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Vantage Point today presents you list of top 10 actresses who got the best butts. Bollywood divas are very careful about their looks, especially their waists and butts. They do workouts and dieting and everything they can do to keep their waist and butts perfect. So, they can never waste an opportunity to flaunt their butts in public or on screens. These hotties give special attention to their waists and butts to look attractive. But who has the sexiest butts? We presents you top 10 Bollywood actress with Sexiest Butts. Here we go:

Well, Sherlyn Chopra supposedly carries one of the most curvaceous prurient body in the tinsel town and her butt is one of the most prominent and striking feature, which makes her fans eye balls rove. And on top of it, Sherlyn very well knows how to get attention of fans by posing in a way that well exposes her best assets, which is of course, her butts. Sherlyn Chopra sexy back, Sherlyn Chopra hot back, Sherlyn Chopra curves, Sherlyn Chopra hot HD wallpaper, Sherlyn Chopra hottest photos, Sherlyn Chopra bollywood hotSherlyn Chopra


This Bengali bombshell owns a sexy body that many woman envy. Bipasha, a fitness freak has been keeping her butt and body in shape and works hard to let show off. She is so fitness freak that whenever she gets some free time she hit the gym. She also, launched her fitness DVDs. In spite of the fact that she is just few years old in Bollywood, this dusky actor governs the fantasies of millions of her fans all across the globe.

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Since her debut in year 2000, Kareena Kapoor managed to carve a niche for herself in Bollywood and her perfectly curved body is quite responsible for her success. One fact about Kareena which no one can deny is, that this wife of Saif Ali Khan owns one of the hottest bodies and butts around, and has seldom failed in flaunting it.

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