Complete guide to astrophotography

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Our book, The Backyard Astronomer’s Guide, is as complete a guide to the modern hobby of amateur astronomy as we could pack into one book. Even so, our website allows us to supplement the book’s printed content with other media, and to provide updates for rapidly-changing areas of the hobby.

The main section of the website is divided into “Chapters” that match the topics in the book. Under each chapter you’ll find three main sections ….

What’s New … provides updates of book content such as news and reviews of new telescope models, accessories or software, & current hot cameras for astrophotography.

Plus you’ll find additional information to expand the subject matter of that chapter. In some cases, the supplements contain videos and other media.

Links … provide links to our favourite websites related to the chapter topic. We also provide an extensive set of links to manufacturers of astronomy hardware and software.

Recommended Reading … provides a list of books we recommend to pursue your interest further in that chapter’s subject. While our book contains a 3-page bibliography, the website expands upon that, providing links to publishers.


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