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Jan Howard was played by English actress, Jan Harvey. Jan is stillacting and last appeared in the 2013 television series, WPC 56.

They were the two wives of Henry VIII's wives that infamously were beheaded. A good way to remember what happened to which wife and in what order is: Divorced (Catherine of Aragon) Beheaded (Anne Boleyn) Died (Jane Seymor) Divorced (Anne of Cleves) Beheaded (Catherine Howard) Survived (Catherine Parr)

I worked for a BFC subsidiary form 1967 to 1983. When I left I had a small vested pension. Sometime around 2004 or 2005 I spoke with someone in Chicago who confirmed my account. I will be 65 in October 2008 and have recently tried to contact that office but the number s no longer in service.. I was able to contact my forrmer employer who gave me an address in Chicage to inquire about my pension. The address is:. Conagra Retirement Services PO Box 991 Deerfield IL 60015-0991. Bill

In the end, decapitation.. Catherine Howard was the cousin of Anne Boleyn and became the wife of King Henry the Eighth in 1540. He was 49 and gross and she was 19 and beautiful.. Within a year she was committing adultery with young men of the court. Henry had her charged and convicted of adultery and she was beheaded at the Tower of London on 15th Feb 1542. They were only married for 18 months..

well shirley started and she didnt know English then she met her principle and her principle has no eye brows and blue hair then the principle ask her how old was sh1rley and she put up 10 fingers and shirley was supposde to take 4 grade then they nput her in fith grade then shirley was nervous

He went through so much because of the color of his skin. He alsowent to prison and got shot seventeen times in the back.

She was killed in the fire that burned down the Baudelaire mansion.. In The Beatrice Letters , which was published before The End , it is revealed that Beatrice's full name is Beatrice Baudelaire , making her a relative of the Baudelaire orphans. It later becomes clear that this Beatrice is the Baudelaire orphans' mother, and that there is another Beatrice Baudelaire, Kit Snicket 's child, who is born in The End and raised by the orphans. The Beatrice Letters reveals that both Beatrices are baticeers (a person who trains bats). Baticeer is an anagram for Beatrice, much as "My Silence Knot" was an anagram for Lemony Snicket and Carrie E. Abelabudite - a supposed patient in the Surgical Ward at Heimlich Hospital - is an anagram for Beatrice Baudelaire.. Lemony Snicket was in love with Beatrice and they were engaged, but she canceled the marriage and married Bertrand instead. Various hints are dispensed throughout the series as to why she called off the marriage. According to Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography , Lemony Snicket is mistakenly reported by The Daily Punctilio as dead. This possibly backfires, because in The Grim Grotto , Lemony makes reference to Captain Widdershins convincing Beatrice that a certain story in a newspaper was true. The other evidence for her belief was that she had planned to name Violet 'Lemony' had she been a boy, in accordance with the family custom of naming a child after a friend who had passed away. We can assume that Beatrice at one time believed that Snicket was dead. When Lemony was revealed to be alive, she had already married Bertrand and she could not marry him. However, it is possible that this is not the reason Beatrice broke off her engagement with Lemony, as told in The Beatrice Letters she returned his engagement ring and sent him a 200-page book explaining why the two could not wed, something she could not have done had she believed Snicket to be dead, although it may have been after he was revealed to be alive. In The End , when Kit Snicket nears death, she informs the Baudelaire children that "their families have always been close, even if they had to stay apart from one another".. Snicket mentions Beatrice's death in the dedication of each book. Beatrice, the Baudelaire orphans' mother, may have stolen Esmé Squalor 's sugar bowl , which is an important artifact in the series. In The Ersatz Elevator , Esmé declares to the Baudelaires that she wanted to " steal from [them] the way Beatrice stole from me. " In The Penultimate Peril , Esmé exclaims " Beatrice stole it [the sugar bowl] from me! " However, in The Hostile Hospital , Lemony Snicket states that he, and not Beatrice, stole the sugar bowl.. Even prior to the release of the thirteenth book, there was speculation that Beatrice was the Baudelaires' mother, based on the fact that a list of anagrams in The Hostile Hospital includes "Carrie E. Abelabudite" an anagram for Beatrice Baudelaire. However, the same list includes "Ned H. Rirger" an anagram for Red Herring (a similar passage, juxtaposing evidence that Beatrice is Mrs. Baudelaire and the "Red Herring" anagram appears in The Unauthorized Autobiography . However, the red herring may also be the name "Monty Kensickle', yet another anagram for Lemony Snicket ). The Baudelaires have heard her name mentioned twice by Esmé Squalor , but they have not had opportunity to discuss it, so it was unknown if the name meant anything to them.. The Beatrice Letters reveal that Beatrice and Lemony first met when they were still schoolchildren and Beatrice was friends and classmates with the Duchess of Winnipeg , R.

She was left as a widow, she was left alone to look after the children and the house, she obvioulsy had help from her friends, Link Deas gave her a job to keep her income up. nobody did. helen tried to seduce tom who had an was a unusable left arm. helens father saw it, and beat her. in court, helens father tried to get some extra money by constructing a false story, saying that tom raped helen and beat her. atticus points out that helen was beat up on the right side of her face, and there were signs of strangling all around her neck, remember that tom could not use his left arm and that helens father was left handed. Helen was offered a job by Mr. Link Deas even though he did not really need her, and he stuck up for her when he noticed that she was taking the long way to work everyday because she was trying to avoid Bob Ewell. Helen got a job working for mr. link deas. she was also assulted my bob ewell. he would shout things at her as she walked by his house everyday. when mr. link deas found out he stood up for her and bob didn't come near her again.

At the end of the book he is taunting a bear during their passage to France, when Robinson has basically sworn off anything else. Robinson gets married, but does not really follow up with the other characters of the story.

yes just Google "pictures of ray Charles and his wife".. and you'll see a blk and white picture of Ray Charles, his wife and their three boys in front of a house or their house.

Bobbie Howard went on to manufacture fitted top sheets in bedding after retiring from the Chicago Bears. Howard and his partner T.Trace, from Niles, MI, now own the Willis Tower soon to be named Cliff Stroud Estates.

Beatrice is the Baudelaire's Mother and she died in the fire that also destroyed the Baudelaire Mansion and Killed The Baudelaire's Father. Lemony Snicket is a pen name and in the story the character 'Lemony Snicket' was once Beatrice's Fiance and is still in love with her

Bob ewell followed her to the store where she works and her boss yelled at bob hes been creeping on her

Tom is sent to prison and the guards shot him 17 times to make sure his doesn't escape, but he was not trying to escape. They shot him because he was black. They shot him because he was escaping was a cover up.

You can buy them in a bookstore if you like...i've seen printed copies of the Beatrice letters.

To sum it up, he went to court but was proved being guilty of raping Mayella Ewell. A few days later he tried to escape jail, but was shot, and killed. I definitely recommend reading the book, it explains it very well.

yes because racism still exist and when interviewed to be a jurymember you can easily lie about if you are prejudice or not

bandit finds out that she is moving from china to america and her grandmother is sad her grandfather is mad and her mother is happy. her grandmother tells her that they eat puppies and dodge for bullets! at the end bandit decides to change her name to an american name which is shirley temple. a famous girl actor in america back then

There is no one with the name Beatrice in the Bible, however, Dante's guide in his Divine Comedy after Virgil was a woman called Beatrice. Virgil guides Dante through the Inferno and Purgatory then Beatrice guides Dante through the nine celestial spheres of Heaven.

it got stuck in a cotton gin when he was 12 or 13 and tore up all of his muscles so it can't move.. it says it in the book

Morton was Shemp's son. He ran a chain of gas stations (18 in all) in California and died in 1972.

Tom Robinson was convicted of raping Mayella Ewell (which he didn'tdo) and then was shot 17 times and killed for trying to escape fromjail.

Henry VIII and Catherine Howard had no children. Jane Seymour was the mother of Henry's only legitimate son, Edward, who became King Edward VI.

She is currently Married to ex La Rams football player Sidney Justin who is lead singer of the lengendary group The Miracles. She is an enterperneur who has a line of dog and pet products called Doogyjava.

Beatrice Baudelaire is The Orphan's mother. She is also Lemony Snickets love, but he was mistakenly pronounced dead in a daily newspaper, so she went and married The Orphan's dad. She the wrote a 200 paged book on why Lemony and Beatrice shouldn't marry.

Jackie Robinson died in 1972. The only event of historical significance (in the 90s) in relation to Jackie Robinson is his number, 42, being retired throughout Major League Baseball. This happened in 1997.

He got it stuck in a cotton gin. And all of his muscles were strained, and couldn't move his left arm at all. It was completely paralyzed.

The first African Americans to play with a team at Yankee Stadium were second baseman Hank Thompson and outfielder Willard Brown of the St. Louis Browns when the Browns played the Yankees at Yankee Stadium on July 22, 1947.

In a book entitled The Beatrice Letters she is searching for the three Baudelaire orphans who she has not seen since they got off the boat.

they were gonna take him to prison, but he tried to escape and got shot 17 times

Beatrice is the supposedly the daughter of Kit snicket (last book, when kit gave birth to Beatrice and Kit died :( ) and the girlfriend of lemony snicket.

Mr. Gilmer and Atticus questioned Mr. Heck Tate, Mr. Bob Ewell, Miss Mayella Ewell, and Tom Robinson. Atticus proved that the right side of Mayella's face was beaten and that Mr. Bob Ewell was left-handed. He also showed that Tom couldn't have hit Mayella there because his left arm was crippled from when he was a little boy. Despite the evidence against Mr. Bob Ewell, Tom was sentenced to death after a few hours of deliberation by the jury.

The prince Beatrice is the daughter of the Prince Andrew of York And Sarah, duchess of york (The United Kingdom)

Tom Robinson was moved to a jail in Abbottsville and he tried to run away. As he tried to climb the fence, the guards shot him 17 times.

He was (wrongly) convicted of raping Mayella Ewell and sentenced life in the Alabama State Penitentiary. One day he tried to escape and was shot by prison guards.

Even though it is completely obvious that Tom could not have and did not attack and rape Mayella(her father did!) the jury in that time would not put a white man in jail and let black man be free. So they file and deliver a guilty verdict for Tom.:(

In the year of the boar,chapter,many things happenedChapter 5 Shirley kept on doing extra work for the teacher and one day she went outside and hadn't noticed there was a runner stealing home. The runer was a tall big girl named Mable. They coilided and she started cussing at Shirley. Shirley not knowing what to say she repeated some of the words Mable had used and got in return two black eyes. She wouldn't tell her mother what happened so she went to the police station. When Shirley stil didn't tell what happened they went home. The next day Mable asked Shirley if she wanted to play stickball. They ended up being friends.

He tries to escape but the guards shoot him to many times and kill him.

In chapter 5 of the book the year of the boar, many things happen.Chapter 5 Shirley kept on doing extra work for the teacher and one day she went outside and hadn't noticed there was a runner stealing home. The runer was a tall big girl named Mable. They coilided and she started cussing at Shirley. Shirley not knowing what to say she repeated some of the words Mable had used and got in return two black eyes. She wouldn't tell her mother what happened so she went to the police station. When Shirley stil didn't tell what happened they went home. The next day Mable asked Shirley if she wanted to play stickball. They ended up being friends.

Basically, Tom Robinson would be put in jail if he lost his appeal. On a deeper note, this would stand for an example of a lose for the black-white fight for freedom.

Wow I ran across this question while looking for something else. Myles Howard is living in the Cleveland Tn. area. Still playing traveling with his Family. I know this for sure, I'm Myles Howard! Thanks for the interest.

Tom Robinson got shot 17 times. They were out in the exercise part of the jail and he made a dash for the gate. The guards said he would have been long gone if he would have had two arms. (his one arm is paralyzed, got it caught in a cotton gin) The guards warned him to stop, then they fired in the air, then shot to kill.

Neither ever gave a reason for their divorce after 22 years ofmarriage and 3 years of separation. It is often speculated thatthere where infidelities and substance abuse which was the cause.

Tom is sent to prison and the guards shot him 17 times to make sure his doesn't escape, but he was not trying to escape. They shot him because he was black. They shot him because he was escaping was a cover up. Note: There are comments associated with this question. See the discussion page to add to the conversation. .

He was abducted by aliens while then getting killed by stuffed kitties. He later resurected then while eating pudding. It was an amazing success.

Tom Robinson is a black guy that got accused for raping and beating Mayella Ewell. Mayella Ewell's dad actually raped and beat her. He went to prison for it and got shot 17 times for trying to escape prison.

After he was sentenced he tried to escape the prison and was shot dead by the guards.

He would've been likelier to get a fair trial. Thus his testimony and Atticus' brilliant lawyering would more than likely have gotten him free.

Then he would not be famous and he will be not in the hall of fame

Well, they both died, though at different times and differentreasons. Bob Ewell tried to attack Jim and Scout after the pageantat the school. Bob Ewell was stabbed and died. Tom Robinson was wrongly found guilty of attempting to rape MayellaEwell. He was taken to the work farm / prison. During exerciseperiod, he ran toward the fence and started to climb; the guardsshot him. However, he was shot 17 times... in the back... was hereally trying to escape? or did the guards murder him? At the time,it was "just a (n-word)"; black men had no value or worth.


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