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Rock Green Eyeshadow With The Help Of Celebs Vanessa Hudgens

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Pink eyeshadow is one of the latest makeup trends that you have to try. You don’t have to be a celebrity to play with fun colors and shades. There are many different ways that you can pull off a pink eyeshadow look. The bright and pastel pink tones are always a good and a safe idea. But if you are fearless and love dramatic looks, then you can go with neon shades. You can match this eyeshadow with many other hues such as purple and gold.

Rose gold makeup is another trend happening right now. Just when we got over the craze about rose gold hair, this gorgeous shade is becoming a part of many makeup looks. Celebrities are always the ones that set new trends. Jennifer Lopez, Bella, and Gigi Hadid flaunted rose gold eyeshadows, and we must say they looked amazing. Bella stunned in a beautiful darker hue that is somewhere between pink and bronze. Her makeup artist created a dramatic look that accented her gorgeous green eyes.

For this year’s Met Gala, Selena Gomez surprised with the most unexpected look. We often see her with neutral makeup, nude lips, and soft eyeshadow look. Her makeup artist Hung Vanngo created a bold neon cat-eye look that stole the attention on the red carpet. At first Hung thought about minimalistic makeup for Selena, but he changed his mind when he accidentally found a bold pink eyeliner in his collection. He finished off the look with a glossy lip and soft pink cheeks.

You can also go full glam and involve glitter in your look. The pink glittery eyeshadows are probably the most beautiful thing we’ve seen so far. You can do a whole lid of sparkles, or just an under-liner.

Check out these gorgeous pink eyeshadow looks from your favorite celebrities. Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, and Shay Mitchell already tried this trend, now it’s your turn.

Selena Gomez

Dare To Try The Pink Eyeshadow Trend Selena Gomez

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23 Celebrities Working The Blue Eyeshadow Trend 4

Celebrities are making a case for blue eyeshadow. This is one of the boldest trends so far. While some prefer to do natural, barely-there looks, there are also ladies who want all the attention. By including a blue eyeshadow, you will most certainly get that effect.

There are many different ways to flaunt a blue makeup look. The first and easiest one is to include a fun cat eyeliner in any shade of blue. That is how Jessica Biel and Jennifer Hudson added a real dramatic vibe to their makeup. These looks are easy to recreate. Chloe Moretz, on the other hand, went all the way in with an aquamarine upper-liner and under-liner.

Emily Ratajkowski and makeup artist Hung Vanngo took the dark blue cat eye to a whole new level. For last year’s Emmy Awards, Emily debuted dramatic teal lids. For this mermaid-inspired look, Hung mixed several different shades of blue. In the inner corner of the eyes, Vanngo added a soft shimmery white eyeshadow to ease the strong effect of the darker hues. From there the shades slowly graduated towards a very dark blue one, and he managed to create an ideal ombre effect. Since her eyes were in the spotlight, Emily opted for a nude lipstick. Her hair was sleeked back to perfection, to reveal her face and to put all the focus on the makeup.

Take a cue from the biggest celebrities and trendsetters on how to pull off the blue eyeshadow trend. This fall is ideal for playing with vivid colors and bold looks.


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