Diy family photo wall clock

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I have seen this family photo wall clock on Pinterest for a while now and I finally got around to making my own!



I used picture frames from Dollarama to create my clock.  I bought two 5×7’s, four 4×6’s and two 8×10’s.

 I LOVE dollar store picture frames. They are sooo light, you don’t need nails to hang them! They are perfect for a lazy DIYer like me!


I took the frames apart to paint the mattes and the two larger frames with leftover teal chalk paint.


First, I hung the four larger frames using double-sided adhesive strips from Dollarama.

The strips worked great, didn’t damage my walls and let me move the pictures multiple times until I had it the way I liked it!

I used tape to hang the quote on the wall before peeling the back off, just to be sure the frames looked alright.


Next, I carefully peeled off the back of the quote and attached it to my wall, as per the instructions. This part took some patience.


Lastly, I hung the final four frames using the adhesive strips (I finally used a level after having to adjust them about 1000 times…the level is a handy tool)

I even used the dollar store adhesive strips to hang the clock in the middle!


Overall, I LOVE how this project turned out! Check out my complete How-To video here: 

I purchased the quote from Amazon, here is the link:

I also purchased the clock from Amazon, here is the link for that:

Karlsson Wall Clock Little Big Time Mini, Black


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