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Row of photo shops opp CentralPlaza Lad Phrao

There is a concentration of photo shops at Lat Phrao – Phahonyohtin junction, across the road from CentralPlaza Lad Phrao. Due to stiff competition, price is more or less the same, and it is dirt cheap.


MASTER Photo Network


MASTER Photo Network


Out of the lots, MASTER Photo Network is my bf’s regular photo shops. Yesterday, I helped him to get some photos printed at MASTER.


Thai instruction and memory card


Given the language barrier and my limited (photo-related) vocabs, he wrote down his instructions on a paper and off I go.


Queue system (in Thai)


Walking in to the store, none of the staff attended to me. Like a lost child, I waited around a staff (whom was attending a customer at that time). As soon as he was free, he realized that I was standing there unsure, and asked me to take a queue number. The queue number system wasn’t there on my last visit, 1-2 years back.


Left side for service, right side for pick-up


Within a short while, I was called to the counter. I handed over bf’s instruction notes and his camera memory card. I hope that was about it.

But no.


Border, or without?


The staff showed me a board and rattled off a question. Thank god for the visual board, so I roughly guessed what she wanted to check. I figured out that she wanted to confirm that I want to print the photos edge to edge without white borders. That is  bf’s usual preference, but nevertheless, I called him to double check. Update Jan 2017: Do note that the for photos taken using mobile phone usually is 3:2; vis-a-vis 4:3 for 4R size photo. So staff will also double check whether they are allowed to crop the image or print with white bars on the sides of the photo. I usually go with printing with white bars on the side, just in case the images are too closed to the border.


Transferring photos from memory card


Customers to fill in name and contact no


After the photos have been successfully copied from the memory card, I was asked to fill in my name and phone number in a ‘photo / order envelope’ (not sure what it’s called).






All done, next step was payment at the cashier. Cash upfront. I promptly tendered 192 bath. The cashier kept the ‘photo/order envelope’ and handed me  the receipt portion.

Ample waiting lounge

Took me 6 minutes from queue number to payment. Collection in 2 hours time, at 5.00pm. Super efficient. My print number was more than 70 pieces, not sure if it’s faster for smaller order. (Update 6 July 2016: Took them 1.5 hours for 80+ pieces)

I was toying to go home, and come back the next day. But 2 hours is not too long a wait, and from experience, it will take lesser than 2 hours. So, I walked around .. there are plenty of options: CentralPlaza Lad Phrao, Union Mall, Tesco Lotus, etc.

I tried my luck at 4.20pm and lucky me, photos are ready! Otherwise, MASTER provides sms service, and will send customers SMS (in Thai) when the prints are ready.

Other things to note:


Wifi print, anyone?


Other services


  • Wifi printing service: Saw that they have wifi printing service, so it’s pretty convenient if you do not have your photos in a memory card, CD, etc.
  • Other services: photobook, calendar, magnet, t-shirt printing, etc.
  • Online print ordering service : Unfortunately the instructions are in Thai. Using this site you can upload your photos, pay, and receive your prints via EMS through the Post Office.



SNAP Print 7.6″x10″ 1.50 baht 4″x6″ 2.50 baht (Super Professional) 4″x6″ 3 baht (Kodak Royal) 4″x6″ 3 baht (Fuji)


imagePrice – regular size imagePrice – panorama size imagePrice – poster size


P/s: You can ask for matte paper (gradad daan กระดาษ ด้าน) printing.



Master Photo Network (มาสเตอร์ โฟโต้)

206/1 Phahonyothin Rd. (opp CentralPlaza Lad Phrao), Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand

MRT Phahon Yohtin (Exit 4)

Tel: 02-930-9388-9

Business Hours: 8.00am – 10.00 pm

Their website is


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