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Where can I get free legal images to use on my blog? It’s a question many business owners and bloggers are faced with every single day. Before using any images in one of your own blog posts, you want to be absolutely sure that you are within your legal bounds to use it.

In one of our recent blog posts , mistake #1 was “Using images illegally”. Copyright laws are often confusing but confusion or ignorance does not make it allowable to illegally use images for your blog and website.

The good news is that there is no reason to pirate images when there are countless websites available to download royalty free, commercial or personal use images.

Many assume that because the internet is so large that no one will ever know if they use an image without permission. Others believe that as long as you give credit, that’s okay too. This could not be any farther from the truth.

Every day, blog and website owners all over the world are receiving legal notifications (and lawsuits) regarding copyright violations from images on their blogs and sites. A simple google search will yield many examples of bloggers’ ignorance and the repercussions of copyright infringement.

Take the advice of the countless bloggers as they share their cautionary tales and turn to reputable sources for free stock or inexpensive royalty free images.

Flickr Creative Commons 

While these sites are definitely your safest bet for free legal images, you should still do your diligence in running each image downloaded from them through Google Image Search, just to be safe. There have been of people uploading images under Creative Commons laws that do not belong to them.

Sources for inexpensive image downloads:

create your own free legal images

Create your own images.

Can’t find the free legal images you’re looking for through an online distributor? Create one yourself!

Most everyone owns a smart phone or digital camera. When creating content for your blog or website, you are the one with the vision, the only one who truly knows the exact direction that you want your posting to go. Who better to create images to enhance the articles, than you?

“But I’m not a photographer!”  No worries! There are a few simple steps to remember when creating your own images.

  • Natural light rules.   If you are photographing a product or an object that is easily moved, move it to the outdoors, or a location with natural light.
  • Indirect light is best. Setting up a small location on a covered porch, balcony or sun room creates a great location to photograph any object.
  • Use solid backgrounds. Try to stay away from clutter.  If you can move your idea to a solid colored wall, floor or even lay out a sheet for a background, you will create an image that is easily used.
  • Off center your subject. If you place the subject of your image to the right or left, leaving empty space, this sets up your image to include a text overlay.
  • Always be creating. If you are out on a walk and see something scenic, snap a pic for later use.  Download them to your computer and save them for later use.  Create files with keywords to organize the images you take so that you can reference them at a later date.

We would love to hear from you…  what are your sources for great images? Be sure to share your links in the comments below.  Sharing is caring!


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