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Katie used a boudoir shoot to motivate herself at the gym following the birth of her daughter, who I think was about a year old when we shot these. A looming boudoir photoshoot sounds like a great strategy to keep you showing your face at the gym, and it clearly...

You know I'm all about the girls right? You do not need anyone to do a boudoir shoot for, because you ought to do it foryourowndamnself. But, if you do have a fantastic partner who treats you right and is about to put a ring on it, you're not going to find a better...

I'm thrilled to share today's post with you, because this plus size babe knocked her boudoir shoot OUT OF THE PARK. Maybe out of the next park too. It went really well, that's all I'm saying. E did this partially as a gift to herself, and partially as a groom gift for...


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