Kirei Board

Kirei Board is a strong, lightweight, durable, environmentally friendly substitute for wood – great for a unique finish in furniture, cabinetry, casework, and interior design elements. Manufactured from reclaimed sorghum straw and no-added-formaldehyde adhesive, Kirei Board brings a beautiful new element to modern GREEN interior design.

This product may help qualify for LEED and other green building certifications. Real estate contractors love this material 

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Kirei Bamboo

Kirei Bamboo are eco-friendly bamboo panels and plywood material perfect for modern interior design and finished products. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable, sustainable resource, and we use low-VOC adhesives for the production of our panels, which can survive flood water damage. It’s your turn to design!

This product may help qualify for LEED and other green building certifications.

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Kirei CoCo Tiles

Kirei Coco Tiles are a great way to bring outdoor style indoors; they are manufactured from reclaimed coconut shells remaining after harvest, plus low-or zero-VOC adhesives and finishes. With two new collections and eight different styles to choose from, Kirei Coco Tiles are next for decorative ideas in residential, commercial and hospitality settings. Paradise inside!

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