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This post is part of a campaign I’m doing with on How to Make a Great Photobooth. Over the next few weeks I’ll be giving DIY tips on how to make them. Every good party needs a photobooth! The best photobooths have props so your guests can cut loose and get silly. If you’ve moved on from just moustaches (so 2009!) here is a DIY to make a whole slew of 15 photobooth props (can you spy the hat from Kate and Will’s wedding?-very 2011!) The best part? There is a free downloadable pdf so all you need to do is print and your guests will be saying “cheese” in no time! You can find the directions and free download below!

8.5×11 paper and 11×17 inch paper if you want to make the bigger pieces.
Foam core
Spray Mount
Exacto Knife

Step One: Click on the free printable button (at the bottom of this post) and print out pictures of the props.

Step Two: Using the spray mount adhere the paper to the foam core.

Step Three: Using a sharp exacto knife cut out the shapes of the props.

Step Four: Tape the dowel to the backside of the prop. Voila! You’ve got your very own set of photobooth props!

Click on the button below to download the free printables.

Thanks to Aubrey Trinnaman for the photos and to Alexis Birkmeyer for helping me pull everything together. A special thanks to Lauren Stiebler for the illustrations.

All photos by for Oh Happy Day

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