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07 Oct

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Did you know that whenever you share photos and videos to Facebook, they are uploaded in standard quality.

If you use a smartphone such as an Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy that takes great high-definition photos and videos, you're missing out on sharing this glorious experience with your friends and fans on Facebook in the best quality possible.

Fortunately, you can improve the quality of photos and videos that you upload to Facebook by making a few small tweaks.

In this article, I'll show you how to upload HD photos and videos to Facebook.

This way you can with your Facebook audience!

How to Upload HD Photos and Videos to Facebook

To upload HD photos and videos to your Facebook account, watch this short video tutorial.



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1. Download the Facebook mobile app


2. Select more

Facebook mobile app

3. Select settings > account settings

Facebook account settings

4. Select videos and photos

Facebook settings

5. Check "upload HD" under the photos and videos section

Facebook photos and videos

Now when you go to upload photos and videos to Facebook, you'll be uploading HD quality content!

Remember, when you upload HD photos and videos to Facebook, this may increase the amount of your mobile data you use each month because you're sharing higher quality photos and videos on Facebook.



Although this is a minor tweak to your Facebook settings, you'll be improving the quality of the content that you share with your friends and fans on Facebook.

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