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Make fun photo montages and add creative photo effects in a snap! is a great online collection of , beautiful photo effects, trendy and . Here you will fall in love with creative photo editing, as it is really easy and extremely fun! With our photo frames and effects it’s a piece of cake to turn your photo into sketch or painting, add a touch of to your shot, or create a with custom text. You can even hang out with , get on the covers of famous magazines and print out !

So how does it work? First you choose an effect and click its preview. Now all you have to do is upload your photo (or photos for multi-photo templates). Select images from your device or your Facebook albums, or add them by URL. You can also use our sample pictures and easily access the photos you uploaded earlier. The chosen effect is applied automatically, and that’s it! If desired, make a finishing touch with our : it allows you to add stickers and custom text and, optionally, adjust an image. Then save your creation to a device or share via major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+.

We have effects of all sorts and kinds: modern and retro, and elaborated, static and , and adults, and many many more for virtually every purpose. However, there is always a space for improvement and we are constantly refining our effects and photo processing algorithms.

  • Ultimate fun with your face photo!

    Turning into another person, animal or superhero is not a problem any more with our . Your face is automatically fitted into a hole by a smart algorithm. We also have collection and effects based on the same face detection technology.

  • Can’t choose a single photo? Make a collage!

    Combine multiple photos into beautiful and with double, triple, quadruple and more photo frames. Organize your shots into of various forms.

  • Change photo background with ease

    with hearts and flowers, autumn leaves and snowflakes, landscapes and views of famous cities.

  • Convert your photos into drawings and paintings

    Choose your favorite technique and we will instantly imitate it: pen, pencil or charcoal sketch, pastel or crayons drawing, watercolor or oil painting… Just visit our gallery of !

  • Personalized greeting cards for every holiday

    Make your own online photo cards to congratulate those you love on , , , , , , , , and . If there is an event in your life, there is an ecard template for it at

  • Discover the ocean of effects and filters

    If you like to modify your pictures with photo filters and effects, look through our and . Those who are into creativity will surely appreciate and crazy-looking .

Want it all in your phone or tablet? Well, it’s a snap.

Download Photo Lab app right now for free.


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