Can you edit photos in dropbox

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Dropbox’s web app is very functional and useful. You can upload and download files, share them with other users and view files as well. Previously, users could only view documents, but they couldn’t edit them online. All that changed in a shocking collaboration news last year. It was announced that Dropbox would be teaming up with Microsoft Office Online.

Now every time you want to edit a document, Dropbox will redirect you to Microsoft Office Online. Since Dropbox allows multiple users to share files, it’s important to understand how it handles file versioning. If two users are editing a file at the same time, then whoever saves it the last, his version will be the main version saved by Dropbox. The other user’s version will be lost. Of course, this is a major issue for teams working with Dropbox, and that is why Dropbox has rectified this problem in Dropbox for Business, but the company refuses to change this for the freemium version.

Coming to mobile apps, they are available for iOS, Android, and Blackberry. Automatic photo upload option is available on all of the mobile apps. In fact, when you activate automatic photo upload on Dropbox’s mobile app, you get 3 GB storage space free of cost.

Files can be shared through the mobile apps as well, and pictures can be directly shared to other social media platforms. During our testing, we did not face any issues or glitches on the mobile app.


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