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    Mike's kitchen with Peacock and Pomegranate Tree Tile Mural Paula's Red Peacocks backsplash Birds of Paradise and Cypress tree bathroom mural Peacock and Pomegranate Tree Tile Mural Blue and White floral tiles Tulip and Pomegranate Tiles with Blue Borders Peacocks of Paradise Tile Mural Gazelles Tile Mural with Yellow Floral Border Peacock and Pomegranate with Blue Border Tree of Life Tile Mural Six Inch Accent Tiles in Bathroom Wall


In 1919, a group of Armenian ceramic artists from Turkey were invited to Jerusalem and commissioned to renovate the ceramic tiles covering the exterior walls of the Dome of the Rock. One of those ceramic artists was my grandfather, M. Karakashian, who together with his partner, established a pottery in Jerusalem in 1922. Today I hand paint my tiles and in my studio in Jerusalem, at 3 The Greek Patriarchate Street in the Old City, using the same traditional methods he used. I hand paint a variety of and accent tiles with traditional Armenian designs like peacocks, birds, ornate floral patterns, trees and gazelles, which are used to decorate , bathroom walls, , table tops, kitchen counter tops.


How to use hand painted decorative tiles in your kitchen

Hand painted tiles can look beautiful when used in a kitchen wall. You can use accents fitted in between tiles, or tile murals forming your center piece above your oven.

This is Dolores' hand painted backsplash tile. She chose my with yellow floral border tiles. The size is 30 x 24 inches.

This tile mural is a design of four peacocks in a pomegranate tree hand painted on twelve tiles. You can also have a tile mural which is made up of a repeating pattern.


Susan's hand painted tile backsplash uses the tulip and pomegranate repeating pattern, with running cobalt blue borders on the top and bopttom.

This is the hand painted tile used in this kitchen wall.


Blue and white floral tile designBlue and white floral decorative tile

In the picture to the left, one client used the 18 x 18 inch blue and white floral design to create her tile backsplash layout.

Tile murals for backsplashes and walls


Hand painted peacock and pomegranate tile mural

Peacock and pomegranate tile mural


  Red tile mural


Red birds tile mural   Birds of Paradise tile mural


Orange/yellow Birds of Paradise      
Latest backsplash picture - Anna's kitchen, New Zealand

This backsplash uses the , custom fitted on 4 x 5 tiles, and a strip of solid blue tiles on the bottom. With the surrounding border tiles, the total dimensions are 36 x 33 inches. A vibrant and colorful focal point in any kitchen.  "We love it! We get lots of very positive feedback from visitors", Anna, New Zealand. 


Peacocks backsplash in Anna's kitchen


Press and testimonials on our hand painted decorative tile

New York Times, 1985 - "Against a cobalt blue background, a mandala-like phoenix in rust brown, pale blue, yellow, green and cream, flexes its wings until the tips nearly touch. Grazing amid long stemmed flowers, a gazelle looks up, perhaps to sniff the air. On one side of an enormous, muted-green and yellow "Tree of Life", a lion falls on a frightened gazelle: on the other, two other gazelles continue to feed serenely. However modest in size, each scene is complete, and thanks to precise design and understated color, meditatively alive..." -

Pictures of client tile installations

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Phoenix bird in a kitchen backsplashPhoenix bird tile in a kitchen backsplash

The Phoenix bird tile here is used in conjunction with blue border tiles and blue accent tiles, 36 x 18 inches.


Picture of the tree of life in a kitchen backsplash

Tree of life tile
mural in kitchen


Continuous floral pattern covering entire backsplash area


David's fireplace

Features of my hand painted tiles:
  • Carefully designed and painted tiles with bright, vivid colors, made by years of experience
  • Use for kitchen tile walls, backsplash tile, fireplaces, bathroom walls, table tops
  • Unique and eye catching designs from a different place and time
  • Hand painted, glazed, and fired to last a life time
  • For outdoor and indoor decorating
  • Colors are sealed in permanently, they don't fade or wash away
  • My studio is one of the last remaining places in the world where this Armenian ceramic tile art is still made with precision and care.
  • Guaranteed delivery or your money back
Hand painted pottery

Hand painted pottery

New! -

Ceramic Passover plate

? read and watch video about the process. Do you have an old peace of Armenian pottery and would like to know where it comes from and who made it? .

How to use this site to buy your tiles online

Use the menu on the left to browse tile categories and to choose your art tiles/themes, and add them to your shopping basket. You can then check out and pay using your credit card.

If you have any decorative tile questions, or need assistance with tile mural sizes or kitchen tile questions. please .

Hagop Karakashian
Jerusalem Pottery


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