Bajaj pulsar 150 photos

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Originally Posted by ashwin.terminat View Post Is it me or does the headlamp in the first picture look very similar to a Unicorn and a Stunner?

The side of the fairing reminds me of the P220. That's a good thing. Like same DNA in a family.

That being said, won't this eat into the sales of the Pulsar 150? And I thought Discover was always positioned as a budget bike more than a premium one. Won't a fairing on the P150 help Bajaj price it a few thousands more and give it a sportier stance?

But going by the overall profile, seems to want to attract the normal commuter segment and the tourer. The long flat seat, the forward placed rider footpegs, the high handlebars.

This bike's headlamps are definitely Discover 125 ones, but, in order to integrate the fairing which resembles P220 & ZMA... more the latter. But, IMO this is an attempt by the company to induce some premiumness to Discover series. Moreover, this can bring few numbers that can help tide over the 2-3% fall in sales on MOM basis.


Originally Posted by anjan_c2007 View Post Though Bajaj is doing well selling its bikes, there is some degree of overlap and also confusion in the Pulsar and Discover segmentation.

What next? May be a Pulsar 110!

And then? A Discover 220!

And finally ? A KTM 110 !

Hi @anjan_c2007

Bajaj is only selling bikes in executive & sporty segment... much more than what others have managed. But, I believe Discover 150 may be the biggest displacement Discover in near future until Pulsar series grows beyond 250cc category & even then manages to sell good numbers. In simple words, if the sales in Pulsar class grown to respectable number, Pulsars will grow over 150-180cc bikes & this field will be left for the Discover to exploit with bigger displacement bikes.

I fully support Bajaj & TVS doing so with Pulsar, Apache & Discover - StarCity range. At least they are selling bikes that will sell even if BS4 is implemented all over India, without any drop in performance or power numbers. FYI, the 1st series Pulsar & Apache had little over 13bhp power, but, now things are quite different with more power, economy & reliability... & for good, as per my personal experience with both brands.

BTW there is a KTM125 as well... so there should not be issues with slightly smaller displacement KTM, even if they sell a 110cc Bajaj engine branded as KTM with Fuel Injection, ABS equipped, 13+PS street fighter bike that manages 60 kmpl. After all it is much better than Japanese sticker work & voila I got a new bike type of products.


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