Evergreen 80s reunion party photos

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This page hosts a gallery of AMDOs past and present. If you have any "interesting" photos of your fellow AMDOs, please e-mail them in. We especially like group shots of the AMDOs and green shirts in your CV, CVW, AIMD and FRC.

Note that, unlike the rest of the pages at, this one is NOT encrypted. This means that you can search (CTRL-F) for a name to see if your shipmate has a picture posted here.

8/20/2018 - got to learn about falconry during his Rick Steves tour of Ireland.

8/16/2018 - Here's showing the Air Boss, VADM Miller, addressing the crew ... NAVAIR "00" VADM Peters, and RDML Zarkowski are pictured.

8/10/2018 - RDML Mike Zarkowski recently attended a Boots on the Ground in Japan. , Steve Carmichael and Holly Falconieri.

8/2/2018 - Rear Admiral Karl O. Thomas, Commander, Battle Force 7th Fleet, Task Force 70, Carrier Strike Group 5, recently visited the . Pictured with the Admiral are USMC Capt Boyd, Mr. Jiro Kimura, CDR Steve Carmichael, Yoshinori Yamagata(Black shirt), Hidetoshi Kimura(Blue shirt), Shinobu Kanaya, Koji shimada, Shuichi Takahashi and Yutaka Hirukawa.

7/31/2018 - Here's some pix from the DCMA Lynn Change of Command and retirement ceremony when Mike McCurdy relieved Mike Huff who then retired.

7/17/2018 - The 2018 AMDO Commander (select) Naval Leader Development Training was held in the DAU Campus of California, MD, from 9-13 July 2018. : Andre Pico,  Ed Hood, Mike Dagdagan, Will Gray, Prof. Will Broadus (DAU), Brian Hawkins, Jerry Timog, Dan Reid and Eric Nagley.

7/15/2018 - Supreme baseball fan attended MLB Spring Training throughout Florida Grapefruit League in February/March. .

7/9/2018 - Here's as CO, FRC MA last month.

6/12/2018 - Here's the after completion of their recent Independent Steaming Event (ISE-6) concluding initial testing before G.R. Ford enters a 12-month Post-Shakedown Availability (PSA) at Newport News Shipyard. L-R are ENS Matt Shaw, LT Cameron Bloom, ENS Nidia Ortiz, LCDR Shariva Robinson, CDR Steve Bryant, LCDR Dave Bell, CWO2 Brad Alston. Not pictured but part of the team are LT Liz Bates and LT Khalid Trady. And here's .

6/7/2018 - Photos from the Aerospace Maintenance Professional Symposium:

6/3/2018 - Photos from the Aerospace Maintenance Professional Symposium:
If you would like full-size 6000 pixel, 7-meg copies of any of these photos, .

5/25/2018 - Here's U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross (left) presenting John Thompson, COO (center), and , CEO (right), of Danny's company EXEPRON, with the President's "E" Award for Exports at a ceremony in Washington, D.C., on May 21.

3/16/2018 - Ken Marks stopped by Lincoln where he was the second AIMDO and had a nice visit with Kevin Bittle, the current AIMDO. , and with all the past Lincoln AIMDOs.

2/28/2018 - recently celebrated their 47th anniversary.

1/10/2018 - Here's as he graduates from the LOGTECH Advanced Program at UNC's Kenan-Flagler Business School last month. He's in the middle Row - third from the left.

12/30/2017 - Here's : XO FRCWP CDR Holly Falconieri, CO DCMA Japan CDR Juan Varela, CO FRCWP CDR Steve Carmichael.

12/13/2017 - in Fort Worth, TX. Top L to R: LTJG James Henson, ENS Samantha Dew, LCDR Chris Baxter, CDR Jim Eader (OIC FRC West Det Fort Worth), LCDR Jesse Epp (JASMMM Lead Instructor), LCDR Aaron Poland and LT Chase Whitford. Bottom L to R: LT Bradley Peterson, LTJG Michael Gaito and LT John "Jay" Raymond.

12/8/2017 - CDR Tino Scott, CSG-4 FLAGMO, is just completing his FINAL underway at sea period with USS IWO JIMA for COMPTUEX. Under the leadership of LCDR Mark Laney, for a photo OP with Tino prior to his PCS transfer to PMA-260. Front row: QAO - LT David Merrill; AIMD MO - LCDR Mark Laney; FLAGMO - CDR Tino Scott; MMCO - CWO3 David Wood.
  • Here's as AIMD Officers, Chiefs, Sailors and Marines look on.
  • Here's : LT John Jasinski (HSC-28 DETMO), LCDR Mark Laney (LHD-7 AIMD MO), CDR Tino Scott (CSG-4 FLAGMO), CDR Thomas Jenkins (LHD-7 SUPPO), CWO3 David Wood (LHD-7 MMCO)
  • Here is . LT John Jasinski (HSC-28 DETMO), CDR Tino Scott (CSG-4 FLAGMO), ENS Celestino Dulnuan (LHD-7 S-6 DIVO), CDR Thomas Jenkins (LHD-7 SUPPO), LCDR Mark Laney (LHD-7 AIMD MO), CWO3 David Wood (LHD-7 MMCO)
  • And

12/3/2017 - At the CNATT DET Whiting Field Change-of-Charge on Friday, 1 Dec 2017, CDR Steve Bryant turned over the helm of AMO/AOOCP/USMC Avn Supply Schools to CDR Tim Ryan.  CAPT Eric Simon (CNATT CO) was the Presiding Officer.  Steve is off to be the AIMDO for the USS GERALD R. FORD and Tim came over from the CNATT HQ Staff to assume OIC. from L-R are CAPT Nate Schneider, CAPT Eric Simon, CDR Tim Ryan, CDR Steve Bryant, CDR Matt Scott, CDR Bret Bishop. 

12/2/2017 - Here's the graduating class. L to R: CDR Steve Bryant, 2ndLt Richard Walker, 2ndLt Jacob Slaughter, 2ndLt Glen Harris, 2ndLt Arturo Salas II, Ens Samantha Dew, LT Perry Haman, LT Preston Lett, LTJG Greg Anderson (Honor Grad), Ens Chris Ryczek, LTJG Ben McInnis

11/28/2017 - Here are . AT1 Nate Larson (AIRSpeed LPO), LCDR Nate Hurt (AIRSpeed Officer), RADM Mewbourne (MSC), CDR Jeff Brown (CVN 73 MO), LCDR Ian Espich (CVN 73 AMO) received coins from the Commander of Military Sealift Command for assisting in the establishment and training of MSC Program Management Office personnel on Lean, Six Sigma, and Theory of constraints, enabling long-term process improvement capability for the MSC corporate office.

11/22/2017 - Rex Burkett is walking the Appalachian Trail from Maine (Mt. Katahdin) to Georgia (Springer Mt).  As he was walking a couple weeks ago, he realized that he was 1520 miles into the 2189 mile trail and snapped for all the greenshirts.  . Rex started walking June 8th and currently has completed done 1720 miles. He hopes to be finished by Christmas. 

10/31/2017 - . Rock, paper & scissors (LT Tyson Biddle, LCDR Carol Yeiser, LCDR Amanda Wells).

10/25/2017 - Phil Smiley is getting yet another aviation certification. Check .

10/25/2017 - Here's from Frank Smith and Tony's mother. Here's afterwards.

10/23/2017 - , with CNO, here are CDR Jim "JIMBO" Belmont, CDR Frank Bennett, CDR Mike Windom, CDO (ADM Richardson), CDR Matt Scott and CAPT Mike McCurdy.

10/23/2017 - Here are the , OPNAV N832 at the Pentagon. L to R: CDR Marty Martinez, CDR Jimbo Belmont, CAPT (r) Stu Paul, CAPT Wes Joshway, LCDR (r) Gregg "Repo" Russell, CDR Tim Snowden, and CDR Mike Windom.

9/20/2017 - Here are the : L to R: CDR Steve Bryant (OIC), LCDR Georgios Rigakis (Hellenic Navy), Hannah LeForge (NAVAIR), 2ndLt Mark Peterson Jr., 2ndLt Katrynanicole Novelozo, ENS Marshall Greenhaw, ENS Myeisha Ammons, Steven Dittmer (NAVAIR), CAPT Eric Simon (CO CNATT), LTJG Dionysios Kontostanos (Hellenic Navy), LTJG Benjamin Plummer (Honor Graduate), 2ndLt Christopher Grubb, 2ndLt Warren Loopstra, 2ndLt John Lee, Capt Ben Gentry (AMO Instructor)

9/5/2017 - John Lesemann, the USN F-35C Introduction to Service Lead, was promoted to CDR today in the F-35 Joint Program Office Logistics Capability Delivery conference room in Arlington, VA. Here's . And here's . .

9/1/2017 - Here's to LCDR by XO Steve Carmichael. by his wife Yuko and son Troy. Here's with Steve, son Troy, daughter Mia, Yuko and Barry.

8/30/2017 - Mark Czarzasty was out on TR back June for a Family Day Cruise with his daughter Devon, the TR Ship's Nurse. Czar deployed onboard TR with VF-41 back in '90-'91. !

8/12/2017 - Juan Varela assumed command of DCMA Japan on August 10. . . Here he is . .

7/28/2017 - Joe and Melanie Byers have moved to North Carolina for a new job. .

7/21/2017 - Here's a held on 22JUN2017 Pax River. Left to right back row: LSCM Hampton, SSgt Frabizio, GySgt Nickerson, GySgt Schwegman, GySgt Mangold, LCDR Thompson, AVCM Evans, LCDR Medford. Left to right front row: LCDR Wells, LCDR Kamara, Captain Jacobs, AFCM(ret) Burdett, CDR Flores, MSgt Litchfield, ATCS Moore, ATC Mason and LCDR Yeiser.

7/20/2017 - Together in one place at the PMA260 change of command last month, : Captain's Tom Vandenberg, Dave Mozgala, Tom Dall, Brian Jacobs, Fred Hepler, and Mike Belcher.

7/18/2017 - Here's pix from USS Ronald Reagan's recent Crossing The Line ceremony. . . .

7/17/2017 - From : "These photos are from July 8 and I've had so far. I played for two artists - ( and Joe Denim) in Decatur, AL as the openers for a well known singer named Craig Morgan. Rode the tour bus down and had one of the best days of my life, realizing that what was a very uncertain, unusual, and somewhat risky retirement path was beginning to take shape in the way I could only hope that it would. Still a long way to go and a lot of work to do, but Gina and I have been blessed here in Nashville with tremendous friends and opportunities! For all AMDOs, please let me know if you're coming near Nashville and we'd love to catch up with you!"

7/11/2017 - , one of the Original 100 AMDOs, had a random meeting at a restaurant in Springfield, VA today.

6/27/2017 - Here's from the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen Paul J. Selva (USAF). . .

6/26/2017 - No rest after 38 years of service as . He had to cut his retirement party short in order to catch the second shift at Walmart. Pictured (R-L): Capt Wes Joshway, Capt Brian Jacobs (Ret), CDR Tino Scott, and CDR Al Palmer. Welcome to Walmart, Brian.

6/22/2017 - held on Monday 19 June 2017 at River's Edge NAS Pax River. From left to right: Captain Dall (new PMA-260), ATC Mason, CDR Flores, AVCM Evans, LCDR Kamara, LSCM Hampton, GySgt Schwegman, LCDR Wells, LCDR Yeiser, GySgt Mangold, Captain Jacobs, SSgt Frabrizio, MSgt Litchfield, LCDR Medford, LT Biddle, ATCS Moore, ASC Cook and LCDR Thompson.

6/8/2017 - . From left to right: CDR Mike Morgan, CDR Rick Rivera, CDR Al Palmer, CDR Joe Hidalgo, CDR Jeff Brown, CDR Joe Ruff, and CDR Lyle Ainsworth. And here's .

6/5/2017 - Here's . The Truman greenshirts (left to right): LTJG Scott Lillard (IM3), LCDR Robert Boase (IM1), LT Casey Staidl (IM4), and CDR Al Palmer (MO).

6/2/2017 - Here's a shot of the from the recent deployment: Pictured L-R: CDR(Sel) Josh Heivly (PAL), CAPT(Sel) Mike York (SUPPO), CDR Al Palmer (MO), LCDR Jim Rorer (CAGMO).

5/25/2017 - Here are some photos from the 2017 AMCOT (Aviation Maintenance Commanding Officer Training) course that took place at FRC SW in San Diego May 16-18.
  • - Front (siting row) L to R- LCDR Jim Rorer, CDR Randy Berti, CDR(s) Mike Windom, CDR Claude "CT" Taylor, LCDR Chris Grimes, LCDR Joe Kamara. Back Row from L to R- CDR Steve Bryant, LCDR Andrei McArthur, CDR Lyle Ainsworth, LCDR Rob Vohrer, RDML Zarkowski, LCDR Shannon Thompson, CDR(s) Reeco Ceresola, CDR(s) Michael Polito
  • - Front (siting row) L to R- CAPT Bret Washburn, LCDR Jim Rorer, CDR Randy Berti, CDR(s) Mike Windom, CDR Claude "CT" Taylor, LCDR Chris Grimes, LCDR Joe Kamara, CAPT "JR" Rodriguez. Back Row from L to R - CAPT Eric Simon, CAPT Rick Taylor, CDR Steve Bryant, LCDR Andrei McArthur, CDR Lyle Ainsworth, LCDR Rob Vohrer, RDML Zarkowski, LCDR Shannon Thompson, CDR(s) Reeco Ceresola, CDR(s) Michael Polito, CAPT Neil Williams, CAPT(s) Jeff Chown, CAPT Tim Pfannenstein
  • while out in San Diego for AMCOT: Sitting Row from L to R - CAPT Taylor, CAPT Williams, CAPT Jacobs. Standing row from L to R - CAPT Washburn, CAPT Gorton, CAPT Rodriguez, CAPT Pfannenstein, CAPT Simon, CAPT Owen, CAPT(s) Chown.

5/12/2017 - Abraham Lincoln completed its Refueling and Complex Overhaul (RCOH), a five-year maintenance period where the crew executed 35 percent of the ship's lifetime planned maintenance. Virtually no space was untouched as the crew, contractors, and the shipyard partnered together to pour more than 25 million man-hours into enhancing ABRAHAM LINCOLN's capability to project sea power and protect vital national interests for the next 25 years. . From left to right: CWO2 Jason Grisso, LT Jermaine Nichols, LCDR Bill Lozier, CDR Kevin Bittle (MO), LCDR Alex Palomino, LT Cory Mcrae, LT Lashonda Lara.

5/4/2017 - Here's from Brian Jacobs, PMA-260, before heading off to USS Eisenhower.

5/2/2017 - Mandy Wells helped to LCDR yesterday.

5/1/2017 - Here's from Brian Jacobs, PMA-260. Ian's heading off to USS George Washington.

4/21/2017 - As he nears retirement after 38 years, CAPT Brian Jacobs (PMA-260) is still having trouble controlling his JOs. The pranks just keep coming thanks to LCDR Joe Kamara, LCDR Shannon Thompson, LCDR Tzu Chen, LCDR Amanda Wells, LCDR Chris Medford, and LT Carol Yeiser. Here's . Nice work!

3/24/2017 - USS Bonhomme Richard, flagship of the Bonhomme Richard Expeditionary Strike Group, with embarked 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, is on a routine patrol, operating in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region. after receiving his PAMO pin. And here's of Tammy with 31st MEU CO Col Wallace, SgtMaj Lanham, Cpl Finn, AOAN Ball, LtGen Lawrence Nicholson, Commanding General of III Marines Expeditionary Force (3 star), CMDCM Fasano, and SgtMaj Bonar. General Nicholson's visit was to see the blue/green integration and naturally, AIMD is the epitome of integration.

3/17/2017 - The PMA260 wardroom conducted a "" last night (16 March 2017) at Captain Jacobs' house in Waldorf, Maryland. It was a successful Green Light that caught Captain Jacobs' by COMPLETE surprise! Personnel from top to bottom left to right are as follows: LCDR Ian Espich (1520), LCDR Joe Kamara (1520), LCDR Shannon Thompson (1520), LCDR Chris Medford (1520), LCDR Amanda Wells (1520), LCDR(sel) Carol Yeiser (LDO), LCDR Tzu Chen (1520), Captain Brian Jacobs (PMA260), and CDR Ramiro Flores (1520). Here's a .

3/14/2017 - And here's the : Left to Right: LCDR Steven Bryant (OIC), 1stLt Michael Ashmore, ENS Lee Butler, ENS Jinghong Yuan, 2ndLt Derek Beauregard, ENS Matthew Callander, ENS Loran Abram, ENS Ales Malik, ENS Anthony McMillian, ENS Leanne Zimmermann, ENS Taylor Huan (back), ENS Bree Carbajal (Fwd), ENS Nidia Ortizmadrigal, ENS Joseph Clark, ENS Joseph Gardner, 2ndLt Katherine Cisewski, ENS Oliver Tunigold, LTJG Lyle Burks, CAPT Nora Burghardt (Guest Speaker), LT William Pohtilla, Capt Ben Gentry (Instructor)

3/1/2017 - Admiral Zarkowski recently visited Fleet Readiness Center Western Pacific hitting Atsugi, Yokuska, Camp Kisarazu, Busan Korea, Okinawa, and Iwakuni.  Here's some photos:

2/26/2017 - (Tony is second from the right) recently visited Boeing, St. Louis where they received briefs from corporate executives and toured the F-18 and F-15 production lines.  Tony is currently enrolled in the aircraft industry study program at the .  This program provides students with access to many industries or sectors considered important on a national scale; students get to meet with military and industry leaders and get to sample ground floor operations.

2/26/2017 - RDML Zarkowski held an AMDO Community Brief on Thursday, February 23, 2017 onboard Naval Station Norfolk. Afterwards during lunch at the Officer Club. AMDO Commanders left to right: CDR "Da'Mayor" Vic Feal, CDR Tino "Showtime" Scott, CDR(s) Mike "UCME" Windom, CDR Franklin "Money" Bennett, CDR Al "Rosy" Palmer, CDR Vence "Baby Face" Logan, CDR Eric "Smooth" Edge and a few Junior AMDOs.

2/22/2017 - as OIC, CNATT DET Eglin on Friday, 17 Feb 2017.  Here are most of the 1520’s in attendance: Left to right:  LCDR Tony Clark (VFA-101 AMO), LCDR Will Hollis (Former OIC CNATT Det Eglin), CDR Grady Duffey (FRCSE Production Officer), CDR Tom Clementson (CNATT Det Eglin OIC), CAPT Nate Schneider (CNATT HQ XO), and CDR Bret Bishop (CNATT N1).

2/8/2017 - Jason Shaw is the DETMO for HM-14 DET-2A in Pohang, South Korea. Korean Airlines is one of FRCWPs Depots supporting USMC CH-53E Fixed Inductions. While at KAL in Busan, Korea on the sixth picking up his Tail Pylon Sling, , his old boss at FRC MA. Jason says that it was a nice surprise to see a familiar face 7,000+ miles from home.

2/7/2017 - Here are some photos during CSG-4 FLAGMO's underway with USS BATAAN during their recent COMPTUEX January 2017:
  • from left to right CWO2 Evan Price (ACE MMCO), CDR Tino Scott (FLAGMO), CDR Johnetta Thomas (SUPPO) and LCDR Bradly Slaughter (AIMD MO).
  • during TRIAD morning AMCR meeting: CWO2 Price, LCDR Slaughter, CDR Thomas and CDR Scott - FLAGMO.
  • Here's a photo of to ensure USS BATAAN has a successful COMPTUEX. CDR Tino Scott (FLAGMO), LCDR Bradley Slaughter (AIMD MO), CWO4 Marlon Courtney (MMCO) and CWO3 Marcus Morris (AMO).
  • : Left to right - CWO3 Morris (AMO), CWO4 Courtney (MMCO), CDR Scott (FLAGMO) and LCDR Slaughter (AIMD MO).

2/4/2017 - This week randomly ran into each other at the Army's Kilauea Military Camp on the big island of Hawaii. If you make it to Hawaii, KMC and, Hale Koa, the Army resort hotel on Waikiki, are great places to hang your hat.

1/24/2017 - of CNAP was justifiably happy when yesterday he was handed the signed copy of 4790.2C. No one worked harder to make this happen than Will. thanks to Marti Martinson

1/24/2017 - Here's recently departed Lincoln MO from CO CAPT Ronald Ravelo.

1/23/2017 - Here's to CDR Kevin "KB" Bittle as a symbol of turning over the MO job aboard USS Abraham Lincoln in November 2016.

1/18/2017 - Kevin "KB" Bittle (Lincoln), Mike "Candyman" Hersey (Bush) and Al "Rosy" Palmer (Truman) got together to take their frustrations out on a little white ball at Top Golf. Always good nice when old friends can get together.

1/6/2017 - Here's the graduation photo for at their graduation on 2 December 2016. From left to right: CDR(sel) Steve Bryant (AMO School OIC), LT Tim Maine (AMO School Instructor), LT David Hernandezmejia, ENS Dustin McMinn, ENS Leanna Reuss, ENS Nicholas Koehler, LTJG Michael Gaito, LTJG Matt Martin, ENS Philip R. Rosi III, ENS Corey Jackson, ENS David Laderer, CDR Eric Edge (AMDO Community Manager). during their graduation ceremony. And here's the class with during their visit to the schoolhouse in December.

12/26/2016 - Here is a photo of as they completed their 2016 Deployment. Home soon!

11/24/2016 - Here's some shots from CDR Louis "Tino" Scott's last uniform inspection as the MO of USS Abraham Lincoln, CVN-72. Kevin Bittle is en route to be Tino's relief.

11/16/2016 - On 14 November, Steve Bryant relieved Kevin Bittle as the OIC of CNATT Det Whiting Field. In the are Kevin, Eric Simon (CO, CNATT), and Steve. for his end-of-tour award.

11/14/2016 - Last April, Eric Dean walked the entire length of Hardian's Wall. His story was published in the Travel Section of the Washington Post on November 13. .

Here's the . And here's a link to a bunch of very nice photos:

10/3/2016 - Here are after presentation of the FY15 Chuck Nechvatal Award to LCDR Chris Baxter for superior performance while assigned to Fleet Readiness Center Mid Atlantic, NAS Oceana, VA. LCDR Baxter is currently assigned to the Fleet Logistics Support Wing, Ft. Worth, TX.

10/2/2016 - Here are the during a recent underway that saw the ship participating in the carrier qualification of ten JSF pilots from VFA-101 and the completion of F-35C DT-III testing with VX-23. (L-R): LT Nate Hurt (IM-3), ENS Ryan Kirk (QAO), LCDR Mike Nehring (AMO), CDR Jeff Brown (MO), LCDR Eric Quarles (MMCO), LT Kris Greene, CWO2 Sean Riggins (TECHWO).


10/2/2016 - Lyle Ainsworth, AIMD Officer aboard USS Eisenhower, asked LCDR Andres Pico (1520, and now the AMO) and LCDR Petronilo (Neil) Gomez (LDO, and now the MMCO) to turnover and switch jobs sometime around mid-cruise. They planned it for exactly half-way and decided that they needed . Neil is on the left and Andres is on the right.

10/2/2016 - (center), prospective Production Officer at FRC SE, Jacksonville, FL, graduating from the Defense Acquisition University Course, LOG 340 - Life Cycle Product Support. Not every graduate from this class dressed in cap and gown but Grady paid great tribute to his instructors. Flanking Grady on the left is retired AMDO, Dean Newman ('83), and, on the right, former CO of the Supply Corps School, Jim Davis.

9/15/2016 - Here's taken at the O-6 training held on 8 September 2016.

9/14/2016 - Here's at their graduation on 7 September 2016. Front row from left to right: LT Tim Maine (AMO School Instructor), ENS Anthony Giacobello, 2ndLT Daniel Wang, Mr. David (Cobra) Boniche, Ms. Rachel Meagher, Ms. Meagan Wagner, 2ndLT Christopher Vazquez, 2ndLT Brandon Melton, Col. Don Chipman (MATSG 23 CO). Back row from left to right: CDR Kevin Bittle (AMO School OIC), Capt. Ben Gentry (AMO School Instructor), Mr. Dustin Neill, ENS Matt Carbonel, ENS Joey Hibner, ENS Adam Reffett, ENS Dave Ross, ENS Ron Jones, 2ndLT Leah Wilhelm, 2ndLT Ean Montoya, Mr. Greyson Seigel, 2ndLT Jeff Lawrence.

7/28/2016 - On July 21, 2016 had the opportunity to hike Mt. Suribachi, Iwo Jima during the CFAF Leadership Summit that took place July 17-22, 2016. From L to R CFAF Maintenance Officers: "AIMD Iwakuni OIC" CDR(s) Clay Massey, "CFAF N422C" CWO3 Bob Fletcher, "CFAF AMO" LCDR Brian Story, "AIMD Guam OIC" LT Greg Jones, "CFAF USMC Liaison Officer" Maj. Javier Coba, "CFAF MO" CDR Francisco Arsenio, "AIMD Bahrain OIC" CDR(s) Jose Riefkohl. Missing from the picture but present: "AIMD Misawa OIC" CDR(s) Matt Riggins. thanks to Jose

7/21/2016 - FRC COs/OICs with the Air Boss at the recent held at CNAP headquarters from 19-20 July 2016. From left to right are CDR Holly Falconieri, OIC FRCSW Det Pt Mugu, CDR Matt Edwards, CO FRCWP, CAPT (Sel) Rick Braunbeck, CO FRCNW, VADM Shoemaker, CNAF, and CDR Marty Martinez, OIC FRCSW Det NI.

7/11/2016 - prepare to dine at the Celsius Library, Ephesus Turkey, courtesy of a Windstar Cruise.

7/3/2016 - aboard Stennis in Hawaii. From the left are Rob, Pat, Michael Yeltin, Elicia Rivera, Zebadiya Rivera, and David Brown. In the background are MISSOURI and the ARIZONA Memorial.

6/27/2016 - Here's some pix from the 2016 Aviation Maintenance Commanding Officer Training (AMCOT) Course.
  • (L to R): CAPT Rick Taylor, CDR Matt Scott, CDR(s) Eric Edge, CDR Kevin Bittle, CDR(s) Clay Massey, CDR Kelly Varonfakis, CDR Joe Ruff, CAPT Neil Williams.
  • The 2016 AMCOT goes to.................CDR Kevin Bittle!
  • at FRC MIDLANT DET Norfolk.

6/20/2016 - Here's detailer at their graduation on 27 May 2016. And here's . Front row from left to right: CDR Kevin Bittle (AMO School OIC), ENS Felix Fungo, ENS Angelina Gorman, LT Mary McGhee, ENS Peter Jennings, CAPT(Sel) Tony Kelly (AMDO Detailer). Back row from left to right: LT Tim Maine (AMO School Instructor), LT Brett Resue, ENS Rowland George, LTJG Jacob Maher, LT Mike Benes.

6/7/2016 - CDR Steve Leehe assumed command of FRC Westfrom outgoing CDR Brett Ingle at on 2 June 2016. Here is with Steve and Brett in the background.

5/30/2016 - Here's at the Grand Canyon while on the three-day train tour out of Williams.

5/29/2016 - CJ Jaynes is enjoying retired life. Here she is and here she is getting .

5/19/2016 - Belatedly, here are some photos from Bobby Savanh's change of command from FRC SW Det Pt Mugu and retirement ceremony last October.

5/13/2016 - Here are some photos from the 2016 CVN NARG. First picture is the . Second picture is the . Listed left to right Mike Hersey (CVN 77), Jeff Brown (CVN 73), Rick Rivera (CVN 78), Mike Morgan (CSG RO), Tino Scott (CVN 72), Vince Logan(CVN 69) and Matt Wilcox (CVN 71).

5/12/2016 - at the end of COMPTUEX : LT Shawn Guidry, LT Lamar Johnekins, LCDR Andreas Pico, CDR Vence Logan, LCDR Petronilo Gomez, LTJG Chris Fife, CWO2 Arnel Armintia , LT Nick Taylor

5/6/2016 - Here are the held in San Diego, CA in April 2016. Left to Right: Nick Mulcahey, Phil Torem, Tammy Shipman, Dwayne Porter, Stephanie Mackris, Kevin Crabbe, Ron Mendoza, John Larson, Chad Jelsema, Brian Wood. Not shown are instructors Marty Sherman and Ron Burroughs.

5/5/2016 - This week the JCS/CVW-9 Triad launched their 100th AMCR for this deployment. In from L-R are: LT Garry Ferguson (Supply), LT Ian Henry (Supply), LCDR Mike Polito (AIMD), LCDR Rich Killian (CVW-9), CDR Rob Burgess (AIMD), LSC Chris Nonan (CVW-9), LS3 Ana Chicaia (VFA-14), LSCS Mike Faulk (Supply), AZC Irma DeLeon (CVW-9), CDR Ed Pidgeon (Supply), LCDR(s) Drew Mikesell (Supply). And a close-up of .

4/29/2016 - Here are a few of from their recent PMA260 Golf Tournament held at NAS Pax River on 22 April. L to R: LCDR Shannon Thompson, LCDR Amanda Wells, LT Carol Yeiser, CDR Ramiro Flores, Captain Brian Jacobs.

4/21/2016 - to get some mentorship/career advice from detailer Tony Kelly.

4/21/2016 - Retiring Captain Fred Hepler got yet another nice send-off from a group of his AMDO pals. . . .

4/20/2016 - are CDR Steve Carmichael (PXO, FRC Western Pacific), Capt Eric Washington (1527) and Lord High Commander of FRC Norfolk, CDR Branton Joaquin.

4/19/2016 - And here are a few more from CJ's ceremony:
  • Honorable Sean Stackley, ASN(RDA), CJ, LtGen Jon Davis, Deputy Commandant for Aviation, LCDR(ret) Eric Brown.
  • . CJ says that she invited everyone to wear their greenshirts - there were only a handful that came in khakis - they weren't let on stage.

4/18/2016 - Just before heading out to pasture, Fred Hepler visited his former program office, PMA260, to say farewell. Brian Jacobs and the PMA260 team sent him off in style. Here is . . . with the shadowbox.

4/16/2016 - One more from CJ's retirement ceremony. : CDR "TK" Kelly, RDML (ret) "CJ" Jaynes, CAPT(ret) Frank Smith, ENS Ruben Anderson.

4/14/2016 - Here's a shot from Tony Kelly's recent . L TO R: LTJG Hernandez, LCDR(S) Williams, LCDR(S) Magin, CDR "TK" Kelly, CDR "Barbie" Dall, CDR "CT" Taylor.

4/12/2016 - And from CJ's retirement ceremony, here's from USS CARL VINSON (CVN70) Maintenance Officers.

4/7/2016 - And here are some of our at the ceremony. From the left: Eric Edge, Chris Haas, Nate Schneider, Tony Kelly and Mike McCurdy.

4/3/2016 - And here are at CJ's retirement ceremony: Tim Matthews, RDML Jaynes and Mike Bachmann.

3/26/2016 - The AMDO community said farewell to retiring RDML Jaynes at a ceremony at Pax River on 23 March. Here's some pix:

3/22/2016 - Pix from BJ Joaquin's going-away as he leaves NAVAIR PMA260 for FRC Norfolk where he'll be OIC: ; .

3/21/2016 - Pix from the graduation of the 10 March AMO School class:
  • NAMP Indoctrination Course class 16-040 during their graduation ceremony.
  • . Front row from left to right: 2ndLt Smith, ENS Moss, 2ndLt Dickstein, LT Gilmore, ENS Sevillano. Second row from left to right: LCDR Bittle (CNATT DET Whiting Field OIC), LT Maine (AMO School Instructor), ENS Navarro, ENS Harbaugh, LT Nadenbousch, 2ndLt Meier, 2ndLt Skinner, 2ndLt Illanez, 1stLt Papamihail, 1stLt Rappa, CDR Burkett (Commander, 33rd MXS). Third row from left to right: ENS Fagan, ENS Hooker, ENS Ramosdiaz, 2ndLt Rivas, 2ndLt. Remillard, ENS Tharp. Fourth row: ENS Woodley, 2ndLt Blua, ENS Laforteza, LTJG McCrary, 2ndLt Dundon, Capt Halton (AMO School Director).

3/21/2016 - During Capt Neil Williams' recent Med swing, the stars aligned when he was in Sigonella to get together with who are assigned to, deployed to, or visiting NAS Sigonella to break bread, share some sea stories, and get some sage counsel from senior maintenance leadership. From left to right: CWO3 Ray King, VP-9 (Kanehoe Bay) MCO; LCDR Brian Story, CFAF (Atsugi) AMO; LT Perpetua Domitrovich, AIMD Sigonella MMCO; CDR Carl Hink, CNE/CNA/C6F (Naples) MO; CAPT Neil Williams, CNAL (Norfolk) MO; LT Tom Madera, VP-9 MMCO; LT Mike Harper, AIMD Sigonella AOIC; CWO3 George Hanna, VP-9 Gunner; LCDR Eric Nagley, AIMD Sigonella OIC; and CWO3 John Delmar, CTF-67 (Sigonella) MO.

After Sig, Neil visited Naval Station Rota, Spain. Here he is with ALL at Rota (sadly, zero), and then with .

3/8/2016 - FRC Southeast N42 Production Leadership received in December 2015 back to the Strike Fighter Attack Community. Pictured from L to R: Holly Martinez (FRCSE Production Director), CAPT (Sel) Wes Joshway (FRCSE Production Officer), and Ann Wood (COMFRC N42 Director Aviation Maintenance and Material).

3/7/2016 - Thanks to Wes Joshway for a couple of nice photos:
  • - L to R: CDR Steve Carmichael (FRCWP PXO), CAPT (Sel) Wesley Joshway (FRCSE Production Officer), CDR Brett Ingle (FRCSW Production officer), CDR Joe Montes (FRCMA Production Officer), and LCDR Byron Lee (COMFRC N421 Aircraft Production). All post - AIMDO/OIC USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70), USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72), FRCSW Site San Diego, and USS George Washington (CVN-73) respectively.
  • - CDR Joel Tessier receiving a personal award for his drive and zeal in the support of the depot work performed at FRCSW. Joel will be concluding his distinguished naval career mid-summer as he transitions into civilian life at a date TBD.

2/22/2016 - It's called with Truman AIMD Officers. (L-R): LT Bob Pickering (IM-2), CWO2 Chris Reeves (IM-3), LTJG Brian Brinkley (QA), CDR Al Palmer (MO), LCDR Bruce Hamilton (AMO), LTJG Casey Staidl (IM-4) and LCDR Rob Vohrer (MMCO).

2/22/2016 - Truman AIMD had a nice surprise on the 16th by getting a chance to visit with RADM (sel) Zarkowski during his Capstone DV visit onboard USS Harry S. Truman.

(L-R): CDR Al Palmer (MO), RADM(sel) Zarkowski (Truman MO #5), LTJG Casey Staidl (IM-4) and LCDR Jim Rorer (CAGMO).

(L-R): CDR Al Palmer (MO), RADM(sel) Zarkowski (Truman MO #5), LCDR Jim Rorer (CAGMO), LCDR Rob Vohrer (MMCO) and LTJG Casey Staidl (IM-4).

2/3/2016 - The was hosted at FRCSW by CAPT Pfannenstein (CO) and CAPT Owen (XO) to include the dynamics of level III with an excellent question and answer period that included everything from how the FRCs interact with the NAE, AMDO community health and career progression. This mentorship then continued on to the private wardroom at the base galley where CAPT Taylor (senior AMDO mentor) broke bread with the group and shared his insights into the dynamics and challenges we face with an aging air force as well as answering a myriad of questions. thanks to Marty Martinez

1/27/2016 - Fred Braman sends saying that "the late Rick Trayner's many many friends would like to know of his daughters's wedding. Ashley was just a little kid to many of us who watched her grow up. Ashley was married to Bret Bottin on January 24 at the River House in St. Augustine, in an outdoor ceremony on the banks of the Matanzas River, in full view of anchored sailboats where her dad and I had spent many great times. Her mother Mary Lee gave her away. A great time was had by all."

1/27/2016 - Here's which he received during his retirement ceremony which was held on 20 January at River's Edge restaurant on NAS Pax River.

1/24/2016 - Judy and Pete Laszcz are on a 131-day cruise around the world aboard Holland America's Amsterdam. They will be spending 67 days at sea, 48 days in port visiting 40 different ports in 23 different countries. Pete will be visiting 10 countries for the first time and Judy 15. On Day 7 they were in Panama. . Today is day 19 and they are in Tahiti. You can follow them via .

1/12/2016 - Here is by Captain Brian Jacobs.

1/12/2016 - Here is in front of Felix 114, Lot 38 Super hornet: Back Row - Sean Wuestenhoefer, Brian Prout, Mark Williams, Christian Popa, Jonathan Denn, Kevin Nist, Matt Cooper. Front Row - Chree Emerson, John Hamel, Shannon Thompson (CAGMO), Juan (GG) Garciagalindo, Robin Nelson, Rob Pavel (2015 Strike Fighter Wing Gunner of the Year)

1/11/2016 - Another belated photo just received. Here's a photo of taken last summer and sent in by detailer Tony Kelly. Top Row: CDR Tony "TK" Kelly, CDR Jerry "Buster" Brown, CDR Frank Bennett (CSFWP MO), LTJG Nick Dyson (VFA-86), LCDR Will Gray (CAGMO CVW 11), LCDR Brian Hawkins CAGMO CVW-17), ENS Carey Sharpe (VFA-154), LT Will "Stewie" Griffith (VFA-22), LTJG Will "Ralphie" Hutson (FRC W), LTJG Nick Marcantonio (VFA-25). Bottom Row: LT Kevin Jack (VFA-41), LTJG Keith Loedeman (VFA-94), LT Andrejs Rittenhouse (VFA-122).

1/9/2016 - Here's a belated photo of as he was awarded his PhD in Business Admin from Oklahoma State University in December 2014.

12/24/2015 - Here's hiking El Yunque rainforest in Puerto Rico.

12/24/2015 - Here's from Holly Falconieri at FRC West Det Pt Mugu.

12/24/2015 - Here's John Zrembski's . Too good to not post. And here's .

12/15/2015 - Here's soon-to-be-retired receiving an MSM from Brian Jacobs, PMA-260. And here's his .

12/11/2015 - Your detailer, are ready for Christmas, except that from the photo you can see that T-Bone has already heard that Santa will be skipping him this year.

12/2/2015 - Here's the . Back Row: From L to R: LCDR Bittle (CNATT DET Whiting Field OIC), ENS Parker, ENS Riel, ENS King, ENS Anderson, LT Schleicher, LT La Curan, CAPT Hammond (CNATT Commanding Officer). Middle Row: ENS Morrison. Front Row: From L to R: ENS Busico, ENS Gaal, ENS Anderson, ENS Bridwell, ENS Robertson.

12/1/2015 - during their TSTA. Listed left to right: CAGMO LCDR Wayne Salgado, SUPPO CDR Tim Griffin, CNAL CDR Mike Morgan, MO CDR Vence Logan.

11/23/2015 - Here are a couple of photos from a recent all-CVN Golf Tournament (an annual event on behalf of the late Captain Tembe, former TRUMAN Commanding Officer). and . From left to right are: CDR Ramiro "Flo" Flores (former CVN-75 MO), CDR Louis "Tino" Scott (CVN-72 MO), LCDR Steven "SB" Bryant (CVN-72 MMCO), CDR Bret "BB" Bishop (FRC Norfolk OIC), CDR William "Al" Palmer (Current CVN-75 MO) and CDR Vencent "Vence" Logan (CVN-69 MO).

11/18/2015 - AIMD Abe Lincoln held a Dress Blue Inspection as they prepared for Crew Move Aboard in RCOH. : L to R LT Brian Burke (IM-3 Division Officer), LCDR Steven Bryant (MMCO), CDR Louis "Tino" Scott (MO), LCDR Tommie Crawford (AMO), LT Lashonda Lara (QAO), ENS Ben Traylor (IM-4 Division Officer. . And here's .

11/13/2015 - Here's a enjoying breakfast at the Cracker Barrell this morning.

11/13/2015 - before their departure for deployment. Pictured left to right: CDR Mike Mulhern, CDR Al Palmer, and CDR Mike Morgan.

11/9/2015 - Here's LCDR Kevin Bittle (CNATT Det Whiting Field OIC) saying farewell and presenting an (AMO Director). On November 3, LCDR Bailey was selected as 2015 CNATT Officer Instructor of the Year, and his package will be forwarded to NETC for competition throughout the entire domain.

10/30/2015 - CAPT (Ret) Vince Scott recently completed a summer 2015 goal to attend a game in all 30 Major League Baseball Ballparks. Pictured are during the 30th ballpark visit at Turner Field/Atlanta Braves stadium and . A full chronology of Vince's MLB Tour can be viewed at

10/29/2015 - David Randle is acting in Ghosts of Sotterley at the Sotterly House, a 1703 mansion in Hollywood, Maryland where he plays the ghost of a . His son (at left) is hesitant to take it.

11/9/2015 - Here's LCDR Kevin Bittle (CNATT Det Whiting Field OIC) saying farewell and presenting an (AMO Director). On November 3, LCDR Bailey was selected as 2015 CNATT Officer Instructor of the Year, and his package will be forwarded to NETC for competition throughout the entire domain.

10/30/2015 - CAPT (Ret) Vince Scott recently completed a summer 2015 goal to attend a game in all 30 Major League Baseball Ballparks. Pictured are during the 30th ballpark visit at Turner Field/Atlanta Braves stadium and . A full chronology of Vince's MLB Tour can be viewed at

10/29/2015 - David Randle is acting in Ghosts of Sotterley at the Sotterly House, a 1703 mansion in Hollywood, Maryland where he plays the ghost of a . His son (at left) is hesitant to take it.

10/13/2015 - CDR Ramiro "Flo" Flores and CDR Al Palmer have officially turned over AIMD Officer duties onboard USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75). Flo is headed to PMA-260. . : (Left-Right) LCDR Rob Vohrer (AMO), CDR Al Palmer (MO), CWO2 Chris Reeves (Tech WO), LCDR Bruce Hamilton (MMCO), AZCM Zachary Miller (MMCPO), ASCS Charles Vansteinburg (PC), LTJG Brian Brinkley (QAO), ENS Scott Lillard (IM-4), LTJG Casey Staidl (IM-3).

10/13/2015 - Here comes another generation of naval officers. , son of retired Capt Mike Belcher, was commissioned after his graduation from the University of Maryland this past summer. Next step is NFO training in P'cola.

10/8/2015 - Here's a group photo of the . Front row L-R: ADC Allan Almonte (FRCW 400 Production Control), AMCS Ronnie Ogren (FRCW 400 Division LCPO), LT Michael Loomis (FRCW 400 Division Officer), CAPT (Sel) Jerry Brown (FRCW CO), CDR Ken Tachikawa (COMFRC Engines & Components), Joel Sta Cruz (GE PBL-Logistics and Planning Leader), David Beck (CAPT, RET, 1500) (GE Material Logistics Manager) - in red striped shirt, Patrick Seymour (GE PBL Manager) - in plain white long sleeves shirt. Back Row L-R: Norm Watson (PMA-265 F414 DAPML), Angelo Quizon (COMFRC Engines) , Ryan Morey (PMA-265 Power & Propulsion Co-IPT Lead) - in dark blue shirt, Ken Jordan (FRCSE Business Ops) - in striped blue polo shirt, Jonathan Deweese (FRCSE FST), Greg Davis (FRCSE Engines Deputy IPT) - in gray long sleeve shirt, Ricky Dumm (FRCSE F414 Production Manager) - in yellow shirt, LCDR Jared Mauldin (PMA-265 Power & Propulsion Co-IPT Lead), Richard Eveson (FRCSE Engines IPT Lead) - in peach polo shirt, Anthony Hart (GE Materials Business Operations Lead) - in white striped polo shirt, Jeff Bausch (COMFRC Engines Team Lead) - in green shirt.thanks to Buster.

10/1/2015 - COMNAVAIRLANT N423 recently participated in a team building event. : Left to right: Bill Collins, Tom Gaines, AFCM Kristinsson, Dave Ferreira, LSC Fox, CDR Morgan, LCDR Shelly, CDR Mulhern, CAPT Williams, AVCM Marcuzzo, ATCS Wilson. having some fun. .

9/16/2015 - Here are the . From left to right: CWO2 Christopher “TechWO” Reeves, LT Bob “IM-2” Pickering, LCDR Rob “AMO” Vohrer. CDR Jim “FLAGMO” Belmont, CDR Ramiro “MO” Flores, LCDR Jim “CAGMO” Rorer, LCDR Bruce “MMCO” Hamilton, ENS Scott “IM-4” Lillard, LTJG Casey “IM-3” Staidl and LTJG Brian “QAO” Brinkley.

9/14/2015 - Attendees and Instructors from the most recent DAU advanced Production & Quality Management Course (PQM 301).
  • : (IMG_0263) L to R: LCDR Joe Montagot (FRCSW QAO), LCDR Dave Young (CHSMWP AMO), LCDR Nick Mulcahey (DAU Instructor), CDR(Ret) Kevin Crabbe (DAU Instructor), CDR(Ret) Ron Burroughs (DAU Instructor), CDR(Ret) Marty Sherman (DAU Instructor), CDR(Ret) John Larson (DAU Instructor), CDR Steve Carmichael (CVN-70 FIXO), LCDR Jason Martinson (CNAP AMMT Officer)
  • : (IMG_0264) L to R: LCDR Joe Montagot (FRCSW QAO), LCDR Dave Young (CHSMWP AMO), CDR Steve Carmichael (CVN-70 FIXO), LCDR Nick Mulcahey (DAU Instructor), LCDR Jason Martinson (CNAP AMMT Officer)
  • : (IMG_0265) L to R: CDR(Ret) Ron Burroughs (DAU Instructor), CDR(Ret) Marty Sherman (DAU Instructor), CDR Steve Carmichael (CVN-70 FIXO)

9/14/2015 - . L to R: CDR Maxine Goodridge (Head LDO Detailer), CDR(s) Rocky Pulley (CWO/LDO Detailer), CDR Eric Gardner (AEDO Detailer), CDR Tony "tk" Kelly (AMDO Detailer).

9/14/2015 - Here's that graduated on 1 September. From L to R: ENS Sorensen, LTJG Pond, ENS Erie, LT Arthur, ENS Wilson, LTJG Kamensky, LTJG Sykes, CAPT Simon (CNATT XO), LCDR "Beetle" Bailey (CNATT Det Whiting Field AMO School Director/Instructor).

8/31/2015 - Along with 12 of his classmates, Mike Belcher recently attended the 30-year reunion of at the Aviation Museum at Pensacola. In his class were : Mike, Mark Kosewicz, and Ray Lee, all three of whom made it to retirement.

8/26/2015 - On 13 August, Captain Tim Pfannenstein (FRCSW CO), and Captain Neil Williams (CNAL/CNAP N423, Aircraft Material Readiness & Support Equipment) took time out of their busy schedules to . They discussed a range of topics to include the importance of data integrity, truth in reporting, relationship building, corrosion control, IMRL, and mentoring.

8/24/2015 - Today of AMO Class 15-080 stressing the importance of maintaining professionalism despite adversity as well as continuing to improve as an officer in the United States Navy. And . Pictured with RDML Jaynes are LCDR Bittle (CNATT Det Whiting Field OIC), LCDR "Beetle" Bailey (CNATT Det Whiting Field AMO Director/Instructor), and CAPT Hammond (CNATT CO).

8/24/2015 - Here are after COMPTUEX. From left to right: LT Aaron Burdt (QAO), LT James Arkadie (IM-3), CWO2 John Blouir (Tech O), LTJG Josh Brewster (IM-2), CDR Rob Burgess (FIXO), LT Ken Miller (IM-4), LCDR Mike Polito (MMCO), and LCDR Todd Nelson (AMO).

8/22/2015 - From the CNATT Change of Command on 24 July when Terry Hammond relieved Kate Erb:

8/20/2015 - Here's who just graduated from bootcamp at the Recruit Training Command . . ATAA Joshua R. Timog is now in Pensacola for A school (AT - Intermediate Level) and could quite possibly be Jerry's future relief!

8/14/2015 - Here's with a medal for his outstanding performance as the AMDO community manager.

8/13/2015 - Here are after the recent PMA-265 Change of Command. Left to right: LCDR Jared Mauldin, LCDR Al Palmer, CDR Mike McCurdy, CDR Chris Couch, CAPT Brian Jacobs, and LCDR Reeco Ceresola.

6/19/2015 - Photos from the 2015 PAIMDO course:
  • with RDML Jaynes: From L to R: LCDR Al Palmer (CVN 75), CDR Marc Farnsworth (Current CVN 68 MO), LCDR Jeff Brown (CVN 73), CDR Joe Hidalgo (CVN 71), CDR BJ Joaquin (FRCMA Det Norfolk), LCDR Holly Falconieri (FRCSW Det Point Mugu), RDML Jaynes, CDR Mike Hersey (CVN 77), LCDR Rick Rivera (CVN 78), LCDR Mike Mulhern (CVN 68), CDR Bernie Calamug (CVN 70).
  • with the Production Officer, CDR Joel Tessier
  • CAPT Williams and CAPT Taylor presenting to CDR Mike Hersey.
  • .

6/15/2015 - Here is . Back Row: From L to R: ENS Gray, ENS Chauvette, LT Conrad, ENS Raymond, ENS Esparza, ENS Marshall, ENS Schalk-Parker. Front Row: From L to R: LCDR Bittle (CNATT Det Whiting Field OIC), LT Nelson, ENS Holley, ENS Figueroa, ENS Kelly, LCDR "Beetle" Bailey (CNATT Det Whiting Field AMO Director/Instructor).

6/12/2015 - Here's with his grandsons standing in front of turret #1 aboard USS Iowa (BB-61) in Long Beach, CA.

6/11/2015 - USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN 71) is currently deployed to C5F. : (L to R): CWO3 Chad Vance (Tech WO), LT Frank Duncan (IM-4), LCDR John Lesemann (MMCO), CDR Matt Wilcox (MO), LCDR Chris Crider (AMO); LT Tim Maine (IM-2), LT Mike Mcneal (QAO), LT Larry Gazafy (IM-3). And here is while on station.

6/19/2015 - Photos from the 2015 PAIMDO course:
  • with RDML Jaynes: From L to R: LCDR Al Palmer (CVN 75), CDR Marc Farnsworth (Current CVN 68 MO), LCDR Jeff Brown (CVN 73), CDR Joe Hidalgo (CVN 71), CDR BJ Joaquin (FRCMA Det Norfolk), LCDR Holly Falconieri (FRCSW Det Point Mugu), RDML Jaynes, CDR Mike Hersey (CVN 77), LCDR Rick Rivera (CVN 78), LCDR Mike Mulhern (CVN 68), CDR Bernie Calamug (CVN 70).
  • with the Production Officer, CDR Joel Tessier
  • CAPT Williams and CAPT Taylor presenting to CDR Mike Hersey.
  • .

6/15/2015 - Here is . Back Row: From L to R: ENS Gray, ENS Chauvette, LT Conrad, ENS Raymond, ENS Esparza, ENS Marshall, ENS Schalk-Parker. Front Row: From L to R: LCDR Bittle (CNATT Det Whiting Field OIC), LT Nelson, ENS Holley, ENS Figueroa, ENS Kelly, LCDR "Beetle" Bailey (CNATT Det Whiting Field AMO Director/Instructor).

6/12/2015 - Here's with his grandsons standing in front of turret #1 aboard USS Iowa (BB-61) in Long Beach, CA.

6/11/2015 - USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN 71) is currently deployed to C5F. : (L to R): CWO3 Chad Vance (Tech WO), LT Frank Duncan (IM-4), LCDR John Lesemann (MMCO), CDR Matt Wilcox (MO), LCDR Chris Crider (AMO); LT Tim Maine (IM-2), LT Mike Mcneal (QAO), LT Larry Gazafy (IM-3). And here is while on station.

6/10/2015 - Here are some photos taken during PAMDO week at at NAS NI 8-12 June 2015. These pictures were taken after RDML Jaynes' AMDO Flag brief to Southern California area AMDOs. . , MCO at HSM-78 asks RDML Jaynes a serious question IRT Additive Manufacturing. , MMCO at FRCSW Det NI asks RDML Jaynes a question.

6/2/2015 - Brian Story, who was previously awarded the Naval Helicopter Association’s Region SIX Maintenance Officer of the Year, was also selected as the Naval Helicopter Association’s Maintenance Officer of the Year for 2015. Here's in San Diego.

5/28/2015 - Here are the with their proudly-won Black E. L to R: LT Randy Menn, LTJG James Reach, LT Phil Torem, CDR Steve Carmichael (the old guy), LCDR Al Labonte, CWO Eric Watkins, and ENS Rob Gelbart. And here are the : AEC Jose Gonzalez, ATCS Robert McGuire, ASCS Danita Winfrey, ATCS Steven Ferguson, ATC Cody Haizlip, ADC Mark Loyola, ASC Reynante Lagman, AZC Lonesh Ashley, AMC Jorge Sosaovillalva, AVCM Charles Mouawangyee, ATC Min Zhu, AMCS Raymond Vasquez, MO, ATC Mark Casimir, AOC Michael Kistler, AZC Francisco Gonzalez, ASC Robert Delacruz, ASC Nelson Rivo, ASCM Arnel Atienza, LSC Erwin Punto, ATC Cesar Nunez, AEC Sonny Javier, ADC Rohan Pottinger, and ATC Phillip Schroder. And here's .

5/27/2015 - Here are the , CDR Gary Van Ert (Head LDO/CWO Detailer), CDR Tony Kelly (1520 Detailer) & LCDR Rocky Pulley (LDO/CWO Detailer), at the Memphis Grizzlies vs Golden State Warriors Playoff Game 5

5/22/2015 - Here is a photo of the as they departed Norfolk Naval Shipyard heading out for Post-CIA Sea Trails. L to R: LT Charles Fisher (1520) IM-2, LCDR Bruce Hamilton (LDO) AMO, CDR Ramiro Flores MO, LT Rebecca Anderson (1520) QAO, LTJG Brian Brinkley (LDO) IM-4, LCDR Rob Vohrer (1520) MMCO, LT Bob Pickering (LDO) IM-3, CWO2 Chris Reeves (TECHWO), and ENS Scott Lillard (1520) IM-4.

5/9/2015 - On 8 May, RDML Jaynes visited the AMO School to meet with the students of class 15-060 for a mentoring discussion. Here is . and CNATT DET Whiting Field OIC LCDR Kevin Bittle, and AMO School Director, LT James "Beetle" Bailey.

5/8/2015 - Lance Massey retired at the Mustin Beach Club in NAS Pensacola on 7 May. Here he is . . . .

5/4/2015 - With beautiful Point Loma in the background, here are the heading out to sea after an 8 month PIA to support CVW-2, Flight Deck Cert, Ammo Onload, CVW-11 CQ, TRACOM CQ and TSTA/FEP. There's a busy month for the REAGAN Team before they turnover as FDNF with GEORGE WASHINGTON. L to R: LT Orlando Martinez (QAO), LT Kevin Duncan (IM-3), LCDR Dan Ried (MMCO), CDR Mike Barriere (FIXO), LCDR Dave Sweet (AMO), ENS Askia Rahman (IM-2), & CWO-2 Ricardo Garcia (Tech WO) (not pictured is LT Dan Hutton (IM-4) who is in RASO school). is minus CWO-2 Garcia but with San Diego in the background.

5/4/2015 - Nimitz AIMD Officers had at their recent dining-out... a Great Time!! Top row - LTJG Winch (left), CDR Farnsworth (right); bottom row - LCDR Massey (left), CWO2 Farrington, LTJG Snyder (right).

4/26/2015 - An AMDO Mentoring Session was held at Pax River on April 16. Here are some photos:
thanks to Tony

4/23/2015 - Mike Romero has been busy in Hollywood. His move to LA in 2012 was motivated in part by otheir grandson's desires to get into the acting industry. Over the last 3 years Mike has made countless trips to casting directors’ offices for auditions and production studios for film shoots for the boys. He's learned a whole lot about what goes on behind the camera to bring a production to life. Well, his daughter got bit by the bug and ended up doing a national commercial for Viva paper towels. Then Mike's wife and he got nabbed to do a Miller Lite commercial. The bug eventually bit him full force and he threw his hat into the ring, too. Since then he's done a number of auditions and a few low-budget shoots. . His lines were to be spoken in a high degree of anger, which came quite naturally after all his experience with SUPO meetings. . . Again, Mike says that his SUPO meetings really helped prepare him here. 

4/17/2015 - is appearing in a stage production of "Picnic" at the Three Notch Theater by NAS Patuxent River Gate 2. That's him on the right in the Panama hat. David's son is in the red ballcap.

4/14/2015 - Retired CDR Theresa Braymer was married on April 10 in a special ceremony on North Table Mountain, Golden, Colorado which was surely a first among AMDOs. View these three photos in order: , , .

4/14/2015 - Here's a group shot from , CA, April 2015. Left to Right:  LCDR Michael Dagdagan, LCDR Clay Massey, LCDR Nick Mulcahey (DAU), Kevin Crabbe (DAU), Marty Sherman (DAU), John Larson (DAU), LCDR Brian Story, LCDR Bobby Savanh, LCDR Julie Trobaugh.

4/13/2015 - The turnover is complete and . Here are (note TR in the background). L-R: LTJG David Quant, LTJG James Reach, ENS Gelbart, WO Eric Watkins, CDR Steve Carmichael, LT Randy Menn, LT Phil Torem, LCDR Al Labonte.

3/29/2015 - Joe Byers, VP of Human Relief Organization International, has an interivew with NewsmaxTV on 27 Mar 2015. to watch the video and learn all about the "JoeDome". Well done, Joe!

3/20/2015 - , was awarded the 2014 Naval Helicopter Association, Region SIX Maintenance Officer of the Year Award. He was recognized for his superior performance and achievements while serving as both AMO and MMCO during an exceptionally high tempo period that included support for OPERATION DAMAYAN in the Philippines.

3/16/2015 - Here's the March 12, 2015 . Back Row: From L to R: LCDR Bittle (CNATT Det Whiting Field OIC), LT Ellison, LT Hoppe, ENS Gelbart, ENS Lillard, ENS Denn, ENS Cradduck, ENS Ruble, CDR Kelly (AMDO Detailer), LT "Beetle" Bailey (CNATT Det Whiting Field AMO Director/Instructor). Front Row: From L to R: ENS Grant, ENS Anton, ENS Pham, LTJG Hernandez.

And here's (former CNATT CO), and CDR Kelly..

3/7/2015 - Here are the during JSF Developmental Testing-1. NIMITZ said heading to PMA-299. They had a great time seeing flyable history in various stages of maintenance at the Flying Heritage Collection at Paine Field in Everett, WA. From left to right - LTJG Cyle Hawkins, LTJG Jeremy Snyder, LCDR(sel) Josh Campbell, LCDR Clay Massey, CDR Marc Farnsworth, CWO2 Jason Farrington & LTJG Paul Winch. Missing is LT Mike Shaffer and LCDR Tim Maguire.

Marc had a sobering moment for AMDOs/others that served on for her final voyage to a Texas scrap yard. "Danger" RANGER was his first deployment.

3/3/2015 - On February 20, LCDR Jose Riefkohl relieved LCDR Randy Berti as OIC, AIMD Bahrain. Here are some photos:

2/19/2015 - There was a nice article in the Kirkland Reporter about 's aviation career and the he recently received.

2/14/2015 - Here's Nancy and aboard Explorer of the Seas during their just-completed cruise to the southern Caribbean (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao).

2/7/2015 - "BJ" Joaquin was promoted to CDR on 29 January. to the Captains who helped him get promoted: John "JZ" Zrembski, Brian Jacobs , J.R. Rodriguez, and Fred Hepler.

2/7/2015 - Detailer Tony Kelly recently travelled to Japan where he met with . First row: LT Miguel Bernal, LT David Welborn, LCDR Edward Hood. Second row: LT Jessica Mahoney, LT Evan Hart, LT John "Mike" Beaver, LTJG Lucas Spinazzola, LCDR Danilo Evangelista, CDR Tony Kelly. Third Row: CDR Robert Gustafson, LCDR Brian Story, LTJG Jeremy Sasko, LT Christopher Lamey, LCDR Derek Burns. Not in the picture (due to TAD or other situations): LCDR Richfield Agullana, LT Kyungnho Kim, ENS Darlene Bates, ENS Russell Langford. And there was , too.

2/7/2015 - At a recent reception aboard CVN-70, here are .

1/7/2015 - Here are the just prior to flooding dry dock. From left to right; LT Brian Burke (1520 QAO), LCDR Jeff Lake (1520 MMCO), LT Barry Smith (1520 LIFAC), CDR Tino Scott (1520 MO), CWO2 Tony Miller (7331 TECHWO), LCDR Tommie Crawford (1520 AMO), ENS Henry Cedeno (6332 IM-4). And here's .

12/4/2014 - Here's the . Back Row L to R: LCDR Bittle (CNATT Det Whiting Field OIC), ENS Traylor, LTJG Hawkins, ENS Mitchell, ENS Repp, ENS Balaban, ENS Hutson, ENS Sharpe, ENS Weideman, ENS Musselman. Front Row L to R: LT Miller, ENS Fortunato, ENS Carter, CWO3 Wiermaa, ENS Hua, ENS Lumsden, ENS Tullis, CAPT Erb (CNATT CO).

11/24/2014 - Here's the on the fantail (left to right): LTJG David Quant, WO Eric Watkins, LTJG Randy Menn, CDR Steve Carmichael, LT Phil Torem, LCDR Al Labonte, LCDR Tim Ryan, LTJG James Reach.

11/14/2014 - at a small business event recently. He wasn't snoozing. Really.

10/23/2014 - 18 OCT 2014: Onboard USS GEORGE HW BUSH (CVN 77), CDR Grady Duffey and his AIMD Leaders turnover the 5th Fleet AOR in support of Operation ENHERENT RESOLVE to USS CARL VINSON (CVN 70)! in the distance.....maybe.

. L-R: LTJG Andy Rittenhouse (IM-4/1520), LTJG Art Nagorniuk (IM-2/6330), LTJG Paul Jenks (QAO/6330), LCDR Lance Barker (AMO/6330), CDR Grady Duffey (MO/1520), LCDR Tom Clementson (MMCO/1520), LT Stephanie Knight (IM-3/1520), CWO2 Tim Wheeler (TECHWO/7331)

10/23/2014 - On September 26, CDR Rick Braunbeck relieved CDR Hump Lee as CO, FRC NW in a ceremony held onboard NAS Whidbey Island, WA. from left to right: CMDCM Polanski, CDR Hump Lee, CDR Rick Braunbeck, and guest speaker RDML Sohl. . . . . .

10/21/2014 - have officially completed the AMDO Detailer turnover...

10/6/2014 - Attached are a few pics from the Nate Schneider's promotion ceremony on 3 October. Here is . with many of , friends and colleagues looking on. And .

9/25/2014 - Here are the . From left to right: LTJG Lamar Johnekins (6330 IM-4), LT Kris Drew (1520 IM-3), LCDR Curtis Brown (6330 MMCO), CDR Vence Logan (1520 MO), LCDR Joe Kamara (1520 AMO), LT Shawn Guidry (6330 QAO), CWO2 Shannon Walker (TechWO), and LT Mike Floyd (1520 IM-2).

9/25/2014 - Here's promoting Dental Readiness as he celebrates his 30th anniversary of his 21st birthday . From the left are CAPT Fred Hepler; CDR Mark Angelo, Joyce Ridgell, CDR Debra Vavrus, and Chris.

9/23/2014 - Here's during a recent trip to RTC Great Lakes.

9/17/2014 - On 29 August, Marty Martinez was aboard USS Constitution by his DCMA Commander, Lt Col Summer Clovis. And with his wife, Elizabeth.

9/9/2014 - CNAL N423 is ready for some football! 1st row: AVCM Marcuzzo (CVW5/CVN73 RO), Ms. Virginia (N423 EA), CAPT Williams (N423), Dave Williams (AMRRL Program Manager). 2nd row: CDR Morgan (inbound CSG RO), CDR Kelly (outbound CSG RO), LCDR Shelly (Asst. CSG RO), Mike Stimac (CVN Broad Arrow/SORTS analyst), Terry Ford (CVW analyst). And .

9/8/2014 - Here's the 4 September 2014 . Front Row: From L to R: LCDR Bittle (CNATT Det Whiting Field OIC), ENS Rocha, ENS Stearns, LTJG Glaudel, LTJG Trdan-Schmidt, ENS Henson, LT "Beetle" Bailey (AMO Instructor), CAPT Jones (NETC EA/COS), CWO5 "Combat" Hagemann (CNATT Det Whiting Field Director). Back Row: From L to R: LTJG Fife, LTJG Berg, LT Severance, LT Goolsby, ENS Bush, ENS Cutuli.

8/29/2014 - Here's what Joe Byers has been up to. Joe works for the Army at Picatinny Arsenal, NJ. Here is a from the 28 August PM Soldier Weapons Live Fire event. Weapons fired were M9 Baretta, M4A1 Carbine, M26 Shotgun, M110/M2010 Sniper Rifles and M240L/M249 Machine Guns. Joe qualified 15 new Range Safety Officers for Picatinny Arsenal's G2 Range and they had a total of 85 shooters. Here's .

8/26/2014 - Kathy and Dave Mozgala just returned from a cruise to Norway. Here's .

8/19/2014 - USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) CO Capt. Michael Wettlauffer poses along with and Rex Buffington, the executive director of the Stennis Center for Public Service, after Jim received the "Straight Furrow" award. The Stennis leadership awardees are chosen by their peers in recognition of their leadership excellence.

8/14/2014 - On July 31, 2014, NAS Patuxent River recently dedicated the Drill Hall Racquetball Courts in honor of AMDO, CDR Albert "Rusty" Medford who recently passed away. includes from left, John Medford and Ing-Marie Medford, Rusty's brother and sister-in-law, Ashley Medford (Rusty's daughter), Tracy Medford (Rusty's wife) and Brandon Medford (Rusty's son). Assisting NAS Patuxent River Commanding Officer CAPT. Ben Shevchuk in to officially open the renovated MWR Fitness Center are the Drill Hall's Chuck Jacobss, left, and Hal Willard.

7/31/2014 - Here are the after three days of training and review at with the Carrier Strike Group Readiness Cell at CNAL, Norfolk, VA. L-R: CDR Tony Kelly (CSG RO), CAPT Neil Williams (CNAL N423), CDR(s) Tino Scott (CVN72), CDR(s) Rob Burgess (CVN74) and CDR Vencent Logan (CVN69).

7/29/2014 - On 24 July, RDML Jaynes visited AMO School and led a a great discussion on leadership, expectations, mentoring, and the challenges of providing readiness with budgetary constraints. . .

7/21/2014 - Here's at the FRCMA change of command ceremony.

7/11/2014 - Here are some photos from USS GHW Bush who recently celebrated the 46th birthday of the AMDO community.

7/11/2014 - Here's some photos from the CNATT Det Whiting Field Change of Charge Ceremony that took place on 8 July.
  • . From L - R: CAPT Massey, CAPT Erb, LCDR Bittle, CDR Logan, LT "Beetle" Bailey, LCDR Mask, CAPT Hammond.

7/1/2014 - Here's the with with RDML Jaynes center.  From L to R: CDR Vence Logan (CVN 69), CDR Shawn Noga (FRC Det Dallas Ft. Worth), CDR(s) Francini Clemmons (FRC MA), CDR(s) Rob Burgess (CVN 74), CDR(s) Tino Scott (CVN 72), CDR(s) Steve Carmichael (CVN 70), CDR Scott Carter (FRC SE), CDR(s) Marty Martinez (FRC SW). And here is CAPT Crawmer presenting to CDR(s) Francini Clemmons.

The AirBoss, VADM Buss, came by to .

6/26/2014 - Here's : FRONT ROW: CAPT Kennedy (N423), Charlie Chan (S.E. Deputy), LT Deal (Asst ESG). BACK ROW: LCDR Shelley (Asst CSG), CDR Palmore (Analyst), LtCol Stiffler (ESG), LCDR Mulhern (Asst S.E.), LCDR Burgess (Shore Readiness),"Super Dave" Ferreira (Readiness Deputy), CDR Kelly (CSG), LCDR Pico (S.E. Class Desk). And here's .

6/19/2014 - On 30 May, Fred Hepler was relieved as NAVAIR PMA260 by Brian Jacobs. . . . .

6/19/2014 - Mike Romero took these shots of the B-707 version of Air Force One (, ) when he and his family visited the Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, CA. Mike says it is a fantastic place to learn the history of fantastic man and he encourages anyone to visit it if they’re in the area. Here's .

6/14/2014 - Tom Reed and his brother just returned from a 2700 mile drive from Anchorage to Oregon with his brother. Even considering , the highlight of the trip for Tom was a visit to the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum, a couple of towns over from where his brother lives. Tom got to sit in the . Here's a shot of him and at the same view Howard would have seen.

6/11/2014 - Here are the : Front Row: From L to R: CDR Logan (CNATT Det Whiting Field OIC), LT Fuini, ENS Valcke, ENS Bates, LT "Beetle" Bailey (AMO Instructor). Back Row: From L to R: ENS Casal, ENS Gilbert, ENS Chen, LT McRae, CWO5 "Combat" Hagemann (CNATT Det Whiting Field Director).

5/31/2014 - Here's pix from the Change of Command ceremony at Eglin AFB where Rex Burkett took command of the 33rd Maintenance Squadron (a "backshop" in USAF-speak, equivalent to an AIMD). . . .

5/29/2014 - Nancy and Marty Reagan recently sailed from Amsterdam to Budapest aboard a 110-passenger Tauck riverboat. Here they area aboard the boat . And here's .

5/28/2014 - when she received her late brother's retired race horse, Eddie. This is a great addition to the family since both she and her daughter ride.

5/15/2014 - Here's the for the 2014 Deployment: LCDR Lyle Ainsworth (CAGMO), CDR Trent Kalp (Suppo) and CDR Grady Duffey (MO).

4/9/2014 - Here are the : First row CDR Mike Morgan (FIXO); Second row L-R: LT Orlando Martinez (QAO 1520), LT Kevin Duncan (IM-2 6330), LCDR Earl Cullum (MMCO 6330), LCDR Ray Hanna (AMO 1520), ENS Askia Rahman (IM-4 6330), LT Gloria McCray (IM-3 1520), CWO2 Don Lee (TECWO).

4/8/2014 - Here's . From L to R are LCDR Kevin Bittle (MMCO), CDR Steve Leehe (MO), LT Riley Swinney (IM3), LT Aaron Shipman (IM2) and LT Tim Maine (IM4). The event garnered rave reviews from over 130 attendees, including three Admirals and their distinguished guest speaker, Mr. Tweed Roosevelt, great grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt. Here's a photo of .

3/28/2014 - Here's . This was taken in the Gulf of Oman during turnover with the USS George H.W. Bush.  Front Row:  LTJG Rebecca Anderson, CWO2 Chris Reeves, LCDR Kelly Borden, CDR Ramiro Flores, LT Charles Fisher.  Back Row:  ENS Brian Brinkley, LCDR Mike Mulhern, LT Rick Boswell.

3/21/2014 - Dave & Kathy Mozgala just returned from a reunion of Dave's Merchant Marine Academy class in Las Vegas. Not only did they but they also saw a Cirque du Soliel show while there.

3/19/2014 - Here's the : Front Row from L to R: LT "Beetle" Bailey AMO Instructor, ENS Liles, LT Griffith, LT Dillon, LTJG Espinosa, ENS Rodriguez, LTJG Wutzke. Back Rom from L to R: ENS Popa, LT McComb, LTJG Reach, ENS Gardner, ENS Minckley, LTJG Traylor, ENS Langford, ENS Findlay. And : CDR Noga, LT Bailey, CAPT Massey, CAPT Erb, CDR Burkett, CWO5 Hagemann, LCDR Mask.

3/9/2014 - got together today in Cocoa, Florida where TV and Teresa stopped for a few nights during their sail northward after having spent the winter on a 1600-mile (so far) sailing adventure from Southern Maryland to Key West.

3/6/2014 - Here are the : LT Leslie Branch 1520 (MMCO), LT Matthew Dale 1520 (900 Div), LCDR Juan Varela 1520 (OIC), LTJG Perpetua Domitrovich 6332 (QAO), LT Kevin Marshall 6330 (AOIC), CDR Carl Hink 1520 (CNE-CNA-C6F MO).

3/3/2014 - One of the original 100 AMDOs, met for lunch at Cap'n Hiram's restaurant in Sebastian, Florida, where both are escaping the wintery weather up north.

3/3/2014 - Here's the L-R: ENS Quant (IM2), LCDR Snyder (AMO), LT Torem (IM4), CDR Choate (MO), CWO3 Arthur (AVO), LCDR Ryan (MMCO), LT Bowman (IM3), and LCDR Douvier (QAO).

2/7/2014 - Here are with the placque USS John C. Stennis received at the 2013 SECDEF Maintenance Award presentation. And here's the . And a CO (CAPT Wettlaufer) is behind the plaque, XO (CAPT Higgins) is just to the left, and CMC (CMDCM Schmidt) is next to CDR Belmont. LCDR Todd Nelson (6330) is behind CMC, 5 Sailors to the right of CDR Belmont is LT Jesse Epp (1520) and behind him are ENS Josh Brewster (6330) and LT Chaz Stamps (6330).

1/15/2014 - Richard Dorn just returned from several weeks on the Antarctic peninsula and has some nice photos to share. Richard came close to getting stuck in unexpectedly thick polar ice on his Russian vessel, but they prudently adjusted course to avoid trouble (for reference, that's a roughly 3/4 mile wide iceberg in the dense drift ice). The views were spectacular...and yes, penguins are everywhere.

1/7/2014 - Here's the . The Maintenance Officer is CDR Flores (1520), the AMO is LCDR Borden (6330) and the MMCO is LCDR Mulhern(1520). 

12/18/2013 - Just after his retirement, Tim Matthews travelled to Patagonia where he and Beth hiked over 100 miles in the rugged mountains. Here they are . More photos:

12/15/2013 - Dennis Baker recently had a well-attended for his recently published "Restless Hearts", which is a book for veterans and active duty military from all services. It’s a fictional novel that follows five fallen soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines who are rewarded with the gift of returning home to find closure in their lives. "Restless Hearts" will captivate your heart and allow you to spend the day with characters that were given the names of real fallen heroes. It’s an easy read that will make you cry and cheer to the end. The publisher is working to stock it in the 12,000 military exchanges. Dennis’ book is endorsed by General Snowden, the oldest surviving Marine Officer who fought on Iwo Jima, Korea, and Vietnam as well as Admiral James H. Flatley, recipient of the Navy's John Paul Jones Award for Inspirational Leadership. The book is available at, Books a Million, Barnes and Noble, and

12/6/2013 - Here's . Back Row: From L to R: ENS Via, 2ndLt Walker, LTJG Sasko, 2ndLt Campos, ENS Britten, ENS Bent, ENS Ivasyuk, ENS Jasinski, ENS Biddle, 2ndLt Marks, ENS Osvath. Middle Row: From L to R: ENS Reyes, 2ndLt Coughlin, LTJG Merrill, LTJG Spinazzola, ENS May, ENS McCurdy. Front Row: From L to R: ENS Wallace, LT Adamek, ENS Forero, ENS Dubois, ENS Coons.

12/3/2013 - Here are the standing in front of the future of naval aviation: CWO3 Chad Vance, LT Riley Swinney, LCDR Kevin Bittle, CDR Steve Leehe, LCDR Chris Crider, LT Tim Maine, LT Aaron Shipman and LT Shannon Keuss

11/18/2013 - Last August the 19th, Carl Hink's pinning ceremony was held with great style.  Carl chartered a fishing boat from the Solomons Island Rec Center and headed out for some Rockfish (with some moderate success).  They even sailed via a BBQ place and picked up stores for the cruise. Fred Hepler did the pinning honors for Carl and called Carl's wife up front and put an Admiral's star on her collar, because women are always the boss.   , from left to right pictured are:  CDR Lee Grubs, Sandy and Captain Fred Hepler, CDR Carl and Kathryn Hink, CDR Marilee Pike, Major Dominic Ewers, Captain Trent DeMoss, and LT Orlando White.    Here is a shot of . 

11/18/2013 - Here are some photos from REAGAN's most recent operations with CVW-2. .

11/13/2013 - Pictures from RDML Matthews retirement ceremony. from VADM Philip Cullom, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Fleet Readiness and Logistics. . Here he is being , and here's .

11/9/2013 - as Officer in Charge, Fleet Readiness Center Southwest, Detachment Point Mugu during the Change of Charge ceremony on 7 Nov, 2013

11/9/2013 - Here's , who used to wear his hair high and tight. The photo was taken below the summit of San Gorgonio Mountain just outside of San Bernardino.

11/4/2013 - Here are , all of which happen to be  Mustang Officers.  On Mustang Sundays, they all wear their blue Mustang jersey.  From Left to Right:  LT Fisher (QAO/1520), LTJG Anderson (IM4/1520), LT Boswell (IM3, LDO), CDR Flores (AIMDO, 1520),  LCDR Mulhern (MMCO, 1520), CWO2 Reeves (TECHWO, CWO), ENS Brinkley (IM2, LDO) and LCDR Borden (AMO, LDO).

10/24/2013 - Here is the following an All Hands Call, Re-enlistments, and Q&A session by CNO and MCPON onboard CVN 77, 14S Norfolk. L-R: AFCM David Tracy (MMCPO), LTJG Andy Rittenhouse (QAO/CPI; not pictured), LTJG Art Nagorniuk (IM-2), LCDR Eric Finney (MMCO), CDR Grady Duffey (MO), LCDR Jim Gault (AMO), LT Rob Boase (IM-3), CWO2 Tim Wheeler (Tech WO), LT Stephanie Knight (IM-4), AVCM Mike Moncus (DLCPO)

10/14/2013 - Here's just after her promotion to her new rank on 1 October.

10/2/2013 - Tom Vandenberg retired on 5 October and will soon head south on , their 36 foot Bavaria sailboat.  TV's timing is to leave in company with his brother who has done the Intracoastal Waterway seven or eight times and to spend most of the winter in the south where he will see if he can fit the boat through the Obeechobee Waterway to Ft Myers, then south to Key West and back up the east coast as it gets warmer next spring.


10/2/2013 - Karl Neeb has an at his house in Tennessee. That's Karl with some produce from his garden in the photo.

9/16/2013 - Here's the . Left to Right:  CWO2 Chris Reeves (TECHWO), LT Rick Boswell (IM3), LCDR Mike Mulhern (MMCO), LT Charlie Daniels (QAO), CDR Ramiro Flores (AIMDO), LTJG Rebecca Anderson (IM4), ENS Brian Brinkley (IM2), LCDR Kelly Borden (AMO).

9/14/2013 - Last year, had the honor of at VMI. She is is currently deployed in WestPac on USS Boxer (LHD-4), as 2nd Div officer with the deck-apes. Once qual'd as a SWO, she'll be off to nuke training, heading for subs.

9/11/2013 - Here is the . Back row L to R: LTJG Gunter, LTJG Calvitto, ENS Haber, ENS Lee, LTJG Welborn, ENS Nist, ENS Donovan. Front row L to R: ENS Wade, ENS Robinson, LT Schrupp, LT Hilgenfeld, LT Poland, ENS Nelson, ENS Marcantonio.

And . L to R: Capt Massey (CO 33 MXG), LCDR Logan (OIC CNATT Det Milton), LT Bailey (AMO School Instructor), LT Curry (VFA-101 AMO), LCDR Tindell (CNATT Det Eglin OIC), Capt Hammond (XO CNATT)

9/10/2013 - Here are Terry Ford and Tony Kelly . And

8/29/2013 - Dan Mathis is enjoying life in the wilds of Montana. Here's . And here's .

8/19/2013 - on 19 August from in PMA265's office.

8/19/2013 - Carl Hink heads back to Naples next month for his second tour in the Med. at a motorcycle rally.

8/9/2013 - On 7 August 2013, Jeff Chown turned over USS GEORGE H.W. BUSH (CVN 77) AIMD to Grady Duffey. Here's and, with the passing of the brick, .

8/6/2013 - Here are the . LT Jesse Epp (IM-2), CWO2 Bob Fletcher, LCDR(sel) Lincoln Endecott (IM-4), LCDR Matt Scott (AMO), CDR Jim Belmont (FIXO), LCDR Gregg Russell (MMCO), LT Ben Besch (IM-3), LT Chaz Stamps (IM-4).

8/5/2013 - Mark Nieto took command of FRC WestPac on July 11th. Representatives from COMFRC, FRCWP, CFAF, DCMA Pacific, DCMA Japan, NAF Atsugi, the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF), and several international MRO companies were in attendance. Here are a few photos: . . .

8/1/2013 - On 19 July, from CDR Tim Franklin. And in the same ceremony, .

7/30/2013 - CORAL SEA (July 27, 2013) , assigned to Commander Task Force 70, assumes the con of the Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Antietam (CG 54) during a replenishment-at-sea while visiting the ship in support of Talisman Saber 2013. Talisman Saber is a biennial training activity aimed at improving Australian and U.S. combat readiness and interoperability.

7/16/2013 - Here are the inbound : Grady Duffy and Flo Flores after three days of training and review at CNAL, Norfolk, VA.

6/28/2013 - (CVN 77). From L to R: LT Shawn Marlowe (IM-3 DIVO), LCDR Eric Finney (MMCO), CDR Jeff Chown (MO), LCDR Jim Gault (AMO), LTJG Art Nagorniuk (QAO), CWO2 Tim Wheeler (TECH WO), LT Tim Deal (IM-2 DIVO), LT Rob Boase (IM-4 DIVO)

6/26/2013 - Here's a photo of Louise and on a lake at the Franz Josef Glacier on New Zealand's south island during a trip to the Australian Open and New Zealand.

6/26/2013 - Here is as Shuttle Pilot alongside his Mission Commander (and 11 year old grandson "Pappy") in a Shuttle simulator during Space Camp at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL. Despite landing wheels up with the payload bay doors still open, Mike's entire crew of seven walked away without a scratch!!

6/26/2013 - Here is photo of receiving his PAMO Wings from CAPT Grieco (CO CVN-71), using his Father's, CDR Rusty Medford (Ret), warfare device.

6/26/2013 - recently got together aboard USS Ronald Reagan.

6/26/2013 - Here's Cathy and after a tough day of walking on European cobblestones in Estonia, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark.

6/8/2013 - LT Aaron Ship of AIMD, USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) was awarded the Class of '71 Ethical Character in Leadership Award. The award is presented annually by former Class of '71 Officers to the junior officer who most exemplifies exceptional ethical leadership, pride, professionalism, and dedication to duty.

(L to R): CAPT Longworth (Ret), CAPT Tennant (Ret), LT Shipman, CAPT Grieco (CVN-71 CO) and CAPT Colombo (CVN-71 XO). (L to R): LT Riley Sweeney (IM4), CAPT Longworth (Ret), LCDR Kevin Bittle (AMO), LT Shannon Keuss (IM2), LT Chris Medford (QAO), LCDR Scott Porter (MMCO), CAPT Tennant (Ret), LT Aaron Shipman (IM3), CDR Steve Leehe (MO), CWO5 Lou Quiroga (IM3A), CWO3 Chad Vance (IM3A), CAPT Grieco (CVN-71 CO).

5/28/2013 - Here's with DCMA Director Charles E. Williams Jr. Marty is currently on a 9-month IA tour in Kuwait in support of CCAS.

5/13/2013 - Here are some pictures from AIMD's Birthday celebration onboard USS RONALD REAGAN. . . .

5/9/2013 - CDR Wes Joshway reaches an AMDO milestone for having posted his “1,000th picture on the AMDO website”.  to attend VAW-116’s Change of Command and visit with his daughter who is assigned to the CSG-1 Staff.  Pictured L-R:  CDR Paul Choate (AIMD MO), LCDR Al Palmer (CAGMO),  CDR Wes Joshway (ACCLOGWING MO) and LCDR Sly Pfarr (AIMD AMO).  Number #1,001 is .

5/9/2013 - Through the hard work of retired AMDO Harry King, the AMDO placque along with the Virg Lemmon placque are now prominently displayed in the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola. Here's . . .

5/2/2013 - Here's a shot of the during their visit to USS GEORGE H W BUSH (CVN 77). L to R: CDR Rex Burkett (Prospective XO, 33 MXS) CDR Mike Barriere (PMO, CVN 76) CDR Bret Bishop (Prospective OIC, FRCMA Site Norfolk) LCDR Ramiro Flores (PMO, CVN 75) CDR Matt Wilcox (PMO, CVN 71) CDR Grady Duffey (PMO, CVN 77) CAPT Kennedy, CNAF N423. And past, present, and future: CDR Chris Couch, CDR Jeff Chown, and CDR Grady Duffey

4/26/2013 - Here's that graduated on 7 March 2013.

4/14/2013 - Here's the : FIXO - CDR Jim Belmont, SUPPO - CDR Dan Davidson, CAGMO - LCDR Paul Rock (LDO). And here's .

4/12/2013 - Here's and here are . From L to R: LT Chaz Stamps IM-4(LDO), CWO2 Bob Fletcher IM3A, LT Ben Besch IM-3(LDO), LCDR Matt Scott AMO, CDR Jim Belmont AIMDO, LCDR Gregg Russell MMCO, LT Lincoln Endecott IM-2 and LT Jesse Epp QAO.

4/12/2013 - :  CDR Couch (AIRLANT), CDR Washburn (FRC Norfolk OIC), CDR Lapacek (CVN-72 MO), CDR Harvey (CVN-75 MO), CDR Kelly (CVN-65 MO), CDR Chown (CVN-77 MO), CDR Leehe (CVN-71 MO).

4/11/2013 - Here are photos of from CDR Mike Morgan, CVN-76 FIXO. The and the .

4/3/2013 - Here is receiving her PAMO pin from the Commanding Officer of MALS-24, LtCol Edwin Ray Rich at MCBH. Becky says that its very cool to be in a Marine Command and letting the CO pin her.

3/28/2013 - Here is . .

3/20/2013 - Here is . Terry was actually . .

3/19/2013 - Proud Father: CDR Dave Ferreira commissioned son David Jr after completion of OCS in Newport Rhode Island on March 8th 2013. : Left to right - Julie, David Jr., Joanne and Dad.

3/1/2013 - On 27 February, . . And here's .

3/1/2013 - Marty and Nancy Reagan just returned from a 30-day tour of Australia and New Zealand. Here they are and here they are in New Zealand.

3/1/2013 - has been designated as Picatinny Arsenal's G2 Range Safety Officer and 20 February was his 3rd Live Fire event. Joe notes that it is interesting that the Army has a prior Navy Officer coordinating Army weapon shoots. with Ms Amanda Simpson (Special Asst to Sec Army for Technology, Acquisition, Logistics Programs). . The weapons fired were the M26 Shotgun, XM2010 Enhanced Sniper Weapon, M4A1 Carbine, and their newest LSAT (Light Weight Machine Gun).

3/1/2013 - Here's . Not the ideal time of year to be sightseeing, but they had just completed training in Colorado Springs for a service dog that their grandson just got. It's a peanut sniffing dog which can help save his life.

3/1/2013 - , 4 - 15FEB 2013. From L-R: Duane Mallicoat, Rick Rivera, Drew Rutherford, Joe Holt, Rob Vohrer, Carl Hink, Branton Joaquin, Scott Brown (6330), Chris Crider (6330) and Grady Duffey.

3/1/2013 - On February 2, Norm Blinn's daughter Chris retired after 4 years active and 26 years reserve duty. She was an AMS and retired as an AFCM. Her last squadron was VR-53, based at NAF Andrews, flying C-130s. ; Norm, Chris and Stephen (Norm's grandson) who is a Marine MP and combat dog handler. He’s assigned to the 1st Law Enforcement Battalion at Camp Pendleton, CA, slated for deployment to Afghanistan  in late spring/early summer. The three Blinns have tallied 63 years of naval service!

3/1/2013 - This past December took a field trip down to Eglin AFB to see the JSF and to meet with CAPT Massey and CDR Tessier. In no particular order are LCDR Logan, LCDR Bornino, LCDR Walker, CAPT Leonard, ENS Curtis, 1STLT Fletcher, ENS Gagnon, ENS Greene, 2nd LT Hoffman, 2nd LT Kuhn, LTJG Lewis, LT Lindeke, ENS Miller, ENS Spencer, 2nd LT Wagner, and MSgt Marshall. And here's .

1/2/2013 - Here's and Wanda celebrating Christmas at the Four Seasons Reforma in Mexico City.

12/17/2012 - Here are the USS Truman AIMD Officers in front of the X-47-B during it's recent CV demonstration. - L to R: CDR Harvey (MO), LCDR Mulhern (MMCO), LT Curry (IM2/4 DIVO), LT Boswell (QAO), LCDR Borden (AMO). - L to R: LCDR Mulhern (MMCO), CDR Harvey (MO),  LT Curry (IM2/4 DIVO), LCDR Borden (AMO), LT Boswell (AMO).

12/5/2012 - Here are some photos taken just before USS RONALD REAGAN undocked on November 2nd. The first photo is minus the SE detachment in San Diego. The second photo is . Listed from left to right: LTJG Gloria Ewing (IM-2), LT Kevin Duncan (QAO), LCDR Bob Pinski (AMO), CDR Mike Morgan (FIXO), LCDR Ray Hanna (MMCO), LT Jared Mauldin (IM-3). Not present were CWO2 Lee (TECWO) & LT Prenatt (IM-4). The third photo is .

12/2/2012 - Along with Roy Strawhun (retired NAVAIR GS-15), here's at USS Enterprise's decomissioning on December 1, 2012. And here's a photo of : CAPT(ret) Dave Mozgala ('83-85), CAPT Neil Williams ('03-05), CDR Anthony Kelly ('11-present), RDML(ret) Mike Bachmann ('87-89). Here's at the ceremony.

12/1/2012 - recently had some nice success fishing.

11/14/2012 - USS George Washington is wrapping up their deployment and had occasion to have a small . From left to right: LCDR Holly Falconieri, ENS Jonathan Brown, LT Thomas Miyano, LCDR Rich Augullana, CAPT Neil Williams, ENS Mike Beaver, LTJG Matt Purvis, LT Chris Daniels, CDR Matt Webber, LTJG Barry Smith.

11/10/2012 - Here's some shots of from a couple of unusual perspectives: and

10/30/2012 - Today, (both of CNAP/N422) were awarded their PAMO wings by CAPT Terrence Hammond (N422).

10/26/2012 - Here's , Assistant Chief of Staff for Maintenance & Logistics (N4), Carrier Strike Group FIVE/Task Force SEVENTY with the Honorable Ray Maybus, Secretary of the Navy, at a reception onboard the USS George Washington (CVN 73) during a recent port visit to Manila, Republic of the Philippines.

10/24/2012 - Here are the showing their support for Breast Cancer awareness month.  Pictured from left to right are: LT Ben Besch (6330), CWO2 Bob Fletcher, LT Bob Wainscott (1520), CDR Jim Belmont (1520), LT Lincoln Endecott (1520), LCDR Matt Scott (1520) and LCDR Gregg Russell (1520).  

10/13/2012 - Here's some shots from the Big E as she makes her last transit of the Suez Canal.

10/13/2012 - Nancy and Marty Reagan recently completed two back-to-back Med cruises visiting many of the same ports he saw on FDR and JFK. Here's a neat taken at the exact same spot atop the Acropolis in Athens where 40 years ago, then CDR Jack Fetterman, Marty's CO, promoted him to LT.

10/3/2012 - Here's a photo of who gathered in Whidbey Island for CDR Shultz and CDR Lee's CoC on 2 October.

9/19/2012 - Here's during Plebe's Parent Weekend at the US Naval Academy on Aug 29 2012. And here's .

8/28/2012 - Here are a few photos from the FRC West Change of Command where CDR Russ Dickison relieved CDR Steve Crawmer on 9 Aug 2012. of the AIMD Lemoore/FRC West OIC/CO's past and present. From left to right: CAPT John Kemna, CDR Steve Crawmer, RDML CJ Jaynes, CDR Russ Dickison, and CAPT Lance Massey. . Here's . And here's .

8/24/2012 - , the officer in charge of Fleet Readiness Center Southeast Detachment Jacksonville, with the Capt. Virgil Lemmon Award for excellence in aviation maintenance June 26. The award recognizes aviation maintenance officers who have made the most significant contributions to the aviation maintenance and logistics fields during the year. (U.S. Navy photo by Victor Pitts/Released)"

8/13/2012 - Photos from RDML Jaynes' promotion ceremony and teh COMFRC Change of Command ceremony on 6 August:

8/10/2012 - Here's a shot from when he took over DCMA Aircraft Propulsion Operations in Lynn, MA on 23 July onboard the USS Constitution in Boston Harbor .

8/6/2012 - Here's the : LCDR Taylor (MMCO), LTJG Yeiser (QAO), CWO3 Howard (Avionics Officer), LCDR Reyman (AMO), CDR Kelly (MO), LT Bailey (IM2), LT Schrock (IM3), LTJG Oneal (IM4)

: LCDR Taylor (MMCO) handles the pressure well.  CDR Kelly, CDR Morse, LCDR Sanchez.

7/26/2012 - CNAFR/Deputy CNAF-CNAP, RDML John Sadler presided over on 20 July at NSA Norfolk.

7/4/2012 - Congrats to on his new position as the chairman of the Board of Directors for the new National Cultural Heritage Tourism Center. The National Cultural Heriage Tourism Center is a projet of the Florida Black Chamber of Commerce, focused on bringing more African American culture into the tourism industry. Currently based in Florida, the project hopes to solicit information from other communities across the nation about destinations of cultural significance to black tourists.

7/2/2012 - Here's all dressed up on the Alaska cruise they just completed with Bob's USNA company-mates.

6/28/2012 - Here is . L to R: Capt Kelly, CDR(s) Savanh, CDR Morgan, CDR Leehe, CDR Dall, Capt Kennedy, CDR(s) Montes, CDR(s) Vondrak, CDR Washburn, RDML Matthews. Here's from Mike Kelly. And here's a photo of - from left to right - CDR Schneider - former OIC, CDR(s) Savanh - former instructor, LCDR Logan - current OIC, LCDR Bornino - current director, and CDR Washburn - former instructor.

This year's PAIMDO class left behind an .

6/28/2012 - Here is that includes our newest AMDOs and 6002s pictured with RDML(s) Jaynes.

And here is a photo of that graduated on 21 June. Starting from the front left are: Front row: LCDR Bornino, ENS Mathe, RDML(s) Jaynes, LTJG Porterfield, ENS Borjaortega, LCDR Logan; Center row: ENS Garcia, ENS Higginbotham, LT Reid, ENS Stadil, ENS Delisio, LTJG Shamrell, CDR Tessier; Back row: ENS Krztonpresson, LT Bauman, CDR Schneider, CDR McCurdy, CAPT Massey.

6/20/2012 - LT Will Judd from FRC WESTPAC was the recipient of the CNO Nechvatal Award for 2011 and he received his plaque from CNAF today. Pictured are Will with , and .

6/11/2012 - Here's the group from . L to R: CAPT(ret) Will Ainsworth (towards the back), CAPT Terry Hammond, CDR Nate Schneider, CDR Tom Dall, CAPT Rich Lorentzen, CDR(s) Joe Montes, CDR(s) Dave Vondrak, CDR Mike Morgan, VADM Al Myers, CAPT Chris Kennedy, CDR Steve Leehe, CAPT Terry Burt, CDR Bret Washburn, CAPT Mike Kelly, CDR Jackie Lapacek and CDR(s) Bobby Savanh.

And here's , down in the classroom signing out .

6/7/2012 - Fred Braman is currently on an extended sail of the Bahamas islands aboard his boat, Rhombus. , one of the most famous watering holes in Abaco.

6/1/2012 - Several bicyclists including Captain Rob Caldwell (front row, third from right), CO, FRC Southeast, his wife Laura (second row, behind CAPT Caldwell), CDR Jerry "Buster" Brown, LT Manny Sachez (LDO) (both front row center) pose with at the start of the 2012 Tour de Cure May 19. The ride raises funds to support the American Diabetes Association's important research, information and advocacy efforts. The group raised more than ,000. (Photo courtesy Miriam Gallet, NAS JAX)

5/31/2012 - Here are the . Left to Right: LT Mark Laney (600), LTjg Victor Veguilla (900), LT Shannon Thompson (AOIC), LT Manny Sanchez (MMCO), CDR Jerry "Buster" Brown (OIC), LT Michelle Higingbotham (QAO), CWO3 Keith Turnipseed (Gunner), CWO5 Larry Eminger (AIRSpeed/Business Office), LT Jim Rorer (500/800), Mr. Wade Emmons (CISSP). Not pictured CWO3 Toni Rand (400)

5/28/2012 - Nancy & Marty Reaganjust returned from a neat two-week adventure in Peru and Ecuador. Here they are at , an Inca village high in the Andes, and here they are in walking amid a sea lion colony.

5/10/2012 - Here is receiving an award from Janet Napolitano during a ceremony in which he was recognized for superior achievement in the management of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Efficiency Review Rrogram within the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

5/8/2012 - Here is standing up the JSF. Left to right: CDR Joel “Joker” Tessier, Commander, 33MXS; CAPT Lance “LEM” Massey, Deputy Commander, 33MXG; LCDR Ramiro “Flo’” Flores, VFA-101 Grim Reaper Maintenance Officer; and LCDR Derek “Sleeves” Tindell, CNATT Det Eglin Training Officer.

4/21/2012 - Here are Lorrie and enjoying retirement in Tennessee.

4/20/2012 - Here is who is on an IA in Germany from FRC SE. Jim is in the back row second from the right, (big smile). Of note, that is a piece of the Berlin wall behind the group.

4/6/2012 - Here is at Canyonlands National Park, one of several they visited during their recent trip out west to the breathtakingly beautiful Southern Utah National Parks.

4/4/2012 - Here's receiving her PAMO wings from Capt Art Pruett recently.

3/22/2012 - Here are the : ENS Perez - 1520, ENS Whitford - 1527, ENS Espinoza - 1520, and Ensign Burnham - 1515.

2/26/2012 - Wes Joshway, USS Abraham Lincoln MO, and John Soracco, Lincoln SUPPO, have proof that they did in fact transfer all retrograde back to USNS Charles  Drew (T-AKE-10).  Here's four photos showing how they did it: , , , and .

2/19/2012 - Here are a couple of photos from USS Nimitz AIMD's dining out. In this are LT Tzu Chen,  CDR Rick Braunbeck, LT Jeff Tomaszewski, LCDR Joe Hidalgo, and LT Tommy Tong. And here's a photo of with Medal of Honor recipient Army Colonel (ret) Bruce Perry Crandall.

2/6/2012 - , with wives Nancy and Helen, met for dinner in Melbourne, FL at Meg O'Malley's Irish Pub this evening. It was 35 years ago that Marty relieved Rich as IM-1 aboard USS John F. Kennedy.

2/1/2012 - Here's after his pinning with his wife, Rebecca, youngest son Cole, Skipper Schulz and RDML Penfield (COMFRC).

1/25/2012 - aboard Enterprise recently.

1/23/2012 - The onboard STENNIS.  From left:  LCDR Al Palmer, CVW-17 CAGMO; LCDR Ken Lookabaugh, CVW-9 CAGMO; CDR Mike McCurdy, CVIN MO; CDR Flash Gorton, JCS FIXO; CDR Kristen Fabry, JCS SUPPO; CDR Frank Nevarez, CVIN SUPPO.

1/23/2012 - Here's the . And here are the for the 2011-2012 7th Fleet, 5th Fleet (OEF), 6th Fleet, and FFC (2nd Fleet) Cruise: (L to R) LT Jamie Castro (QAO), LTJG Rich Duchnowski (IM2), LCDR Bill White (MMCO), CDR Wes Joshway (MO), LCDR BJ Moore (AMO), LTJG Heather Bliss (IM4), LT Phil Zamarripa, and CWO5 Mike Guertin (AVO). And here's a shot of the Wes, the MO, . Yes, he does have a license!

1/14/2012 - CNO recently visited USS Enterprise and got up close and personal with AIMDO CDR Tony Kelly and some of his crew. Here's . Here's (CVN-65 SOY). Here's giving CNO a brief on GCUs. Here's . Here's (Shop 2 LPO). Here's .

1/12/2012 - Here's the in Pattaya, Thailand: (L to R) LCDR BJ Moore (AMO), LCDR Bill White (MMCO),  CDR Wes Joshway (MO), CWO5 Mike Guertin (AVO), and LT Jamie Castro (QAO).

12/13/2011 - Here are with RDML(s) Jaynes on 29 November 2011 following lunch/brief at the Cubi Café inside the Naval Aviation Museum. Pictured from left to right is LT Mike Marino, LT James Magin, CDR David Scalf, LCDR Vencent Logan, LT Sam Bornino, CAPT Kate Erb, RDML(s) C J Jaynes, Capt Lance Massey, Capt Terry Burt, CDR Joel Tessier, and LCDR Lane Cummins.

12/3/2011 - At the Seahawks field, here's Brian Leetch, , and Mark Logan.

12/3/2011 - RDML(s) Jaynes came to the Pensacola area 29-30 November for an overview of training, primarily focused on JSF. She received briefs at CNATT and toured the A-School at Pensacola and JSF facilities at Eglin. Terry Burt took the opportunity to pull together . Back row (L to R): Terry and Lynn Burt, CNATT XO Kate Erb and her husband Barry. Front row: Charlie Code, Terry Merritt, RDML(s) Jaynes, Gloria Smith, Frank Smith.

11/22/2011 - Here's at the DoD Maintenance Symposium Awards Banquet last week in Ft. Worth, TX.

11/15/2011 - Here's a few pictures from Joel Tessier's Change of Command on 2 Nov 11 when he assumed command of the 33d Maintenance Squadron at Eglin AFB, FL. The 33rd is a joint IMA, made up of Airmen, Sailors, and Marines, supporting all three services operating F-35's at the F-35 Integrated Training Center, 33dFighter Wing. The ITC is the initial training site for all F-35 pilot and maintenance training for the Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps. The Navy FRS, VFA-101 Grim Reapers, will formally stand-up in April 2012, and eventually have 35 F-35Cs.

(L to R): Col Mark Fluker, USAF, Commander, 33d Maintenance Group; LtCol Rod Webb, outgoing Commander, 33d Maintenance Squadron; Joel.

is Joel accepting the 33d Maintenance Squadron guideon from Col Fluker.

is Joel giving his remarks.

is AMDOs attending the ceremony (L to R): CAPT Fred Melnick, Vice Commander, Fleet Readiness Centers; CAPT Lance Massey, Deputy Commander, 33d Maintenance Group; me; CAPT Kate Erb, XO, CNATT; LCDR Ramiro Flores, AMO, VFA-101.

10/20/2011 - CAPT Chris Kennedy from . From the left are: LT Bailey (IM-4), LTJG Yeiser (IM-3), LCDR Donaldson (MMCO), CDR Kelly (MO), CAPT Kennedy (CNAL N423), LT Landry (QAO) & ENS O'NEAL (IM2). And here's Chris from CWO3(s) Howard (IM3A) and AE1 Karricker.

9/24/2011 - During AUTOTESTCON, the annual conference of the automatic testing industry, last week for "outstanding leadership, individual initiative and technical contributions in the field of automatic test....during a career". The award came with a and a ,000 prize.

9/16/2011 - Here's . No, its not your eyes - it was a bit humid that day. From left to right are LT Sam Bornino, AMO School, and Ensigns John T. Walters, and Ronald C. Oconnor.

8/16/2011 - Here are the dressed in their Sunday best for brunch. From left to right (back row included): LCDR Rene Abadesco (MMCO), LT Bob Wainscott (IM-2), LT Ben Besch (IM-4), CDR Grant Gorton (FIXO), CWO2 Bob Fletcher (Tech WO), LT John Harris (IM-3), and LCDR Marc Farnsworth (AMO).

8/9/2011 - More photos from Capt Avgi Ioannidis' retirement ceremony:

8/9/2011 - Here's the . From the right are: RDML(s) CJ Jaynes, AIR 6.0; CDR Tony Kelly (ENTERPRISE); CDR(s) Paul Choate (VINSON); CDR(s) Brett Ingle (FRCSW); CDR(s) Frank Bennett (NIMITZ); CDR(s) Darren Jones (EISENHOWER); CDR(s) Jim Belmont (STENNIS); CDR Art Harvey (TRUMAN); CDR(s) Jackie Lapacek (LINCOLN) CDR Jeff Chown (BUSH); and RDML Tim Matthews, OPNAV N43.

8/9/2011 - From USS George Bush, here's photos of with AIMDO Chris Couch and CAGMO Chris Haas out front, , and .

8/3/2011 - Here's a photo of at her retirement ceremony on 1 August.

8/2/2011 - Here's a shot of during the LA Navy Week Reception on the 29th of July onboard the ship. In the shot are LCDR BJ Moore, CDR Wes Joshway, Fred Orton, LTJG Heather Bliss, and LT Zap Zamarripa.

7/28/2011 - Here is from the PQM-301 held in Fredericksburg, VA in July 2011.

7/20/2011 - Steve Padron just completed a year at Ft McNair in Washington D.C. attending the Inter American Defense College (IADC) as the first 1520 to be accepted in the College's 50 year history. His class was composed of 55 senior Officers and Civilian officials from 16 nations throughout the Western hemisphere. Here are a few photos from Steve's year: , , , , .

7/14/2011 - Photographs from the Big E: Here's - (L-R) CDR Mark Nieto (AIMDO), CDR Pat O’Connor (SUPPO) and LCDR Ken “Pony” Sanchez (CAGMO). Here are the : L-R MMCO LCDR Rich Donaldson; QAO LT Mike Landry; IM-2 ENS Jason O’Neal; MO CDR Mark Nieto; IM-4 LT James Bailey; IM-3 LTJG Kirt Yeiser; Avionics Warrant CWO2 Darryl Howard; AMO LCDR Matt Wilcox. And here's a .

7/13/2011 - Here is a , virtually all taken by AT1 Ron Suzuki, of FRC Norfolk. This is a 5.6 meg PDF so it may take a minute or two to download depending on your connection speed - the best trick would be to right click and "save target as", then view it from your PC.

6/16/2011 - Here's a shot of : Tom Vandenberg, George Kilian, Mike Belcher and Fred Hepler.

6/15/2011 - Here's some pix of AMDOs at the PMA260 Change of Command on 9 June:

6/15/2011 - Here are in Pax River on 8 June: LCDR Ronnie Harper (LDO), CWO Ed Rickett, LCDR Joe Montez (AMDO), Jeff Llewellyn (CWO, Ret), CDR Bret Washburn (AMDO), CDR Jim Parrish (AMDO), Capt Fred Hepler (AMDO), Capt Mike Belcher (AMDO), Marty Reagan (Capt, AMDO, Ret), Tom Vandenberg (Capt, AMDO, Ret), Mike “Shoe” Mellor (CDR, AMDO, Ret), CDR Angel Bellido (AMDO), LCDR Francini Clemmons (AMDO), Bill Englehart (Capt, AMDO, Ret), LCDR Scott Levkulich (AMDO), George Kilian (Capt, AMDO, Ret), LCDR Rob Burgess (AMDO), Craig Davie (ATCS, Ret), Maj Ron Rostek (USMC).

6/3/2011 - Here's . From L to R: LT Bornino, ENS Laggner, LT Blanchard (1525), LTJG Fleese, ENS Trady, CDR Chown. Not pictured is ENS Horner who had to depart the pattern early to prepare for an upcoming surge exercise.

5/27/2011 - Here's enjoying a lovely spring in Camp Eggers, Kabul, Afghanistan where they are working for the NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan.

5/24/2011 - QUARTERLY LUNCHEON HELD ON NAS WHIDBEY ISLAND: The second-ever quarterly maintenance officer luncheon was held on 5 May 2011 at the Officer’s Club. More than thirty active and retired maintenance officers were in attendance to listen to Dr. Phil Smiley (Capt retired) speak about his time in the Navy. It was a great history lesson for the junior maintainers in the group and reminiscing for those more senior in the crowd. During his speech he gave out advice and pointers, such as, “I should have probably gone where the Admiral recommended instead of taking a different set of orders.” His comments repeatedly drew chuckles from the crowd. From there we all joined for lunch and then those who could make it headed over to VAQ 140 to see aircraft in mod and rework. The next luncheon is tentatively scheduled for the first week of August. .

Anyone in the Great Northwest Region during that time, active or retired, should attend these luncheons. An announcement for the next one will be posted on the AMDO web page.

5/24/2011 - Last month, took a river boat cruise through the Netherlands and Belgium. It was very impressive, especially Amsterdam. This area should be on everyone's bucket list.

5/23/2011 - Here's the on deployment in the 5th Fleet AOR. From L to R: LT Mike Landry (IM-3); ENS Jason O’Neal (QAO); LCDR Matt Wilcox (AMO); LCDR Rich Donaldson (MMCO); CDR Mark Nieto (MO); LT Alex Palomino (IM-2); CWO2 Darryl Howard (Avionics CWO); LTJG Kirt Yeiser (IM-4).

5/12/2011 - Here's during their recent stay on Maui.

5/10/2011 - Here's . L to R are LTJG Chris Medford, IM-4, LTJG Tony Clark, QAO, LCDR Duane Dunivan, MMCO 6330, CDR Gerald Cook, MO, LCDR Tim Snowden, AMO, CWO4 Lou Quiroga, IM-3, and LT Richie Martinez, IM-2 6330. And here's .

4/26/2011 - Here's the recently completed with Professor Ken Nicholas (retired AMDO) and Don Hartsell.

4/22/2011 - Winn Harris, , just earned his Formation Flying Wingman Certificate and hopes to be flying in an airshow or two soon.

3/25/2011 - Here's the . From the left are LT Sam Bornino, Instructor, LT Trent Arnold, ENS Richard Legendre, ENS Jason Horowitz, ENS Kevin Blythe, ENS Brad Hamilton, LT Brandon Michaelis (1527), ENS Iain Dunkle, ENS Jonathan Brown, and CDR Jeff Chown, OIC.

3/15/2011 - Joe Byers' Pleasant Valley Energy was recently awarded the Global Humanitarian Leadership Award for the Village of Hope "Joe Dome" Project. Here's .

3/7/2011 - From USS Enterprise, , IM-2 Officer, after getting his PAMO pin from the CO, CAPT Dee Mewbourne. And .

2/22/2011 - Here are the graduates of : The instructors & students (L to R) retired 1520's Ron Burroughs & Marty Sherman, LT Rich Agullana & LCDR Joe Hidalgo.

2/18/2011 - Here's LT Marti Martinson, FRC NW, receiving his PAMO wings. Here he is with and with .

2/17/2011 - Only one greenshirt in PQM301 this month. Here's .

1/21/2011 - Here are the in Norfolk in January 2011. Left to right are Rich Fairchild, Jeff Chown, John Larson, Mike Corrigan and Fitz Britton.

1/19/2011 - Last November & December, went on a . Vince looks good in that body armor!

1/16/2011 - JC Harding just turned 50. . Is that a racing wheelchair??

1/9/2011 - Here is : From L-R; ASCM Roland Santos, LT Dennis Narlock (6330), LT Will Gray (1520), LCDR Darren Wright (1520), CDR Hump Lee (1520), LCDR Grady Duffey (1520), LT Charles Scarcello (1520), LTJG Dewayne Irvin (6332), AFCM Kurt Schweiger, CWO3 Johnnie Perry (7381).  

12/30/2010 - CAPT Neil Williams points out significant events in Navy uniform history against the backdrop of a board which captures the chronology of Naval Aviation. for Naval Aviation personnel. In 2010, as the Navy prepares to celebrate the Centennial of Naval Aviation, and is no longer authorized for wear.

12/27/10 - Kathy and Dave Mozgala recently cruised from the states to Hawaii. While there, they got to see up close.

12/14/10 - Here's the :

Front row L to R: LT Sam Bornino (instructor), ENS Phillip Martinez (1527), ENS Andrejs Rittenhouse (1520), LT Kenneth Lake (1527), ENS Lawerence Schuman (1520), LT Cheryll Rissin (Instructor/1525 - happened to be drilling this day).

Back Row L to R: CDR Jeff Chown (OIC), ENS Samantha Brogger (1520), ENS Gregory Jones (1520), ENS Matthew Dale (1520), ENS Paul Novess (1520), ENS Timothy Mosso, Honor Grad ENS Aaron Burdt (1520).

12/12/10 - Some pictures from the 2010 Strike Fighter Atlantic Ball:

12/11/10 - Here's USS Abraham Lincoln's .

12/11/10 - Mike Romero took his grandkids to Disneyworld last month. Here's , and here seeing the park.

11/19/10 - Here's a shot of retired AMDO in his photo studio in Paso Robles, CA. Check Don's website at .

10/28/10 - Here's the Greenshirts in the held in Stafford, VA.  Left to right are Joe Montes, Carl Nolte, John Larson, and James Wojtowicz.

10/13/10 - Here's the at Hanscom AFB, MA in September.  Left to right are Mike Barrier, Tom Dall, and James Chisholm.

10/5/10 - Here's some PAMO pinning shots from FRC-SW (Pt Mugu). receives his PAMO designation from CDR Eric Simon. receives his PAMO designation from CDR Eric Simon. .

9/27/10 - During the PAIMDO conference a few months back Mike Kelly, Mike Zarkowski, Hump Lee, and Rick Braunbeck met a very nice aviation artist named Merana Cadorette during a reception at the I-Bar for the American Society of Aviation Artists. She made a watercolor of a photo she shot of the four AMDOs that evening. They each got a print, and there is another copy that hangs in the I-Bar today. You can see a movie of the painting as it comes to life . If you can't get to YouTube, you can (left side of the page, video entitled Steps in painting a watercolor "Off Duty at the I-Bar").

9/27/10 - Dave Mozgala participated in an taking WW II veterant to Washington DC to see the memorials and meet dignitaries. Here are a few photos. Dave will describe the experience in the upcoming winter edition of the AMDO Association Newsletter.

9/25/10 - Here's the from USS Abraham Lincoln, and the .

9/25/10 - had a fine time at Disneyworld last week following some at a technical conference called AUTOTESTCON.

9/24/10 - (middle right) deployed to Iraq in August with a LMI team of 8 logistics SMEs. The 12-month task involves direct support for United States Forces - Iraq and the Iraqi Ministries of Defense and Interior to develop equipment sustainment capabilities for Iraq. Dean is working on Acquisition & Project Management Education and Training. He has also been assigned on-site team leader duties and he is considering extending his 6-month tour for a second 6 months. thanks to Dave Cutter.

9/23/10 - Dave Mozgala built a neat for his father's 88th birthday. Dave's Dad, an ADRC, served in two P-2V squadrons at NAS Brunswick, ME and was a TBM torpedo bomber plane captain aboard USS RANGER (CV-4) in WW II.

9/23/10 - took in the Tailhook Convention this year in Reno. , the legendary . While in Reno, Tony managed to get in a . .

9/8/10 - Here's the on 3 Sept 2010 at the Graduate University of Mary Washington in Stafford, VA. From left to right, CDR Angel Bellido, John Larson, CDR, USN, Ret. (Professor), and LCDR Victor Feal.

9/1/10 - Here's a photo of (CVN-69) taken during their 2010 cruise. That's AIMDO Duane Decker front and center.

8/24/10 - Thanks to Art, here's more photos from RADM Bachmann's retirement and change of command:
  • . L to R are CDR Tony Jaramillo, CDR Crystal Caler, CDR Kevin Crabbe, CAPT Fred Hepler, CDR John Farwell (partially hidden in back), CAPT Rich Lorentzen, LCDR Clay Massey, CAPT Terry Burt, RDML Tim Matthews, CAPT Mike Kelly, RADM Bachmann (sitting), CAPT(s) Rick Taylor, CAPT Tim Holland, CAPT Art Pruett - nice cast!, CAPT Fred Melnick, CAPT Ellen Moore, CAPT(s) Mike Huff, VADM(ret) Jim Zortman (honorary AMDO), LCDR Jay Toribio

8/24/10 - Here's some shots from Truman
  • deployed on the "tip of the spear". From (l) to (r) are LCDR(Select) Chris Grimes (IM-3), LT Shawn Collins (IM-2), LCDR Rod Simon (AMO), LCDR Rob Palmore (Out-going AMO), CDR Jeff Pronesti (AIMDO), LCDR Carvin Brown (MMCO), LCDR(Select) Dave Jackson (QAO), CWO4 Keith Olson (Techmo). Not shown in photo is LCDR(Select) Chris Crider (IM-4).
  • flanked by AZCM Dowell (AIMD LCPO) pictured on the left and ATCS Nation (MMCPO) on the right.

8/15/10 - Here's some photos from RADM Bachmann's retirement ceremony on 6 August:

7/29/10 - Last week, climbed . L to R are Capt Fred Melnick, CO FRCSW; Col Scott Loch, CO FRCE; Capt Paul Sohl, CO FRCSE; CDR Chuck Stuart, CO FRCWP; and RDML Tim Matthews. The phrase of the day was "Don't underestimate a 12,000 ft mountain!". . .

7/23/10 - Here are the Greenshirts in . Left to right: Juan Varela, John Larson, Jose "Marty" Martinez.

6/29/10 - Here are some shots from CAPT Avgi Ioannidis' award ceremony held on 25 June:

6/20/10 - Here are the greenshirts present in the .  From left to right are CDR (Ret) John Larson, CAPT Dave Randle, CDR Tom May, CDR Chris Wirth, LT Jeff Lake, LCDR Rob Burgess, CDR Marty Rumrill.

6/15/10 - Mike Keim just got back from a family trip to Austria and Germany. and .

6/4/10 - Here's . First row from left to right: ENS Reid B. Wackerman, ENS Rebecca L. Anderson, ENS Jeffery C. Deutsch, and LT Sam Bornino of AMO school. Second row from left to right CDR(s) Jeff J. Chown, ENS Nicolas Taylor, ENS Aaron J. Ringle, and ENS Christopher A. Lamey.

5/27/10 - Here's from CAPT Mike Newman, Commanding Officer, HSC-85.

5/18/10 - Here's being pinned by RADM O'Hanlon on 21 May, and .

5/18/10 - Here's enjoying some time at Hilton Head.

5/3/10 - Here's a great shot of with his new wife and best friend of six years, Marvina, on the 17th of April at St Peter's Church in Lemoore, California.

4/21/10 - Here's in Egypt with LtCol Al Fitts, USAF with whom she works in the Operations and Exercise Branch in the Office of Military Cooperation (OMC), Cairo. Occasionally Debbie is lucky enough to fly in the C-12 instead of having to drive to Alexandria.

4/14/10 - Here's the . L to R: LCDR Rodney Simon (MMCO), CDR Ken Faulkner (SUPPO), CDR Fitz Britton (FRCMA Site Norfolk OIC), and CDR (Sel) Wes Joshway (HSCWL MO).

From the recent Boots on the Ground at NS Norfolk, here's a shot of and one of briefing a senior visitor.

4/14/10 - Here's . And here's in the IPC on USS RONALD REAGAN.

4/1/10 - Here's the greenshirts from . Left to right: Tim Snowden, Mark Neito, John Larson, Rick Braunbeck.

4/1/10 - Last year, Sandy and Tom Snyder were in India for the Hindu holiday of Holi. , where the students really enjoyed teaching Tom about the tradition of covering friends with colored powders.

3/23/10 - Mike Barrier flew up to OCS school to a couple weeks ago. Here's Mike administering the oath, and here's

3/15/10 - Here's from last week's class at DAU Ft Belvoir: L to R: LCDR Tim Snowden (PMA205), LT A. Grillet (FRC MA-Andrews AFB), and LCDR Al Palmer (CSFWL).

3/11/10 - Here's offering at Patuxent River (California), MD held in February/March 2010. Pictured from left to right are: Stephen Madden, John Larson, Chris Hammond, James Cherry, Tom England, Tony Jaramillo, Rob Palmore, Bruce Osbourne.

3/4/10 - Kathy and Norm Blinn just returned from cruising the Caribbean aboard Arabella, a three-masted schooner. Here's . You can read his cruise report .

3/4/10 - on 12 January 2010. Also pictured is CAPT Mike Cashman, Deputy Commodore, and Zark. .

2/28/10 - Here's and getting pinned by RADM O'Hanlon. And here's with his certificate and with his.

2/21/10 - After 5 1/2 years, Joey Cacciola finally completed his Doctorate in Management from the University of Phoenix. Here's a

2/19/10 - , at VFA-125 in Lemoore on 29 January 2010. With the upcoming disestablishment of VFA-125 due to the merger of the two West Coast F/A-18 FRSs, VFA-125 (F/A-18A-D) and VFA-122(F/A-18E/F), CWO2 Choplin is the last in a long line of Mustang maintainers commissioned out of the VFA-125 Rough Raiders. Rough Raiders in the photo (left to right): AVCM(AW) Tim Webster, MMCPO; CDR Joel Tessier, MO; CWO2 Michael Choplin; LT Ray Thompson (LDO), MMCO; CMDCM(AW/SW) Scott Holwell, CMC. CWO2 Choplin is headed to the VFA-151 Vigilantes in the Spring.

2/17/10 - Here's a nice shot of .

2/15/10 - Here is a pic of being pinned by FIXO, CDR Nate Schneider in the REAGAN Room aboard CVN 76.

2/3/10 - Here are the offering at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. Left to Right are LCDR Gerald Lewis, CDR Greg Mitchell, LCDR Andrea Walker, DAU John Larson, CDR Scott Samples.

1/29/10 - Here's some pix of the 1520s on USS CARL VINSON making a difference in Haiti. In a very short period of time CVN 70 was able to on/off-load approximately 168 tons of food, water and medical supplies and transport over 750 passengers while conducting Humanitarian Aide Operations in Haiti. From the air, you can see and . Here's a shot of and a . Unloading and . . . . . . .

1-31-10: More from Operation UNIFIED RESPONSE - . PRC Carroll from CVN-70 AIMD handmade the baby's first pajamas from a yellow flight deck jersey.

1/25/10 - Here's the held in Norfolk, Virginia 4-15 January 2010. Left to Right are: LCDR Darren Jones, CDR John Larson (Retired), LCDR Chris Haas, LT Randy Berti, LCDR Alvin Ogletree

1/17/10 - Here's the ", pulchritudinous PAMO pinned puissant professionals performing proudly in public".

1/7/09 - CNO visited NIMITZ, located off the coast of Afghanistan, in order to . From left to right, CDR Russ Dickison (AIMD MO), LCDR Carl Hink (AIMD AMO), LCDR Dan Martindale (AIMD MMCO), ADM Gary Roughead (CNO), LT Mike Nehring (VAQ-135 QAO), CDR "Tupper" Ware (CO VAQ-135), LCDR Frank Bennett (CVW-11 CAGMO), CAPT Bret Batchelder (CVW-11 CAG).

1/5/09 - Following a four and a half year Refueling and Complex Overhaul (RCOH) period at Newport News shipyard, the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) is working tirelessly in preparation for their upcoming deployment. On December 12th, 2009, the sailors from AIMD’s IM-2 Division successfully ran and tested an F-404-400 engine on their newly refurbished Jet Engine Test Instrumentation System (JETIS) with outstanding results. For many of these sailors, it was the first time they had a chance to put their skills into practice while being supervised under the watchful eyes of NATEC technical experts as well as seasoned JETIS operators. : LT Declan Hartney, IM2 Officer (kneeling far left), CWO2 Tyrone Drake, Avionics Officer (kneeling far right), CDR Craig Owen, Maintenance Officer (back row middle), LCDR Tony Kelly, Asst Maintenance Officer (next to MO), and LCDR Quintin Tan, MMCO (next to Tony).

12/29/09 - Here's the pinning picture from . From left to right: CDR Gene Santiago (MO), LCDR Mike Hersey (MMCO), LT Troy Smith (IM-2), and LT Gavin Guidry (IM-3).

12/25/09 - It was a . Seated around the table L – R are: CDR Russ Dickison (MO), LT Frank Suela (IM2), CWO4 Al Angel (Bench Warrant), LCDR (S) Tim Ryan (IM4), LCDR Dan Martindale (MMCO), LT Chieh Yang (IM3), LCDR Carl Hink (AMO), LCDR Shawn Crawford (I-HO).

12/23/09 - On 10 DEC 2009, RADM Joseph F. Kilkenny, Commander, Naval Education and Training Command, presided over . The ceremony was held on the flight deck mock-up of the USS Cabot (CVL 28) inside the National Museum of Naval Aviation onboard NAS Pensacola. Pictured from L to R are CWO3 John Linzer (CNATT Det Milton), LT Mike Phillips (CNATT Det Milton), LCDR Don Hartsell (CNATT Det Milton), LCDR Jose Cruz (NATTC), LCDR Jeff Chown (OIC, CNATT Det Milton), RADM Kilkenny (CNET), CDR Dave Scalf (JOAP TSC), CDR Ed Johnson (NATTC), CAPT Kent Miller (CO, NATTC), CAPT Terry Merritt (previous CO, CNATT), and CAPT Terry Burt (XO, CNATT).

12/22/09 - On 11 Dec 2009 from CAPT Gerral K. David, CO, NAS Whidbey Island. CDR Schulz then, later on the same day, pinned LT Julie Cunningham from VAQ 129, LCDR Dan Olvera, XO FRC Northwest, and LCDR Rebecca Hagemann from FRC NW. Here is CDR Schulz pinning . And here is . And .

12/22/09 - ENS Garrett Hopkins and CAPT Neil Williams at in Newport, RI. ENS Hopkins is a former AT2 (AW/SW) Enterprise Sailor who worked in the micro-min shop and who was command advanced to AT2 while Neil was the CVN 65 AIMDO; he was most recently assigned as a calibration technician at the Norfolk, VA cal lab. ENS Hopkins is now one of our newest AMDOs.

A group photo with CDR Gary Van Ert (VFA-122 MO, LDO and proud Dad), ENS Gary Van Ert II, ENS Garrett Hopkins, CAPT Neil Williams (Asst Navy IG and proud former Big E AIMDO) at . ENS Van Ert and ENS Hopkins are our newest AMDOs and will be reporting to VFA-41 (Lemoore) and VFA-103 (Oceana), respectively, after AMO school.

12/21/09 - Here are the . The ceremony was held 14 December 2009 at COMNAVAIRLANT Headquarters in Norfolk, VA by RADM O'Hanlon. From left to right: RADM O'Hanlon, LCDR Angel Bellido, LCDR Christopher Haas, CDR Joe Tubbs, CDR Bob Farmer, and Captain Mike Zarkowski.

12/18/09 - NAVAIR PMA260's pinning ceremonies were held yesterday. They started with , PMA260. Mike then pinned , , , , and .

12/18/09 - on the Big Island and on Maui.

12/17/09 - From the , here's LCDR DeMichael Morgan (MMCO), the CO, CAPT Joseph Kuzmick, LT Richard Williams (IM-2), and CDR Bryant Hepstall (FIXO).

12/17/09 - CDR Buster Brown, FRC SE Site Jax, got pinned by . Here's a with Buster's family, and his CO, Capt Sohl.

12/17/09 - Here are a couple of pictures from the pinning ceremony on 14 Dec at Oceana. Captain Will Bransom pinned all of the qualified Officers that are stationed in the Tidewater area. The : Front Row: LT Bornino, LT Anderson; Back Row: CAPT CoBell, LCDR Twining, CDR Britton, LCDR Scott, LCDR Thiers, CDR Rodriguez, LCDR Simon, LCDR Santana, CAPT Bransom.

The : First Row: LT Bornino, LT Anderson; Second Row: CAPT CoBell, LCDR Twining, LT Gallasero, LCDR L. Scott, CDR Brittion, CDR Rodriguez, LT Robinson, LCDR Simon, LTJG Cotter, CAPT Bransom; Third Row: LT Quarles, LT Turner, CWO5 Walker, LT Coward, LT Barber, LCDR Anderson, LT Swinney, LCDR Thiers, LT Bell, CWO4 McVadon, LCDR Santana; Not Pictured: LCDR E. Scott

Eric Quarles has posted all of the pictures in the following gallery:

12/15/09 - Here's being presented the FY09 Secretary of Defense Performance-Based Logistics award on behalf of the CASS Logistics Team which he leads. The award was presented on October 7 at the Aerospace Industries Association Fall Product Support Conference at Hilton Head, South Carolina.

12/15/09 - Here's the photo from the on 14 December. From the left are CDR Gerald Cook, LT Jeff Lake, LCDR Joe Ruff, LT Tim Kelly and LCDR Duane Dunivan.

12/13/09 - From USS Enterprise, here's the CO, Capt Horton, and . Here's a proudly wearing their own wings.

12/11/09 - On 29 November at at the Chilhowee Gliderport, TN, in a glider.

12/10/09 - Here's the on 8 December. From the left are: RDML Tim Matthews, Terry Burt, JC Harding, Tony Jaramillo, John Pasch (1527), Dave Paulk, CJ Jaynes, Rich Lorentzen, Kate Erb, Jon Albright, David Randle, Art Pruett, RADM Mike Bachmann, Mike Kelly and Tim Holland. More Pax River photos will follow next week.

12/9/09 - From the pinning ceremony held at RADM Bachmann's house overlooking San Diego on 5 December, here's . See how many shipmates you can recognize. Here's from VADM Kilcline. Here's , and here's .

12/8/09 - , Assistant Inspector General for Aviation Maintenance receiving his PAMO pin from the Naval Inspector General, VADM Anthony Winns, while on an IG visit to Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti, Africa. And here's a above the EAWS wings.

12/8/09 - Here's a . Pictured (L-R) here are CDR Charles Johnson, CNATTU Lemoore Executive Officer; CDR Kevin Eckmann, CNATTU Lemoore Commanding Officer; CDR Joel Tessier, VFA-125 Maintenance Officer; Capt Steve Foley, CSFWP Commodore; CDR Steve Crawmer, CSFWP Maintenance Officer; CDR Gary Van Ert, VFA-122 Maintenance Officer; and CDR Lance Massey, FRC West Commanding Officer

11/17/09 - On 13 Nov 09, visited FRC West, Lemoore during the retirement of PRCS Dudley Sanders. Both are former AIMD Lemoore OICs. Also pictured is CDR Lance Massey, current CO. And here are some pix from RDML Matthews' recent visit to FRC West 10 November:

11/17/09 - at FT Monmouth NJ. John recently retired from active duty and is currently teaching at DAU Fort Belvoir, Virginia. If you need any assistance please don't hesitate to give him a call (703) 805-5409.

11/4/09 - Hungry? Bryant Hepstall recently at Steel beach aboard Stennis.

10/8/09 - Here's : From the left - LTJG James Bailey(1520) HSC-22 Det MO, ASCM Zenaida Colon MMCPO, CWO3 Todd Seidorf MMCO, CWO4 Lou Quiroga AMO, LCDR Vence Logan MO (1520). (First V-22 Shipboard Deployment).

10/8/09 - Here's : LCDR Kevin Anderson, CDR Bryant Hepstall and CDR Mark Wheeler.

10/8/09 - Here are some photos from RDML Tim Matthews' promotion ceremony on 10 September: . : (l to r) Capt JC Harding, RDML Shannon, RDML Grosklags, RDML Matthews, RDML Eastburg, RDML Gaddis, VADM Venlet. . And here's the Matthews family .

9/18/09 - Paul Choate is the first AIMDO aboard USS Makin Island, and was also the first to be qualified as CDO aboard her. . And here's on their cruise that took them to Rio, through the Strait of Magellan, Valparisa, and Lima, Peru.

9/11/09 - Here's a photo taken just after the in San Diego, August 19th, 2009. Seated, l to r, me; VADM Thomas Kilcline, CNAF; RDML Paul Grosklags, outgoing COMFRC. Standing, l to r, COL Scott Loch, FRCE CO; CAPT Paul Sohl, FRCSE CO; CDR Don Simmons, FRCWP CO; CAPT Fred Melnick, FRCSW XO; CMDCM Cesar Perez, COMFRC CMC; CAPT Steve Bartlett, FRCMA CO; Mr. Garry Newton, Deputy COMFRC; CAPT Mike Kelly, FRCSW CO; CDR Lance Massey, FRCW CO; CDR Jim Parrish, FRCNW CO; and COL Bruce Neuberger, NATEC CO. COC was conducted in the historic tower above COMNAVAIRFORCES Headquarters building on North Island.

9/11/09 - Our newest AMDOs - . From (L) to (R): LCDR Chown (OIC), LTJG Richards (VAQ-129), ENS Lee (VAQ-138), ENS Ricard (VAW-124), LTJG Hart (VP-5), ENS Beaver (VFA-86), ENS Wash (FRC East Site Willow Grove), LT Cecil (NOPF Whidbey Island), LT Phillips (Instructor).

8/23/09 - Here's the during their transit across the Pacific. CDR Russ Dickison, LCDR Frank Bennett, and CDR Duke Heinz.

8/4/09 - Here's a shot of the during ship’s first brunch while deployed. Pictured from Left front to right front as they sit around the table are: LT Chieh Yang (IM4), CWO4 Al Angel (Bench Warrant), LCDR Micah Harley (MMCO), LCDR(s) Tim Ryan (IM3), CDR Russ Dickison (MO), LCDR Dan Martindale (AMO), LT Matt Riggins (QAO), LT Frank Suela (IM2).

7/31/09 - On board CVN 70, CDR Craig Owen has surprise birthday party for LCDR Mike Curry (MMCO) on 27JULY. The real surprise was that the box was . . . . .

7/21/09 - This summer NJROTC headquarters via NETC and NSTC conducted two major STEM Leadership Seminars, one at Embry-Riddle Aeronuatical University, in Daytona Beach, and the second at University of San Diego. LCDR Martin Jones (1520, yg 1983), a Senior Naval Science Instructor at Antelope Valley HS, Lancaster/Palmdale, CA, attended Embry-Riddle as a mentor and was selected by NJROTC headquarters to serve as the OIC for the San Diego STEM. The attached photos show ; ; ; and with Dr. Smith, Dr. Kathleen Kramer USD's Engineering Department Head, Dr. Rick Olson, Lead Engineering Professor for this STEM at USD and the NJROTC Area Eleven Area Manager (California and Arizona) CDR Kenneth Liles. The focus of STEM was to place NJROTC students in a college engineering environment, develop skills in research, materials, cost, weight, design, including propulsion, buoyancy, drag and speed, construction, test, redesign, and then competing their designs against other NJROTC teams. There were 160 NJROTC students from across the US and one student from Rota Spain who attended." And of Marty Jones, Dr Smith and RADM Bachmann.

7/14/09 - Here's a photo of (almost all of) the taken at Capt Tom Glass' retirement ceremony on July 10 aboard Truman. From the left are: Dave Ferreira, Mike Zarkowski, Chris Kennedy, Dave Paulk, and Tom Glass. RADM Bachmann is on the right. Another photo from the ceremony: here's .

7/11/09 - Jay Toribio is in Baghdad on a year-long deployment as the OIC of Task Force SAFE (Safety Actions for Fire and Electricity). The TF was stood up by GEN Patraeus last Fall to address the hazardous electrical systems and non-code compliant fire protection systems throughout Iraq. Here's a shot of . And here he is after a long day.

7/8/09 - Here's proud Dad, on his induction at the Naval Academy.

7/7/09 - "Displaying Green-Shirt unity, the demonstrate how the strenuous activity associated with an impending Change-of-Command exponentially increases muscle tone. the Incoming and Outgoing JAX Level II OICs CDRs Jerry "Buster" Brown and Keith Nixon, the FRCSE Production Officer CDR Tim "Pfsycho" Pfannenstein and an unknown, misplaced yet rumored to be very high ranking Navy Officer and Green-Shirt." provided by an anonymous source

7/7/09 - Here's the . Back Row (L to R): CDR Gerald Cook (USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT), CDR Alan Blaxton (Bank), CDR(s) Joel Tessier (JSF Maintenance Deputy Squadron Commander), CDR Mark Nieto (USS ENTERPRISE). Front Row (L to R): CDR Dave Spencer (OIC, SFWPMU Det Fallon), CDR Chris Couch (USS GEORGE H W BUSH), CDR Duane Decker (USS DWIGHT D EISENHOWER), CDR(s) Jerry Brown (FRC SE).

7/2/09 - Pictures from USS Ronald Reagan deployed:

6/26/09 - who was commissioned on May 15 when he graduated from Christian Brothers University with a BS in Civil Engineering.

6/24/09 - Capt Terry Merritt retired on 19 June at the Naval Aviation Museum in P'cola. Here she is during the ceremony. were there, as were . Here's the at the party afterwards.

6/24/09 - FRC NW was recently invited to attend the Navy and SECDEF Awards ceremony for Environmental Excellence. LT John Havercroft attended the Navy Awards ceremony and is . And at the SECDEF ceremony presided over by Asst Secretary Lynn, ASN for Environment Mr. Penn, and our VP, the honorable Mr. Joseph Biden.

6/16/09 - Here's the : LCDR Jeff Chown (OIC), ENS Gloria Ewing, ENS Mike Floyd, ENS Devon Kibbons, ENS Franklin Duncan, ENS David Crochet, ENS Thomas Begnal, ENS Luis Asifuinagomez, ENS Toochikuw Udeinya, and LT Mikey Phillips (Instructor).

6/16/09 - While Stennis was inport in Honolulu recently, AIMDO Bryant Hepstall hosted retired and his wife on a visit to the ship. Pat says "Bryant was a gracious host, and we all felt very welcome, and privileged to have the opportunity to have him show off the Stennis. We were very impressed, and the young ladies walked away with a new appreciation of the Navy and its personnel. It felt great to be back on the ship again, even if only for a short visit."

6/12/09 - On 15 May, the officers of AIMD Carl Vinson threw a surprise birthday party on May 15th for their AIMD Officer, CDR Owen at his house in Chesapeake. Here's of (Back row ) LCDR Anthony Kelly, LCDR Quintin Tan, LT John Thiers, (Front Row) CDR Craig Owen and Charlie Chan. Here's and here's .

5/4/09 - Here's a picture from on 2 May 2009.

3/24/09 - NIMITZ hosted VADM Kilcline and NAVICP’s RADM Berube for Boots on the Deck 10 Feb. The event began with briefs in WR III and was followed by a walking tour of the ship. include an almost recognizable CDR Russ Dickison, CDR Craig Owen and CAPT Tim Trainer, CAPT Mike Kelly, CAPT George Kilian, CAPT Mike Belcher, VADM Kilcline and CDR Kate Erb in NIMITZ’s RPOOL.

3/13/09 - Here's the that graduated 3/2/09. From Left to right: LCDR Jeff Chown (AMO School OIC), ENS Hensiek (VAQ-140), ENS Hicks (VFA-97), ENS Jacededt (VFA-32), ENS Wilson (NAVAIR EXP LOG - 1525), ENS Veguilla (VFA-192), ENS Bliss (VFA-41), LT Mikey Phillips (AMO School Instructor)

3/9/09 - Here is of the Fleet Readiness Center South East (FRCSE) pronounced "FREAKS" Flag Football Team following their recently completed NFL LET IT FLY Competition at Flemming Island, Florida. Pictured left to right are LCDR Nate Marler, PR2 Thomas Else, Mr. Isaiah Allen, CDR Daryl Lenhardt and CDR Tim Pfannenstein. Freak's defensive End from an unknown receiver in this outstanding defensive play. Freak's receiver streaks to the end zone after a 30 yard pass from quarterback Daryl Lenhardt.

2/6/09 - Here's a shot from . Beauty contest winners from left to right are: LT Nick Walker (IM-4), CWO2 Jamie Curtis (IM-3A), LT John Harris (IM-3), LCDR Demichael Morgan (AMO), CDR Bryant Hepstall (FIXO), LCDR Marty Rumrill (MMCO), LT Rich Williams (IM-2), LTJG Carol Yeiser (QAO).

1/12/09 - Here's a shot of : Kevin Andersen (CVW-9), Frank Bennett (CVW-11), Jim Belmont (CVW-2) and Jerry "Buster" Brown (CVW-14).

12/29/08 - Here's some pictures from the TR of Joe Ruff’s recent promotion to LCDR. Here's TR’s CO, CAPT Ladd Wheeler (1520) and ENS Emmanuel Nneji (Supply Corps Now by TR’s MO (CDR Trent Demoss) and MMCO (LCDR Cory Rosenberger). …job’s not done until the paperwork’s complete! LCDR Joe Ruff (and his Supply Corps team mate) signing their lives away…little does he know what he’s in for! . From left: CWO4 Mike Stimac (Avionics Officer); CDR Trent Demoss (AIMD Officer); LCDR Cory Rosenberger (AIMD MMCO); LCDR Joe Ruff (IM-3 Officer); ENS Terry Khan (IM-4 Officer); LT Tim Kelly (IM-2 Officer); LCDR Frank Seguin (AIMD AMO). thanks to Tim Kelly and Trent Demoss.

12/4/08 - -- from left to right: LTJG Joshua Campbell (HSL-44), LT Jonathan Greer (FRC MidAtlantic site New Orleans), ENS Nathan Hurt II (VAQ-130).

11/14/08 - Here's riding his Harley during the Veterans Day parade.

10/31/08 - Pix from USS Theodore Roosevelt:
  • …must be talking some serious business there. Has to be AIRSpeed or OPIS related stuff
  • day was 27Sep08, off of the west coast of Africa as they transited to Cape Town, SA.
  • ...trusty shellback now!
  • . (From left to right) - LT Jeff Lake (1520) QAO; LT Joe Ruff (1520) IM-3; LCDR Frank Seguin (6330) AMO; CWO4 Mike Stimac (7381) Asst. IM-3; CDR Trent Demoss (1520) AIMDO; LT Tim Kelly (6330) IM-2; ENS Terry Khan (6332) IM-4; LCDR Cory Rosenberger (1520) MMCO. And here they are .

    thanks to Tim for the pix

10/26/08 - Pix from USS Ronald Reagan:
  • : CO, CAPT K. J. Norton; SUPPO, CDR Joe Mahan; CAGMO, CDR (Sel) Jerry Brown; FIXO, CDR Nate Schneider; AMO, CDR (Sel) Mark Nieto; XO, CAPT Kevin Couch.
  • : LT Mike Dagdagan; CDR (Sel) Jerry Brown; CDR (Sel) Mark Nieto
  • : AIMD Officer, CDR Nate Schneider; SUPPO, CDR Joe Mahan; CAGMO, CDR (Sel) Jerry Brown.

10/8/08 - Here are the shots we took at the Professional Aviation Maintenance Officer's Symposium and AMDO Community 40th Birthday celebration. These pix have been reduced in size to about 1000 pixels wide. If you would like a particular photo in its 3-meg, 7-megapixel size, just send an email to Marty Reagan. The presentations themselves can be found on .
  • who, along with , talked about forward deployed combat repair

9/26/08 - Here's at a recent Change of Command ceremony. Left to right are: LCDR Matt Scott(1520), LCDR Marty Rumrill(1527), LT Rich Williams(6330), CDR Bryant Hepstall, LCDR Demichael Morgan(1520), and CWO2 Jamie Curtis.

8/22/08 - Here's with their two kids and an instructor after doing some indoor skydiving in Las Vegas.

8/21/08 - Rosemary and Craig Livingston (CRAIGMO) recently visited Ireland with Craig's brother & his wife. Here's . Here's . After all that Guiness and Irish whiskey, . Luckily, the constable was taking a nap break. And here's enjoying a glass high above Dublin. Notice the theme here? Craig says it was a great trip. We can see why.

8/14/08 - Here's the : Miguel Ortiz (NAVAIR), Edwin Santana (USS CARL VINSON), John Larson (DAU), and Bob Farmer (USS ENTERPRISE).

8/5/08 - LCDR Sean Wilson relieved CDR Dan Lafond July 25th, 2008. This was the final Change of Charge for Brunswick AIMD, which is scheduled to disestablish early 2010. Here's annd here's .

7/22/08 - Here's some shots from the ceremony at which Capt Ellen Moore relieved Capt Clay Snaza as CO of DCMA Palmdale. The NJROTC students that provided the color guard are from Antelope Valley High School, Lancaster, CA, which also earned the coveted "Most Improved NJROTC Unit in the Nation" in 2007. Student names from left to right are: Cadet/Ensign Victoria Severance, Cadet/Commander Yohana Melendez, Capt Moore, USN, Cadet/Ensign Donald Smith, Cadet/Ensign Adam Gallardo and Cadet/LCDR Jesus Pinto. Here's , and here's , outgoing CO.

7/19/08 - Here's hanging out with the hero of his youth and motorcycle hall of fame rider/team Rockstar-Makita-Suzuki manager Roger Decoster while Jon was at the AMA Motocross Pro National at Budds Creek, MD last week..

7/2/08 - Here's beaming as he's having his LCDR oak leaves pinned on.

7/1/08 - Sandy and Tom Snyder have been doing some travelling. Last summer, their Alaska trip was a 13,000-mile driving vacation from Tennessee through western Canada and Alaska. Their pickup camper in the background on the right. . This spring, they spent three months in Asia: Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and China. Here's taken at a war memorial site in Vietnam.

6/24/08 - Here's a shot of some : the PAIMDO class of 19 June 2008.

Bottom row (L to R): CAPT Cobell, CAPT Glass, RADM Bachmann, CAPT Trainer, CAPT Caldwell.

Top row (L to R): CAPT(sel) Zarkowski, CDR Santiago (USS GEORGE WASHINGTON), CDR Britton - lost luggage (FRC Norfolk), CDR(sel) Owen (USS CARL VINSON), CDR Simon (FRC Pt Mugu), CDR Dickison (USS NIMITZ), CDR(sel) Hepstall (USS JOHN C STENNIS), CDR Schneider (USS RONALD REAGAN), CDR(sel) Zrembski (CMO ELEVEN)

6/24/08 - Here's in their sailboat, Rhombus, winding their way through the Abacos islands in the Bahamas.

6/17/08 - Here's the . Front Row (L to R): LT Phillips (Instructor), ENS Marlowe (VFA-204), ENS Wheeler (VFA-106), ENS Dillion (VFA-122), and ENS Alcazar (VAW-116) Back Row (L to R): ENS Wilkerson (HS-6), ENS Howard (VFA-213), ENS McKee (VFC-12), ENS Epp (VAW-117), ENS DePremio (VR-56)

6/10/08 - Haven't taken your Alaska Cruise yet? At least put it on your "things to do before I croak" list. Here'a shot of all dressed up aboard their Royal Caribbean cruise ship in Alaska.

6/10/08 - Here's in Kaneohe, Bay. From left to right: Capt Ratledge AVO, Lt Shirreffs AAMO, LtCol Westphal AMO, Lt Briedenbach MCO, CWO3 Flores FEO, CWO4 Tavares QAO, Lt Thurgood PCO, CWO3 Green PPO, Lt Gribbins AFO.

6/10/08 - Here's some shots of Arnold Cortez, the HSC-21 DET 2 MO aboard USNS MERCY (T-AH-19) taken while conducting PAX/VERTREP missiond in Cotabato, RP during Pacific Partnership 2008. Here's , and here he is . This shows Robert T. Wiley, USNS Mercy’s ship’s master (MSC), Chief Mate Michael Keller (MSC), LTJG Arnold Cortez (HSC-21 DET 2 Maintenance Officer), and COMMODORE Bill Kearns (Pacific Partnership 2008 Mission Commander).

6/10/08 - Here's of VFA-125 completing his first marathon - the San Diego Rock 'n Roll Marathon on 1 June. Whew!

5/21/08 - From the 2008 deployment of USS Nimitz, here are the . 1st Row – (TRIAD) LCDR Humphery Lee (CAGMO), CDR Kevin Head (SUPPO), CDR Brian Jacobs (MO); 2nd Row – CWO3 Rod Marcos VFA-81 MCO, LTJG Mark Ananka VFA-41MCO , LT Becky Summers VFA-81 AMO, ENS Toni Fadden VFA-41 MMCO, ENS Kevin Duncan HS-6 MMCO, LTJG Chad Jelsema IM-2, LCDR Tony Jaramillo IM-1MMCO; 3rd Row – LTJG William Turner VFA-41 Outgoing MMCO, CWO2 Dale Merkle HS-6 AMO, ENS Orlando Martinez HS-6 MCO, CWO4 Al Angel IM-3, LT Tim Ryan IM-1 QAO, LCDR Ty Frye IM-1 AMO, LT Chieh Yang IM-4; 4th Row –LT Greg Russell VAQ-135 MMCO, LT Carol Lansdown VAQ-135 AMO, LT Quintin Tan VFA-81 MMCO , CWO4 Kevin Sullivan VFA-14 MMCO, LT Jorge Anaya VFA-41 AMO.

And here's the : LCDR Humphery Lee (CAGMO), CDR Kevin Head (SUPPO), CDR Brian Jacobs (MO)

5/8/08 - Here's a couple of pix from Kitty Hawk/CVW-5's last fling in the Western Pacific Ocean/South China Sea. . (left to right: CAGMO - LCDR Ed Twining, SUPPO – CDR Tim Harrington, AIMDO – CDR Bob Stailey).

5/1/08 - Here's the as they head south to transit the Straits of Magellan. After a brief stop in Chile they head on to Japan for an eventual turn over with CVW-5 and the USS Kitty Hawk.

Front Row Left to Right - LCDR Jose Cordero HS-15 AMO, LT Ray Jackson PAL, CWO3 Terry Aicholtz CVN-73 S6 DIVO, LT Clarence Xander VFA-103 AMO, LT Tony Kosloski HS-15 MMCO, ENS Leone VRC-40 Det3 MCO, LT John S Stevens VAQ-132 AMO, LTJG Palomino VFA-131 MMCO, CWO2 John Lindsey VFA-131 AMO, LT Raymond Sudduth VAW-121 MMCO, LTJG Pat Cortez IM5 QAO, LCDR Dave Spurlock AIMD MMCO, LTJG Gavin Guidry IM4 DIVO, ENS Tom Miyano VFA-131 MCO

Back Row Left to Right - CWO4 James Yager VFA-103 GUNNER, LT James Rorer VFA-103 QAO, LCDR Craig Abraham ASUPPO, LCDR Tom Dall AIMD AMO, CWO2 Neal Bridges VFA-131 MCO, LTJG Phillip A Zamarripa VAQ-132 MMCO, CWO2 Chad B Ruff VAQ-132 MCO, LTJG Bill Lozier VFA 103 MMCO, LTJG Dan Zaharevich VAW-121 AMO, LT Bill White VS-22 MMCO, CWO2 Scott Grossman VS-22 MCO, CWO2 Rick Hargrave AIMD AMMCO, LT Troy Smith IM3 DIVO

TRIAD L/R - LCDR Tom England CAGMO, CDR Bill Skinner SUPPO, CDR Nora Burghardt AIMD MO

3/14/08 - Here's the of 29 Feb 08: pictured from left to right: LCDR Hepstall (OCM), LT Phillips (AMO Instructor), LTJG Savage (1525), ENS Marcia (VAW-126), ENS O'Mire (VFA-22), LT Logan (VAQ-133), ENS Magin (VFA-137), and LCDR Schneider (OIC).

3/12/08 - Here's the : L-R front row: LT Rod Abbott, VFA-83 AMO; LT Dale Locklar, IM-3; ENS Steph Chelone, IM-4; LT Lisa Clark, IM-2; LCDR Duane Decker, IM-1; LCDR Joe Tubbs, CAGMO; CDR Bill Edge, AIMDO; LCDR Mike Broadus, AMO; LT Julie Cunningham, VAQ-140 QAO; LT Sam Bornino, VAW-125 MMCO; CWO2 Marcus Rodolfo, VAW-125 QAO

L-R back row: CWO3 Joe Scala, VAQ-140 MMCO; LTJG Dennis Davio, VFA-103 AMO; LT Kevin Bittle, VFA-83 MMCO; LTJG Les Branch, VFA-143 MCO; CWO3 Randy Parrish, VFA-103 QAO; LT Scott Carter, HS-5 AMO; LT Todd Cox, VAW-125 AMO; LT Craig Carsten, VAQ-140 AMO; CWO4 Mike Allen, VFA-131 MMCO; LT James Chisholm, VFA-103 MMCO; LCDR Rodger Elkins, VFA-143 AMO; LCDR Brian Burns, VFA-131 AMO; ? ; LTJG Alex Palomino, VFA-131 MCO; LT Todd Dupree, HS-5 QAO

And here's the : L-R: CDR Dave Cruz, SUPPO; LCDR Joe Tubbs, CAGMO; CAPT Scott Stearney, CAG CVW-7; CAPT Dan Cloyd, CO CVN 69; CDR Bill Edge, AIMDO.

And here's the Triad again

2/21/08 - Here's at his favorite drinking hole in the Bahamas.

1/25/08 - Report from : "Another good day in Iraqi history. Just finished another school renovation project in Diwamiya, Iraq at the Al Wafaa/Al Rewad school. We were able to repair all classrooms, bathrooms/plumbing, roofs, cracked side-walks, build a new garden, buy new desks, black boards and chalks. We surprised them with a donation of 50 laptop computers for the students and staff. These are the first computers that the school has ever had. We were able to pass out several beanie babies to the kids which they absolutely adore. There are over 500 kids currently attending the school and the hardest part was keeping the kids under control because everyone was screaming/rushing to get one. Many of the schools I work with are in underprivileged areas, so the toys were very much appreciated and my personal thanks to all those who sent items. Your donations, dedication and hard work to support the Iraqi children truly made this mission a great success."

1/18/08 - Here's , 1527, currently serving on an IA in Gardez, Afghanistan at Camp Lightning getting promoted in the snow on 5 January. And here's a shot of . Nice uniform!

1/12/08 - At the daily at the front gate of the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, they always ask a veteran in the crowd to participate. Recently it was . His wife Nancy was with him when he got his !!

12/17/07 - Here's helping the MWR account by washing an HSL-37 helo.

12/14/07 - Here's on the fantail during TSTA in early December. Pictured are CDR John Farwell (FIXO), CDR Joe Mahan (SUPPO), and LCDR Jerry Brown (CAGMO).

12/12/07 - Here's . Standing (left to right): LCDR Nate Schneider (OIC), ENS Whitfield (VFA-113), ENS Torem (VFA-25), LTJG Gardipee (HSC-26), CDR Edge (Detailer), ENS Martinez (HS-6), and ENS Smith (VFA-154). Seated (left to right): ENS Deal (VFA-15), ENS Lins (VFA-143), ENS Yang (VAQ-131), and LT Mike Phillips (Instructor).

12/4/07 - Here's a enjoying Navy's stomping of Army.

12/3/07 - Here's a in Iraq working on a project to bring fresh water and repair damaged sewage lines to over 80K people.

12/2/07 - Here's the . (left to right) LT Ed Wilbur, LT Juan Varela, CDR “Super” Dave Ferreira, LCDR Will Williams and LT Randy Berti. Not pictured are LCDR Wes Joshway, LTJG Shariva Cordero and CW02 Phillip Dalton.

11/30/07 - Here's looking very patriotic on his Harley.

11/23/07 - Here's some pictures from Kuwait:
  • Here's . Gus is assigned to the Office of Military Cooperation-Kuwait under the Chief of Mission, U.S. Embassy. He is the principle military advisor to the Kuwait Air Force for aircraft maintenance and logisitics. Mike Taylor is the KAF F/A-18 Weapons Systems Liaison Officer (WSLO) in Kuwait for PMA-265-12. He is a retired Navy LDO and served as the Odnance Handler aboard USS INDEPENDENCE. Mike and Gus support 39 KAF F/A-18C & D aircraft among other programs and Foreign Military Sales cases.
  • Gus is getting ready to enjoy . OMC-K hosted two dinner cruises in November for family and friends.
  • A , home to the KAF F/A-18s.

11/29/07 - Here's the :

Front Row (L to R): LT Richard Thousand (HS-11), ENS Darin Williams (HS-11), ENS Christan Cruz (VFA-86), LT Richard Mercado (HS-11), LCDR Lee Smith (VFA-86), CDR Bob Farmer (AIMD MO), LCDR Luke Arkins (CAG MO), CWO3 Tom Thomas (VFA-211), LCDR(Sel) Stan Burrow (VFA-136), LCDR Frank Hunt (VS-32), CWO2 Paul Hofstad (VFA-136), LTJG Louis Moore (HS-11).

Back Row (L to R): LT Steve Shultz (VAQ-137), LTJG Todd Chambers (AIMD), LT Chris Miera (AIMD), LTJG Steve Gallessaro (AIMD), CAPT Meghan Brooks (VMFA-251), CWO2 Tom Rhame (VMFA-251), CWO2 John Lohry (AIMD), LTJG Lincoln Endecott (VFA-136), LT Tony Pink (AIMD), LT Al Palmer (VFA-211), LT Scott Porter (VFA-86)

11/4/07 - Here's a at work on his IA in Iraq.

10/31/07 - Here's a at Fort Belvoir. Front Row (L-R): CDR Matt Mullins, CDR Kate Erb, CDR Brian Jacobs. Back Row (L-R): Mr. Marty Sherman (DAU Faculty), CDR John Larson (DAU Faculty), LCDR Jeff Pronesti.

10/9/07 - Here's after a tour of the Bacardi Rum distillery in San Juan, PR which was part of their recently completed carribbean cruise aboard a Royal Caribbean ship.

9/26/07 - More IA pictures: Here is on an IA supporting the UN in Liberia. And here she is .

9/26/07 - Pictures from the desert: Here's , Field Site Lead, LSA Adder, IRAQ, . Here's a from atop the ziggurat, and here's his - the Army's Containerized Housing Unit or CHU.

And Darren sent in this note about what he's doing over there: "I'm at LSA (life support activity) Adder. Life support activity is an Army Term for base. It is pretty far south, right near An Nasiriya. I am the field site lead for a Field Service Center. We are doing the installation, upgrades, maintenance, etc. of Warlock systems. Its a pretty good fit for me, as this is simply maintenance, schedules, and logistics of Warlock systems vice aviation systems. We serve two Army Brigades, and every type of vehicle. We have six contracted civilians and six soldiers and myself. This is not the typical EWO Job; who are normally embedded with a battalion. They are tracking and troubleshooting individual vehicles for a handful of company's where as we are sustaining two brigades. The hardest part of the job so far has been deciphering Army structure. The Army units are divided up and renamed in theater so sometimes even the soldier does not know who he is attached to. We support two brigades, the 1/82nd Brigade Combat Team and the 82nd Sustainment Brigade, from the 316th equipment support command, which is comprised of brigades all throughout the theater. Each Brigade is comprised of several Battalions and furthermore each Battalion has several companys. Living conditions are good here, all containerized housing, shower, and latrines. The chow hall, known by the Army as "dining facility", is pretty good and they serve an acceptable variety of foods. Adder has been relatively quiet compared to Baghdad. While I was there mortars and gun battles were a daily occurrence, they even destroyed the JCCS-1 bus with a rocket, the driver was asleep inside, not injured, only rattled."

9/23/07 - Here are . From left to right: CDR(s) Schneider, ENS Maine, LT Allen, ENS Medford, LT Castro, and LT Phillips.

9/19/07 - Here's something you don't see every day: . TV says it started off as a joke in late May and then turned into a bet with Rick Nielsen to grow it until the 4th of July. Rick had started a full beard the day TV started the goat. This picture was taken in mid-July after three days of hard core one design racing (8 races) as a crew member on a Beneteau First 36.7 sailboat at the Screwpile Lighthouse Regatta out of Solomon's Island. Rick and TV's boat held 1st place until the last mark rounding of the last race when they had a jib sheet over ride on the winch - the few seconds to cut it away cost them 1st place. The goat came off about 10 minutes after the picture was taken when TV decided to 'square away' his appearance back to retired military standards.

8/1/07 - Here's a with the Shadow UAV(starboard) and Pioneer UAV(port), the only UAV squadron of the Navy and is scheduled to decomm June 08. Two platoons are dressed in DCUs and are currently on deployment in Iraq. 1520s are LT Michael "Dags" Dagdagan (standing from front fourth from the port side in summer whites) and LT Chuck Elliott (not sure where he is on the photo).

6/30/07 - Here's the three graduates of this year's held in Milton this week. From the left are CDR Keith Nixon (FRC SE), CDR(s) Dave Ferreira (Truman), and CDR Mike Huff (FRC SW).

6/22/07 - Here's . Pictured from Left to right: CDR(s) Bryant Hepstall (Career Manager), LT Schubkegal (1525), ENS Santos (VFA-97), ENS Newton (VFA-147), ENS Kraft (VFA-105), and LT Mike Phillips (Instructor).

5/28/07 - Here are some pictures from the social at RADM Bachmann's house on 12 May. . . . . .

4/10/07 - The latest are ENS Roper, LTJG Mauldin, LT Scholljegerdes, ENS Barreras, shown with outgoing instructor LT Randy Berti.

4/10/07 - Here's a great shot of about a month ago at their steel beach picnic. AIMD Birthday banner done by their CPOs.

2/27/07 - Here's a shot of HSC-84's that was taken during their turnover in Iraq at the beginning of Feburary.

1/22/07 - On 21 Jan 07, Marty Reagan visited Bob Munsey at the in Titusville, FL where Bob volunteers his time on many projects, including restoring to flyable condition a TBM-3 Avenger. Here's in front of the beautiful airplane.

1/9/07 - Here's at his retirement on 16 December. His guest speaker, CDR Linda Wackerman, CO VR-52, . And here's .

12/26/06 - Here's . From the left: LCDR Schneider, ENS Ashpari, LTJG Ramos, ENS Mowdy, ENS Fulmer & LT Berti.

12/17/06 - Here's playing a Christmas elf. Nice stockings!

11/29/06 - Here's .

Front Row: LCDR Joel Tessier, CVW-14 CAGMO; CDR David Pimpo, SC, REAGAN SUPPO; CDR John Farwell, REAGAN AIMDO.

Second Row: LCDR Nick Rapley, SC, PAL; LTJG Dave Smithers, VAQ-139 MMCO; LT Ray Hanna, IM-3; CWO3 Jerry Cahow, HS-4 MMCO; LT Antonio "Jun" Ocampo, VFA-115 MMCO; LCDR Rudy Martinez, VFA-115 AMO; LTJG Nick Walker, VFA-115 A/C DO; CWO2 Hector Sandoval, VFA-115 MCO; LT Bob Pinski, HS-4 AMO; LTJG Ed Hood, IM-2; LCDR Bryant Hepstall, AIMD AMO; LT Don Oconer, IM-2; LT Bryan Lukie, SC, S-6.

Back Row: CWO2 Shawn Doyle, VAW-113 MMCO/AMO; LTJG Shawn Collins, VFA-22 AMO; LCDR Keith Farrar, VAQ-139 QAO; ENS Mark Demaree, VAW-113 MCO; CWO2 Jeff Dimberg, VFA-113 MMCO/AMO; CWO3 Dave Keller, VFA-22 MMCO; CWO4 Keith Kaiser, IM-3; LTJG Will Judd, VFA-25 Line DO; LT Mike Wagner, IM-4; ENS Dallas Martin, AIMD QAO; LCDR Sean Mersh, AIMD MMCO.

11/8/06 - Here's Joe Byers, AOIC AIMD Willow Grove,

10/17/06 - Here's the . Note the 8 bladed prop. Front Row, L to R: LT Joe Montagot (AIMD, QAO), ENS Chad Jelsema (AIMD, IM-4), LCDR Humphery Lee (CAGMO), CDR Lance Massey (AIMD, MO), LT Winford Peregrino (VFA-41, AMO), LT Rebecca Summers (VFA-81, AMO), ENS Christopher Daniels (VAW-117, MCO), LTJG William Siddle (AIMD, IM-3/ADO), LT Ed Jensen (VAQ-135, MMCO). Back Row, L to R: LT Dennis Evans (VAW-117, AMO), LCDR Charlie Barber (AIMD, AMO), ENS William Turner (VFA-41, MCO), LT Kenneth Lookabough (VFA-41, MMCO), CWO3 Steve Varga (VFA-41, Gunner), LT Quinton Tan (VFA-81, MMCO), ENS James Bailey (VFA-14, A/C Divo, MCO), ENS Charles Fisher (VFA-81, MCO), LT Greg Russell (VAQ-135, AMO)

9/23/06 - Here's the . (left to right) The new detailer CDR Beaulieu, ENS Ellerbe, ENS Bowman, ENS Kaiser, ENS Miyano, ENS Beckham, ENS Shaffer, ENS Mills, ENS Tong, ENS Roberts, LTJG Campbell, ENS Fisher, LCDR Schneider and LT Berti.

9/6/06 - Here's promoting one of his Marines attached to MALS 49. Odds look about even.

8/27/06 - Here's (NAVAIR PMA-260 FIT) and (NAVAIR 5.0D ACC) hard at work in the Detroit area during their DAWIA Level 3 Program Management Course (PMT 352B), hosted by the Army's Tank-Automotive & Armament Command (TACOM). Actually, they had just completed a tour of a small-business manufacturing & machine shop located southwest of Detroit where they manufacture parts for the M1A2 Abrams tank and other Army vehicles. The owner allows employees to build custom motorcycles on their own time. Stay tuned, next week they plan to take the Abrams on a test run and do an operational check-out of those manufactured parts."

8/23/06 - Congratulations to Rear Admiral Michael Bachmann as he received his second star from VADM Wally Massenburg in a pinning ceremony held at his house in Point Loma. RADM Bachmann is the first AMDO to receive a second star and is currently the Commander of Space and Naval Warfare System Command (SPAWAR) located in San Diego. . , and . thanks to Art for sending in the pix

14 August 2006 - Here's Al Palmer as he becomes a Shellback aboard USS Enterprise. Wonder what the check mark is for??

25 July 2006 - Joe Byers just completed teaching Safety 345 at NAS JRB Willow Grove for Embry Riddle where he is an Adjunct Instructor. Here's with Joe in the very middle.

14 July 2006 - Here's . Back row: CDR Jim Parish, CDR JR Rodriguez, LCDR Matt Wells, CDR Brain Jacobs, CDR Steve Crawmer, CDR Nora Burghardt. Front Row: CDR Tim Pfannenstein, CDR Matt Webber, RDML Michael Hardee, CDR John Farwell, CDR Graham Guiler.

30 June 2006 - Here's on his new .

26 June 2006 - Here's . AMDOs assigned are CDR Lance Massey, LCDR Charlie Barber, LCDR Frank Bennett, LT Joe Montagot and LTJG Bill Siddle.

15 June 2006 - Here's . Back Row: LCDR Schneider, LT Berti, ENS Enos, ENS Oates, ENS Jelsema, CDR Caldwell, LCDR Demoss. Front Row: ENS Curry, ENS Schrock, ENS Bernal.

12 June 2006 - Here's visiting amidst the spendor of the Montana Rockies. And here's a nice shot of in front of a herd of Ted Turner's bison. Yes, Ted and Tom are neighbors, although Ted's ranch is slightly larger than Tom's. <<BR>

2 May 2006 - Here's . From left to right: ENS Pat Cortez, LT Mike Corrigan, LCDR Craig Owen, CDR Charlie Chan, LCDR Tommy Thompson, LT Kelly Borden, CWO3 Al Gibbs, and LT Josh Macmurdo.

19 April 2006 - Here's during a visit to Lemoore where Derf and Mike conducted some customer visits and some info/award sessions with their depot folks in Lemoore.

8 April 2006 - Here's who attended a recent PQM-301 class at Ft Belvoir. The class is the final step toward DAWIA level III certification for Production, Quality, and Manufacturing. Pictured from left to right are Capt James Tung (PERS 447), CDR Chris Kennedy (CSFWL), LCDR Russ Dickison (USS JOHN C STENNIS), CDR Rick Taylor (USS KITTY HAWK), LCDR Nate Schneider (CNATT Det Milton), CDR Stu Alexander (AIMD Jacksonville).

22 March 2006 - Here's today's . From left to right: ENS Staley, LTJG Matters, LCDR Schneider, ENS Chambers, ENS Rude, LT Berti, ENS Bailey, LT Yoder, LTJG Lee

25 Feb 2006 - CAPT(sel) Will Ainsworth, Commanding Officer of Naval Air Mediterranean Repair Activity (NAMRA) Naples, arrived on board USS RONALD REAGAN (CVN 76) with his OIC of NAMRA det Iraq, LCDR Curtis Michel, for an overnight visit and briefing on "Depot Services in the Desert." The briefing centered around the depot-level support services that NAMRA provides to the Military aircraft operating in and over Iraq. CAPT(sel) Ainsworth also had the opportunity to spend some time touring the Navy's newest carrier and it's AIMD spaces. He noted it certainly was much different than his days on Connie but was glad to see that it is the sailors who truly make the magic happen in support of Naval Aviation maintenance. (from left to right) of LCDR Joel Tessier, CVW-14 CAGMO; CAPT(s) Will Ainsworth, CO NAMRA Naples; LCDR Curtis Michel, an LDO reservist and the OIC of NAMRA det Iraq; and CDR Art Pruett, CVN 76 AIMDO, after a short briefing to all of the greenshirts on board. Thanks to LCDR Bryant Hepstall (CVN 76 Assistant AIMDO) and LCDR Joel Tessier for coordinating the visit on board.

2-21-06 - On February 3rd, got together for a Lunch and Learn at AIMD Jacksonville. The guest speakers were Captain Matthews (NADEP Jacksonville XO) speaking on Fleet Readiness Center concept, and LCDR Trent Demoss providing great community insight. Mayport, Jacksonville and Orlando were well represented and, except for units deployed at the time, all other aviation commands were in attendance. CDR Alexander hopes this becomes a twice-a-year event.

2-3-06 - Here's receiving a certificate from Art Pruett for Bryant's 76th consecutive Outstanding PRT (actually its more like 40, but still impressive).

1-20-06 - Here's (USS RONALD REAGAN IM4 DIVO) as he transforms from a to a Trusty Golden Shellback with the rest of his IM4 division personnel during Reagan's recent Crossing the Line ceremony.

1-18-06 - Jan Wiley retired in style last Haloween and finally got around to sending in some pix. . FINALLY explaining to Jan how to find her way around a carrier. And . Which is the mother and which is the daughter?

12-17-05 - Here’s a recent photo of the from Marine Corps Base Hawaii. Front row left/right: Maj Daniel Westphal(MO), LCDR Bret Bishop (AMO). Second row left/right: LCDR(sel) Bill Hollis (S/E), CWO3 Jamie Garrison (P/P), LCDR(sel) Khary Bates (ALSS), Capt Jason Davis (AVI), LT Al Palmer (QA), Capt Leroy Sumter (PC) and the LDO....LT Terry Powell (A/F).

12-13-05 - Here’s the latest new 1520s to hit the street as . Top Row: LCDR Schneider (OIC), CDR Caldwell (Detailer), ENS Moeller, ENS Zaharevich, ENS Landry. Middle Row: ENS Guidry, LTJG Rissin, LT Summers, ENS Panagos, LTJG Hood, LT Berti (Instructor). Bottom Row: ENS Espich, ENS Bell, ENS Chen.

12-11-05 - The entire wishes all of their greenshirt brethren a very Merry Christmas during this holiday season. From left to right sitting are: AFCM Russ Harden (AIMD MMCPO), LT Mike Wagner (IM4), AVCM Tom Powell (AIMD LCPO), LT Ray Hanna (QAO), LT Don Oconer (IM2), CWO4 Keith Kaiser (IM3 Tech Warrant), and LTJG Tommie Crawford (IM3). Standing are: Art Pruett (AIMDO) and LCDR Bryant Hepstall (AIMD MMCO). Missing is LCDR Sean Mersh who was taking the photo.

11-27-05 - Here's some shots from the 25 August Change of Command where CAPT Bret Gordon assumed command of Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst, NJ. and . And here's on the steps of their quarters at Lakehurst.

11-27-05 - Here's the about 1978. From the left are: Bill Stahler (IM-3), Paul Slominski (IM-4), Bob Hunter (AIMDO), Chuck McCoy (IM-3), Marty Reagan (IM-1), Joe Wallis (Asst IM-3), Steve Clarke (IM-2).

10-16-05 - Here's most of the team. First row (L-R): ENS John Harris (VFA-15 QAO), LCDR Will Woods (AIMD MMCO), LT John Turner (VF-31 MMCO), CWO4 Rey Martinez (VF-213 MMCO), CDR Jon Albright (AIMDO), CDR Tim O'Brien (SUPPO), LCDR Dave Ferreira (CAGMO), LCDR (SEL) Ramiro Flores (VFA-15 MMCO), LT Gary Horsey (IM4 DIVO), CWO2 Dave Garza (HS-3 MMCO), ENS Jason Martinson (HS-3 MCO), LT Carter Moreland (VFA-87 MMCO), LTJG Joe Kamara (VFA-15 AC DIVO), CWO3 Jeff Brewer (VFA-87 QAO).

Back row (L-R): LT Tom Ober (VF-31 MCO), LTJG Michael Phillips (IM2 DIVO), LT Chris Haas (IM3 DIVO), LT Chris Miller (VAW-124 MMCO), ENS Jon Sahim (VFA-15 MCO), LT John Lesseman (VRC-40 MO), CWO2 Dave Carey (VFA-15 AMO), LCDR Carl Nolte (AIMD AMO), CWO2 James Moes (IM3 PROD O), CWO2 Gary Owens (VS-24 MMCO), LCDR Tony Harris (VS-24 AMO), LT Claude Taylor (VS-24 MCO), LT Luis "Rick" Rivera (VFA-87 AC DIVO/MCO), LCDR Neal Austin (VFA-87 AMO), CWO4 Ron Stebbins (VF-31 AMO).

Not pictured: LCDR Gerald Cook (P-CAGMO), LT Rodney Simon (AIMD QAO), LT Shawn Rumbley (VF-213 AMO), CWO3 John Salgado (VAW-124 MCO/QAO), LTJG Tony Barber (VAW-124 AMO), ENS Benedict Besch (VAQ-141 MMCO), CWO2 John Blas (VAQ-141 AMO), LT Chris Rowan (VAQ-141 MCO).

10-12-05 - No trip to Palma is complete without a stop by the Daiquiri Palace to slake one's thirst. From left to right, Here's the , CDR Jon Albright (AIMDO), LCDR "Super Dave" Ferreira (CAGMO), and CDR Tim O'brien (SUPPO). The TR CSG is currently on-station in the NAG flying OIF missions.

9-30-05 - Here's the . top left to right: CDR Caldwell, LCDR Demoss, LCDR Schneider, Ens Daniels, Ens Sneed, Ens Endecott, Ens Willet, LT Echevarria, Ens Murphy. bottom: Ens Mulcahey, Ens Wainscott).

9-22-05 - Here's a shot of . Back Row: (left to right) ATC Brown, ATCS Okkel, AFCM Ferrer MMCPO, AZCS McGoldrich, LCDR Kieth Nixon (AMO), LT Charles Martin (IM2), ATCS Rankin, CWO3 Al Gibbs (Asst AV/ARM IM3), SKC Schwab, LTJG Mark Aid (QAO), Front Row: (left to right) AMC Walter, AMC Monn, ATC Hale, ASC Davis, CDR Charlie Chan (MO), LCDR Roger Brouillett (Outgoing MMCO), LCDR Tommy Thompson (Incoming MMCO), ATCS Tabor, LT Mike Corrigan (IM3) Not in photo, but standing OOD and defending freedom on the quarterdeck… . And . From the left: AS1 Scherer, LCDR Roger Brouillett (MMCO), LT Mike Corrigan (IM3), ASCM Ansloan (AIMD LCPO), ASC Davis, CDR Charlie Chan (MO), Chris Chan.

9-5-05 - Here's a shot of . VF-31 is cruising with a sister squadron, VF-213. Upon return, VF-213 transitions and VF-31 will be the "last 'Cat standing". VF-31 is scheduled to transition late Summer '06. John Turner, MMCO, is standing in the 2nd row (first row standing), last Pounder on the right.

8-19-05 - Here's a shot taken at a . Folks listed in order from left to right: CWO3 Todd Herbert; LT Gary Shelley, CDR John Kemna (1520), CDR (ret 1520)) Jerry Zumbro, CWO4 Rey Martinez, LT Dave Woods, AFCM Joe Perrotta, LCDR Craig Vaughn, CDR (ret 1520) Ed Blind, Sam Soloman. Not shown: LCDR Dave Ferreira (1520 CVW-8 CAGMO).

8-2-05 - Here's some shots from the Change of Charge, CNATT DET Milton (includes AMO School, UAV Maint Trng, AOOCP) where on July 21st. was presented the Meritorious Service Medal before being relieved by LCDR Nate Schneider. joined CDR Wassil for a farewell photo op. The base paper, published a rather lengthy article announcing the event.

7-28-05 - had a great time as a WOG shortly after reporting aboard AIMD Kitty Hawk. Al is finally an official Shellback.

7-23-05 - Here's . From the left: LCDR Carl Nolte (AMO), LCDR Will Woods (MMCO), LT Chris Haas (IM-3), LTJG Mike Phillips (IM-2), Capt(sel) Dave Seaton (Flagmo), CDR Jon Albright (AIMDO), CWO2 James Moes (IM-3.5), LT Gary Horsey (IM-4). The AIMD Airframes shop made Flagmo a cane to help him get around the ship.

7-9-05 - Here's to commence his retirement ceremony on 26 May. Side boys are LT Richie Mercado, Capt George Kilian, CDR Bill Bergin, LCDR Mike Huff, Maj. Michael Wells and Maj. Eugene Wallace . And here's distinguished career and sharing stories about their long standing friendship.

7-6-05 - Vice Admiral Massenburg awarded the NAVAIR Commander's National Awards on 6/21. Here's receiving the trophy on behalf of the . Mark Nieto is in the picture top row center.

7-6-05 - Here's the . L to R: CDR Mark Wassil, LT Randy Berti, LT Peter Olsen, ENS Jeffrey Tomaszewski, ENS Jason Martinson, LT Kelly Ann Barber, CDR Rob Caldwell.

6-30-05 - Here's a shot of . Front, L to R: LCDR Charlie Barber (AIMD MMCO), ENS William Siddle (IM-4 DIVO), 1st LT Timothy Garrison (VMFA-232 MMCO), LT Winford Peregrino (VFA-41 MMCO), LT Kimberly Scott (VFA-41 AMO), LTJG Montagot (IM-2 DIVO). Rear, L to R: LTJG John Timothy (VFA-94 AMO), LT Kenneth Stewart (VFA-94 MCO), LT Frank Bennett (IM-3 DIVO), CDR(s) John Farwell (CAGMO), CDR Lance Massey (AIMD MO).

6-19-05 - Here's a shot of with his grandson plowing some new ground on the old John Deere. The headgear isn't a GQ requirement - apparently there was an explosion of black flies, and the flies insisted that CRAIGMO wear the headgear. Also, here's a shot of enjoying retirement. Also, here's .

6-15-05 - Here's a shot of when he was deployed to the Southern Iraq area in 2004. Ken recieved a DSM for his in-theatre support of the war effort in Iraq at his retirement cermony on 26 May 2005.

6-7-05 - After 30 years as an AMDO and five years of retirement as a goat farmer, began a new career this spring with the Nantahala Outdoor Center. on four prime Tennessee-North Carolina whitewater rivers, so if you’re looking for a thrill, go to and ask for Tom.

6-2-05 - Here's a picture of being promoted to LCDR on June 1st at AIMD Jacksonville. CDR Stu Alexander(l) and LCDR Charles Robinson(r) are pinning AIRSpeed Officer LCDR Rod Davis (1520) to his new rank. CMDCM Gary Alford is in the background.

5-12-05 - Here's this year's . Left to right: CDR Mark Wassil, CDR Matt Mullins, CDR Larry Straub, CDR Robyn Spain, CDR(s) Bill Edge, CDR Rick Taylor, CDR Mike Zarkowski, CDR(s) Craig Washington, CDR John Kemna, CDR Ed Johnson.

5-8-05 - Here's the . Top row: CDR Mark Wassil, LT Randy Berti, ENS Freas, LTJG Lewis, ENS Cortez, ENS Lysene, CDR Rob Caldwell, LCDR Trent Demoss. Bottom row: LTJG Coward, ENS Palomino, and LTJG Holt.

4-28-05 - Here's being retired by RADM Mike Bachmann on 15 April in the Navy Memorial Theater in Washington.

4-9-05 - Here's , getting ready for some divine intervention. is of a Shinto Priest giving the first E-2 PMI-2 aircraft inducted into NIPPI a safety blessing. Notice the shrine setup complete with bananas and a fish as offerings. That's going to be one safe aircraft. Mark had to bow in front of it and give a speech. Some things a green shirt has to do were never taught in AMO school. thanks to Curt

3-24-05 - . Randy and Nate looking on - One is happier than the other!

3-23-05 - Here's . In addition to Randy Berti and Mark Wassil on the left and Rob Caldwell on the right, the graduates are ENS Leslie Branch, LTJG Mordecai Eaglesron, LT Victor Feal, LTJG Greg Martin & ENS Mike Sieber.

3-23-05 - Here's . Left to Right (Front): LCDR Branton (AIMD MMCO); LCDR Brian Jacobs (CVW-17 CAGMO); CDR Karen Fallon (SUPPO); CDR Mig Ortiz (AIMDO). Left to Right (Rear): AKC David Prucell (CVW-17 Material); AKCS Joseph McGuire (S-6); LT Eugene Griffith (S-6); AK1 Anthony Wallace (S-6); LT Paul Barrera (S-6). And here's , Team Quicksand.

3-20-05 - The got together to say farewell to CDR Rich Lorentzen as he heads to be the XO of NATEC. Welcome aboard to CDR Lance Massey. Other AMDOs in the photo include LCDR Cristal Caler, LT Frank Bennett, LTJG Joe Montagot and ENS Bill Siddle. Team NIMITZ also welcomes new MMCO, LCDR Charlie Barber.

3-17-05 - Tom VandenBerg received a Legion of Merit on his next-to-last day as PMA260. Here's . From left to right are Mike Huff, Chris Couch, Marty Reagan, Lisa Lamarre, Scott Pearce, Mike Belcher, George Kilian, Tom VandenBerg, Bill Englehart, Richard Dorn, Ty Gorrick, Ken Jalali and Mickey Furr.

2-1-05 - Here's being awarded the Bearing Pyramid of Persistence Award by AIMD Shop 1 for having faith and supporting them in their efforts in reviving a 40 year old test bench back to life and PROVING ALL the Tech Reps WRONG. The MA-2 bench required bearings to be replaced in the Vertical Speed Increaser gear box. This repair would normally have been accomplished by a Field Team, but due to the criticality of the bench and lead time to get a replacement, the repair was attempted and successfully completed. AIMDO personally motivated and cheered the troops to success.

1-28-05 - From the I-Level, Inc muster on 25 and 26 January at NAS North Island, here's and here's . See anyone you know?

1-25-05 - Here's a photo of at the Human Relief Organization Awards Ceremony on 21 Jan at the Langley AFB Officer's Club. His squadron, VR-52, has a significant volunteer presence in the HRO.

1-18-05 - joined their boss (CDR Denis Moody - RAIMD OIC Fort Worth) in authentic WWII uniforms for the Veterans' Day Parade.

1-17-05 - Jerry Palmer, one of the original 100 AMDOs, lives along a low level, visual nav training track that VT-86 uses. Since Jerry has connections to VT-86 from his days as AMO at NAS Gylnco, he to serve as a waypoint on the low levels.

1-7-05 - Here's at their wedding almost 50 years ago. Haven't changed a bit!

12-19-04 - Here's a great shot of supporting OIF at Camp Anaconda, IRAQ.

12-10-04 - who came over to the TR for the retirement of CWO2 Todd Pollock.

12-10-04 - Here's receiving the Marconi-Bell Award this past summer from the National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers for his work in electrostatic discharge control certification. The award was presented by Mr. Dave Newman - AT&T Government Solutions - Hawaii, Director of Operations, Mr. Terry Booker, AT&T Government Solutions - Hawaii, Program Manager and Mr. Tom Campbell, ARServices, Ltd. - Program Manager

12-3-04 - Here's - from Left to right: CDR Mark Wassil, LTJG Randy Berti, ENS Jonathan Sahim, LT Greg Russell, ENS Brian Leetch, ENS Kyungnho Kim, ENS Jose Garcia, ENS Victor Baldoni, CDR Rob Caldwell.

11-26-04 - Here's aceing another PRT. thanks fo Jan

11-19-04 - Here's looking on as his father, LCDR A. D. Dennis, Ret, speaks during Audie's recent retirement ceremony. At the left are Capt Novak and RADM Godwin.

11-9-04 - Here's aboard USS Ronald Reagan during a visit with VADM McCarthy, OPNAV N4, and Capt Symonds, CO, on 4 Nov.

11-7-04 - Here's one from the archives. , circa 1986.

11-2-04 - Although its a little dated, here's a shot of at her retirement (2002), along with a picture of from then-PMA265 CAPT Wieringa. Capt (Sel) Duane Mallicoat is in the background.

10-25-04 - Here's a taken at a recent hail-and-farewell. AIMD Brunswick bid farewell to LT Derek Breeding (1520) Sept. 30, 2004 at local sports bar, Winner’s, as he transferred across the ramp to VP-26. Left to right: LCDR Rudy Martinez (1520), CWO3 Duaine Folie, LT Derek Breeding (1520), CWO4 Mark Holmes, LCDR(sel) Terri Schlotterbeck (1520), LT Mike Hoerr (LDO), LCDR(sel) Gerry Brosnan (LDO), LT Ben Seward (1520), and OIC CDR Craig Munson (1520).

10-7-04 - Here's a shot of the in 1985. We can spot a bunch of AMDOs, including David Randle, Mike Belcher and Ellen Coyne, Phil Farnum, Neil Hudson, Mike Flowers, Kathy Sill, Audie Dennis, Mark Kosewicz, Maureen Ford, Mike Tranchina. How many more can you spot?

10-7-04 - JCS completed the ritualistic cleansing of their slimy Wogs on 7 Oct 04. For proof, of Lt Arsenio Francisco (IM-2 Division Officer) and CDR Daniel Van Orden (AIMD Officer).

9-14-04 - From Stennis, : (left to right): LT Arsenio Francisco (AIMD IM-2), ENS Eric Nagley (AIMD IM-4), LTjg Bryan Kinyoun (VFA-25), LT James Galyean (VAQ-139), LT Grady Duffey (VFA-115), LCDR Russell Dickison (AIMD MMCO), CDR Daniel Van Orden (JCS AIMD Officer), LTjg Marc Williams (VFA-115), ENS Nicholas Walker (VFA-115), LCDR Jack King (CVW-14 CAGMO), and ENS Eric Glover (VAW-113). And and get some liberty.

9-1-04 - Here's by VADM Tom Church, Naval Inspector General, at her retirement. Here's including AMDOs CAPTs Tom Vandenberg, Stu Paul, Bret Gordon, and Vince Scott. Here's . You can to read Diane's retirement speech.

7-30-04 - Here's enjoying a fine cigar aboard USS Ronald Reagan.

7-30-04 - Here's just before Art Pruett took over.

7-7-04 - Here's aboard a TBM-3E he is helping to restore.

6-7-04 - , FIXO USS RONALD REAGAN, passes from WOG BRANSOM to SHELLBACK during the crossing the line cermony onboard.

5-12-04 - Here's the : (L-to-R) LCDR Wassil (AMO School Director), ENS Johnston (VFA-34), LTJG Evangelista (USS Essex), ENS Stierwalt (VAQ-131), ENS Davio (VF-103), ENS Siddle (USS Nimitz), LT Savanh (AMO School Instructor)

3-25-04 - recently visited AMO school and spent some time telling sea stories. And with CDR Manero, XO VT-2.


3-19-04 - Here's a photo of standing in front of the flight line of the Navy's largest squadron, VFA-122, which boasts 64 Super Hornets.

3-18-04 - If you missed Fletch's retirement on 27 February, you missed a quality shin-dig. and scroll down the page to see a great presentation. Here's . And here's a shot of the that TV made for him. And here's from RDML Fitzgerald.

3-12-04 - Gus and Patsy are on the road again. .

3-3-04 - Tiger stopped by GW just to get .

3-3-04 - . From the left are ENS Eric Glover VAW-113, ENS David Young VFA-22, ENS Andrew Rutherford VFA-137, ENS Charles Castevens VFA-81, ENS Rebecca Schnarr VFA-192, ENS Robert Coomes VFA-154, ENS Shantelle Overly VP-1, LT Bobby Savanh - AMO School.

2/28/04 - Here's a shot of who flew down to southern VA to listen to sea stories over lunch.

2/7/04 - Pix from Hawaii: Here’s , and here's : LCDR Bret Bishop, LT Scott Carter and LTJG Al Palmer. Al says "Don’t let the location fool you. This is a Marine command and there is neither shore duty, nor an AIMD in the Marine Corps. Aloha."

1/19/04 - Here’s well before his goat herding days. See anyone else you recognize?

1/11/04 - Here’s whom CJ adopted during a trip to Russia in December.

1/8/04 - Here's a who completed the first "Prospective Wing/AIMD Maintenance Officer Symposium (PWAMOS)" held 9-12 Dec 2003.
  • Back Row: CDR Kevin Colton, LCDR Darren Grove, LCDR Terry Reddaway, LCDR James Beer, LCDR Eric Washington
  • Center Row: CDR Donald Bodin, CDR George Logan, LCDR Jeff Tandy, LCDR Timothy Parr, LCDR Tim Franklin, CDR Rob Worringer, CDR Debbie Obryant, LCDR Doug Laverly
  • Front Row: VADM John Cotton, LCDR Rudolph Chavez, CDR Eddie Ellison, LCDR Greg Mitchell, CDR Curt Dodges, LCDR Lawrence McCabe, CDR Shannon Van Meter, CAPT Duane Mallicoat, LCDR Gabe Castro
  • Not Shown: LCDR Mkie Kingston, LCDR B.C. Young, CDR Tom Crain, CDR Tom Lee, LCDR Milton Greene

12/29/03 - Here’s a shot of the aboard a showboat last year. That's a Kitty Hawk ballcap he's wearing.

12/16/03 - Here’s a shot of the plus a couple of DVs: (L to R) CDR Sherman (AMDO Detailer), CDR (Sel) Wassil (AMO School Director), LTJG Johnson (VFA-105), LTJG Crest (VFA-2), LTJG Hoover (VRC-40), LTJG Massey (VAQ-140), LTJG Bryant (NAVTEST WING LANT), LT Allende (VF-32), ENS Guerin (USS ENTERPRISE), LT Peregrino (VFA-41), LTJG Trevett (VAQ-136), LTJG Velazquez (VFA-113), ENS Nichelson (VFA-27), LT Savanh (AMO School), CDR Pruett (AMDO Career Manager).

10/23/03 - AMDOs in the Desert (con't): Here's ....but what is he out cruisin' for?? We won't tell!

10/7/03 - AMDOs in the Desert (con't): Here's , CO of DCMA Kuwait, enjoying the sun. We sure hope it wasn't Kent that shot that poor dead dog in the background, but you never know what some guys will do when you give them an M-16. {He could have at least buried the poor thing}. Here's a shot of and here's one of the .

10/3/03 - Art Pruett wants to know if you'd buy a used boat from . Nice glasses.

10/1/03 - LCDR Tom May puts the finishing touch on the he reclaimed in HCS-5's "O" level maintenance facility at Baghdad International Airport, Iraq.

10/1/03 - Here's a shot of Eugene Waight, of the Belize Ministry of Agriculture, left, and who are holding one of the four Boer goats that the Snyders are donating to Belize. for the complete story.

9/1/03 - Here's . From the left: ENS Don Schmitt (now DLA CIV), LT Gordie Coward (now CAPT), LT Ray Bednarcik (now PMA 231 APML), UNK, UNK.

8/14/03 - Here's : Left to Right are LTJG Mike Windom (IM-2), LCDR Craig Washington (MMCO), CDR Jim CoBell (AIMDO), LCDR John Larson (AMO), and LT Micah Harley (IM-4).

8/12/03 - Here's a rarity: From left to right CDR Terry Ford, CVW-1, CDR (Big John) Sutherland, CVW-3, CDR Dave Meagher, CVW-7, LCDR (JR) Rodriguez, CVW-8, LCDR Brian Jacobs, CVW-17.

8/4/03 - Here's the . Back Row from left to right: LTJG Scott, LTJG Torres, CDR Lee, CAPT Code, LTJG Clementson, LT Hidalgo, ENS Mccord. Front Row from left to right: ENS Reid, ENS Stokely.

8/4/03 - Here's just work, work, working. Thanks to Curt.

7/14/03 - Here's a couple of shots of the held aboard Vinson the same weekend as the AMDO 35th.

7/13/03 - Here's three shots of your new detailer taken in May 2003 while the Connie was docked at Pearl Habor on the way home.

6/25/03 - Here's World Travellers with their granddaughter enjoying a brew in Dresden, Germany.

6/25/03 - Here's a shot from in Singapore with the Vinson AMO, CDR (sel) Stailey, and the Vinson AIMD khakis and CVN 70 CMC.

6/25/03 - Here's the pix from the 35th anniversary symposium:
  • and
  • and
  • and
  • began his session on RIFLe with a photo of RADM Bachmann when he was a boxer at the Academy while
  • reviewed the CNATT organization and RADM Bachmann said as Frank retires next week

6/16/03 - Here's two shots of our AIMD officers working on important and relevant issues at and at . The personnel in the Lemoore picture are left to right: LCDR Mark Nieto (AIMD Oceana MMCO), CDR Bruce Brosch (AIMD Lemoore OIC), CDR Jerry Zumbro (AIMD Oceana OIC), LCDR Bob Farmer (AIMD Lemoore MMCO), CWO4 Rey Martinez (AIMD Oceana Avionics Production Officer). The personnel in the North Island picture are left to right: LT Tom Kennedy (AIMD NI MMCO), LT Gary Joshway (AIMD NI Avionics Officer), CDR John Smajdek (AIMD NI OIC), CDR Jerry Zumbro (AIMD Oceana OIC), LCDR Mark Nieto (AIMD Oceana MMCO), CWO4 Rey Martinez (AIMD Oceana Avionics Production Officer). CDR Zumbro, CDR Smajdek and LT Joshway are holding a copy of "The Goal" by M. Goldratt and J. Cox. "The Goal" is what the RIFLe program is based on.

6/11/03 - Here's a shot of (AKA "Poor Mans Pebble Beach") taken by fellow AMDO, Russ Dickison during an arduous study session for upcoming exams at NPS. Nate is a deer hunter and is trying to figure out why he left the guns in storage in VA!

5/26/03 - Here's the . From left to right back row: ENS ROBERTS, ENS HAWKINS, ENS QUARLES, ENS JONES, ENS GRAY. From left to right front row: LCDR WASSIL (AMO School Director), ENS SAHADEO, LTJG REIFKOHL, ENS SCHROEDER, ENS FARNWORTH, ENS THOMAS. ENS CARLISLE graduated with the class but was not able to make the picture.

5/26/03 - Here's being relieved by CAPT Jim Rainwater as Commander, Defense Contract Management Agency Van Nuys, in Los Angeles on 18 Oct 2002.

5/18/03 - Here's a shot of , taken just before return from cruise.

5/16/03 - Here's Terry Merritt as she departs OPNAV N789H, and (your new Head Detailer).

5/16/03 - Here's CJ Jaynes and during the AIMD Lemoore Change of Charge ceremony on 29 April where she was relieved by .

5/14/03 - Here's (the USM-449?). Second from the left is Bruce Touve, fifth from the left is the AIMDO, Cdr Tom Parks, and Al Derr is second from the right.

5/7/03 - Here's a couple of nice souveniers from President Bush's trip to Lincoln. Both feature Greg Stanley, AIMDO, with, first, , and, second, .

5/2/03 - Here's a young from a 1969 deployment aboard Kitty Hawk. Look for Rick's article in the Spring-Summer 2003 issue of the AMDO Association Newsletter.

4/24/03 - Here's of Dave's home state, Illinois, aboard Truman.

4/22/03 - Here's another shot of World Travellers (with two of their sons this time) on a visit to Rome during Patsy's assignment in Berlin.

4/16/03 - Here's enjoying cigars following their last Operation Enduring Freedom mission. Left to right - LT Bret Wasburn (IM2), LTJG Cherry (QAO), CDR Mike Belcher (MO), LCDR Mel Gates (MMCO), CWO2 Todd Pollock (IM3.5), LCDR Gary Hackaday (AMO), LTJG Chad Trevett (MCO), LT Bob Nicolcosi (IM3), and ENS Mike Martin (IM4).

4/5/03 - Here's and his two bodyguards aboard TR.

4/5/03 - Here's a , the AMDO detailer order writer, secretary, and "psuedo-detailer" for the last 6+ years, receiving a NADEP Jacksonville clock made from "retired" compressor blades from a TF-30-400A engine. Shirley was a crucial fixture in the detailing process in which all AMDOs knew her on a first name basis, even though most had never met her. Through her many personal meetings, and countless number of communications via phone and email, she developed an unprecedented understanding of each of the AMDO officers she worked with and provided invaluable information regarding the status of their orders, qualification entries and documentation assistance. She established a well-renowned reputation within BUPERS as the subject matter expert for acquisition policy, FITREP and selection board processes. RDML Bachmann presented her with a , an honorary AMDO certificate, and the beautiful NADEP Jacksonville clock (courtesy of Dave Beck).

4/3/03 - Here's a . Know any of them?

3/25/03 - Here's the . From Left to Right: ENS Crawford, ENS Nagley, ENS Suela, LTJG Harris, ENS Shih, ENS Carter, ENS Bisher, LCDR Mark Wassil (AMO School Director).

3/14/03 - Here's a shot of the . From left to right are Commanders Kate Erb, Jon Albright, Neil Williams, Ellen Moore, Art Pruett, Chris Kennedy, John Smadjek, Dave Geerdes, Jim Gillies, Mike Beaulieu, and Mike Zarkowsk.

3/6/03 - Here's a photo of taken on Tuesday, 4 March. (See anyone you know??) Vinson left Bremerton on 13 January, loaded its air wing in San Diego, and pulled into Pearl Harbor at the end of January, just in time for the Pro Bowl. On 25 Feb, they pulled into Guam, and are now headed to other ports in WestPac.

3/3/03 - From the Navy Newsstand, here's the Honorable H.T. Johnson, Acting Secretary of the Navy, being briefed on jet engines, parts and maintence by , Lincoln’s Maintenance Officer (MO) and and Ens. Pete Coore.

3/2/03 - From somewhere in the Med, here's . Paulk is baby-faced kid on the right! Keith's smiling because he's haze gray and underway!

2/10/03 - Here's some shots of the opening of the new Aviation Maintenance Officer School at Naval Air Station Whiting Field. In the left to right are CAPT Frank Smith (NAMTRGRU CO), retired CAPT Bruce Hawk (a previous NAMTRAGRU CO), Commissioner Buck Lee and RADM Townes. In the are CAPT Smith, retired CAPT Hawk, Santa Rosa County Commissioners, and RADM Townes.

1/24/03 - Here's where Richard Dorn relieved Mike Berkin. In the picture on the top right, the people from left to right are Richard Dorn, RDML Steve Heilman, Mike Berkin, and Chaplain Larry Roth.

1/22/03 - Here's who is now with Advanced Training Systems International in Mesa, AZ maintaining a stable of 10 A4-N and 3 TA4-J jets that are employed in tactical air services for allied and US armed services + advanced jet training for foreign military pilots.

1/1/03 - Here's some shots from Colleen Watry's retirement luncheon on 19 December. Here's presenting her with a souvenier picture of the Pentagon. Here's RDML Thomas Kilcline, Director of N780, . Here's . And here's doing what he does best. Attendees included RDML Steve Heilman and CAPTs Diane Diekman, Owen Fletcher, Stu Paul, Tom Vandenberg, Jay Chase, Carlos Lozano, Terry Merritt, and Bret Gordon.

12/20/02 - Here's what looked like at Christmastime '02.

12/12/02 - Here's just heading out after graduating from AMO school today. From Left to Right are: LT Ken Cameron, ENS Charity Crismon, LTJG Anthony Bruno, ENS Holly Kenney, ENS Angela Leopold, ENS John Goeres, ENS Christopher Grimes, ENS Grant Leslie, ENS Derek Burns and AMO Instructor LT Bobby Savanh.

12/5/02 - Seasons Greetings from . Back Row (standing): ABCM Bill Smith, AFCM Joe Perrotta, CWO3 Keith Beck, LT Dave Woods, LT Carter Moreland, CWO3 Gary Mueller, CWO4 Mike Ames, CDR Jerry Zumbro, LCDR Tim Duffy, AFCM Art Martin, PRCM Mike Beck, ASCM Danny Griffis, AFCM Frank Davis. Front Row (sitting): LT Mike Fleshman, AZCM O.D. Housianitis, LCDR Dave Ferreira, LCDR Mark Nieto, LT Jesse Benton, AVCM Gordon Haelterman.

11/29/02 - Here's world travelers enjoying a brew in Prague.

11/26/02 - Ron Kaelber wants to know if you can figure out who is .

11/15/02 - Photos from the AIMD Brunswick Change of Charge ceremony. from the CPWing 5 Commodore, Capt James Grunewald. getting ready to chow down on the traditional cake.

11/3/02 - Here are . From Left to Right are RANDY BERTI (VFA-34), RICK WRIGHT (VFA-83), SCOTT SCHULTZ (VF-103), LYLE AINSWORTH (VFA-81), "EB" EBNER (VF-103), TODD HERBERT (VFA-34), RICH NIMROD (VFA-81), GARY SHELLEY (VFA-83), NICK RUPERT (VAQ-132), MIKE ZARKOWSKI (CVW 17 CAGMO), DAVE MORELAND (VS-30), BILLY HENDRICKS (VS-30), ROY SMITH (VAQ-132), MIKE BALKUM (HS-15), LANCE FOSTER ( VAW-125 ). Picture was taken post-AMRR in front of one of the Fleets finest.

10/30/02 - Here's a picture of addressing IKE AIMD on the importance of what the AIMD is doing in the yards, how it’s the most difficult job they’ll have, and a look back at his experiences/lessons learned bringing Enterprise out of Newport News after refueling in the mid-90s. Mickey Furr reports that it was good having Bill give one of his patented rousing speeches, which was even more effective considering that he’s an IKE Plank Owner. Here's a shot of .

10/30/02 - USS Eisenhower recently celebrated its 25th anniversary with a formal Reunion ‘Gala’ at Nauticus in Norfolk, VA on 18 October 2002. . From the left, you'll see LT Mike Morgan, LCDR Stu Alexander, CDR Mickey Furr, and LT Richie Mercado.

10/23/02 - Here's a picture from the featuring LT Paul Choate (team captain), from AIMD USS John C. Stennis CVN74, who led a very determined United States team to a stunning finish. The highest place the United States has ever placed was second to last - not this year. During an exciting last round showdown the United States defeated France to finish second place overall. All members of the top two finishing teams received Gold medals.

9/28/02 - Here's the enjoying lunch at Elisabeths Restaurant down the street from the Commander, Naval Air Reserves Headquarters. From left to right are LCDR Jim Morosetti, CDR(S) Donnie Bodin, LCDR Darren Grove, CAPT Jim Nichols, CDR Pat Quigley, CDR Larry Tortorich, Capt Jim Griffiths, USMC, and LCDR Shannon Van Meter.

9/21/02 - Here's , at a Dining Out on board the Royal Argosy dinner cruise ship in the waters of Puget Sound. From left to right, LCDR Bob and Jen Stailey, CDR David and Fiona Randle, and LT Terry and Cheryl Mejos. David is in the "alternate uniform"- the official US Navy tartan. Fiona is in her tartan from Clan McInnes.

9/6/02 - Here's in a serious moment pondering his next marathon run.

7/29/02 - Another class of fine young Americans (and one Greek officer) : From left to right are: CDR Kate Erb (AMO School Director), ENS B. Story (VFA-27, Atsugi, Japan), LT M. Roseano (HC-4, Sigonella, Italy), LT G. Tzavaras Greece), ENS K. Bowman (AIMD, Corpus Christi, TX), ENS M. Skyta (VFA-192, Atsugi, Japan), LT J. Galyean (VAQ-139, Oak Harbor, Washington), ENS D. Jairam (MISAWA AIMD, Misawa, Japan), LT Bobby Savanh (AMO School).

7/19/02 - Here's of USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) AIMD LIFAC showing off his Grooms Cake at his wedding on 4 May 02.

6/6/02 - Here's the at a Tidewater Tides baseball game. LCDR Paul Remick (6380), CWO2 Gary Mueller (7360), LT Jesse Benton (1520), LCDR Tim Duffy (6330), LCDR Jim Lavin (6330), and CDR Jerry Zumbro (1520).

5/30/02 - Another class of fine young Americans : From left to right are: ENS J. Rorer, LTJG D. Chuba, ENS S. Hill, ENS S. Bornino, ENS R. Agullana, ENS R. Mercado, ENS J. Cabada, ENS S. Thompson, ENS A. Bourassa, ENS C. Cunningham, ENS D. PriceJordan, LT M. Harley, ENS M. Schmidt, CDR T. Lee, and the AMO School Director, CDR Katie Erb.

5/4/02 - More . LCDR Mark Goodale and his wife Anne arrived at Arnold Engineering Development Center last fall. In less than six months Tom Snyder had him working on the farm. Is there a P-code for Goat Herding?

5/4/02 - 1520 LT Sean Wilson (left side) participated in the annual . (The other guy on the right side is LT Eric Schoenbeck, a Dental Doc.) Sean says that he is from Delaware and would much rather take a plunge at Rehoboth Beach!

4/12/02 - Here's a shot of the AMDOs that completed the on 22 Mar '02. Back row: Will Ainsworth, Greg Stanley, Doug Killey, Rich Lorentzen, David Randle. Front row: Fred Hepler, Carolynn Snyder, Scott Rettie, Fred Melnick, Rob Caldwell

4/9/02 - Here's Midshipman Drew Rutherford (USNA Class of 2002) with and taken on 25 Jan 02 Service Selection Night. Since Drew was the only Boat Schooler going AMDO this year, he got a "double dose" of sea stories and how things "haven't changed" in the Fleet from the two happy senior JOs. The "Levity and Jocularity" Lamp was lit that night. Seems that, once he graduates, Drew will go to AMO School in Jan 03 and will make a large impression upon the Fleet.

4/4/02 - Here's the from 1975. Any guesses? Hint: Airman to LDO to 1520 Captain (Retired Feb 02).

3/12/02 - Here's along with the AMDO community detailer and career manager. From Left to right are: CDR Ron Burroughs (AMDO Detailer), ENS Crystal (VP-46, NAS Whidbey Island, WA), ENS Monahan (VAQ-138, NAS Whidbey Island, WA), ENS Dagdagan (HS-6, NAS North Island, CA), ENS Matthews (VFA-146, NAS Lemoore, CA), ENS Montagot (HSL-45, NAS North Island, CA), ENS Pico (VFA-22, NAS Lemoore, CA), ENS Kamara (HC-6, Norfolk, VA), ENS Vohrer (HS-7, NAS Jacksonville, FL), ENS Phillips (VRC-40, Norfolk, VA), ENS Elliott (CVN-73, USS George Washington, Norfolk, VA), ENS Scarcello (VFA-147, Lemoore, CA), LCDR Fred Hepler (AMDO Community Manager), and LT Bobby Savanh (AMO instructor).

3/7/02 - Here's during turnover day. l to r: CDR Bob Ramsey, TR FIXO, CDR Dan Mathis, JFK FIXO, CDR Parke Guthner, TR SUPPO and CDR Rick Wilson, JFK SUPPO.

2/18/02 - Here's . LCDR Art Pruett (AIMD MMCO), CDR Curt Shanahan (AIMDO), ASCM Hari Singh (AIMD LCPO), LCDR Knarvell Dailey (OHO), LTJG Luis Marroquin (AIMD IM4), LCDR Don Patterson (AIMD AMO), AVCM John Casias (AIMD MMCPO), and ENS Joe Cervi (AIMD QAO).

1/28/02 - Here's the from TR enjoying their 3rd beer day of the 2001-2002 OEF deployment! l to r: LCDR Terry Ford (CVW-1 CAGMO), CDR Parke Guthner (SUPPO), and CDR Bob Ramsey (AIMDO). 130 days at-sea and counting, NO ports!! TR will beat the continuous at-sea record set by Nimitz in 1980 (144 days). This picture really makes you want to be there!

Here's (‘87), AIMD Officer, USS PELELIU (LHA 5) exercising the “slow boat” leg of the 350 mile logistics bridge in support of the 15th MEU’s Air Combat Element operations at Camp Rhino, Afghanistan.20 minutes later, (and, no, he didn’t do it MacArthur style).

Mack and Sandra Prose celebrated their 30th anniversary in January 2001. and . Sandra hasn't aged a bit!

We're not making this up: Tom Snyder is now a full time goat farmer breeding Full Blood South African Boer goats on a 50 acre farm in Tennessese. , Reserve National Champion Junior Buck. Tom claims that shoveling the literal stuff is great after shoveling it figuratively for years.

Who says your detailer isn't a ? (That's Tom Glass in the middle)

Here's that graduated from AMO school on 13 December '01. From left to right: LTJG Louis Rivera (AIMD ROOSEVELT RD, PUERTO RICO), LTJG Dion Anderson (CVN-68, USS NIMITZ, SAN DIEGO, CA), ENS Stephen Kehrt (VF-2, VIRGINIA BEACH, VA), LTJG Sharon Bingman (VAW-78, NORFOLK, VA), ENS David Moreland (VS-30, JACKSONVILLE, FL), ENS John Stat (VFA-137, LEMOORE, CA), ENS Roy Turner (VAQ-132, OAK HARBOR, WA).

Here's getting promoted to Commander. Who'da thunk it?!

With a who wouldn't buy a used car from this guy!.

Here's in the office at AIMD Key West.

Here's that graduated from AMO school on 4 October '01. From left to right are LT B. B. Savanh (AMO School Instructor), ENS Steven M. Holland (VAW-115, Japan), LT Robert C. Gustafson (VFA-27, Japan), ENS Jeff Lake (VAW-112, Pt Mugu), LTJG R. Kevin Cordle (VAQ-143, Whidbey Island, WA), ENS Declan E. Hartney (VFA-146, Lemoore, CA), ENS Tyson Stephenson (NAVAIRMAINTRAU, Virginia Beach, VA), ENS John M. Havercroft (VAQ-131, Whidbey Island, WA), LTJG Sean A. Wilson (NAS Keflavik, Iceland), and CDR (Sel) K. D. Erb (AMO School Director).

Here's , who note that Big E was first, and is still, on station in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (previously known as Infinite Justice). As a bonus, here's a picture of , doing what AIMDOs do best.

Here's , who just left to take justice to the Med and wherever else its needed. From the left are CDR Bob Ramsey (MO), LCDR (s) Nate Schneider(IM-3), LCDR Mel Gates (AMO)(w/ hair!), CW02 Todd Pollock(Asst IM-3), LCDR Mark Wassil (MMCO), ENS Mike Martin (QAO), Ltjg Dave Woods (IM-2), Ltjg Steve Puskar (IM-4).

Here's , CNAP AMMT Team Leader, manning a 50 Cal on the XO’s sponson aboard USS JOHN C STENNIS (CVN 74). What do you mean, you're not ready for your AMI?!?!!

Curious about life as a safety inspector for a well drilling company in Wyoming? Check out 's typical safety inspector attire.

Here's a couple of shots from Enterprise. depicts the 2 August "Welcome Aboard" for Ensign Michael Windom fresh from AMO School/AIMD JAX (Stash). is the promotion of LT Bill Doody (1 AUG 01)

Here's the newest Rogues to join the AMDO community. graduated 26 July 2001. They are (left to right): ENS Murat Sarisen (RAIMD NAS JRB Fort Worth), ENS Daphne A. McGinnis (VFA-94), ENS Andrew J. Cooper (NAPRA Okinawa), ENS Eric W. Edge (VFA-37), ENS David Wayne Jackson - Honor Graduate (VFA-14), ENS Bradford Q. Maronde (VFA-113), LT Lisa G. Green (HS-8), ENS Michael A. Polito (VAQ-134), LT DeMichael T. Morgan (USS Eisenhower), ENS John Davis Lesemann Jr. (RAIMD NAS New Orleans), and ENS Randy J. Berti (VFA-34).

Heres's (in ball cap)doing dangerous undercover work at a decommissioned Russian Sub in Victoria, Canada. Doug is accompanied by his trusty (now-retired) AKC, John Hopkins. The cover story was that this was a JASMMM road show. You'll have to ask Doug for the real story....

From the US Navy Senior Leadership Workshop for the Thomas Group proposed Naval Aviation IMA Review (NAVIMAR) held 25-27 June at the Joint Reserve Base (JRB) in Dallas, Texas, here's , and .

Heres's Work-ups completed and ready for a WestPac deployment.

Bill Adams ran a contest for the best caption for this picture. He reports that there were nine really great submissions, but the winner was LCDR John Farwell, OPNAV N781C9 with the following:

"Ok, time to sign off the 7-day wash on Bunos 163509, 163504,163488..."

Bill sends congratulations to all the AMDOs who took the time to participate in the contest.

Here's mess cooking for bucks (for Navy Relief) aboard Stennis.

Here's . See if you can name them all. If you're not sure, just and see how well you did.

Here's as a mere youth. Bet you'd know him anywhere!

Here's , YG 56 Capt, AMDO (Ret) as an ATC in 1947 when he was assigned to NAES Philadelphia and was working on radomes. One of his projects in those days was to develop a hail-resistant radome for President Truman's presidential aircraft, the "Columbine". (Note: the LCDR in the picture is one of the rare 1510s that were not naval aviators.)

Here's in his much earlier years.

Here's proudly showing off their AMDO Association congratulatory certificates and AMDO patches.

sure know how to dress for success. Here's ENS Washington (Aircraft Division, LDO), LDCR Bob Barr (AIMDO), LT Zamzow (AMO, LDO), and Joey Cacciola (AV/ARM, AMDO).

Here's a couple of not-so-flattering photos taken in 1983 of then Cdr. Glenn Boston during a port visit to Naples. In the , Evelyn enjoys Glenn's discomfort at the completion of a rather large meal. shows the inevitable nap during the train ride back

Here's some shots of our AMO School class that graduated on 28 July:

From Diego Garcia:

Here's some candid photos of recent graduates from AMO school, and a couple of distinguished visitors.

. Snappiest caption wins a CCOL with less than 5 errors on it.



a. Wayne Allums
b. Mark Czarzasty
c. Pat Felts
d. Vince Scott

Here's .

Here's a collection of photos from the .

Here’s a great set of pix from the AMDO Community’s 32nd Birthday Celebration held at NAS Oceana O’Club on 7 June.








held in Pensacola the week of 20 March '00. Can you spot anyone you know?

From the AMDO luncheon at Pax River on Monday 20 March '00:

Click to see a crowning moment in Jim Boone's life. What a grin!

Click to see a photo of Joey Cacciola and his lovely wife Ivonne


Click to see what Joe Weatherspoon looked like 30 years ago when he became an AMDO.

Names from the PAIMDO Class of 1987

Top row left to right:

Mike Brannon, Ken Edwards, Mike Allen (now deceased), Fred Braman, Dave Farley, Dave Mozgala, Cal Colvin, Denny Williams, Bruce Hawk, Bill Stahler, Leroy Strickland, Bob Lindquist, Dave Cutter, Marty Reagan, Dennis Hobbs, Jim Svec, Tom Hancock (now deceased)

Front Row left to right:

Jerry Coggeshall, Tom Yee, Kevin Myette, ____________, Eben Barnett, Wayne Anderson, Fred Orton, Mike Schwartz, Harry Jacques, Sonny Sauls


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