sleep. In fact, a normal human being needs at least 8 hours a day of deep sleep to regain his strength. Sleeping is essential to action that we take every single day, as a matter of fact, we spend one-third of our life sleeping. It’s a vital action for every one of us. To make sure that we spend that one-third time the right way researchers show that the number one factor that affects sleeping in a good or a bad way is the mattress, With that being said, selecting the  for your needs is inevitable. We created this website especially for those who are confused to find the right bed for their sleeping behavior. The best reliable mattress on our list is Leesa

We have to clarify a very important point to our readers, and something reviewers out there won’t tell you. There is actually no best and perfect pad for everyone, as a matter of fact, It’s totally different from a person to another. The truth is we don’t all sleep the same way, every one of us has his own sleeping position. This is considered the number one factor when choosing a bed. Not only this, everyone has his own body type. from Ectomorph, Endomorph, and Mesomorph.

Furthermore, some people have special health problems, others have other conditions. Such as back pain, neck pain, obesity, hip pain and joint problems. By saying so. it’s crucial to select specific mattresses in 2018. Furthermore, we don’t all sleep the same way as we already mentioned. At this point, there are 9 different sleeping positions that 90% of people are following, most common one is the side sleeping behavior or as they are called the side sleepers. check the next photo to see the 6 famous ones.

Best Mattress 2018

Our team is always updating this full mattress reviews guide. We don’t list random sponsored products out there as most websites. There are different factors we took into consideration while we did our research and testing on beds 2018


Furthermore, We focused on listing best brands on the market in 2018 for almost every or position. No doubt there are important factors you should consider before choosing the right company or the right product to buy, from feedback, company background, price, quality, people’s experience, durability, and much more features. But most importantly as we recommend is looking for the best quality mattress brand that uses high-quality materials with a huge number of positive customer reviews.

You will find on our guide even a bed  for those who are running low on budget and just trying to get a bed that is simple and suits their needs. Let us not take any more of your precious time and walk you directly through our summarized table of the top mattresses in 2018 guide

these pads actually are different from one to another, so you have to understand that there are 3 famous major types or categories . The Memory foam which is made mainly of polyurethane, Innerspring type, and the Latex type.

Here are the top 6 Best mattresses in memory foam category for 2018

1. – top Mattress for 2018

The tuft and needle have been in the online business since 2012 and they were the first to provide a better shopping for beds with a very reasonable price. The truth is tuft and needle are offering a great bed with a lower price than the Leesa which is why it’s been moved to number one on our list. We consider price as the most affecting factor in selecting a great product as those two are very similar to each other.

Even we previously said that there is not even a possibility to find the best mattress for everyone. But, if you don’t have any health problems this could be perfect for all kind of sleeping positions. It’s a T&T adaptive foam which is more supportive than the memory foam type. 

When it comes to the construction of the tuft & Needle, it has two layers of foam to fit most people with different sleeping types. When you first lie on it the feeling you will experience is affected mostly by the comfort layer. The cover is made of polyester with a good and beautiful design that makes the air to flow easily through the mattress and regulate actually the temperature. Furthermore, the material used is Tactel, which is a better cotton version that dries quickly and it helps to achieve just the right bed temperature for more relax and comfort.

The 3 layers

It has 3 different layers, the first one is the cover layer made with a substitute of cotton. the other two layers beside the cover are the comfort layer which is a 3-inch proprietary foam, it’s the layer that provides the right pressure to fit your body type and sleeping. The third layer is the base of the mattress, it has a 7-inch poly foam which plays the role of the support for the bed. it responses quickly to the pressure, that means you can move at night with ease on it and sleep better without worrying that it might wake you up if it gets not comfortable.

Key features

Type Adaptive foam Size From Twin to California king Shipping Quick & Free Company Tuft & Needle



  • T&T Adaptive unique foam
  • Durable
  • budget-friendly
  • Great supportive base layer
  • Risk free test after100 nights


  • The firmness may not suit side sleepers

What we like and dislike about the Tuft and needle mattress

Why the Tuft & Needle ?Side sleepers warning

it’s one of the best reviewed mattresses in 2018, and it’s been around for years now. Besides, it’s Amazon’s choice with more than 12.000 positive reviews from people who tested and loved the product. We listed this as number one because one of the most factors we take is the price and quality combined. In general, it’s great and it suits most people with different needs, as it has a good motion isolation and great supportive foam. Furthermore, all the raw materials are made in the USA so it’s not some Chinese low-quality

If you are a side sleeper and you are willing to buy it, we recommend that you test it along with 100 nights. That’s the best solution to make sure if it fits you or not. Because what didn’t work for other doesn’t mean it won’t work for you too.

2. – 2018 Best for different sleeping types

The Leesa is one unique new product, that is pushing competition it to the next level. As it’s considered the new breath to the bed’s industry. Our editors will provide only honest reviews on this product and not only say the good things about this mattress as that would be odd.

the main construction of the Leesa consists of two major components. The first component is the Layered foams which contain three layers and the second component is the high-quality cover.

The layered foams component has 3 different layers. The top, middle, and bottom layer. The top one is an Avena foam type that delivers more comfort and good cooling temperature. More than that, this part of the layer is more durable than any other. The middle layer provides the right great support and pressure relief for the human body. The bottom one is 15 centimeters. It’s the foundational supportive base of the mattress and it’s breathable to let the air flow in and out with ease. Check the summarized photo our team created below to understand more of how these layers are put together.


In the past few years, a new type came to the market called a hybrid. Which means getting the advantage of both the memory and Avena foam. the Avena could be the other choice of a latex foam. The Leesa is hybrid and you can get the benefits of both of them with a great comfort and support.

When testing this Leesa we were amazed by the performance of it. Honestly, it was not a surprise as this one is using 5 centimeters of Avena and memory foam. Most companies competing with the leesa products are using only 3 to 4 centimeters only. The size used to fabricate it make it fit and molds to your body which means more comfort and better sleep

The cover is made of fabric and it’s curled around the entire mattress. the design, in general, is good the fabric makes it look sharp, thick and beautiful. When you sense it with your hand, you will feel and know the high-quality materials of it. it’s very durable and breathable.


Country US Layers 1 cover and 3 comfort layers Warranty 100 nights to sleep and test Donations  1 for 10 sold


  • Durable and comfy
  • Hybrid
  • 100% made in the USA
  • High quality materials


  • a bit high in price

Leesa as a brand is more than just a bed

Why Leesa ?Donations From the company

We listed Leesa, not by accident, it’s the best in the past two years. And it continues to impress us in many different ways. The all new companies are trying to make a better one, but it’s hard to define their knowledge and high quality. Especially this is made in the USA. it’s very comfortable and durable with a luxurious look and molds perfectly with your body. 3 layers of very quality foam to deliver pressure relief and support. The warranty is 100 days, so if you are not satisfied with it. You can get back your money with a full refund.

The company is giving 1 for 10 Sold, it means 1 million dollars per 10 millions sold. This is a very great donation plan for all homeless people out there. And we from our website salute the company owners for such a great decision.

The company’s history

Leesa Company Background

Leesa is a company founded in 2014 and located in Virginia Beach. Ths startup raised a 9 million dollar to startup and create the perfect mattresses. At first, Leesa wanted to rock the market of USA, but after that. They expended to hit the Canadian and UK market in the next year only. this shows how successful this company is. their first retail store was in Manhattan SOHO by a partnership with ArtLifting. They donate a million from 10. Those are for people seeking shelter and refuges from all over the world.

Their official commercial video on Youtube

Here is the official commercial Video that Leesa made, we do not own any copyrights of this video. All rights reserved to the Leesa Company.


The new Alexander Memory foam bed from the Nest company does really deliver a good support and you will feel really comfortable when you first put your body on this hybrid bed. It’s made in the USA with a trial period similar to other bed companies it gives around 100 nights as the test. If you won’t be satisfied by that mattress you will get your money back as long as you don’t exceed the period of the test.

The price is more than 1.000 dollars by the time we are reviewing this product and it’s high if we compare it to the tuft & needle. it’s way better only if you are looking for a hybrid bed that another story and this will totally fit your needs.


the Nest bedding gives a 20-year warranty and it has many positive reviews, what we can say is bad for this bed is the need of a firm foundation. In general, the bed companies quality with density so it could give a great product with low cost. It’s true that we said it’s expensive compared to the Leesa and the tuft and needle, However, it’s still a choice with great quality. 

Bed Type Sleep type Creator Model Hybrid Best for those having neck pain Nest Bedding Alexander bed


  • Pressure relief
  • Unique hybrid feature
  • 100 days for testing


  • Ver high in price

Nest bedding between good and bad reviews

Why Nest Bedding ?High priced

The Nest bedding is a unique product that we couldn’t avoid listing it here, that’s because it has a great support for your body and you will feel very comfortable sleep on it, it’s a memory foam type which is the most wanted by all those seeking for a great mattresses, the moment your body is on it you will feel how it can fit in it. the company give the customer around 99 days to test it and a full refund is possible if somehow they won’t like it. Furthermore, the quality of the products used to create it is great and high materials.

Let’s talk about the price for a moment. The truth is the bed is overpriced and it cost a lot more than the previous ones we listed on the top of it. That’s the reason why it was listed under them, the company claims that the raw materials are costing much higher and that’s the reason why the product cost a lot more. As our opinion is very clear, we recommend the Leesa better than the Nest Bedding.

Leesa Company Background

Nest Bedding is a company created by family members in LOS ANGELES, they are a certified bed maker in the USA and they have been delivering quality products for quite some time now.

4. – best 2018 memory foam type 

Layla bed is mainly focused on different options, copper infusion & the flappable component to be able to compete with other big brands that have been in the industry for many years. we listed this in the third spot not only cause we see it deserve to be on our list. But also to the good feedback and positive reviews from customers who already slept on it for more than 100 nights. Also, many top reviewers out there agree with us.

The copper infusion technology founded on this best-reviewed mattress 2018 helps to improve blood circulation for deeper sleep and also those who have joint problems, back pain, hip problems and neck pain as this technology would help you decrease the pain during the night for better comfort and sleep. It is flappable and it can be used in sideways, with 4 different layers.

Two comfort layers 3 and 1 inch, and a 6-inch base layer. The motion transfer would be a good option for couples

Summarized Features Table

Weight 70 pounds Type Memory Foam Height 10 inches Dimensions 74 x 54 x 10 inches



  • Very price friendly
  • One of the best memory foam
  •  Two firmness level
  •  Better blood circulation for better sleep


  • Only for combo or side sleepers

5. – Best bed for back pain in 2018

The Lull is a true quality memory foam bed which will make you feel like your sinking and perfectly fit your body type. it can’t be for everyone for sure as many are not willing to buy a memory foam mattress. One of the good things we totally loved about the company as they don’t sell to retailers only before you can get it. So there is no broker between you and the company.

it comes directly to your home from the factory where it was made in. The bed can provide comfort for different position sleeping at night especially who likes to sleep on their back and stomach. Almost all competitors are offering a one sleeping type so this bed is different and it offers more features. The feeling of the foam when you first put your body on this bed will absolutely be different from any other best bed you tried as the memory foam have a great support and they are top in this category. 

It could be great if you have a back pain or you have a higher weight as we talked about before that, not every bed is suitable for all as every one of us has his own health condition, the mattress is good also for a pregnant woman due to the extra weight she is holding, the support and pressure of the memory foam will help to feel better and sleep more comfortably


Type Best for Manufacturer Durable Only Memory foam Back and stomach sleepers Lull  Yes


  • Great quality
  • Made in the USA
  • Durable bed


  • over priced


6. Comfort Hybrid 

In the third spot, we have the Serta Icomfort hybrid. The overall quality is good and it people who bought this product as we also tested it say that they can’t ask for a better bed. However, some of them had issues with shipping and some other stuff but as it seems that the company is handling their concerns.

This best affordable mattress 2018 is hybrid, it has a system of a coil in coil innerspring. it has a great performance on motion isolation and it’s durable.

But it performs average on the heat. with a trial period that only a few companies offer it.

Serta Features Table

Weight Type Company Dimensions 100 pounds For all kind of sleep Serta 80 x 60 x 12 inches


  • It’s great for diffent kinds of sleeping
  • Affordable
  •  Tossing Reducer
  •  Anti heat


  • it has some negative feedback

The first thing we consider when we do our reviews, as we previously said is the background of the company. In our case, it’s Amerisleep, which is not only the most popular in creating mattresses. But very unique in their high-quality materials used to produce in 2018.

The bed’s creators of AmeriSleep were honest as not as other. They said in a very specific way that creating different types of beds for their customers is the way to go. They have 3 main famous products. The AS4 and AS2 which were produced previously for another type of sleeping and conditions. The features they provide is what made them stand out from their competitors. No one can deny that There is no perfect one in  2018 for everyone, However, the Amrerisleep made 2 types the AS3 is actually the new one. And the AS4.

The AS3 mattress is the first one is suitable for all kind of sleepers as the company claims by changing their policy to making a bed that suits most people. Going back to the AS4 which is made for side sleepers only, so you have to be aware if you are a side sleeper. You should not go with that one. 

AS3 best bed of 2018 listed

One of the most popular out there with great feedback, especially the affordable price.

Let us be totally honest with you and not say it’s perfect for every kind of sleep as they claim. But it can be very good for most people, it has a medium firmness level with a more responsive memory foam compared to other similar products. You will feel how soft it is when you first put your hand on it.

The cover is made by Celliant, which is a new technology that has many health benefits

Celliant refers to a bi-component fiber created from polyethylene. unlike the Leesa, this fabric contains Celliant scientifically proven to raise the oxygen level in body tissues and make the aches and pain go away. this could be the best mattress for back pain in 2018. Firstly, this technology’s name was Holofiber.

The Amerisleep layers

The AS3 Has 3  main layers, the top one is 3 inches which are based on memory foam, The middle layer is a density play foam. The last one is the base layer which is 7 inches of polyfoam acts like a support for the top 2 layers.

Summarized Info

Weight 103.5 Pounds Type Memory Foam Company Amerisleep Dimensions 80 x 76 x 12 inches



  • Affordable Price
  • Best in memory foam type
  • Made in USA
  • Faster and better sleep


  • Not perfect for every type of sleep

If you are a combo or side sleeper. This one would definitely be great for u. One of the features that made this company unique in creating mattresses is the quality which makes it durable.

One of the strongest companies in developing mattresses, this one is not cheap and it’s higher in price than the previous ones.
that’s why we left it to fourth place. it’s in the memory foam category and it will make side sleepers feel comfortable when they try to get a great night of sleep. it has 5 different layers to with different technology features for support and comfort, and for sure a good night of sleep.

One of the reviewers that bought says that it doesn’t do quite good with heat as it keeps it.

General information

Weight Warranty Company Dimensions 130 pounds 10 yrs Simmons Beauty 80 x 76 x 13 inches


  • Great for side sleepers
  • Extra firm comfort level
  •  Made in the USA
  •  Air cool option


  • Not perfect for all kinds of sleep

3 of the Best Innerspring mattresses 2018

As we previously talked that there are 3 main categories when it comes to listing a good mattress to get a good night of sleep. Let us now walk you through 3 best in innerspring for 2018

Another expensive on our list and we made it second in best innerspring mattress not only for the high price range it has. But the unique few options that no other has like containing materials. Organic wool & and latex. The old ones are not very likely to be good But their latest releases got a decent amount of positive reviews and only a few people are able to buy expensive in 2018
It has an organic cotton cover, with a layer for comfort. It is durable, but it doesn’t isolate motion as it should. The LifeKind company offers twenty years of warranty.

it’s true that we only made only 2 for the innerspring brilliant mattress. But we will add more as soon as we test them and make sure it’s the right bed for you. Now let us show you the top 3 in the latex category.

Latex technology and how it’s made in the factories in this video

This mattress factory is based in the US but some other retailers use different names to market it. But most likely it would be Sealy Posturepedic hybrid cobalt firm.

It’s budget-friendly actually compared to a similar hybrid. In fact, It has great feedback reviews around 4.6 stars. It has 775 titanium coils of comfort layers focusing on isolation motion and heat retention. If we think about durability, it has high-quality products involved in fabricating it would give us an estimation that it’s durable.

10 years of warranty and you can return it back to the seller and that depends from one to another.

Best innerspring mattress summarized table

Weight Thickness Type Dimensions 130 pounds 13 Inch Half foam – half springs 79 x 76 x 13 inches


  • Hybrid
  • 10 years warranty
  •  Made in USA
  •  High quality


  • Not durable for more than 2 years

Top 3 mattresses in Latex Type for 2018.

here we are walking you through the 3 that are best to have in 2018 for the Latext type


The Cushy Beds company fabricated this 10 inches memory foam and latex with three major layers. the base part can give the right support for your body type to sleep well at night. One of the problems even any best brands will face is to deal with the temperature, no one can deny that we don’t want to sleep on a hotbed in the summer. Neither on a cold one in the winter.

Let’s be honest about the Most we listed here on our review website are having issues with heat as some customers reported and sent us claims. It does use a new technology of heat absorbing. After testing and walking through all the customers who bought this product and after reviewing we confirm that it does a great job on the heating process, The reviews on the sales page from buyers who got it are confirming. It totally absorbs the heat and gives a good cooling feeling at night. The part where it absorbs the heat is the top layer, as we already spoke about it. This product has also 3 layers, the second part is gel foam layer for more durable life. The 3rd one is a viscoelastic foam which gives a great support to your body. And the last is the base layer with high density.

Heat Size Type Company Best in absorbing the heat All sizes Latex CrushyBeds


  • 4 high-quality layers
  • absorbs the heat perfectly
  • made in the USA
  • Easy to clean 


  • Price will not suit all buyers


One of the most popular in the category of latex. It’s the DreamFoam bed, it’s known as best latex mattress in 2018 not only because it has a good quality and budget friendly. But the satisfaction of customers who already tried and tested for as long as a year. If you are in contact closely with the hypoallergenic area, then this one works perfectly for you. Providing with the high-density base. We can definitely say that this is high in value with a very good and reasonable price. 

Weight Size Type Dimensions 60 pounds Queen Latex 65 x 13.2 x 12 inches


  • perfect mattress in latex type in 2018
  • 10 years warranty
  • super breathable


  • Nothing wrong with it

This brand started from a small family but it had a huge success. Actually, the Roma mattress is double sided with dual firmness compared to other organic beds 2018 with similar features this could be your best choice, especially in price. As a matter of fact, the comfort is great and it deserved 4 of 5 stars in quality. there is something we would say that we didn’t actually like in it, which is the not available sizes that people are seeking for. We definitely recommend this one for you.

Weight Size Type Dimensions 93.9 pounds Queen Latex 54.9 x 15.7 x 14.4 inches


  • More than 40 years experience
  • Very high-Quality materials
  • 2 sides


  • Some buyer’s claimed that it has bad smell

Final thoughts on buying a mattress in 2018

If you finished reading our in-depth detailed guide on how to choose the best mattress 2018 on the market online, we totally thank you for taking the time on reading all of the reviews and buyer’s guide we put together. We spend a tremendous time collecting information and actually testing different ones before we were able to put it together on a website created especially for the bed industry. The final advice that we can give you if you are still confused on which one to buy.

Then you just have to go with the one that suits your sleeping position and fits your health condition. Every year there is a new mattress brand is created and we make sure that we keep updating our article for all the top reviewed on the market that are available out there. If you have any question or any concern, don’t hesitate to contact us on our contact page. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

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