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May, 2005. has revamped its line of Ultrachrome printers with a new series that takes the 8-color Ultrachrome K3 ink set. The new models include the (13 inches wide; 0 USD), (17 inches wide; ,000 USD), 7800 (24 inches wide; about ,000 USD), and 9800 (44 inches wide; about ,000 USD). Useful links:
  • ' early review is well worth reading. The Dmax (deepest printable black tone) is apparently impressive. (His number for the old Ultrachrome printers is identical to the number I measured for the 2200 using .)
  •   by Jeff Schewe confirms Holmes' claim that the new printers have outstanding Dmax.
  • was somewhat disappointed by the 4800. There are problems with ink waste when changing the black cartridges, and the native B&W quality (with the Epson Printer Driver) wasn't up to his standards. He is a big fan of Imageprint, which he uses with the 4000.
  • has an announcement. Expect an excellent review.
February, 2005. has released the 17-inch wide with the gloss optimizer for printing on glossy (RC) surfaces. It is not a replacement for the 2200 (see above). It produces excellent results on glossy paper ().

February, 2004.
has released a new set of ICC profiles for the 2200 printer. The profiles are for 1440 and 2880 dpi for Premium Luster, Semigloss, Glossy, Enhanced Matte, Watercolor - Radiant White, Velvet Fine Art, and PremierArt™ Water-Resistant Canvas. I haven't had a chance to evaluate them. Finding them can be a little tricky because you can't link directly to Epson pages, and as of February 2004 they're not yet on Epson USA's Drivers & Downloads page for the 2200. To locate them you must click on (in the left column), then click on New ICC Profiles for Epson Stylus Photo 2200. They obvouisly won't be there forever; I'll update this page when they move.

I have a problem with the workflow in their document. In Step 7 for Windows, it recommends selecting Assign working RGB: Adobe RGB (1998) for documents that have no embedded ICC profile. This is generally a bad practice because the Windows default color space for images with no embedded profile is sRGB. But there are exceptions. If you convert a RAW file to Adobe RGB (1998) with Canon's (mediocre) File Viewer Utility, it won't embed a profile. Bad practice, but Epson's recommendation is appropriate in this case. Then in Step 8 it recommends assigning a different profile if the color bal

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